Jesus I Trust in You

Jesus I Trust in You: A Catholic Prayer

Jesus I Trust in You is a powerful prayer that gives us back our lost courage and confidence that the Lord is there for us and for us. When this loneliness that burns in the soul is perceived more, it is as if my heart departed from my emotions, it is that the moment of prayer has come Jesus, I trust in you . Take a deeper look at this prayer below.

Prayer Jesus I Trust in You

Why should you be confused and agitated by the difficulties of life? Let me take care of all your affairs and everything will be better. By abandoning you to me, everything will be resolved serenely according to my designs. Do not be distressed, do not implore me an altered prayer, as if you wanted to demand the fulfillment of your wishes. You have to close the eyes of the soul and tell me calmly: Jesus, I trust in you.

Avoid worries and mortifications and what may happen later. Do not harm what I have planned, wishing me that your ideas prevail. Let me be God and act freely. Surrender with confidence in me. Rest in me and deliver your future into my hands. Tell me often: Jesus, I trust you.

What harms you the most is your understanding and your own conceptions and wanting to solve your things your way. When you point out Jesus, I trust you, you should not be like the patient who asks the doctor to heal him, but he advises him how to achieve it.

Let my divine arms take you, don’t be scared. I adore you. If you think things are not getting better or have gotten complicated despite your prayers, you have to keep trusting. You have to close the eyes of the soul and tell me calmly: Jesus, I trust in you.

I have to have my hands free to be able to act. Don’t tie me up with your useless concerns, Satan wants that: that you get agitated, distressed, take away your peace. You have to trust only in me, surrender to me. In such a way that you do not worry, cast your worries on me and doze peacefully. Tell me often: Jesus, I trust in you, and you will contemplate enormous wonders. Because of my love.

Prayer to the Lord of Mercy Jesus I Trust in You

Jesus I trusted you, because I know who you are. We have traveled too much road together. Even before I met you, you already guided my steps, and you took me by the hand to the place where together we would make a commitment.

A commitment of love, a commitment of life. That I know that in this world I will count with regret, but knowing you so well, I will know that in the worst times, in tears or in grief, or despite the fact that I notice and do not perceive you, my heart knows it, you are there, for Jesus, I trusted you.

Jesus I know you adore me

Jesus I trusted in you because I know you adore me. I have observed your hand, I have contemplated your footprints. I have been able to see your power, your affection and your serenity, giving shine to my soul, taking me by the hand, pronouncing that you adore me, despite the fact that I am worthy of even a drop of your sacred love.

Even showing me as a filthy sinner you adored me, by denying you and wanting to distance yourself you adored me, when doubt entered my head, you adored me. And usually at the end of the day, at the end of each day, when after the fight you wiped my tears, with your serenity, and your docility, you corroborated me again how much you adored me, therefore, Jesus, I trusted you.

Jesus, I believe in Your promises

Jesus I trusted you for what you have promised. The most solid, the most permanent, the most virtuous thing is your word. What you have promised I carry engraved in my heart, such promises are my anchor in my storms, the stone on which I can lie down tired, and stand up firmly. Promises that exalt my soul, the seal of your perpetual adoration, my protection at the time of merciless storms.

Your word that protects me in the fire, in the battle. And if for some reason I can fail you, you have promised that your love and your presence will never fail me, because of your promises, Jesus, I trusted you.

Jesus I know you heal me

Jesus I trust in you as you heal me as I know that the injuries that still bleed in my soul will not remain there for eternity. You adore me, you heal me. You heal me when I get up, your hand caresses my head at night.

Your love heals me, your redemption heals me, your power heals me, to know that you have given me a thousand opportunities to rejoice and jump; knowing that you have acquitted me so much, and that you give me your help to forget my crying, Jesus, all this gives me strength and heals me.

You heal my body, you heal my mind, you heal my soul. You heal the affliction of my past, and you heal my wounds of the future. You heal me, that’s why Jesus I trusted you.

Jesus I know I love you

Jesus I trusted you because I adore you. I adore you and you have come to be the greatest thing in my life. I adore you with all the strength of my mind, with all the energies of my soul. Since you have touched my life I adore you, since you have surrounded me with peace, enjoyment and joy I adore you.

Since even not being worthy of your presence, you have given me the opportunity to serve, that’s why I adore you. Since to give me strength you have created the tests, and you enable the problems that make me kneel, and admit that I am nothing without you, I adore you, I love you, I adore you and I trust you.

Since I adore you, since you heal me, since you have given me your promises, since you adore me, and since I deeply know who you are, and I know that you will never fail me, for all this and many more, Jesus, I I trust you.

Reasons to Say: Jesus I Trust in You…

Jesus, I trust in you… is perhaps the most important expression that we can manifest to God. Today, to learn to trust God in the midst of the different circumstances of life is a difficult requirement to face. Regardless of our social or economic situation, it is a truth that every day that passes in this world, life can surprise us in the most unexpected ways and that if it does not do so with malice, we already have an enormous reason for gratitude.

How complex it is for many people to keep their sanity when things don’t go as well as one expects, when everything seems meaningless when illness knocks at the door and we were already dismayed and afflicted; without some kind of positive stimulus to continue in search of a dream or a promising destination.

It is in those difficult moments, in which we have to do everything humanly feasible to not stop contemplating existence in perspective, strengthen ourselves to God and reiterate ourselves with the greatest strength that we can: Jesus, I trust in you.

It is, perhaps, the most useful thing that we can learn to externalize knowing that the world turns its back on us and we have no way out. By disappointing or hurting us; and we don’t get energy or reasons to face life, and too many situations that we can’t control.

Contemplating Jesus as the one who is worthy of all our trust is essential to deal with unfavorable circumstances; Contemplating Jesus as the one who can take our present in his hands and extract from it something benevolent is what is most necessary for our future. Therefore: Jesus I trust in you.

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