Meaning of the Candles when Consumed Interpretation!

Candles also have, like every person, a language of communication that is a mystery to some, but that ultimately transmit signals and answers to questions that appear to you in daily life. Stay with us and discover how to interpret the meaning of candles when consumed!

Meaning of the Candles when Consumed or Burned.

The meaning of the candles when consumed will depend on the conditions of the space and the person who uses them. This is a decipherable language if you learn the steps to follow with which you will be able to reveal its teaching.

The complexity of the candle when it melts lies in the way in which its wax falls, since the direction in which it falls is not by chance. Rather, it is quite the opposite. She has intentions.

In addition, there are interpretations while the candle is lit and others when it has already been consumed in its entirety. They are used to give answers to the most solid questions.

Conditions for the use of the Candle

In the world of candles, there is a whole diversity of steps and experiences that the wise have left us so that we can make use of them to understand what goes beyond our rationality and human capacity.

You must know that everything that is going to be done with a candle must follow a routine of respect and submission before the candle so that it notices that you really trust its power and can give you the most suitable answers.

For many, the candle is just an object that serves to illuminate paths that we are going to travel and in a certain way yes, because the mystical use that you can give it will help you better understand your life and make the best decisions in which you will have a greater advantage of it.

Another fundamental issue when having an encounter with a candle is loneliness. If you want her to answer questions about your intimate life, she will request from you at least a space necessary for the energies to focus on working on you.

So, in that sense, when you go to do your ritual in which it will answer your questions, you will need a space completely alone and in silence. Preferably clean and clear of old objects that can change the energy of the moment.

Other conditions

The candle always needs you to be clear about what you are going to request, and therefore, an essential requirement is that you have thought well enough about the doubts that afflict you when you are going to request their help.

Another of the characteristics that the candle has is that it only gives affirmative or negative answers. This means that it communicates through the «YES» or «NO». And not in such a complex way. She is aware of your desires and facilitates the revelation of the mysteries of life.

When we meet with the candle, she is not going to ask you to speak with her fluently as you would with a friend, quite the opposite. There must be a relationship of respect before the request that you are going to make. To do this, you must be concise and to the point.

Wind currents can affect the responses of the sail, so in that sense you must understand that when you use it, closed places without any type of blizzard or wind current are the best.

Decode the Message with the Meaning of the Candles when Burned

As I mentioned before, the candle should be in a quiet room or space. Depending on what your conditions are, you are going to choose it so that you can find the answers we need.

In order to decode the message of our candle, we need to have at hand a list of questions that will be premeditated with great attention to yourself, but how are you going to know exactly what to write if the doubts that invade you are so diverse?


Well, in order to know what you really need to know, you will have to do a little meditation beforehand. And this will consist of listening to your breath.

Meditation reveals what is in the depths of ourselves. In order for the candle to take into account our questions, there must be in you a work of concentration with your thoughts to understand what are the true intrigues that live in your unconscious.

The unconscious is nothing more than those thoughts that are not evident in everyday life, but that in one way or another are hidden and very latent in us. Then with meditation we will see what is there to know your proper questions.


Next, that day after the meditation, you are going to make a list of all the thoughts that arose in that silence with yourself. That’s where you’ll get your questions.

It is very important that you know that these questions must be made for the affirmative or negative answer of a yes or no. Because, for example, you can’t ask the candle something like “How am I going to be in the next six months?”, but rather “Will I have turned out the situation in the next six months?”. Notice the difference? That is the language with which you are going to communicate with the candle.

Well, since you know how a question addressed to the candle should be structured, you can formulate the ones you prefer as long as you are precise in them and can summarize them. What is a list of about ten questions approximately. Remember that you can always dedicate another day to this ritual.

Environment of the Candles when Burning

A while ago we mentioned that when you want your answers to be accurate, you are going to need an environment that does not have air currents that precipitate the movement of the candle fire, but why is this question so important?

If the cadence of the sail does not follow its natural course, you will have the wrong results. Although the power and energy of the candle is beyond the capacity of human understanding, you have to ensure the best possible environment for it. In this way, the energy will conspire to make the ritual more harmonious and pleasant for you.

Another situation that you should avoid is breathing near the candle because this also affects the natural movement of the dance that its flames execute. Consequently, you must be approximately two meters away from her.

Details you should pay attention to

When you amend your candle with a wooden match or a tinderbox (pin) you will need to pay attention to details such as the way its wax falls, where it comes from and where it goes, the amount of wax that falls in one sitting.

You should also notice the path that the drop of candle wax takes, the shape that it (in its entirety) takes as it goes through its cooling process, among other issues that we will explain in more detail below.

Candle Reactions to Your Questions

The answers that the candle will give you will be determined by the actions that it performs from the moment you ask it the indicated questions, but how will you know what its exact answers are? Next you will know.

What are the Responses of the Candles when Burning?

The candle will give you an affirmative answer or will tell you “yes” when a single drop descends from it on its right side; instead, it will give you a negative answer or say “no” when a single drop of wax falls from it on its left side.

Well, now you know how the candle responds, but remember to create a conducive environment and not only that, but also make sure you look at other issues.

For example, if too much wax falls from the candle at a time, it means that what we are asking for or wishing for has many difficulties and that it is likely that it will not turn out as we thought it would.

This situation is called “crying candle” or “the candle cries.” It does not mean that you should resign yourself to that answer, but it does mean that you know that it was not at all what your head imagined. So you must be patient, or in the worst case, leave that practice or issue behind.

If the drop of wax has an unexpected and sudden change in its transit, it is because the answer is too complicated to simplify it with a yes or no answer.

In that sense, you should expect instability from that situation. Although if you think that something in the environment could have inferred from that response, you can rethink it to the candle to see if it gives you a different response from the previous one.

If it happens that several drops of wax fall from the candle at the same time from different angles of its waxed body, but in the end they end up coming together, it means that in response or desire you will have many difficulties and problems that will not be easy to solve. cope.

Other responses of the candle when consumed

In addition, several drops come out of this situation at the same time because they represent different problems that come to the surface at a certain time, and in that sense, you will have to try to solve them together quickly.

But where the meeting of those drops that fall simultaneously ends means a lot about what is going to happen, because if all of them join the right side of the candle, it means that someone important to you will appear to help you with your unfortunate situation.

If you notice that instead, those multiple drops fall in the opposite direction. That is, on the left side, unfortunately you will have to face only that problem. But take heart! Sometimes being alone solving situations makes us very strong.

If you can see how a drop of wax descends through the divided candle like the union of a petal that later separates into the flower, it means that you should rejoice because this is synonymous with times of peace and love. This descent is called “petal drops” because it symbolizes tenderness and beauty.

Another answer for which we can reliably rejoice is when several drops fall from it at the same time and stop their transit throughout the center. Because it confers or represents the stop of several simultaneous problems to bring us times of peace in our lives.

Candle Burning Speed

It is very important that you can take a good look at the speed of descent of the drops of the candle in order to understand and clarify its message.

What does it mean when a candle burns out quickly.

If the drops of wax descend very quickly from the candle, this means that problems or bad situations will be in your life for a relatively long time.

What does it mean when a candle burns slowly?

In the event that the drops of wax go down very slowly through the body of the candle, you will have to rejoice because it means that this, for what you ask or ask, will have a very good outcome, giving you the energy and happiness you need in that specific situation. .

But it is super important that you know that if a single drop falls from the body of the candle very quickly, it means that someone will come to give some good and new news that will solve the situation of your question.

Stains or Shadows of the Candles when Burning

It is already well known that everything that has to do with darkness and black brings with it a host of not well-expected situations, but, on the contrary, symbolizes negativity and heavy energies in the environment.

In that sense, when dark or dirty drops of wax descend from a candle, it means that they represent problems or situations that will not favor the strength and energy of your desire or longing.

In this regard, you must take all the precautions to be able to cope with such an issue and know that the problems will disappear when the darkness of the drops also disappears from the candle.

When the candle is consumed

Not only does the speed at which the drops descend from the body of the candle determine the good omen or bad luck, but also the speed at which all of it is consumed will have meaning and impact of a particular situation.

When the entire body that comprises the candle you chose for your ritual is consumed very quickly, this means that something good is about to happen to you. And in case, you should rejoice because it will mark your future and your entire life with its absoluteness.

In the event that the opposite happens: the candle is consumed very slowly. It will bring bad omens to your life, but they will be permanent so you can solve them quickly.

Now, if in the process of the ritual, the candle goes out very often and also takes time to burn out, you should worry. In those cases, which are not very common, the candle will want to warn you about your long-term future since it will not be easy and you will have to have a lot of resilience.

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