Prayer to fall in love with a woman madly

Prayer to fall in love with a woman madly

Throughout time, humanity has been interested in knowing and deciphering the greatest mysteries of the Universe, which govern and control the existence of all living beings, those that have promoted the study of all sciences and the development of technologies, that they are the inspiration for the creation of new phrases and responsible for the sensations that are perceived and above all, for the beings that inhabit it; something that is quite certain is that no person or being in the Universe, with the exception of God, will be able to know everything or find everything unknown.

We include a video at the end of the article, with all the prayers to fall in love or attract a woman.

Prayer to make a woman fall in love

No matter how many inventions, theories, analyzes and formulations are made, there is a question that remains through the ages and it is the following: What do women want? Although it may sound comical or even loveist (without wanting to go that way) it is one of the most universal doubts according to the fact that the feminine being is incredibly fascinating for what it can do, but also for how much it can change in a short time. , both in appearance and in principles and even in preferences, which makes the job a little more difficult for men who want to find a partner, who do not contemplate this natural truth.

So, for all those masculine beings who have tried and have not obtained victory in the field of love, direct communication with the spiritual is always available, through prayer to make a woman fall in love , where they fervently request that they can help to bring them closer to the beautiful feeling of company and well-requited affection.

Great plea to the Archangel Saint Michael to make a female fall in love

“ Mighty Archangel Michael, with humility and a joyful heart I seek to approach you, wanting you to guide me to the peace that I have sought so much. I can’t feel restless for pleasure, I want stillness and to be able to heal all my wounds, as well as remove my demons; I would like to have the love of (Name of loved one). Great Archangel Michael, I am guided by your glory and I seek that you guide yourself with my voice, under the beautiful Holy Trinity, that with your absolute nobility, fearlessly approaches me (Name of the person who believes), desperately seeks that she , (Name of loved one)always see me with happiness and with much joy, seeking to create beautiful and memorable moments, which will last until eternity. Take care of her and protect her from her, make her perceive the beautiful love I have for her, wanting her heart to stay clean, pure and with space for me to dwell in it. Don’t leave me for nothing. Amen.

Leaning on Santa Marta for a woman to come back into my life

“Beautiful Virgin Mary, I come to you on this day, for the strength and intensity with which the flame is found in the lit candle, with great urgency so that you can attend to my pleas, in the same way as you have fought and you have won. There is nothing impossible for you, I ask you to give me abundance, fortune and to make money arrive, to approach me and make ( Name of the loved one) cannot be alone or carry out any activity without me being close, since Only you understand everything that happens to me and affects me. I ask you to please help ( Name of the loved one ) come to me at all times, listen to what my heart wants and begs, never lose sight of her. Amen”.

I pray to make a difficult woman fall in love

As is well known, no woman is so easy and so difficult. In order not to argue and not get into a complex issue, you must have a certain charm, personality and have a huge and very good intention to win the heart of a female. To do this, this sentence is used to make a woman fall in love, which refers to a complicated and very insecure woman of loving the suitor and, briefly, this is expressed:

“Each spirit and each soul has its opposite part; each being has a symmetrical image in some corner of the world, each half has its complement awaiting union. Queen, my beauty, you are destined to be my mate. You, who still do not know it, but reject what I tell you, are the person at sea that I have envisioned in my dreams.

Given that, knowing what strength I have, I humbly ask the universe so that ( Name of the loved one ) is begging to share all their love with me, wanting only to live in abundance and in love.

Asking for the mooring, to make a woman fall in love

Many men do not know how to value a good woman when they are by her side and when they leave, they understand that everything that sometimes they did not like about her, was simple nonsense compared to the loneliness they can experience. For this, this prayer to make a woman fall in love is ready for all those men who seek to win back that woman they once lost and keep her. This is:

“ Holy Father, guide me with your infinite knowledge, enter me and give me the sensations of the only and great love that you are, I want to come to you for the need to feel love in my life, achieving those emotions, learning from the life of a totally different way, full of pure and honest love that transforms me at this moment and every day into a better human being, a good person. Support me and grant me the feeling of life, of beauty, being the representation of your image and likeness, feeling as often as the wind blows that I have a lot of love to give, feeling your presence at all times both in the mind and in the heart. Guide me on the beautiful path of this feeling and may it always be your will

Peace is only achieved if they seek you with determination, trust and other characteristics that help me find a very important light, which is the one that belongs to me, and then attract love into my life, people with good feelings and a good heart. With all this I ask you to bring me closer to a wonderful, kind and beautiful human being. Keep my mistakes and my ability to learn from them, otherwise I ask you to give me another chance, to have vital experiences that help me change my perspective in my life and completely, as well as for my neighbor. Amen” .

Another mooring prayer, which is within the group ” prayer to make a woman fall in love ” is expressed as follows:

“High and great, give me a lesson on how to act, enter me and make me feel the sincerity of true love, I come to you because my greatest need is to feel love in my life, it is to be able to achieve that emotion, I want to understand life and the universe through the eyes of love, something real and transparent, that makes my destiny and my wanderings a good path to travel, I want to be able to feel the beauty in my existence, I want to be able to be equal to you or emulate you, to be able to have the happiness of feeling that I am a great son with power, with authority and with great value; I depend on you staying on my mind and in my heart with a lot of recurrence.

Powerful and heavenly Father, once again transform me into an evolved being of peace and love. My God, I want to see in myself what one day you did, I want to feel and savor peace, trust, help me find love in my ism to be able to attract into my life, people of good feeling with a good heart, have my God grant me only what you consider in your will, give me lots of love, give me courage, enlighten me with knowledge. My Father, guide me in the right direction to be able to feel all the light, goodness and love, I am sure that it will happen, praise you, my God Amen”.

Help of the spirits to conquer a woman

Not only to the saints and the highest deities, depending on the dedication one has, requests are made that have to do with getting the love of a woman and keeping her over time. Many of these requests would be greatly reduced if only the masculine being was more aware of what he feels and what his partner needs.

Beyond that, understanding that not all men are in touch with their emotional being or with the simple considerations towards their partner, this plea is available, which is from the group ” prayer to make a woman fall in love ” tool with which a conversation with the Spirit of the Dominion is created, where a lot of help is requested to save a relationship with traces of improvement. This is expressed:

“Through this supplication I invoke you, great spirit of the Dominion, entity that is never still, master of restlessness, who best represents Don Juan de la Conquista, energy of beautiful love, who is also regent of Don Juan de los Caminos, soul of Don Juan Minero, soul belonging to San Juan de la Calle, teacher of the four winds, who knows all geography, teacher of Enchantment, entity of San Marcos de León, soul of Saint Elena of Jerusalem and Saint Marta, soul that belongs to San Salvador de Horta, soul that accompanies Santa Inés del Monte Perdido, soul that accompanies María de la Cabeza and all good spirits.

I come to you with urgency, so that you guide me in how judgment, will, thought , the livid and the love of ( Name of the loved person)are facing me again. I make this humble offering of my senses and my life to the Guardian Angel of (Name of the loved one) blessing the day she was baptized, blessing the birthday of ( Name of the loved one ) asking God for them to be blessed all the days of your life until you die.

That is why it has happened to you, great Spirits of the Domain, that this woman cannot find tranquility or calm, not even when she walks, laughs, eats, sleeps, cries and works, until she manages to think only of me, the special one (Name of the believer ) making her feet, her body and her mind exhausted from thinking about and feeling me so much, that the desire to see me is effervescent, that she is uneasy about having me, that her livid awakens her, wanting to get mine, willing, repentant and noble, pampering me with caresses and kisses, always approaching me and begging me, being meek and restless, having control of her internal peace and preventing her from leaving my side again. I hope that she does not abandon me ( Name of the believer ).

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