Prayer of protection for babies who have not yet come into the world

The entrance of a baby into the home is a brilliant encounter that will mark each of the individuals in the family and the lucky ones. Faced with multiple factors and the vulnerability that these little ones have, it is necessary to raise a Protection Prayer for babies who have not yet come into the world. Learn more about this topic in this Post.


A pregnancy represents a different and crucial stage of changes not only in the mother but also in the couple. The development of this new being must be strictly monitored by specialists in the area. There are many risks that are run, since the demand for oxygen by the body is greater.

It doubles the demand on both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Another important point to decide to raise a prayer of protection for babies who come into this world is because the mortality in newborns is higher than those of other childhood stages. (See Article: prayer to put a person to sleep )

It has been shown that good maternal control does not guarantee a safe delivery. It only ensures it by 60%. But one of the ways to bring peace to our being and stabilize the important signs is to easily create a connection with the heavenly Father. It is important the strength that is obtained by praying, by talking with God.

The security that you begin to create at this stage becomes impressive to believe, it encourages you to fight against whatever the circumstances are and best of all it helps you increase faith, you begin to believe that anything becomes nothing if you take it before you. the feet of the Father.

You must remember how important it is to include your partner in every moment of prayer. God in his word expresses that where two or three are gathered invoking his name, there he is able to send his infinite blessing and give you the peace that you so much require.

Do not lose heart if you only start for a few minutes, then you will realize that it will become part of your day to day life and you will recognize the protection prayer for babies as a priority as your little one grows.

Prayer of Protection for babies who have not yet come into the world

Master, thank you for this precious gift! Without a doubt the best.

There is by all accounts no physical blessing more remarkable

than this sweet bundle of delight, shipped directly from you.

Your perfect little fingers and toes, the way they smell like paradise,

the love that bubbles,

Unparalleled in its depth.

It is a great show of love for humanity

I ask you to favor the arrival of this child, Lord.

I imagine his small Body, the way it develops and,

I only ask you to bring it with good.

Keep him free from any danger, Lord.

Help this little one realize that he is deeply adored.

What’s more, always, first for you, and then for us, their parents.

Favor this infant and his life.

Help us adjust to this new routine.

Which we sometimes consider difficult.

As we welcome this new part of our lives,

In our souls and at home.

Give us quality sir

What’s more, vitality when the afternoons are short.

When sleep embraces us,

When depression approaches us

Give us strength, lots of strength.

Master covers our home with harmony, effort and love.

Thank you very much, Lord, for this new life.

We hail you and thank you for your great and impeccable creation.

Help us  with  wisdom for so many changes,

Help us adapt


Stabilizes my body at the time of delivery, 

May all my systems be in harmony.

Help me fight for my baby like a warrior

I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

In the name of the Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Father.

Let it be so.

Who can do it?

Parents are best placed to pray for their baby’s arrival, however family and friends who wish to support them are welcome. It is known that prayer affirms the family bond so that together the burdens and concerns of this process are lightened.

In addition, praying together focuses on the idea that at the time of any event, everyone is aware and can quickly create a solution. It is important to recognize that it is a stage that should not be carried out alone, since there are many variations that can occur. (See Article: Prayer for a patient who is going to operate )

When to do it?

No schedule is established, nor a specific place to carry it out, since at any time of the day or night, including in the living room of your home or in the patio or during the working day (if you have employment) or while shopping at the supermarket.

It is necessary to limit that prayer is talking to God, which means that you can do it out loud or in private, only you and the heavenly father. It should not be limited by chores or the routine of the day.

The Protection Prayer for babies coming into this world is not limited by any stage of pregnancy or month. That is, you can run it every day of your 9 months if you wish. That will favor the bond between your partner, between your relatives and between you and your little one who is to come. (See Article: Prayer for a terminally ill person )

Peace as a result of the Prayer for a baby on the way

When problems or difficulties arise, you feel that the tension overflows in you, and it is normal for the whole process. However, for these moments, the Bible expresses that we must constantly implore and make your requests known to God. Regarding individuals who request help, the Bible guarantees:

“The tranquility of God that surpasses all ideas will protect your hearts and your intellectual capacities. Philippians 4:7”

We can feel more at ease when we open our hearts to our radiant Father and unburden him to him. To tell the truth, the Bible exhorts us to do as such:

“Put your weight on the Lord himself, and he will follow you” Psalm 55:22.

Around the world, countless people experience that feeling when they ask. A South Korean lady named Hee Ran states that despite the fact that she has difficult problems, when she pleads about it she feels that she is putting on weight and can get on with her daily life and with the rest of her children.

For her part, Cecilia, who lives in the Philippines, cares especially about her daughters. She also deals with her mother, who suffers from amnesia and yet every time she visits him she rubs her belly as if it were the first time. But it really is through supplications that I can face the commitments of the day calmer.

Preparation of the family before the arrival of a baby

The entrance of another child brings joy and in turn difficulties for the family. When all is said, guardians feel energetic and fearful about their children’s response to a baby landing at home. A wide variety of questions arise: by what method would it be advisable for us to tell our children that they will have a younger sibling? Will they be eager for the new infant? How could we help them recognize the circumstance?

Offspring of various ages will respond differently to another baby’s input, evidently at every age a child experiences, it is associated with an example of behavior. Therefore, it is in your best interest to understand what response to anticipate from each age meeting, so that you can deal with the changes in your family effectively.

Children from 1 to 2 years

Try not to ask for much understanding, children of this age will not see meaning in having another sibling. Give your kids a chance to hear you talk about the new kid. You may not understand why they are energized, but you will get their behavior and they will gradually feel love as well.

You must remember that you will most likely not be meeting the needs of both or some children consistently. In case you feel overpowered, seek help and a couple more arms from your family or peers. By the time the new baby arrives, remember your older guy; You can give him a detail to persuade him that you still appreciate him.

Children from 2 to 4 years old

At this age, as a rule, your child is exceptionally connected with you and does not quite realize how to impart to other relatives. Your child may also be susceptible to change and feel compromised by the possibility of a new individual in the family. Wait a bit before you talk to your preschooler about the baby.

Talk to your child when you start shopping for furniture, children’s clothing, or if you start to get information about the belly. Books displayed for preschoolers can be extremely valuable. No matter what you try to chat with your child before you get some answers from the family through someone else.

Children 5 years old or of school age

Experienced 5-year-olds for the most part don’t feel undermined by the entrance of another baby so it’s worth expressing to them. Either way, they may be eager for the consideration the new infant receives. If so, she reveals what is happening in a language she can understand. She reveals having another child and the progressions she brings, both the big ones and the not-so-big ones.

If possible, allow your more established child to go to the medical clinic soon after the child is destined to feel like a part of the developing family. Introduce his new brother and discuss the duty of being the oldest, make him feel extraordinary.

The beginning of a lot of duties requires “mother and father” to be very solid and constant to face the difficulties of dealing with this unique fortune in the most ideal way possible. It is significant that both the mother and the father consider that their lives will totally change, that it will be a test full of learning and development that will improve them as individuals and guardians.

things that change

Mom and Dad may feel distressed by the consideration and care that the new baby will ask for every day. Therefore, it is important that you prepare and include many techniques that allow “everyone” to adapt better and more quickly to the progressions that the new relative brings.

Tips for adapting to changes

The adaptation by the parents with the entrance of their baby should not be a test full of fears and uncertainties; Actually, with the correct learning, these feelings can be supervised and understood that a child is the best blessing that can be given to us. So it follows that it gives life. Follow the suggestions offered below:

  • Before the transfer, leave everything at home perfect or more, everything well stocked, not only with the essential things for the baby, but also for both parents, and the visitors who will come to meet the newcomer.
  • You must be exceptionally thoughtful in having compensation to meet your own needs and keep your relationship strong.
  • Make a couple with the intention of helping to keep up with the latest, so that the consideration and care of the child is not an obstacle to the rest of the ordinary exercises.
  • Seek help and support from other family members, offer them the opportunity to participate and offer with the child, at that time, take this opportunity to appreciate as a team or complete some individual errands.
  • Prepare and prepare a decent and comfortable space for the baby, since it is not recommended to rest in a similar room, the couple and the young person need their space.
  • It gives the baby a lot of affection and delicacy, as this will strengthen the bond between the uncle and the lucky ones, improving the family’s mood and confidence. Remember that the work life can influence the work of the tutors, that is the reason why they must seek an understanding and unity so as not to ignore the various duties.
  • The landing of your child is a magnificent thing that will bring massive euphoria into your home, however how you adjust to this new way of life can create passionate irregularity. Depending on its power, new parents are suggested to seek some kind of direction or action that encourages them to release tension and stress.
  • The guardians should make an effort to teach the new part when he returns home. Consider a child, regardless of how small he is, he will gradually understand that he is so exuberant and cunning that he could take on the responsibility of the house.
  • Show him good habits and qualities, regardless of whether you think he is not understanding you, as this will later make his behavior and adaptation better every day and will facilitate our association with the boy and the rest of the family.
  • Landing a space can be energizing and overwhelming for first-time Guardians. You may be surprised at how much time and stamina it takes to think about your baby.
  • The absence of rest and enthusiastic changes can also put pressure on the couple. So both of you should make certain changes according to the consideration of the child and deal with your marriage.

Things NOT to do with a baby

When we decide on the important option of bringing a child into the world, we guardians understand that we are tolerating an extremely enormous obligation. What’s more, however excellent and brilliant it may be, dealing with a baby and accurately knowing all the consideration we must develop is difficult.

Despite being an errand that requires finesse and a great deal of adoration, thinking of an infant needs a great deal of reasonableness, persistence, and care, whether in light of numbness or weakness, guardians may have the opportunity to apply certain strategies that are obviously harmless, but can actually be exceptionally harmful to the baby.

To be another mother is to realize that, despite the fact that grandmother’s recommendation is extraordinary regarding a baby, it is wiser to seek the proposals of the experts and not be carried away by any unjustified statement. In this way, we have organized the latest guidance from analysts and pediatricians on the things that she should NOT do or apply while the baby is still a baby. They are expressed below:

Avoid too abrupt developments

Specialists claim that shaking children can cause intracranial injuries, which can inevitably cause complexities. So whenever you need to calm his crying, try gently shaking him instead, in light of the fact that the damage may be irreversible.

Leave it on the changing table or on the bed as if it were big

Except if it is an accommodation where you can make sure that literally nothing will happen to you and that your disappearance may be for a couple of minutes it is recommended, open the entrance to a relative, go to the bathroom, install the jug, Babies can not be left aside, much less in a bed or high place.

You must be careful with gases

This is something you will probably see right when you have the child within your reach. It is fundamentally important that the baby exerts a total absorption, for this we recommend placing it on our arm or on the shoulder and we give a few touches.

Try not to sit in the child seat

It has been shown that the infant carrier or car seat is essential to protect the life of your baby before any spontaneous creation and much more so in the remote possibility that it is in its first long periods of life.

Try not to take care of her crying

During long periods of life, the infant’s crying may be as regular as his rest or milk intake, but no less significant than the past. What’s more is that a child cries without really controlling what she does, she’s basically complaining about what stresses or hurts or upsets her and that’s where she needs to be patient and deal with it.

throw it away

Despite the fact that there are many people who raise their children as a method to play, it is actually a standout among the most dangerous practices for the baby.

Most importantly, it can all happen while your baby is being noticed around you, and the basic reality of falling can do extremely solid damage. On the other hand, discovering your baby under this intensity can make him bigger or scarier. Kindly, don’t do it!

This Post is expected to be of great help to those who are expecting a little one at home. Remembering then that the Prayer affirms the family bond and creates friendship between the closest ones. Do not miss the opportunity to intercede for your pregnancy, your childbirth and your rehabilitation process.

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