Dreaming of making love knows your desires!

Dreaming of making love knows your desires!

You want to know the meaning of dreaming making love and in this way to know your desires, this dream may seem very interesting to you and therefore you do not want to be left with the intrigue of its interpretation and meaning. Do not stop reading this article as it will be dedicated to talking about this characteristic dream.

dream making love

Dreaming of making love even if it doesn’t seem like it is very common and in general this type of dream is usually associated with your partner or even this dream can symbolize that you also lack the company of a partner, but the truth is this situation will depend of your sentimental state and at present and above all it will depend on what you need or what you are currently looking for.

It is easy to say that having sex is not the same as making love, however making love certainly means having sex, but it is important to highlight that the second definition is not entirely true since most people do not require of having sex to make love with the person they want, since these people generally consider that making love is something magical and that they do not need to touch each other for it since just by looking at each other they can make love.

Dreaming of making love has different interpretations but they depend specifically on the context where the soil is developed and what characteristics are observed in it, usually dreaming of making love refers to the fact that the dreamer for some reason has deficiencies affective on the part of your partner or also that they have not had any sexual contact with another person for a long time and this dream is a clear sign that your subconscious is telling you that it is time to satisfy this natural need.

On the other hand, it can be mentioned that having this dream refers to all the stress that the dreamer may have accumulated due to his daily routine, and this dream is an alert that it is time to drain all the stress and tensions and the best way to put doing it is to have intimate relations. In addition, it should be noted that dreaming that we make love also gives signs or refers to your personality, however this last point will depend on how it develops in the dream.

In general, dreaming that we have intimate relationships will always be closely related to sexual desire, since this type of dream is a wake-up call that your subconscious makes you not to continue repressing your carnal desires for someone else, as already mentioned. knows making love is a natural need that every human being has. It is important to know what message our subconscious wants to send us when having this type of dream, that is why it is important to pay attention to every detail of the dream so that in this way you can interpret it and know how to act in your situation.

dream of making love with strangers

Dreaming that you are making love with an unknown person means that the dreamer is afraid of what awaits in his future, and this dream is a message for that person that in our lives we will not always know exactly what he has in store for us. in destiny for our life and this reason what makes our life interesting, in addition this dream reflects that we can become what we want and live everything that we consider, the only thing that is needed for it is to put desire, strength and sacrifice to everything that is done but not more important is not having it in our future.

Dream of making love with an ex partner

If you dream that you make love with your ex-partner, you should know that this dream means that you are not yet ready to start a new love relationship since you have not forgotten this person with whom you dream of making love, this dream is very delicate. that is why this situation should be taken with the series that is due to solve those doubts you have, issues related to love and the heart are very delicate for this reason if you are sad and hurt it is not good that you expose yourself to more situations that can hurt you, it is important to mention that dreaming that we make love with our ex-partner is closely related to dreaming of divorce or ex-partners.

dream of making love in public

If you dream that you make love in public, even that you do it in different spaces, it means that the dreamer has problems or difficulties with their relationship and there are unresolved situations, but this dream is a clear sign that your subconscious is going with you and you don’t have to silence your feelings since it is necessary that you openly express what you feel and in this way find the most viable solution to solve your problems or needs as a couple.

On the other hand, dreaming that you make love in I can refers to the perception that the dreamer has regarding his own intimacy, of course this depends on the context and political and social norms. Since this dream can mean that for some reason the dreamer himself is questioning the feelings that he has about his partner, what he thinks about marriage, what he feels in relation to the love of gender roles.

Dream of making love with a celebrity

If you have a dream where you see yourself making love with a famous person, it symbolizes that you will be successful in everything you set out to do, do not stop fighting for what you want to achieve so that the recognition you so desire arrives. You should consider the movies, series or any film that is associated with this celebrity you dreamed of, since there you will find clues of the path you must take to obtain sure success.

Dream that you make love with your boss

Dreaming that you see yourself making love with your boss symbolizes the desire for authority, power and control that you have, the dream indicates that you must take the necessary measures to be able to express your desire to improve and they are also related to authority and power, On the other hand, it can be mentioned that dreaming that you have intimate relations with your boss means that you need a good salary increase.

Dream that you make love with a friend

If you dream that you make love with a friend it symbolizes the closeness and the close bond that you have with this person, this closeness of both refers to how much they share and everything they know about each other that has made this friendship relationship so solid, your dreaming mind takes into consideration how much this person means to you and how close they are and ties all these lovemaking situations together.

Another meaning that can be given to dreaming that you have intimate relations with a friend refers to the sexual level that may exist between you and your friend, however, you are afraid of expressing your feelings due to the consequences that such a confession can bring, the feelings and the desire you have towards that person that manifests through a sexual dream with that friend.

Dream that you make love secretly

Dreaming that you make love secretly symbolizes that you are a person who likes mystery and having the feeling that you are undercover, increases your desire much more and knowing that you cannot be seen moves intense sensations in you, making the secret love for you is exactly the same as other aspects of your life that you also do secretly from other people for the great satisfaction that this causes you.

Dreaming that you make love with a person of the same sex

If you dream that you make love with a person of the same sex, it means that you really have a sexual inclination towards your same sex, since if you are a heterosexual man or woman and you have a dream where you see yourself having sexual relations with another woman or another man you should check yourself very well since you are possibly homosexual and you are refusing to see your reality for fear of rejection.

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