Yemayá, prayer for love, health and money

Yemayá, prayer for love, health and money

In this prayer article to Yemayá we will analyze a little different prayers to this orisha. In some regions, they offer candles, prayers, and devotees make petitions to this deified ancestral, to protect them, give them love, protection, cleaning, help, among other favors.

Prayer to Yemaya

Before getting into the matter, and explaining the prayer to Yemayá , and the different prayers for money, health, getting pregnant, protecting oneself and more, we believe it is important to make a brief summary of the history, origin and answered requests of this ancestral .

Who is Yemaya? Yemayá, she is the queen of creativity, Abeokutá and nature, mother of life, she owns the waters and represents the sea and fundamental source of life. In it, love is born.

Yemayá is indomitable and cunning, her punishments are harsh and her anger terrible, but righteous. It is because of this passionate, impulsive and ruthless character of hers that she lost the hegemony of the world and was assigned control of the sea.

However, Yemayá is preferred for being diligent, conciliatory and understanding with her children. She is she, model mother, goddess of universal motherhood. In it, nature and humanity are born.

Yemayá is the mother of all the orishas, ​​and it is said that we are all her children because we remain swimming like a fish in her immensity (placenta) for nine (9) months; Yemayá, the miraculous and merciful queen of the sea and of all men. Her number is seven (7) and her day is Saturday. In the Catholic religion she is known as the virgin of rule.

In nature, she is symbolized by the waves of the sea, so her dance resembles their movement. Her name comes from the Yoruba “Yemoyá” (Yeyé = mother, Omo = Son, Eyá = Fish, that is, her name means “mother of the fish”).

Olofin decided to create the world and Yemayá was the first to step on it, in fact, it is said that everything that surrounds us and we know originated from this Yoruba deity. Along with Obbatalá they spawned other orishas that we know.

Yemayá is a female orisha and symbolizes both a deity of salty waters and the womb of humanity, a source of life, motherhood and even fertility. SE of her says of her, that as a keeper of treasures, any material good that we have lost, we can recover it thanks to her.

In some regions, they have decreed February 2 as the day to celebrate the protection offered by this mother Yemayá. On December 31, many offer him gifts as an offering for the benefits received: candles, food, an adilmuse or fruit that he likes a lot is the sideburn, baskets, among others.

It is important to note that any prayer to Yemayá does not necessarily have to be only and exclusively on this day, but can be done during the year. There are more specific prayers such as a prayer to Yemayá to open roads, a prayer to Yemayá for love, a prayer to Yemayá for money, a prayer to Yemayá for health, protection, among others.

When we look for Yemayá we must do it on the crests of the waves of the sea, or on the rocks and shores of the coasts, because that is where we will find her stormy and captivating, moving from right to left.

In the Santera religion, Yemayá and Obbatalá are the most powerful and have inhabited the world since its creation. Yemayá is a combination of beauty and subtlety, kindness and generosity, without a doubt, these characteristics make many love her, although she is also usually harsh with her children, just like any mother. She is arrogant and proud.

Within some of our organs it can generate wonderful effects, among them: uterus, chest and liver, in them, it can exert great influence.


This prayer to the goddess Yemayá is a prayer that asks the ruling goddess of salty and stormy waters to protect our humanity, cleaning us with the waves of the immensity of the sea to save our body and mind.

It is asked that, through her infinite love for her children and with her righteous soul, our goddess and mother Yemayá grant us the energy and strength we require to be able to face our problems and anxieties in the best way, and we can face these with positive attitude.

To you, mother Yemayá, who radiates love in our hearts, protect us with your strength and veneration that you embody, and intercede for us so that your troops protect us and ours at all times and places.

We beg you, Mother Yemayá, you, most powerful queen of the sea, the waves and the coasts, to keep us protected and away from all evil and all danger that we could be exposed to.

We trust in you, in your infinite power, justice and love towards us so that you help us to endure and face each moment of difficulty, because we do not doubt for a moment that sometimes we deserve to be punished, but just as you take us away and punish , you also grant us in abundance and allow us to recover everything that we have been able to lose.

Thank you mother Yemayá, for your kindness, thank you, for your justice, thank you, for always protecting us, for giving us wisdom and strength when we need it most. We ask your forgiveness for every time we commit a fault towards you, but as children, we make mistakes, but we also make amends.

Thank you for loving us infinitely and for reprimanding us when necessary, because a son learns not only from his father’s compassion, but also from punishment. We surrender to you, sovereign and splendid goddess of salty waters and the immense sea.

Thank you for granting us the joy of being able to live under your harmony, power and protection, even though we don’t always deserve it. With what reason, they call you fair.

Once we have finished our prayer to Yemayá , we must immediately perform a novena to her. This novena, we should preferably complement it with some beautiful white flowers, and now, yes, make our request.

These flowers, we must take them to the sea during the day, and then again when the sun sets. Important: the flowers that we offer to our powerful mother must be tied with a light blue ribbon, and then thrown into the sea with all our faith.

Also, in addition to offering and throwing our white flowers, we must throw nine coins into the water, while we proceed to thank Yemayá for the favors she has given us so far.

While we perform this ritual for her, we can incorporate some additional prayers, these can be of Catholic origin, or any other that we like. What we must always keep in mind is that the prayer we decide to make is not important, but the faith with which we make it.

Our optimism, our faith and devotion to Yemayá, our conviction that she will grant us the requested favors are the most important ingredients for it to be effective, and to materialize. One detail: this ritual, prayers, and other details mentioned above, we must perform them not by the sea or on the rocks of the coast, but within the same water, since this will allow us a greater connection with our powerful, beautiful and divine mother. Yemaya.

Prayer to Yemayá : for love, money, health and more

Yemayá, named and revered as patron saint of all women and creator goddess and mother. Patron saint of pregnant women. She is a very powerful goddess and because she is the protector of women, they are mostly the ones who pray to Yemayá to receive various favors.

How to perform an effective and powerful prayer to Yemayá ? Most of his devotees pray to him in order to receive material things that they have lost, however, others pray to him and ask for his help in matters of love, health, money, protection, fertility, protection for the home and their relatives, among others.

For example, in the case of prayer for love, the main intention is to attract into our lives that love that is impossible for us, or that that special person is loyal to us. Of course, any prayer to Yemayá must be done with faith and with all the love of your heart.

Some devotees pray to her a Prayer to Yemayá with the sole intention of seeing her request materialized and receiving her help.

Before making any request or prayer to Yemayá , we must take into consideration and know what are the foods, elements or offerings that this orisha likes, since it depends on these, how effective our request is.

Regardless of the Prayer to Yemayá that we decide to perform, the first step is to light a white candle, and then proceed to make offerings to Yemayá with any sweet fruit, one of the ones that she likes the most is the pin.

Another point to keep in mind and that is very important for the Prayer to Yemayá to be effective, is that it must be executed for a period between three (3) and nine (9) days, that is, they must always be odd numbers, and better, if done at night.

Obviously, to perform this prayer to Yemayá we must locate ourselves in a place where we feel comfortable, calm and at peace. Then, we must express our prayer with faith, humility, love, hope, and totally and absolutely convinced that the request we are making will be granted.

At the moment in which it is decided to invoke the deity Yemayá, it is necessary to carry out the steps described above so that the prayer to Yemayá is effective.

Important: perform the specific prayer according to what is required, for example, if it is a health issue, the health prayer is performed, if it is an economy issue, money prayer, and so on.

Through each specific prayer to Yemayá, we can request wisdom to solve our problems, money, strength of our femininity, getting pregnant, being fertile, inspiration, abundance, among others. Let’s briefly describe some of these.

Some of the most performed prayers to the Yoruba mother and goddess Yemayá are love “spells”, remove sadness, fertility rituals, protect our family and home in general, reveal mysteries, eliminate our sadness, among others.

The name by which this goddess is known (Yemayá) can vary depending on the context of the request or petition that is made. For example, when she seeks to obtain beauty, optimal health, or “luck” in fortune, then she is called Erzulie.

As we mentioned before, the women who are in the sweet wait are the ones who pray the most to Yemayá , for her great power and influence on issues of motherhood and fertility. Also, many pregnant women pray for the orisha mother to take care of her babies.

In the middle of a prayer to this Yoruba goddess, pregnant women pray to her with faith as Yemayá Olokun, to protect their unborn children and watch over their dreams; if fertility problems arise, then she must be conjured as “Yemojá”.

The women and mothers who know the unlimited power of their Yoruba mother ask Yemayá for a prayer, naming her as “Emanjah”, so that she may help them in the education of their children.

Producers who are in the fields and who wish to combat the drought in some way and were waiting for more long rainy seasons prayed to Yemayá with the name “Yemana”. Now that we know a little about its origin, let’s continue to develop and analyze different sentences made to it.

For the money

Obviously, the economic issue for most of the human being is extremely important, although perhaps, for some it is not the most essential thing in life and exempts us from having problems, however, it allows us to enjoy special moments with family and friends, in addition to allowing to feed and survive in this world, often fierce and empty.

That is why one of the main requests made by most of the devotees to this Yoruba mother is money, the economic issue, since as we know, it is largely related to good fortune, money, abundance and wealth. prosperity, so it is not surprising that along with love, it is one of the requests and prayers most prayed for by his devotees.

As we have highlighted in previous paragraphs, each prayer, petition, request, or whatever you want to call it, must be specific, so in this case, the most appropriate prayer is a prayer that allows us to attract that money, connect with abundance, or have good fortune. Doing it this way will result in greater effectiveness.

 What would a prayer to attract money into our lives be about?

Initially, this goddess Yemayá, queen of the seas and waters, is asked to cover us with her light with her power and infinite love, enlighten us with her sacred wisdom and with her infinite love.

To her, who is mistress, owner and lady of the waters and seas of our beloved world, we ask her to direct our life and direct it always just as you do with the oceans, with wisdom, justice, harmony, and in some cases, with jerks, which are necessary to remind us to act correctly.

We ask our Yoruba mother to grant us the favors we request, because she, like every mother, knows the desires of our hearts, of our being, and our genuine desires.

Therefore, we ask you to remove from us all bad vibes, bad luck, or any work done so that our abundance and prosperity in material and economic matters can flow freely and with total freedom.

Help us drown once and for all our anxieties, fears, grudges, sadness, fears, and everything that prevents us and blocks our money income in a fluid way.

Keep away our complaints and allow us to enjoy the freedom of being able to feel worthy of what belongs to us, but that sometimes we consciously or unconsciously reject or block.

Every time we self-sabotage, fill us with wisdom and peace, so that we can understand that sometimes not having is necessary to have a different perspective and leave fears and excuses behind.

So we ask you, mother, beautiful, kind, sacred and powerful Yemayá, to grant your son (mention your name with surnames included) prosperity, money, abundance and fortune, not only to enjoy life, cover my needs and those of my family, but also to help others.

Thank you beloved mother, for listening to me, for never abandoning me, and for always being there for me, listening carefully to my pleas, wishes, and even complaints, and more importantly, materializing my wishes, even when I don’t always deserve it. Your goodness is infinite mother, thank you. And it ends with a phrase “Hail, oh, goddess Yemayá. Amen”.

To health  

Illnesses affect our lives, they take away our energy, especially when the illness is physical, since they greatly limit our mobility, and make us feel useless, disabled, that we cannot contribute in any way, and this can bring us more serious consequences at the psychological how? Affecting our peace of mind.

Sometimes, we downplay the psychological aspect and focus only on the visible, the physical, but our mind plays an important role in our lives and is decisive in being able to enjoy good physical health. Let’s see this with an example.

When we are afraid, we feel distressed, stressed, and even have low self-esteem or our self-perception is low, initially, it affects our mind, but staying in these states, not valuing ourselves or feeling that others do not, generates a impact on our health, and can even manifest in our body, in a physical, external, visible way.

Taking care of ourselves is also valuing ourselves, accepting ourselves, understanding that each one of us is a unique and wonderful being, with skills and challenges. This care should not only be external, but also internal. In fact, it starts from the heart, and from there, we externalize it.

When we don’t feel completely good before a person, a situation, or any other, we can suffer from such great sadness that it can evolve and become a depression from which it is difficult for us to get out.

Have you ever wondered, what is the use of being powerful? Or have a lot of money? If you don’t have love, health and people to share it with, then what is it worth? Health and love are the most valuable things we have, having the joy of enjoying our friends and loved ones is something that not everyone can do.

Fortune does not always imply money, sometimes having all this also implies wealth, profit, good luck and happiness. Happiness and health go hand in hand, feeling full, not living punishing ourselves, enjoying life every day and to the fullest.

This is why the devotees to Yemayá, who wish to enjoy good health, enjoy their lives to the full and maintain a state of well-being, say a prayer to their mother with great faith, so that she grants them these wishes.

We remind you once again that prayer, in order to be fully effective, must follow the steps mentioned in the first part of this article, in addition to performing it with faith and being specific to health.

To make our request / request / wish to Yemayá, goddess of the sea, we must place each and every one of our needs, desires and desires of our heart inside a white sheet, as we mentioned, health is not only a physical aspect, remember , that emotional needs or gaps are part of comprehensive and optimal health.

Do not pay attention to the color with which you write these wishes, in reality, this is completely irrelevant, the only thing you should consider is that the ink, pen or marker that you decide to make is permanent, because the intention is that not even the ocean water can erase it .

Remember that you must also have the nine coins on hand (preferably of an average size), and now you can make your prayer or request to the mother of all mothers, the goddess, powerful, beautiful and fair Yemayá.

Once we find ourselves in front of the immensity of the sea, we proceed to locate ourselves on the shore of it, and it is the ideal moment to confess and ask forgiveness for our mistakes, for our stubbornness, for wanting to do things our way and not flow with the life.

This is the moment, to apologize to our mother Yemayá, for sometimes doubting, not her power, but ours. For letting ourselves be carried away by other people’s words and not turning a deaf ear to criticism. For working so hard and forgetting about our families, for not giving them due importance.

Let’s not be afraid to be honest with our mother, because it is something that she values ​​a lot from her children, so let’s open our hearts and be frank about our actions, both good and bad. And then, let us ask them to show compassion and mercy to those who owe us some kind of debt.

As human beings, imperfect and that we make mistakes, we must not only ask for forgiveness for our mistakes and actions that are not so good or bad, but also beg to forgive those people who have hurt us and who owe us.

Our mother, especially Yemayá, has a capacity for merciful forgiveness, she is fair, but kind, firm, and at the same time as soft, as the caress of a wave. She is agitated, but also compassionate. So let’s not be afraid to be completely honest with her. We can be certain that no matter how bad we have done, she will forgive us.

Once we have lightened our loads, we stand on the shore and invoke her with faith. We make our prayer and when we read our wishes to him we throw a coin into the sea. Let us also remember the offering: the white flowers.

The prayer to Yemayá for health asks her as a creative force to protect not only us, but also each member of our family and keep us united, healthy and in harmony, inside and outside the home.

May we never lack money, daily bread, love and union. May we not get sick, and if we do, may our inner strength and power manifest and heal us. May we never lack a place, which we can call: home.

to get pregnant

Yemayá, defender and lady of pregnant women, mother of all mothers, and guardian of unborn children and the family. Not only those who want to be mothers she begs, but also those who want to be and for reasons of fertility, can not.

This prayer to Yemayá asks this goddess to bless our sacred womb and fill it with love, and to grant her the happiness of the fruit of her parents’ love, transformed into a son, and that the joy of this news fill her home with happiness and joy.

Protection for your family invoking Yemayá

It is always important to take care of our family, our home, each member that lives in it, including our evil eye partner, some spell worked from the dark, or any other that may affect us or our family and may cause us discomfort. , fights, estrangement, breakup or some major misfortune.

What better way to protect ourselves and our loved ones than making a prayer of love to our mother Yemayá? By doing this, you will notice how that feeling of heaviness and tension is no longer perceived, and peace, love and happiness begin to flow positively and harmoniously.

If the danger you feel or notice is very strong, we recommend that you pray this prayer of love, and include a prayer of protection and use it daily. If you feel that the problem still persists, then consult with other members who know more and can guide you on what to do.

Prayer to Yemayá to open paths and make your dreams come true

This prayer to open paths is a prayer that can be made to Yemayá during her festivities, because it is more effective, however, we can also make it at any other time of the year, with great faith and with the conviction that our paths and dreams are already a fact and so it shall be.

Prayer to Yemayá to open paths

This prayer is a way of not only requesting their protection, but also that their nymphs, sea squaws and sirens be our guides, offering us encouragement and comfort in our difficult times that are as convulsive as the waves themselves.

May her love and our faith be a blanket that always covers us, and may she always be like that star that guides us when we feel lost. Also, she is offered an offering as a sign of our love, devotion and faith that with her guidance our path is always illuminated and clear, it is safe and we should not feel any fear.

To make this prayer more effective, we can perform a small ritual, what does it consist of? Choose a preferably calm day, a Saturday or a Sunday, for example, and proceed to build your place of worship for Yemayá, this should contain a blue towel, representing the sea.

Now, you will light a white candle and a blue one, and you will also have to dress using these colors. If you have an image, card, or bundle of Yemayá, use it too. And of course, white roses cannot be missing. Finally, your specific wishes and prayers to realize your dreams or open the paths that prevent you from achieving them.

Close your eyes, and visualize everything you want, keep it in your mind and feel as if it were already that way, as if they were materialized in reality. Feel deserving or deserving, and little by little, and with a lot of respect for her and for yourself, begin to open your eyes little by little, slowly, allowing yourself to return again to this here and this now.

Feel the feminine energy of Yemayá, how this energy runs through your entire body and finally, reaches your heart and fills it with love, happiness, optimism. Feel how your paths immediately open up, and you can go through it without any difficulty. Give thanks and tell yourself that it’s done.

For cleaning

Since the world is a world, people have preserved traditions and customs of “clean” or cleansing, of a physical and spiritual nature, in this area, there is no doubt that the Yoruba religion and its orishas are the most suitable people to achieve such end.

Obviously, there are also essences, offal, oils and baths that, together with certain rituals, prayers and offerings to Yemayá, serve as a complement to these cleanses.

The prayer for cleaning to Yemayá is a thank you and at the same time a request to this queen who dominates the surface of the seas, and represents the origin of humanity, to clean us as a strong wave would.

Your water is asked not only to cleanse our body, but also to cleanse our soul, our aura and all energy that is interfering and stealing our vital energy.

You are begged to pour out your protection on our planet, and that this deep cleaning and from within provide us with strength, that strength that you undoubtedly represent. We ask that you remove all spirit attached to our body, spirit auras, and even homes.

Free us mother from any ill-intentioned work, from all envy, negativity or anger that we have been able to accumulate. Clean us from within of everything that makes us impure and distances us from you and we can clearly see our north, the problems from another point of view, and we ask that your children take care of us, take care of us and separate us from all evil and everything if he intends to harm us.

We want to be clean so that we can open our way and achieve our goals and dreams without eternal sacrifice. May we be calm because we are protected from all evil and the only thing we attract into our lives are blessings, the good and the beautiful. The positive, what allows us to grow and be better.

It is important to note that we must recite this prayer every day (for eight days), preferably in the morning and light a light blue candle. Also, include in this ritual eight white carnations, with a circular shape and the blue candle placed in the middle.

When the candle is consumed in its entirety, we must throw what remains into the sea as a symbol of protection. We can do this at the foot of an immense, large and leafy tree, or in a river.

for protection

Before praying this protection prayer, it is important to light a blue candle, this, as we have explained before, is done as a symbolism, representing the sea. Another thing we can do is use a vaporization with some perfume or essential oil.

When expressing our prayer it is important that our only thought is that, what we want. Then we put out the candle and the incense. As for the prayer as such, Yemayá is asked to deeply cleanse our auras, purify both our body and our spirit, and to protect and shield us against any attack, bad intention or evil that is stalking us.

It is important that we perform this prayer daily, preferably before going to sleep, and when waking up. And we must offer a pink candle, which represents the divine help and protection of our mother.

To ask for help  

Yemayá, as a powerful but protective mother, will always be called to protect and care for her children, to help them face the path and problems in the best way and to emerge victorious from them. She is a unique warrior, for she possesses the indomitability of the sea and the strength of all oceans when they collide against rocks.

There is no orisha who does not go to her when she thinks she has lost the north or feels that her problem has no solution. She is clarity, light, calm, help, support. Her limitless power shows it and she makes herself felt. This prayer is an intimate conversation with her, where we open our hearts and ask for everything we want, regardless of the area.

Prayer to Yemayá for true love

Stop looking for love or the ideal person for your life, if you really trust your mother and her power, her infinite love, and her influence on love affairs, then make a prayer to Yemayá for love in Yoruba and the love will flow to you naturally.

Attracting love is not always desperately seeking, on the contrary, it is loving yourself first, accepting yourself, valuing yourself, and then that is what you will attract. Now, if in addition to all this, you also decide to make a prayer to Yemayá for love , the chances of this soul coming into your life are amplified.

Remember that just as violence generates and attracts more violence, likewise love generates and attracts more love. Pray with faith, ask with strength, and stop looking for a partner just because you feel alone, do it, because you want to grow, improve and build a life with that person.

Life and love go far beyond carnal desires or passion, it is about being best friends, accomplices, lovers and enjoying each other’s company. May that person inspire us to be better and support us even in our wildest dreams. Love is that person choose us above all, that he be faithful to us and to the love we profess.

The prayer to Yemayá for unrequited love

Not being reciprocated is one of the worst feelings that can exist, it is painful, frustrating, and can lead to tragedy if you do not know how to handle it.

That is why the prayer to Yemayá for unrequited love is a wonderful option that will give us strength and help us to better understand the situation, and to accept the fact that although we love that person, love is not reciprocal ( and it doesn’t have to be).

This prayer to Yemayá must be daily, and when love finally reaches us, we must help others, sharing our experience.

Powerful ritual for impossible loves

If you consider that love only flees from you, or it is impossible for you, this ritual can help you more than you imagine. A red candle, a white sheet of paper, sea salt and a red pencil is all you need. On a full moon, take some of the sea salt, dissolve it in a glass of water and let it sit.

Write your name with the red pencil and mention the characteristics of that person. And at twelve o’clock in the morning, he then lights the candle and burns the written page and makes a prayer for love. Finally, he adds a little water to the ashes and leaves it there until the next change of the moon.

Prayer to Yemayá for love to get her back

Sometimes, our partner has distanced himself from us, has allowed himself to be manipulated by third parties and the separation occurs. Goods are divided, and apparently feelings too, but with the help of Yemayá, you can recover all that and much more.

for mooring

When there are bad intentions of third parties, perverse, with the intention of separating a couple who love each other, the last resort is to make a tie. To achieve this, the goddess is resorted to and a prayer is made for that purpose. In this way, your partner will stay close to you and they will overcome this bitter moment together.

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