The Powerful Prayer for Pope Francis

The Powerful Prayer for Pope Francis

Pope Francis in his position receives a wide variety of responsibilities both for the Church and for Catholics, we all expect his proper management and his best advice for the world framed in a divine wisdom that is provided by the Holy Spirit. That is why we pray so that Pope Francis receives the blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit every day, know in this article the prayer for the pope.

Prayer for Pope Francis

You can make this prayer to ask our Lord Jesus Christ for the protection of the Pope, you can also include your sincere intentions in it.

By the sign of the Holy Cross; Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Oh my Lord Jesus Christ, today we affirm our faith in your power and mercy

Today we ask you to grant our Pope Francis the power of wisdom so that his speeches according to the gospel may be inspired by you, Lord. Pour out on him the abundance of the Holy Spirit so that his divine gifts may prevail in him

Separate our Pope from the temptations that are attracted by the fact of being your servants, may his chastity be exemplary for us and inspire us to achieve holiness in our actions

We ask that through him unity among nations and world peace be achieved. Let the wars and discord between the different countries end

Oh my Lord Jesus Christ cover with your precious blood his life and passion for the church

We ask that the saints continue to be his inspiration and the company of angels his most powerful shield.

We ask this with humility and faith in your infinite mercy.

Here is another video prayer for Pope Francis:

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