Prayer to San Cipriano against spells and curses

In this world we live in, there are hundreds, thousands or millions of supernatural and magical forces that inhabit it. Many of them are good and bring us happiness, tranquillity and prosperity. However, there are a few who are always ready to do harm to their servants, through rituals and curses. Luckily, we have the prayer to San Cipriano against spells to perpetrate such evil.

The energies and forces are called through rituals

To start the article, it is important to know a little about those forces that we are going to call and everything about their interesting world. As mentioned in the introduction, there are certain beings that are pure and kind, which will help us fight the evil beings that plague our world.

And you might ask yourself, how can I get your support or favor? It is very simple, dear reader, you need to keep two things in mind: first, get a quiet and comfortable place, that is, a sanctuary to pray; and the second is to have faith in them, that is, to trust in the power of these energies and forces that will protect you from negative beings, which are usually referred to as white magic.

We can understand this white magic even more as the antonym of black magic, which is based on the powers of magical beings, from priests to emperors, who claimed the title of magician and some beings called witches. Opinions vary as to whether it is good or bad. In other words, opinions vary from the idea of ​​why it is a source of energy that, according to religion, is not Omnipresent and many others think that it seeks prosperity, integrity and physical development. and mental in connection with the spirit.

In other words, it is nothing more than a group of magical procedures whose purpose is to master the abilities of transcendental spirits that allow direct connection with supernatural entities with one or more deities or forces that have power over natural laws and seek prosperity. of the individual and is beneficial.

Prayer to San Cipriano to break spells and curses.

Now that you know a little more about these spirits of light and goodness, it should be mentioned that one of the most requested is undoubtedly San Cipriano. The reason is very simple, he always watches over his followers and forcefully placates all evil that he needs to defeat. In such a way that, next, we will teach the prayer to San Cipriano for the cleaning of any spell and curses on us. Prayer to San Cipriano to knock down witchcraft:

«Almighty God who manifests yourself in your works, Most High Lord of all that has been created, whom the angels humbly respect, the archangels submissively obey and the seraphim and Saints render vassalage, I adore you as the center of all perfections. Author of all good and inexhaustible source of all Holiness, I thank you with all my heart for the many and distinguished gifts of nature, virtues and mercies with which you enriched your most faithful servant San Cipriano in this world, and for the many needs that he has alleviated with his holy and powerful intercession.

Oh! Glorious Saint Cyprian, we thank you our protector for the indicated favors that we have received from heaven, through your powerful intervention. Most virtuous Saint Cipriano, I ask you to free me from the constant attacks of evil enemies, visible or invisible, free me from all damage and evil that they want to cause me, disarm them, keep them away, banish them from my side, make them not be angry with me. Save me from sudden death, from storms, lightning, fires, from any misfortune or catastrophe.

Deliver me from inconvenient neighbors, from bad company, from evil tongues, keep me away from envious and malicious people of meanness, jealousy, gossip and betrayal. Protect me from witchcraft and sorcery, don’t let them harm me with black magic, or send me any kind of curse, work, mooring, spell or evil eye. If I fall into prison, comfort me and help me get out of it with honor, with my head held high.

With your holy garments, cover me and deliver me from all the dangers that come before me or will come before me. I offer you, my lawyer, powerful Saint Cipriano, the cult, the honor and gratitude that is paid to you today throughout the universe. Reach me, loving protector, on this occasion,
this special favor that I humbly implore you: (the request is said).

Powerful Saint Cyprian, raise my request to the Most High, so that with your ardor and intercession it may soon be granted to me, if it suits my soul, and make my life pleasing to Him, so that I may enjoy your blessed company in Glory. Amen.”

At the end of this prayer, the reader is recommended to pray three glories and the same number of creeds.

Read… or else, enjoy the words in video format

However, if you need to have a visual or auditory aid in order to hear this fantastic and powerful prayer, don’t worry. Since then, we will leave a video with a prayer for protection against spells and curses.

Prayer to San Cipriano against all harm and curse.

Of course, if you need another prayer to San Cipriano to increase your protection, we gladly offer you the following one. Which is very effective for those moments in which we know that the danger is imminent and can cause us a lot of damage. For example, when we are walking at night or entering a dangerous place in the city. Next, we will leave the letters of this incredible prayer.

«Lord San Cipriano, you are a very dear servant of God and you offered in your life to be a lawyer against all damage and evil, of men and diabolic spirits; of snakes and poisonous animals and of all traps, black magic and sorcery.

I ask and beg you to free me from all known and unknown damage, that you disarm my bodily and spiritual enemies, I ask you to save me when I am persecuted and harmed by evil tongues; that you interpose with God your influence and Holiness, of everything that we obtain, that all that person who wants to harm me, cannot carry out his attempt, and that he lose his evil influence, every plant, powder, candle or oil that they want use against us and every evil spell or prayer and that when we go on a trip you take us on the right path and safely and if there were bad intentions against us they cannot be carried out. Amen.

Grant us mighty Saint, that by praying this prayer we may always be free from all bad times of temptations and stalking of people and evil or dangerous animals known or unknown in which we may perish. We ask and pray for the Father, for the Son and for the Holy Spirit, that all spells, incantations, witchcraft or black magic be undone when we pronounce this prayer. Blessed be the Father, blessed be the Son, blessed be the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

It is recommended that at the end of the prayer, an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory be recited.

Prayer to San Cipriano to ask for favors and against enemies.

If we require a favor from the saint, especially to destroy or defeat an individual who wishes us all the evil in the world and whom we consider to be our enemy. It is a prayer against all evil. The next sentence that we will teach next, without a doubt, is the one that you need to learn and use.

In your Holy name, blessed Saint Cipriano, I pray with faith and hope and entrust my devotion to you, I beg you to help me and protect me with your great power, deliver me from all danger and harm from others, deliver me from evil, harmful and harmful, from all trance and threat, deliver me from evil tongues, deliver me from the evil curse. Protect me from everyone who desires my evil, put security in my life, clear my path, keep enemies away from me, the traitors and envious, the violent and malefactors, also deliver me from all temptation and the harassment of my hostile adversaries.

Powerful Saint Cipriano, today I place myself in your hands, and I ask you to mediate for me before the Lord so that he grants me this great favor: (the request is made) I ask you for this grace for your immense power, and for what in your life you swore: to be a defender against the harms and dangers that harass, tempt and surround man.

I beg you, my Holy One, to give me your protection and custody, your help and blessing, so that I can emerge victorious in this painful and harsh conflict that oppresses me and causes unease. Glorious Saint Cyprian, intercede for me before the Lord, so that with his great goodness and mercy he may distance me from all evil, enemies and danger, and thus show me the path to salvation clear, so that I may live according to his will, and that after this life find eternal bliss in the next. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.”

End your prayer with an Our Father and three Hail Marys.

Accompaniment to make prayer and praying more effective

Take a photo of the weekend. On the altar, you must put holy water in a glass and a ground cup, which you can light when you pray. It is also important to always have a white, yellow and green light. Preferably pray the prayers on the first days of the month, in other words, the first week. This can help you protect your entire environment. Similarly, you can start when the moon is in its full phase.

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