Novena to San Marcos de León to tame a furious man

Novena to San Marcos de León to tame a furious man

Doing the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame any person, whether man or woman, turns out to be of great benefit, at times when we require the help of one of the most powerful saints there is. Since it was he who dedicated himself completely to telling what he had lived as a child, about the life of Jesus. Being that he did not speak of the words, but rather of the facts. It will be very helpful for you to pray the prayer you require, making the novena corresponding to San Marcos de León. Do not miss it, it will surely be of extreme help to you. He continues reading. You will see.

How to make the Novena to San Marcos de León?

By way of analysis we could remember the fact that Jesus obtained his death on the cross. After three days he was resurrected. And then then, he went up into the heavens, to send his disciples to the Holy Ghost.

So it was during those nine days, a number of people were gathered together with Mary and the Apostles. Historically, through the stories of the Bible, this situation could be considered as the first novena to be performed by Christians.

Before we get to the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, we are going to learn what a novena is, for those who do not know. It is therefore the ninth of a series of prayers that are performed for nine days in a row, as a form of devotion that is given to God, in the three persons of him, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As well as the Virgin Mary. In the same way as the angels and also the Saints.

It is related here what the number three is, which is linked precisely to the Holy Trinity, in its three divine persons. Which also come to have a meaning in what is the ninth. It is to be noted that the number three, considered by Catholics, as a number which is perfect.

Being that the fact that, during the celebration of the Sunday liturgy, one of the praises that is made by its faithful, is that of saint, saint, saint, it cannot be considered as a coincidence. Thus, by multiplying three by three, the number nine would be obtained.

Meaning of the ninth

It is good to clarify that a novena is not a magic wand, which will make all the wishes that are requested by the faithful come true. In other words, the fact that a novena is practiced will not guarantee that the request will be made instantly. There are also other saints, who belong to other beliefs, and to whom requests are also made, hoping that they will fulfill them, as it says in the Prayer for love with Santa Muerte . Do not miss this interesting information, it will be very useful. learning new things.

But it is also good to clarify that the novena contains in itself a very spiritual meaning. Being that it is directly related. With an act that corresponds to the devotion that is shown, at the time of praying it. Considering that, like the rest of the prayers, it is a way of praising God.

Likewise, according to the Bible, the apostles were encouraged by Mary to pray over the course of nine days, in order to receive the Holy Spirit. Being demonstrated with this act, how important is both perseverance, as well as faith.

How to make a novena

Without a doubt, to make the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, it is required to recite daily, over the course of nine days. Which is how it is traditionally done. Being that, in addition, it is recommended that this prayer is always performed within the same hour, during the nine.

Normally, what are the novenas are prayed in a solitary way. More equally, it is possible that they can be performed together, which is generally practiced in churches. And they also have a specific purpose.

division of ninths

Both the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, as well as the rest of the novenas, are divided into categories, of which there are four:

When mourning occurs , where they are recited before the deceased is buried. Or in certain periods of lamentation that are similar. These prayers are made in order to do good to the deceased. And with the purpose of comforting family and friends.

In the same way, there are the novenas that refer to the preparation . They happen before a religious holiday occurs, or also before some spiritual event.

Then you have the prayer novenas, which happen to be the most common. And through which the faithful request God’s intervention, either through his angels or his saints. This is where the Novena to San Marcos de León is immersed to tame.

And finally, there are the novenas that are for indulgence . They are prayed in order to ask what refers to the remission of sins. And they work, as an act of penance, for the sins that have been committed.

Define the intent

Given that the novena is about prayers, which are recited imprinting a specific intention on them, it is then necessary that before beginning to practice the novena, you have a clear idea of ​​the intention with which it is prayed.

So it is advised to do the analysis of the corresponding intention. Being for example the intention, that of making a sincere prayer, with the purpose of making a special petition, such as the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, where the intention is reflected, for which said novena is being carried out in particular.

Likewise, novenas can be made where the expression of gratitude is simply made, also of joy or deep pain.

Another recommendation to make the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, is to stay focused on what is the intention. Reason for which, it is necessary to think, during the time of carrying out the novena, in that initial intention. Even if it’s not even done actively.

The maintenance of the commitment

Contracting the commitment to make a novena, after that decision has been made, it is essential that you do not give up or interrupt, in fulfilling it completely. Therefore, it is necessary that the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, it is ideal, that it be carried out for the corresponding nine days.

Without depending on the fact that the request has been answered, at the beginning or not at the end of the novena. It is advisable to meditate on it. Because there is some debate, whether it is necessary to start from the beginning, when the novena has been suspended for a day or more.

That is why, it is necessary to meditate on the reason why the novena was stopped praying. To later start again. More, however, cases can be considered, where, for example, the Novena to San Marcos de León was suspended to tame, due to a reason that was unavoidable. This could be, perhaps an illness that is sudden and also terrible.

So then, it is possible that the decision is not very clear, whether it is necessary to start over or continue, with which it had already started at the beginning. The fact of not loving someone, and that they always find each other, suggests that it is best for the mother not to continue with it as the Prayer says, quite effective in terms of destruction. So I invite you to walk through the Prayer to San Alejo, to ward off those who are undesirable

In any case, and regardless of the case, it is possible that this is more about an issue of conscience. Reason why, that decision will depend exclusively on who is performing the novena. As well as the circumstances themselves.

traditional novena

To pray the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, in a traditional way, it is a matter of praying the same reciting, at least once a day, the corresponding prayer. The same will be done over the course of nine days.

Likewise, some additional tips can be recommended, such as choosing a specific time of day. In order to make the recitation of the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame. Bearing in mind that this novena is prayed every day at the same time. That is, if, for example, the first day was prayed at 9 in the morning, continue doing so at the same time, the rest of the days, that the novena lasts.

It is required that the novena be recited once a day, and that the same be done for nine consecutive days. In the same way, it is necessary to always reflect, when reciting the novena, about the intention with which it has been decided to practice it.

It is good to maintain concentration, during all the days that the Novena to San Marcos de León lasts to tame. Because distraction may arise due to repetition for several days.

Novena for nine hours

Likewise, as they have the novenas for nine days. It is also possible to carry out the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, over the course of nine hours, on the same day. This alternative is a shorter one, and which also requires more concentration. Being the case that the novena will be recited, once every hour, in the course of nine hours. For this novena, the disposition of the required time is required.

So it must be prepared, who is going to carry it out in an adequate way. Therefore, you will have to inform both your friends and family that you will not be available for the next nine hours. It is required to turn off the phone, and eliminate anything that could cause distraction, in the hours dedicated to the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame.

Then then you have to choose and set the time to start it. Also taking into account that the full nine hours are required. And, furthermore, that they must be used consecutively.

Therefore, we proceed to pray the Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, at the beginning of each of the 9 hours, that has been chosen for this. Then, in the course of each novena, time must be dedicated to meditation and petition about the intention of the novena.

There may also be some other activities, such as cleaning around the house, or perhaps going for a walk. Always reflecting on the intention, instead of pushing the intention out of the mind.

History of San Marcos de León

For those moments, in which the assistance of help is required, to dominate some person or situation in particular. The churches that are around are diverse.

There is no saint more powerful than San Marcos de León, to tame people or situations of problems that may arise. It is the case that this very special saint, he can provide us with that extra help so that we obtain the result we want.

So we are going to learn a little more about San Marcos de León and the powerful Novena to San Marcos de León to tame, which will help you tame that man who is so furious.

San Marcos de León, was the author of what is known in the Bible, as the “Gospel according to San Marcos”, it was quite small, when Master Jesus was arrested, on the Mount of Olives, and that He was later sentenced to death.

So it is that, in his gospel, this holy young man named Mark narrates what he followed out of curiosity and that he was also interested in knowing the way in which all that matter would end.

So it is believed that Master Jesus was a very good friend of Marcos’s parents. Reason for which, even at his early age, this child was influenced in a very strong way with regard to the Christian faith.

He wrote the work of Jesus

Therefore, in the gospel that Saint Mark proceeded to write, it is possible to appreciate what was the wonderful work of the Master Jesus. In addition to emphasizing much more what the works were, that is, what he did. That in what the words were, that is, what he said. Also, a group that separated from the Church, but that always followed the guidelines given by the Master Jesus, from its beginnings, without interruption was the Eastern Orthodox Church , I invite you to know its conformation, it will be of great interest to you, and greater knowledge.

They then proceeded to accuse him as a sorcerer. As well as a pagan, to later assassinate him. Being that those who were his enemies had the intention of burning the body of San Marcos, however, they could not do it. Being that this fact was then considered a miracle. The celebration of the festivity of this saint takes place on April 25.

Novena to tame an angry man

Because you want to tame that man, who is furious, and return him to the atmosphere of love and harmony, which is required to be able to have excellent relationships, that is why we will then say the following sentence. This must be done for a period of nine days, being that it is recited during all those days at the same time. Without failing any day.

Pray this prayer with great faith, and believe that your request has already been fulfilled. After completing it, pray three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Glory.

sentence 1

Keep us away from all those thoughts that are related to envy and hatred. So that we can aspire, from that wonderful nectar that emanates from you, which contains everything that is more sublime. May we realize that love is capable of reigning among all the beings that inhabit the planet.

Therefore, we will become aware of the greatest love that emanates from you, that is why, Lord, we ask you, through the mediation of San Marcos de León, your servant, to grant the request that I make below.

San Marcos de León, you who were able to untie and also disarm the beast that was so great and powerful in the world, I beg you, to disarm, and tame in the heart of (Name of the person). With the purpose of coming, coming, coming, and that nothing and no one can stop it. May his fury be calmed and become a haven of peace and harmony. So he run, run, run, to me. And may his footsteps only lengthen to reach me again.

San Marcos de León, that all the fury that (Name of the person) has, be quenched and that only his heart be filled with calm and peace, so that he reaches me, meek and full of the greatest love. May (Name of the person), come to me meek as a lamb, humble and full of the deepest love, surrendered at my feet. Thank you for your intersection. Amen.

Prayer II

Likewise, another prayer option is given, so that whoever wishes to perform the novena has the opportunity to choose the prayer with which they feel most identified, or that they like the most. Since it is the same, it must be recited for nine days, at the same time, without failing on any day.

Remember that the most important thing turns out to be the faith with which you do it. Likewise, after recitation three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Glory be said.

Another means to communicate with God and practice prayer turns out to be the Christian Rosary . Being a form of prayer that dates back to past times, and that is practiced by many. Learn about this very special form of prayer, full of mysteries and prayers, it will interest you.

Prayer II

Oh San Marcos de León, you who were able to carry the word of Jesus throughout the world, listen to my prayer. Being that your determination and the great strength they have manage to do the necessary justice, so that (Name of the Person) falls at my feet, likewise, make that with that strength of a Lion and the power of domination make this person kneels before me, and may all his anger be dispelled, change his attitude and return to love and harmony.

San Marcos de León make your intersection for me, you who separated your life to give entrance to the great love that Jesus professed in everyone. May love return in (Name of Person) his fury subsides and return to my feet, full of calm, peace and the deepest love. Thank you San Marcos de Leon. For your assistance and love. Amen.

In case you’re far

So that the man you want to tame calls you, if he is in a place far from you. And achieve harmony and love again, which have always been had. So that they become a happy couple again, you can recite this prayer in your novena.

Do not forget that you must print the greatest faith and confidence, that everything will be positive. And that you will achieve again, the happiness that you are so longing for. Only with faith and if it is appropriate for you to unite again, nothing else can separate you. Print as much love as you can on your novena.

Likewise, at the end of the prayer you must pray three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Glory. And light a red candle.

Prayer III

Being here, always before you, I beg your influence, so excellent Saint Mark of León, as the apostle that you were of the beloved Master Jesus. The owner and Lord of the love I profess for all his brothers. He intercedes for him to be calmed and tamed, (Name of Person) and to be subdued and subdued to come before me. Call me and sigh for the desire to be with me.

May his fury vanish into thin air, and may his knee be nailed to the ground, may his love for me return to his heart again, and may the need to come before me and surrender at my feet be renewed every day. . By your holy power Oh, San Marcos de León, tame that heart and make it full of pure love. So I ask you to tame, both feet and hands and heart to (Name of Person). Just as you tamed the beasts of the mountain.

Therefore, I beg you to submit to me (Name of the person), and not to have thoughts for anyone other than me. Oh San Marcos de León, you who were able to tame the lion and also the dragon, until making them sleep, at your feet, I wish you to intercede, so that in the same way you also do it with (Name of the Person), so that he only has thoughts for me when you go to bed and when you get up don’t stop thinking about me. Amen. Thanks.

A very powerful prayer

In order to harmonize any type of human relationships, and to a greater extent those that are just couples, the following prayer is presented, which is extremely powerful. It is necessary that it be recited with all the faith in the world, and that its intention be quite clear.

Likewise, you should pray for nine (9) days, imprinting the greatest and purest love. Likewise, it is necessary to offer the greatest gratitude, for receiving the request made. In the same way, after making the prayer that follows, three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Glory be prayed.

Prayer IV

Oh San Marcos de León, you who were able to tame both the dredger and the dragon. It also proceeds to tame the bulls that are brave and are found in the mountains. Love the heart of (Name of Person) so that (Make Request).

As well as men and women, also animals that want to harm me, dominate their intention. May everyone who wants to harm me feel your power of pure love, and transform all that harm into love.

As well as, all those who have many bad intentions towards me, be humiliated and tamed, and come to my feet, humble and humiliated. That through love they can see the truth. And come to me as sheep to their shepherd. Amen. Thanks.

Novena to tame bad neighbors

When you have neighbors, who do not behave in the most appropriate way, and who, in addition, have violent behavior. It is very effective to request the intervention of San Marcos de León.

Since it is he who is in charge of taming all those people who have violent behavior. Therefore, he then exposes the prayer that will help us tame those bad neighbors, and that neighbor relationships become full of love, peace and harmony.

You should always pray, with all the faith that what you are asking for is already a fact. We must always remember that faith moves mountains. Just like those beautiful words of the Master Jesus, who say: Ask and it will be given to you… knock and it will be opened to you. Impossible clearer.

Also, after finishing the novena, where the prayer will be recited for 9 days in a row, without interrupting them. And also do it at the same time, every day. They have to pray three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Glory.


Holy and Just Oh Protector and caretaker, my blessed San Marcos de León, you, who were able to prevent the dragon from being unhappy, and who, despite faltering, gave all your trust and took the strength of the Lord. Humbly and very firmly you were able to subdue those enemies and also the beasts.

I come to you, with all my faith, to beg you in a confident way, to love hearts. As well as those feelings of evil, and the bad thoughts, of those neighbors who are against me. And, they have a violent behavior.

Also, I ask you: OH powerful San Marcos de León, so that everyone who wants to see, only the ruin and evil of relations with neighbors. He withdraws, and learns to fill his heart with love, with the Light of God. And he comes to harmonize in peace, what these neighborhood relationships are. They also learn to unite as brothers in relationships full of harmony and solidarity. Amen. Thanks.

second sentence

Oh San Marcos de León, who, with your power, and with all your strength, helped by San Juan and protected by the Holy Spirit, if the bad neighbors have eyes, let them not look at me. That their hands can’t hurt me, that their tongues can’t talk about me, nor can they throw insults at me. That if they have irons they can’t hurt me.

I ask you Oh San Marcos de León, that, with your mediation, help me so that (Make request). Also, as you achieved the domination of the Lion, and it was prostrated at your feet, may it be in the same way, that the bad neighbors come to me, meek and quiet.

Likewise, may it be calm that prevails in my adversaries, and in all those who seek to harm me, in any way. So that when they come to me, they come meek like sheep to the shepherd. And may harmony and love prevail, of good neighbors. Amen. Thanks.

Novena to tame a person

Of the most powerful of the prayers to San Marcos de León, it is the one presented below. It must be recited for nine days at the same time. And with all the strength, faith and conviction that the request has already been heard and granted. This prayer is one of those that never fail, as long as you have the greatest of faith.

Then, each day at the end of the prayer, three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Glory be prayed.


Oh San Marcos de León, you who were able to tame both the dredger, as well as the dragon. Likewise, as you tame the Bulls that are brave and that are found in the mountains.

Tames all those who seek to offend me, that neither men nor women, nor lurking animals want to harm my person, nor my house, nor my roof. I ask you to cut their wings so that they fall and reach my meek and still feet.

And that those who come with their bad intentions, be tamed and humble themselves before me. As Pilate was humiliated by Christ Jesus. That without mistreatment. May all arrive meek as the sheep come to the shepherd. Full of love, harmony and lots of peace. That’s how it is! Amen. Thanks. Which is already so.

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