Prayer to calm an upset person

Prayer to calm an upset person

Knowing the prayer to calm an upset person is of the utmost importance, especially in times of so many difficulties, in which people are sensitive and intolerant of the adversities and trials that must be overcome. In this article we will show you the correct way to perform the powerful Prayer to Calm an Angry or Upset Person.

How to deal with an annoying person

We are daily exposed to meeting people who may be upset and we are not necessarily the cause of their mood, however, we must know the necessary tools to address a situation of this type and that it does not escalate. When people reach a state of alteration and lose control of their senses, truly regrettable acts can take place, with consequences that affect other people.

One of the ways to calm these types of actions is with the power of prayer, which is why in this article, we will teach you how to use it. This may be the only resource available to us at a time when we are with an angry person and we must have faith in the results and that it will help us get out of the situation with good.

It is also very important to know that when a person is losing control and starts to get angry, we cannot ask them to calm down, as this could only worsen their already unbalanced attitude. If his anger is explosive and unexpected, it is best to leave the place and pray for his calm.

If we must necessarily try to communicate with the person who is angry, we must know that it is possible that his anger interferes and we will not be heard and we must also be able to recognize that it is very possible that the reason for his anger has nothing to do with us. , so we must have the power to separate their emotions from ours, this will be very favorable because you will be aware that their anger is not directed at you.

To make a prayer to calm an upset person we must know as much as possible those psalms that can serve as support for the construction of the prayer and take the most appropriate from the word of God. Next we will make known the miraculous prayer and some of the psalms.

Prayer to calm an upset person

Oh Lord Almighty, my spirit breaks and fears, panic, fear and anguish makes me prey to itself. I recognize that feeling like this is a lack of faith, it is because I feel that your holy hands do not protect me and I doubt your presence, your infinite power and I ask your forgiveness my God, but I am human and I sin.

I ask you Lord to forgive me and increase my faith, make me strong Lord, more so in this moment of terrible weakness. I know I am afraid, because I am begging you for my misery, again forgive me, Lord, save me and help me take this anger away from (say the name of the person), I ask you oh my God, my Father.

Give me the grace of faith and empower me with the trust that I must have in you so as not to fear danger, because I know that you are with me. At this time when I feel alone, nothing and no one but you can help me Lord. I am in your hands, Lord, I give you the paths of my life, the direction of my destiny and I leave everything in your hands.

I believe in you my God, help me to increase my faith. May my plea be heard and put on my lips the right words that allow me to calm the anger of (say the name of the person). Anger does not belong to God, anger belongs to the fallen angel and he will never be able to with the strength of God the Father, present at this moment, it is he who fights and frees your soul from that feeling that does not belong to you either.

The Lord who rose on the cross is always by my side and will not let anything happen to me, that’s why I ask you my God to free (say the name of the person) from all fury, be present in his life my Lord . Amen

There are many reasons that can unleash anger in a person, however, we have managed to identify the most common, such as not being able to honor our debts and not being able to control anger, these are the two reasons that most generate anger situations and we will leave prayers for both cases and that by praying with faith they will be able to control the exalted spirits of the person. Below is a prayer to calm down an upset person because we owe him money and a prayer to calm down an upset person because he has anger issues.

Prayer to calm an upset person who is owed money.

It is very possible that the situation that arises is not caused with intention, but by a moment of economic difficulty that does not allow you to honor the debt, however, our creditor does not have the ability to have empathy and therefore is upset. Knowing our good intention that at the moment of having the money, we will cancel the acquired debt, we are only going to pray for the calm of the person, to have a little more time to collect the money.

We bow our heads and with an open and sinless heart, we ask that we be heard:

Holy mother of God, blessed are you among all women, today I come to you blessed mother to ask you to intercede with your presence and calm down (we say the name of the person).

I beg you beloved mother, calm his anger and make him understand my good intention and little fortune, I only ask you Mother to calm him down while I gather to pay off my debt. I can understand his annoyance and I do not want to fall into despair, because that is not having faith in you, I only ask you to calm down (we say the name of the person), in the name of your beloved son Jesus. Amen.

Prayer to calm an upset person with anger issues.

Oh beloved Father, you who dwell in the heights of the heavens, for you that nothing is impossible, you who see everything, I ask you to calm down this person who is upset, who does not know how to control his anger and you who are merciful can fill it with your peace and your love.

Make yourself present my Lord in his heart and control anger, with your presence there will be no room for another feeling other than love. Get out of him all the negative emotions that make him react that way, fill him with joy, peace and prevent him from hurting an innocent or himself my Lord. Amen

Psalms to calm a person’s anger

Below we will quote some of the psalms in which the word of God cries out for calm, knowing the psalms we can create our own prayer to calm an upset person. We will begin by quoting Psalm 28 which says

“I will cry out to you for calm, Lord; don’t stay silent with me; let it not happen, when you are silent with me, that I resemble those who descend into the abyss; listen to the voice of my prayers».

This beautiful psalm makes us ask to calm down, in our plea we raise our hands to heaven and we must ask not to be carried away by the actions that make us evil, guide us Lord to practice fairness, influence with peace our brothers who have evil in their hearts. Give thanks to the Lord, because he heard the voice of our supplications; the Lord is our strength and our shield.

This psalm allows us to recognize that the Lord is the strength of his people who love him and the saving power of his anointed, that is why he will save his people and bless the inheritance, he will calm the exalted, the anger will vanish from his soul forever.

Psalm 37 tells us: “Do not be heated, thinking of the wicked, nor envy those who commit wickedness. Very soon they will wither like grass, they will dry up like the green of the meadows. Trust in the Lord and do good, live in your land and eat in peace.”

The word of God invites us to stay calm and always be far from feelings that move away from love, it is clear that justice is in his divine hand and those who move away from the path and let themselves be controlled by anger and envy, they will not know the joy of the Lord.

We should not be outraged by the exploiter, nor by the one who runs over the poor and the little one, we must calm our anger, give up resentment, since you would do wrong even unintentionally. The wicked will be extirpated and those who wait for the Lord will have the land.

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