Powerful and effective amulets for love

Protection is very important for everyone, that is why this time we bring you information about the powerful and effective  amulets for love. In this post you will be able to discover the existing amulets, either homemade, according to your sign or taste, do not stop reading the post since the information contained is to your total liking.

amulets for love

The word amulet derives from the Latin amuletum and which means to protect a person against any type of problem, the amulets respectively have a certain relationship with the well-known talismans, in the same way the word talisman derives from the Greek telesma or telein, and means “initiate someone into the mystery.

Amulets are any type of portable object and for some reason in particular that some supernatural virtue is superstitiously attributed to it. These virtues can be to provide protection to those who possess it, attract good luck, ward off bad vibes and bad energies. The main amulets that are known are:

  • gems or stones
  • statues
  • coins
  • Drawings
  •  pendants,
  •  rings
  • Floors
  •  Animals

Prayers are also considered as amulets, but this type of amulet respectively is only used at specific times. As for example the expression vade retro satan, since it is used to repel the devil or bad luck respectively.

Amulets, as previously mentioned, are usually a class of objects that are used to channel the energies of the owner of the amulet, which is why seeing the results is a little slower than when performing a love spell, or Failing that, some type of mooring for the loved one.

Amulets are considered very ancient objects and if they are used in the correct way, the owner of the amulet will attract good luck, prosperity and all purposes and wishes that will come true. There is no distinction can be; be it in love, health, wealth, power. It can also be used as a means of protection against envy and negative people with whom we interact daily.

When for some reason we carry some type of amulet, we usually feel certain types of strong energies that run through our entire being, many allege that when carrying the type of amulet they feel a great euphoria and a class of sensations that are usually inexplicable.

The effectiveness of an amulet is not only due to whether we do it well or not, the faith we have at the moment of creating the love amulet is also very important, as we already know, amulets are portable objects that carry some type of energy, therefore every so often some type of cleaning must be done to eliminate any type of negative energy that the amulet carries, these energies are taken in certain places where the amulet is transported and the best way to clean them is to leave them under the sun a few hours.

Now that we have talked a bit about what amulets are, we are going to know what kind of amulets exist and how we can do it; What are your materials and step by step to make them:

homemade love charms

The first thing we must keep in mind before starting to make an amulet is that no one else should touch them, only the owner or the person who is going to use it. Since these objects are charged with your energy and if another person easily touches it, the energy contained there to attract love can be passed on to that person, so take good care of the amulet once it is completed.

Amulet to attract women and men with nails

Materials to use that you will need for this amulet:

  • Three clean nails (not rusty)
  • Salt
  • Red thread
  • Cloth bag (preferably red or purple)

Step by Step

To begin with the elaboration of this amulet, the first thing that must be done is to separate the 3 nails that are going to be used, place them on a table and later proceed to place the salt on top, but only a little, it is important to remember that to carry out Any type of amulet or love spell must have prior preparation where you must work on concentration and energy so that everything goes very well.

After the 3 nails are perfectly covered by salt, we proceed to tie the 3 nails with the red thread, and then we proceed to place them inside the cloth bag and while this action is carried out we must recite the following words:

“Love, sweet love, come to me. May this amulet serve to attract my desire.”

Stone to attract love

Sure it seems strange to you but the stones have a hidden power and if we know how to appreciate it in its entirety we will be able to achieve what we want so much through them, there are various stones that have some type of specific power, but in this opportunity we will talk about red quartz, since it is very powerful but it is also very easy to find this type of stone, is considered one of the cheapest stones. Next, we are going to know everything you need about this important stone:

The materials to use 

  • red quartz stone
  • sandalwood oil
  • red rose petals
  • Honey
  • small jar
  • a drop of your blood

Step by Step

To perform this spell, you must have a previous preparation, such as filling the stone with your energy. For this, you must leave it under your pillow for a whole night, this must be done during the crescent moon (it is important to note that it must be left for the entire night). duration of the phase of the crescent moon), so that when the full moon arrives, you will be fully prepared to begin with the elaboration of the love amulet.

Not only must the stone be prepared, the petals must also be allowed to dry completely. At the time that the full moon arrived, all the dry petals should be ground beforehand until they are powdered, this powder should be placed inside the jar and the sandalwood oil should be added along with the honey.

You must let the drop of your blood fall on the red quartz, and then proceed to place the stone inside the jar, close it very well and you must spend the entire lunar phase in the serene. After the lunar phase is over, you must open the jar before the waning moon, it is important to mention, you proceed to remove the red quartz, so that this is your love amulet.

If you wish, the oil that remains as residue in the bottle as part of the amulet can be used respectively to give yourself some good relaxing messages on the feet and thus also increase the effectiveness of this amulet.

Amulet to make a man fall in love

This amulet only works to bring the love of a man and make them fall madly in love, that is why this amulet can be made by both men and women who feel attracted (or) to a man. The difficult thing about this amulet in order to attract the love of a man is to be able to get the hair of that man we want, and then we must wait until the lunar phase reaches the full moon and in this way proceed to make the amulet.

Next we will visualize what is needed to make the amulet and what is its step by step:

The materials to use 

  • A mirror
  • man’s hair
  • A red quartz stone
  • dark glass bottle
  • Mineral oil
  • sandalwood essence
  • red petals
  • Red cloth bag

Step by Step

It is important to note that this amulet must be made outdoors so that, in this way, each of the materials that we are going to need come into contact with the full moon, we must remember that it must be made with the first moon of the month . For the preparation of this spell, you need 3 days beforehand, but you must be totally sure that it is very effective.

The first thing to do is place the mirror facing the sky and on top of it the hair of the man of your dreams should be placed, the first day of preparation you should leave all the materials for the amulet in the open air so that in this way They can be overloaded with all the positive energies.

For the second day, the dark glass bottle is going to be prepared and the mixture is going to be mixed inside it; the mineral oil mixture, 7 drops of sandalwood, 7 rose petals, the red quartz, the hair of the desired man and then we leave the dark bottle on the mirror in the same position as the previous day and it must remain that way until the third and last day.

On the third day the amulet is ready and you can proceed to use the powerful oil and after bathing, we can place a few drops on our hands and others on the belly, to have the amulet what we must do is proceed to remove the quartz stone from the jar, you should keep it in a red cloth bag and always carry it with you.

It is important to mention that the 3 days that you must leave the materials in the moonlight, it is very important that the sun’s rays do not touch any material because it will break all its effect, make sure to put them inside before dawn.

passion amulet

Materials to be used to make it:

  • a red ribbon
  •  A red or pink candle
  •  A pen
  • Fragrance
  • Incense
  • a red bag

The first thing that must be done to make this amulet is to balance all your energies in the environment where you are going to carry out the process, for that you must light the two incenses one hour before starting the entire process of making the amulet. After this hour has elapsed, the white candle is lit.

After that, with the pen, your name and that of the person is written in red ink on a tape, and you must say the following out loud and strong: Mateo, Marcos, Lucas, Juan. Followed by this you must proceed to impregnate the entire tape with the perfume, after that you must tie the tape very well to the candle and wait for it to be consumed in its entirety: While this happens you must recite the following prayer:

“May the divine energy of love manifest in this room. From now and forever, you (say the person’s name) and I (say your name) are two soul mates. We are one being, united by the fire that fuels the living flame of passion in our hearts. There will never be a night where we don’t want to be happy. Our bodies call to each other, and so it will be for eternity.”

After the candle was consumed in its entirety, you must keep all the pieces of the tape that managed to remain intact, keep it in a red bag so that you always carry it with you, keep in mind that the amulet is very powerful.

perfume amulet

This amulet must be made on a Tuesday or a Friday and you will need to do the following:

The materials to use 

  • a red scarf
  • A perfume of yours that you use frequently
  • Peppermint
  • Sugar

Step by Step

To begin, the handkerchief is completely opened and placed; the sugar, the mint and finally a little of your perfume, when placing the ingredients on the handkerchief you must be looking at it fixedly and say the following loud and strong:

“There is no person who can resist my charms, as long as I wear this scarf. By the power of Oshun, goddess of delicacy, impregnate this amulet with your energy, I want you to give me the power of your love, of your seduction, of your attraction, that you make me be like you on this plane every time I use this amulet , you who have a kindness so deep, I implore you to deposit in this handkerchief all your power, so that I (say your name) can have the love of (say the name of the person) and so it will be. Thank you, beautiful and kind Oshun.”

After you finish reciting these words, you proceed to leave the handkerchief on a table, in the patio of your house since the handkerchief must remain serene for 9 nights, when you are in the ninth night you remove everything that is inside the handkerchief and You are going to place it with a pocket, bag or purse of your choice, as days or even weeks go by you will notice the change of that person with you. You will be able to fully appreciate the change in the attitude of the person you want to conquer, you should always wear it when you know that you will be close to that person.

heart amulet

Materials to use that can help you:

  • a sterilized needle
  • A photograph of the person you want to win back
  •  A wallet
  •  A red ink pen
  • three red candles
  •  A table with a white tablecloth

Step by Step

You must make this amulet on a Tuesday at midnight, on a table you will proceed to place all the elements that you need most for the process, the first thing you must do is light the three candles, then you will grab the pen and on the photo of that person you will To proceed to capture a drawing of a heart, on the back of the photo you must write the following: “Our love will never die, you (write the name of the person) will return to me and never leave me again, while I (write your name) I will love you and never leave you again.”

Once you have written on the back what was indicated above, with a needle you must proceed to prick your thumb of the left hand to get a little blood, just a few drops is enough for the punctured finger to support it on the photo in the face of the loved person and leave your blood there. Then you should proceed to say the following out loud and strong:

“By the powers of Hathor, you who reign in all planes of life, mysterious lady, it is you I turn to for help, so that you fulfill my call.

I implore you that (say the name of the person) return immediately to my life, that my face appear in their dreams, that my name be kept in their thoughts, that my voice be the only one that their ears hear, that my beauty be the the only one for whom you can feel attracted, I (say your name) in the name of your glorious presence, humbly demand that (say the name of the person) feel a deep desire to return to me as soon as he sees me, that just by seeing me he forgets the past and ran back into my arms.

May the blood spilled here serve as a sign of my deep love. O honorable Hathor, bless this talisman, give it the power I need to accomplish my compliment. So be it”.Amen

From this moment that you finish reciting the prayer you will proceed to keep the photo inside your purse or wallet and every time you go to go somewhere where you know that person will be present, you must have the purse with you, and with the step of the days you will notice all the changes.

ritual of magnetism

The materials to use 

  •  A red handkerchief
  •  flax seeds
  •  Peppermint
  •  a red pen
  • a blank sheet
  • Sandalwood
  • three red candles

Step by Step

The process to make this amulet should be on a Thursday at midnight, the first thing you are going to do is proceed to light the red candles, then you are going to take the handkerchief and you are going to place it on a table, on the handkerchief respectively you are going to place the blank sheet and on it you will proceed to write the name of the person you want to be by your side and then below you will write your name, to continue you will turn the sheet and you will place the following:

“I am a magnet for your eyes. I am the lust that you harbor in your mind. I am the unbridled passion that waits to hold you in my arms.”

After you finish with these words, you should proceed to place the flax seeds, mint and sandalwood. Wrap the scarf with all the ingredients and always carry it with you.

venus amulet

To make this amulet you must do it on a Tuesday or Wednesday and you will need the following:

The materials to use 

  • three red candles
  •  A table with a red tablecloth
  • Rose petals
  • a red cloth
  • A cinnamon stick

Step by Step

To start with the elaboration of this amulet you must do the following; On a table to place all the necessary materials, you are going to place them under the sun until it hides. The next day you can start making the amulet completely, for this the first thing you are going to do is light all the candles and with the fabric you must make a small bag.

Once the bag is ready, you must place the rose petals and cinnamon inside it and while the candles are consumed, you must recite the following out loud:

“Venus, you who have always helped good men, I am here requesting your prompt help. I beg you to attract sincere love into my life. I (say your name) am in the noble quest to find a partner with whom to share all my moments. I trust you, I am sure that soon you will send me that person that I am longing for so much, my heart is ready to open up to another person and unite in bonds of fire.

Venus, I ask you to grant this amulet the power that will help me fulfill my purpose. Oh, Venus, show me the path I have to travel to reach my goal, may this amulet be my guide, and may it attract another heart in need of love to me. So be it”.

Keep the amulet and always take it with you when you go out.

Amulets for love according to your sign

Amulets, as we have already mentioned throughout the article, are objects that manage to channel the energies of our being, as each of the signs are so different, for each of them there is a special amulet. Below we will describe for each sign which is your ideal amulet for love and thus in this way you achieve that person you want so much comes into your life and her paths cross eternally, these amulets are very powerful:

  • Aquarius – Bracelet with sapphire stone
  • Pisces – Amethyst stone pendulum
  • Aries – key necklace
  • Taurus – Crescent Piece
  • Gemini – Amber stones
  • Cancer – Frog Symbol
  • Leo – The Dragon Serpent of China
  • Virgo – Turkish Eye Amulet
  • Libra – Bracelet with a sun charm
  • Scorpion – Gold Garment
  • Sagittarius – Bay Leaf Amulet
  • Capricorn – Birch Leaf Amulet

Prayer to Valentine for the protection and union of the couple

Oh most worthy Saint Valentine,
who gave us a true lesson of Christian life
led to heroism, to martyrdom,
to the fullest identification with Christ.

You, who were endowed with virtue and wisdom,
and who for your great charity deserved to be called father of the poor
and distressed, and for the prodigies and miracles
that you worked, you achieved the veneration of all.

You who imparted blessings to so many marriages
and that is why you are the Patron Saint of lovers
and you are the protector of homes and conjugal love,
I want to beg your help, intercede before the Most Holy Mary
and her beloved Son Jesus so that they may bless my union and grant:

May we always be aware of each other
and treat each other with love and attention.

That the big and small differences
do not lead us to heartbreak and crisis.

May there always be a balance between us
so that disagreements do not increase.

Don’t let upsets and disappointments change
our goals and aspirations.

That passion and coexistence
are always present in our lives.

Let our thoughts be positive
so that communication and understanding are mutual.

May jealousy, authentic or unfounded, not disturb our love
and never think or want to be unfaithful.

That the envy, evil, resentment or jealousy of other people
can never separate and damage our love.

That material, labor and economic problems
are not a cause of distancing, and that we can manage and solve them together.

May we enjoy health to fully live our love.

Valentine’s Day make the love and union that we feel today
be forever and nothing will ever separate us and especially, give me your assistance to:

(Detail your intention here)

Saint Valentine, pray for us, take us under your protection
and reach us the path of true life
so that we may one day enjoy eternal goods.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son who with you
and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns in unity,
and is God, forever and ever, Amen!

Accompany the prayer with an Our Father and a Hail Mary and most importantly perform with a lot of Faith.

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