Concept of Anathema within religion, meaning

Concept of Anathema within religion, meaning

Anathema etymologically translates as “offering”, however, its primary use is somewhat more obscure, since it refers to “curse”. Actually, it is a term that can be used and attributed various meanings, among them: amputation of one of the limbs, conviction, separated or separated, do you want to know more? Continue reading.


Anathema refers to a person who preaches a different gospel than the established one, how does this man affect others?

Preaching a different gospel and making others like what they hear. Therefore, we must keep in mind that an anathema is a person separated from God.

Anyone who moves away from our Lord Jesus Christ is anathema , as the sacred scriptures affirm, why? Because some have been healed, in many places, both in their homes and in public places.

They have been healed in the name of Jesus, and how do they give thanks? Changing the name of the savior and there is only one true name, the name of the Lord Jesus.

Therefore, anathema is everyone who has strayed from the path of God, everyone who has strayed from the word. The one who met Jesus and instead of following him, decides to follow men.


Anathema , according to the RAE: Excommunication, what does it refer to? To expel one of the faithful from him because he has strayed from the path, without the right to return.

Understanding this, we can then say that Anathema is a kind of “punishment”, because the individual who has committed the offense is separated from the group. Formerly, this expulsion or ex-communion was accompanied by exile, and even the heretic person was considered as a cursed object.

Deuteronomy 7:26 tells us that we will hate and reject the accursed. Many times, as Christians we ask ourselves, why does my house look like hell? Why does my family seem to be in the very mouth of the devil? Why do you feel so much heaviness in the house? Why don’t I see a change in my home even though I fast and pray daily?

Perhaps, if we open our spiritual eyes, we will realize it. Many parents, even from Christian homes, do not seem to understand that they are to blame for this happening. As parents, it is our responsibility to set an example for our children. Motivate them, so that they follow the path of the Lord.

When God establishes what is consecrated for him, he calls it Holy, because it is for him. Instead, anathema, then becomes that which is separated from God, separated from the Holy.

Who then defines what is anathema and what is not?

God! He is the only one who can define what is and what is not anathema . For this reason, we must worry not about looking for someone who tells us the “truth” (what we want to hear), but rather about listening to God, what he tells us through the word and maturing spiritually.

Let’s seek a true intimacy with God, focus on your own process of sanctification before God, and in turn, this process will lead us to move away from everything that can contaminate us.

We have adopted anathemas to our church, that is why there are so many separated families, that marriages do not last, that people no longer have as much faith as before, homes are in chaos, children disobey parents, among others.

Some examples: the clothing used for church, the word of God, what we offer… We have adapted all of this to make the Church more attractive, but this only distances us from God.

If we don’t like Jesus as he was, then it’s because deep down we don’t like him. If we seek to change him, dress as if we were going to a party and not to mass. If we manipulate the system to simply have (or believe we have) greater control over others, all of that is anathema .

What is an anathema person?

An anathema person is one who has been separated from God, affects the rest, “infects” them with his bad habits, just as when a person visits a foreign country, in a matter of days, does he no longer speak with that accent? The same happens with people who have been separated from the way of God.

These people attract curses around them, and let’s remember, that every action has a consequence. The curse that we have today is because we have taken the evil of the world and we have brought it to us, to our life and we have adopted it as our own.

When I lie, when I sin, when I covet, I am bringing the curse into my life. I am a Christian, and I ask God’s blessing but I sell cigarettes, alcohol, I go to parties, I do illicit things, I give in to carnal pleasures, so what am I attracting? The curse of anathema to my life! (God’s wrath on me).

When my business doesn’t move forward, when I feel stagnant, just empty… It’s because I have activated the wrath of God in my life. A fool, who does not know God, but he unleashes his wrath because he engages in anathemas.

What was Good Friday like before? All in prayer, and poor whoever got out, well, they even threw stones at the car, but now, how do you celebrate Good Friday? On the beach! Withdrawn from God. With alcoholic beverages, in abundance.

We can fight with other men, but not against God. And the problem is that this God is no longer for us, but against us, because we only disobey, because we worship false gods, because we live attached to anathemas, because every day, we move further away from him and with this, only we unleash his wrath on us.

Anathema book : Why do you think Jesus died on the cross? To save us! But from who? From the wrath of his father. The cross that he carried, all that he suffered and suffered was to stop the wrath of God against us.

But we, instead of thanking and glorifying him, what we do is follow men, turn away from God and worship false gods, is this fair for God after everything he has done for us?

Let us not touch or drink of the anathema , because when we do, it becomes attractive to us. And when we cross the line, as the word says, not to cross the parental line, things start to get complicated.

Ephesians 2:12 you and I have been accursed, separated from God, without God’s protection and without God’s provision for something called sin. But now, we have been reconciled, so let’s not live like this anymore.

What message does all this leave us?

That when we relate to the anathema , we adopt their bad tricks, their customs and we weaken ourselves; God has blessed us with all his love says the word of God, but it is we who decided to move away from him.

There is no “light” gospel, there is no tailored gospel, there is no gospel that pleases men or God, there is only one gospel, which is the gospel of Christ.

Through the gospel, we learn that when we behave like accursed we weaken, that when we behave like the separated, the expelled and those who do not recognize God our enemies win the battles. We learned, through your word, that apart from you, we can do nothing and that as a consequence of our actions we are banished. Today, however, repentant, we want to become your children.


Joshua 6:15-19 tells us that the anathema refers to an object “cursed” by God, that is, separated from it and everyone who touches it, would be cursed forever.

In Ancient Greece an anathema referred to any individual or temple practice to please God; in the book of Judith, the word anathema is translated as “gift to God.”

However, the word anathema is mostly used under the translation of the Hebrew “Herem”, which means to exterminate idolatrous nations, that is, nations that worship false gods and follow man instead of God, but also, consecration (Numbers 18:14; Leviticus 27:28, 29)

Although “herem” had different meanings, one of the most adapted was that person or object that venerated the worldly, which, evidently, implied destroying ourselves and everyone who touched or drank it (Numbers 21: 2, 3; Joshua 6:17).

In the New Testament, this concept changes a bit, the word “ anathema  means rather “punishment, dishonor, or exclusion”; Romans 9:3, reveals to us that the expression “anathema = separated from Christ”, another translation could be “excluded from the alliance or company with Christ”.

The diversity of interpretations that has been given to this word from different origins and translations, has generated great difficulties at an interpretive level, to understand exactly what is anathema? Is it a gift to God or is it a punishment?

St. Paul teaches us that his desire to save his people was so great that he was willing to offer his own life for them, and would be happy to die in the name of Jesus, his lord, his messiah, his teacher.

1st. Corinthians 16:22 tells us that accursed are all those who decide not to love God, they must be rejected and punished with a penalty as great as the magnitude of their actions. Another way of looking at it, or interpreting it, is that in this verse Saint Paul was trying to tell us that everyone who does not love God should be handed over to him.

With the evolution of the Christian Church this concept evolved into “excommunication” (Ezra 10:8) and is the method used from the 4th century on to get rid of heretics (Athens).

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