Steps to perform the novena to San Pancracio

Steps to perform the novena to San Pancracio

The novena to San Pancracio , serves many faithful in order to make various requests and improve their life situation, in this article we are going to show you how to do it, do not miss it.

Novena to Saint Pancras

The novena to San Pancracio is born from the figure of this Christian character, who lived in Rome, and dedicated a large part of his life to devotion to Christ. San Pancracio suffered many problems, at the age of 14 he had been orphaned, later his uncle kept him in his home in the Roman capital to help him with housework and in the fields.

The uncle himself directed him towards devotion to Jesus Christ, however on the day of his baptism he was arrested due to the persecution carried out by the Romans throughout Europe, he was subjected to many tortures, with the aim of denying his faith, but the young man never bowed.

Over time, Saint Pancratius forgave his executioners and devoted himself entirely to Christian devotion, he was a great character and priest who served as a reference to many people. In the place where he was buried, many people attended in order to learn everything related to devotion to Jesus Christ.

For many years the Novena of San Pancracio has been carried out in order to request favors related to work, prosperity, health and even find a partner, then we invite you to know the prayer dedicated to this Saint.

To perform the novena, a series of steps must be followed that support the prayers that must be carried out for nine consecutive days to obtain the requested favors. These conditions will be described below.

Sign of the Cross

It is the first mandatory step that every devotee must take before beginning the daily novena prayer, this sign allows us to get rid of enemies and allow us to give ourselves the peace we need.

perform the act of contrition

A prayer must be made in order to redeem all sins, this act of contrition is accompanied by the following prayer:

“Jesus, my Lord and Redeemer, I repent of all the sins I have committed until today, it weighs me with all my heart because with them I have offended a God who is good. I firmly propose not to sin again and I trust that by your infinite mercy, you will grant me forgiveness of my sins, and you will lead me to eternal life. Amen”.

The Prayer to Saint Pancras.

It consists of the main prayer that is performed daily, it is the basis of the novena and is accompanied by another prayer that is performed daily, which in its content is different each day (we will see each one later), the obligatory prayer to Saint Pancratius daily is:

“Lord, my Father and full of goodness, I turn to You at this time in search of your help and divine guidance so that I can find a worthy and adequate job according to the gifts with which you have trained me.”

“I come to the intercession of your glorious martyr, the young Saint Pancratius, so that, with his divine assistance, my cry may reach You. I want to correctly use the talents that you have given me in your infinite goodness and multiply them for the good of my soul and mine.

“I need the opportunity to do it, counting on a good job that gives me the necessary sustenance to provide for my family and that is the right one and the one that is best for me to sanctify myself. And to you, dearest child Saint Pancratius, assist me in this moment of trial so as not to fall into despair.”

“I trust that today you will help me obtain the heavenly graces to always be firm in the faith and not abandon or feel weakened in this necessary search for a decent job for the good of my family. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Perform the final prayers

It is generally suggested in any novena to finish the consecration by praying an Our Father, Hail Mary and a Glory Be, which should also be done during the nine days.

The nine days of prayer

The novena that we are going to describe next, was created by Fr. Salvador Mujal, a very popular Saint in Spain, who has many devotees who glorify him with the idea of ​​getting a job, health and prosperity.

It is also used to pray for the sick, the homeless and the most needy, they are prayers and prayers that have a high power of spiritual force. In many businesses and shops you can see small and large images of images and descriptions of said prayer.

The novena is a way to establish a connection with the Saint and allow to enter the glory of God, they are generally flattery and requests for requests, to begin the novena a quiet place is first established alone and that there can be no interruptions while the novena is being performed. prayer and prayers, the way to pray this novena is described below:

First day

The first day of the novena begins with the daily prayer and saluting God as our Lord, later it is said:

“Our heart has been created to love, what you have to love most is God, more than all people, more than all the riches in the world, and in this way you will also avoid many disappointments.”

In this way Saint Pancratius did it, and God granted him many favors, ask God from the heart for his grace and you will live forever, calm and have divine protection, towards everything you need. He ends this first day with prayers to the Holy Trinity.

Second day

The second day begins by saying the following:

“God allows us to love our family and other people, as long as it is not an obstacle to loving God. This is how the glorious Saint Pancratius did it, and in this way he directed many souls to heaven.”

It is motivated to ask with all your heart that you love others as if they were your own brothers, this allows you to love God more, and we will obtain the grace of the glorious Saint Pancratius, like all novenas, the short prayer should end with a prayer to the Holy Trinity.

Third day

After performing the daily prayer, proceed to say the following:

“San Pancracio had such a good heart, that he always feels sorry for the poor and unfortunate: that is why he obtained so many graces from heaven”

As faithful it should also be taken as a reference, where these virtues can be carried out, in this way you will obtain the grace of God, it ends with the prayer of the day and a prayer to the Holy Trinity.

Fourth day

On this day the prayer of the day allows to open the ceremony, then the following prayer is said:

“Glorious Saint Pancratius, you were a good person, you worked to be able to guide other souls to heaven, and that is why God granted you so much power in favor of your devotees”

Try to be yourself as well as you can to spread this devotion and ensure that others go the way of heaven. In this way you will achieve many graces, especially those that you need now that you are performing this novena. The prayer concludes with the prayer to the Holy Trinity.

Fifth day

This day a reflection and suggestion of how San Pancracio observed the world is made:

“In the world there are many people who, out of human respect, are not good, so that they do not have them as fanatics, but only as negative references that harm the entire environment, Saint Pancras avoided contact with harmful people.”

As a person you should avoid being like those that San Pancracio avoided, he always defends the truth and good things. It seeks to try In this way to achieve everything you need through the intercession of San Pancracio, who will always attend to your prayers. The prayer ends with the prayer to the Holy Trinity

Sixth day

For this day, the prayer for forgiveness is established in the novena:

“The hardest thing in life is to forgive those who have wronged us. Glorious Saint Pancratius allow us to achieve this grace.”

Forgiveness was widely used by Saint Pancras, he even forgave those who tortured him for a long time, as a person we must understand that with forgiveness comes tranquility to the person you will get for yourself and your family more than you can trust. End this prayer with the prayer to the Holy Trinity.

Seventh day

The observation of the world is established on this day:

“In this world you must have a lot of patience, more setbacks come than you expect. It is considered one of the strongest weapons that the Lord gave us.”

This model of patience was used by the glorious Saint Pancratius, who conformed to the will of God in everything, and thus managed to live peacefully, being a great Saint, in the midst of many sorrows, ask him with a good heart to help you and he will help you. will grant it, ends with the prayer of the Holy Trinity.

Eighth day

Praise is performed after saying the prayer of the day:

“ Just as you want the portrait of your parents and other friends, it is also convenient that you want the image of the glorious Saint Pancratius, not doubting that from heaven he sees how you kneel before the altar on which he is placed”

The more you take the reference of San Pancracio, the more you will pray to God and you will obtain the necessary grace and what you request in this Novena, this brings benefits to you, and to everyone around you, especially your relatives, finish the ceremony with prayer to the Holy Trinity.

ninth day

At the end of this day, joy and happiness should invade the heart of the person, the prayer or request is as follows: “ Now that you finish the Novena, you are encouraged and have more desire to love Saint Pancras, and therefore , to make yourself worthy that you can go to heaven to keep him company “

Faith should not be doubted, compare yourself with Saint Pancratius, fulfill as he does with his obligations as a good Christian, this will serve to protect your family and especially you, ends like the previous novenas with the prayer to the Blessed Unit.

Prayers to the Holy Trinity

They make up a group of very beautiful prayers that are used during the novena to San Pancracio, they are usually said at the end, some accompany it with an Our Father and a Hail Mary, these prayers are as follows:

Prayer to the Eternal Father

“ I believe, Heavenly Father, in everything that is of Faith, with it I want to live and die, through the intercession of Saint Pancras grant me and my family good health to fulfill my obligations. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.”

Prayer to the Son of God

“ Oh! Good Jesus, give me the virtue of Hope in your promises, as Saint Pancratius did, who always trusted in Your Providence, and so I can obtain through his intercession work and the gift of success in the things I have to undertake to meet my needs. and those of my family. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.”

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

“ Grant me the virtue of Charity, to love God above all things and my neighbor for love of God, as the glorious Saint Pancras did. Through his intercession I hope to achieve this grace and to see myself free from misfortunes and ill-intentioned people. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.”

Closing prayer.

“ Oh! Glorious Saint Pancratius, I ask you to give me the graces I need and especially health and work, so that I can present myself before your image to thank you for the favors received. So be it. Amen”.

act of contrition

It consists of a prayer of repentance, addressed to Saint Pancratius so that with his gifts he can intercede before God and grant us the blessing of forgiveness, this prayer is very simple and can be used any day the novena is performed, let’s see:

“My God, I am extremely sorry for having offended you, because you are infinitely good. I hate all my sins, and I faithfully propose to confess them, to do penance for them and not to sin again with the help of your grace.”

Some suggest praying this prayer three days after the end of the novena (Triduum), which is a way to completely end the request for forgiveness.

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