A powerful prayer to sanctify the day

A powerful prayer to sanctify the day

The prayer to sanctify the day represents an entrance to daily activities in a spiritual way where it gives us peace of mind and we can carry out routine actions with total peace of mind, learn how to do it by reading the following article.

Prayer to sanctify the day

The morning prayer strengthens the spirit, it allows us to observe the day as if it were the only one that is going to be lived and we offer it to God, with it we rectify the wrongs and the things that we have not done well. If we try to live constantly offering our lives to God, we will always listen to the word of Jesus when he says “you will be with me in paradise”.

Every morning when praying to sanctify the day, the soul is comforted, the body is balanced and our thoughts are directed towards kindness and good deeds, this allows us to face each day’s routine in a special and different way, in a that every problem that arises, we face it with strength and chivalry.

By not fearing the situations that we get daily, we are giving a great contribution in reconciliation with God, the prayer to start the  day
helps us to sanctify all the things that we are going to do, it is full of wisdom and strength, giving us the necessary tools that our mind and body need.

prayers for the morning

Whenever we get up and after opening our eyes, we should try to focus our thoughts on God, and then try to pray this prayer first thing in the morning to sanctify the day. Learn.

“Lord, in the calm of this day that begins, I ask you for peace, prudence and strength. Today I want to look at the world with eyes bathed in love, try to be patient, understanding, sweet and prudent. I ask you to see your children above appearances, in the same way as you see them and thus see nothing but good in each one of them.”

“Close my eyes to slander, keep my tongue from all evil, only charitable thoughts remain in my spirit, may I be good and joyful, may all who come near me feel your presence. That throughout this day I radiate you. Amen”

If we want to have a day full of tranquility and peace, it is important to pray this prayer to start the  day , which will help take your steps towards the path of tranquility, and kindness, it will give you elements to face adversity with control and measure. , do not hesitate every morning to be able to do it.

prayers for the day

The prayer to sanctify the day can be subdivided into different stages which make up all the hours that we are going to live, so that it is at the discretion of each believer to be able to make a very short and specific prayer for each situation of the day, we show them to you continuation

when leaving home

It can be done before setting foot outside the house and it does not take more than a minute. It is a very beautiful little prayer. Let’s see:

“Direct, Lord, my steps as you directed those of Tobias. The Archangel Saint Raphael accompany me and defend me from the ties of the world, so that I return home without harm to soul and body. Amen”

To start an activity

It is always good to quickly ask God for energy and intelligence when starting our work or any routine of the day.

“I offer you, my God, this job; bless him so that he fills me with your glory and the good of my soul. Amen.”

If you feel tempted

Every Christian and Catholic must be aware of daily temptations, that is why it is important to warn God and our being when a situation arises that can lead us to sin, if this is your case, pray the following:

“Lord, lead me not into temptation! Oh my Lady!, remember that I am yours; keep me and defend me as your thing and property. My guardian angel, defend meme. Rather die than sin. Amen”

When you hear some offense or rudeness

We are exposed daily to hear any number of blasphemies and expletives that can cause annoyance to locals and strangers, when it is the case, immediately say the following:

“Blessed be God. Praised be the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. (Pray a Hail Mary). Blessed Virgin, Queen of heaven and earth, I love you with all my heart. Forgive him, Lord, for he does not know what he says. Amen”

at the time of eating

As a way of blessing food, it is important to say this little prayer daily:

“Bless, Lord, the food that we are going to eat and make us take advantage of it to occupy ourselves in your holy service. Our Father and Glory. Amen”

prayers for the night

At the end of the day we are charged with varied, negative and positive energies, we must balance our minds in order to fall asleep and spend a peaceful night, so that the body’s energies can be restored, the recommendation at the end of the day is to perform these prayers before sleep.

To ask for forgiveness

It consists of a reflective joy where God’s forgiveness is requested for all the inappropriate things that may have been done during the day, so that the person can feel calm before going to sleep.

“O God, in this hour give me the grace to acknowledge my sins before you, as well as truly repent of them. Erase my multiple actions committed against you. Forgive me for all distractions in prayer, my sins of omission, and my deliberate sins against conscience.”

“Give me light to see what I have to do, give me the courage to undertake them and the firmness to carry it out. May in all things advance in the work of sanctification, of the realization of your will; and that finally, by your mercy, I can reach the glory of your eternal Kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”.

Before bedtime

It is necessary to try to sleep peacefully, eliminate the thoughts that haze and put them aside, insomnia often comes from not having the ability to put them aside, we suggest this prayer before going to bed in order to maintain the balance and stability of the mind and heart.

“O God, make my heart watchful while I sleep: may I be preserved from all evil by your angels, whom you commanded to guard me in all my ways. I protest that while I will be given to sleep, I would like to adore you as your angels in heaven adore you.

“That nature demands the rest of my fragile and miserable body, I offer you the adorations that the celestial spirits pay you, as well as the prayers, tears, mortifications and penances of all your servants who spend a large part of the night devoted to to these pious exercises.”

“Accept, my offers that come from the heart, so that day and night do not stop praising your holy name. I ask you, Lord, for this grace through the merits of the Sacred Heart of your most holy Son, my Redeemer and my Savior. Amen”

Before sleep

It is always good to reinforce the thoughts with a pleasant prayer, which can be the complement for tranquility at nights of sleep, it is important to sleep peacefully, stop thinking about the problems of the day and momentarily forget about them, when we sleep we are refreshing and resting our mind.

My Lord Jesus Christ, Father of my heart, forgive my sins that You know better than me how many they are. They are infinite, my God! Infinite, Lord, they are. Give me penance and give me absolution and if I die tonight, serve me as a confession.”

“Jesus, Joseph and Mary, I give you my heart and soul. Jesus, Joseph and Mary, assist me in my last agony. Jesus, Joseph and Mary, may my soul rest in peace with you. Amen.”

It is not necessary to pray these prayers every day, one cannot be a person enslaved to prayers, one seeks to cleanse the spirit and comfort the soul, during the day, the prayer to sanctify the day represents a spiritual tool that connects us with the creator and helps us respond appropriately in every life situation.

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