How to Pray for my Husband to Protect him from all Evil and all Danger

How to pray for my husband, is a question that is made more common every day in women, the love in the union and the protection of God the Father through his son Jesus Christ, is fundamental. Learn about the benefit of praying and how to pray for your husband’s protection.

pray for my husband

You should not wait for a difficult moment or a conflict to pray, you should always keep in mind that praying is not just making a request before God, our beloved Lord is exalted before our prayers and sanctifies our union. In this opportunity we are going to make a prayer that will allow you to pray for the protection of your husband.

Praying for my husband to protect him from all evil and danger will also help our beloved life partner to recognize his gifts and become, through his actions, a being worthy of God’s love, the fruits of that love will be reaped. in relationships and family union. We should always thank God for our husband.

Now let us pray for protection and God free him from all evil and danger: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Lord no one knows my anguish better than you, Your Lord father almighty creator of heaven and earth. You who know that he is my life partner and best friend. I want to ask you today for him, my complement, the father of my children.

From the love I feel for you, I give you my pure and sincere soul so that you delve into it if there is any doubt about my actions and in this prayer you find the purity of my soul and the sincerity of my request. To you my beloved God, architect of our meeting, I want to ask you for his soul and heart, that you be merciful and see his actions with love and tenderness, if he has wounds that I have not healed and I do not know, you be his healing.

Highest I ask you to heal his mind, erase memories that do not exalt his life and those that inflict pain on him and fill him with happiness and joy. Every day my beloved Lord fills his heart with love, may his words and gestures be multipliers of him, give him wisdom so that he learns to recognize mine. (See also: prayer for a seriously ill family member to be healed ).

My God, my Lord, that every day when he must leave the security of his home, be you who guide his steps, protect him and deliver him from all evil and danger, keep any risk away from him, that you are always present in his decisions, that his work be blessed and worthy of you. Take him by the hand and always keep him very close to your word, so that his actions are honest, full of courage, love, solidarity and he is protected from all evil.

May your presence in his life make him feel very loved and make him return home, safe and sound so that the family feels his protection, his support and shelter, that he be the role model for our children.
Beloved Father bless his endeavors, may he not feel tired and be strengthened in your word, being faithful to your commandments. May he understand that actions are more important than words and in them we can recognize love.

Make him understand my Lord that in difficult times that generate anguish, You are in control. To complement and be worthy of you, give me the ability to communicate, understand and love him even when I feel that he has changed, give me, beloved Father, the wisdom to walk by his side, without shadows that clothe him, that I be his shelter, his refuge, his consolation, his rest.

May your love and mine be enough, so that he never doubts and his heart is not troubled. May our love show the beauty of our lives that are nothing more than the reflection of the love that we feel for you God, our Lord. Amen

reasons to do it

Believers who praise God and have faith must always be scholars of the word and have the necessary arguments to be able to preach and achieve through the word of God, call and lead their children along the path of good.

How not to love God who gave us his only son, born of the Virgin Mary, is it not the greatest sign of love on his part? To give his only son so that all believers can have eternal life, to forgive all our sins.

Believers pray to God and to reach his kingdom there is only one way. Praying for my husband to protect him from all evil and danger, led me to understand and walk the path of his son Jesus Christ, when we pray God always listens to us and answers our prayers.

So why do we pray? We pray because in prayer we honor God the Father, creator of heaven and earth, we pray because as human beings we need to be heard and in faith we surrender to God the Father and ask for his help, protection and guidance. 

The almighty Father God is merciful and as I pray for my husband to protect him from all evil and danger, he listens to me and I receive the tranquility of his blessing. When we do the reading of the holy word we will find verses that indicate the reason for prayer and its strength.

The power of God is infinite, human beings have by birth limitations that make us make mistakes and we pray to God for his forgiveness, we ask for wisdom to understand his word, we pray to have the strength to continue forward, we pray to ask for protection.
We pray because for God nothing is impossible and the Bible confirms it in Mark 10:27.

God is merciful and for this reason we raise our prayers, because the justice of man sometimes responds from his miseries, from his needs, from his selfishness, from his revenge. Christians trust in God’s mercy and he will always respond with love and divine justice.
When we pray from our hearts we have a true conversation with God, when we pray we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Who else do we pray for?

Prayer is referenced in the Bible many times. There is no single reason or limitation to pray, as we have indicated, we pray to receive understanding from the Father, we pray for forgiveness, for protection, but we also pray for others, for third parties that you know and for third parties that we do not know, because through the power of prayer we know that we can intercede for someone, for their good.

We pray to worship and the word of God tells us to pray without ceasing. Our strengthened faith lets us know in our intimate conversation with God through prayer that he hears us and we have faith that he answers us.

We must always thank God for everything that happens in our lives, they are always blessings and prayer makes us humble before his wisdom, when we do not understand his message or even when it has not happened. (See also: Prayer for my Alcoholic Husband )

pray effectively

To pray we must open our hearts, be humble before Almighty God and pray sincerely. Many times people deny not being heard and this is not true, God always listens to our prayers and attends to them, so we must be humble and wait, he always knows when the right time is.

When we pray only as a way of petition, without humility, without honor, without joy for the word, God listens to us, but we must be aware that we can never deceive him, he sees our hearts and knows when we pray from love and humility.

When we pray for protection we make a prayer in which we ask the Lord to help us, to protect us from evil, to protect our family, our friends. The Lord protects everyone, but with fidelity to those who have Faith and do not doubt it, now that we know why we pray, what we pray for and we know about protective prayer, we can pray for the protection of our loved ones.

Praying for my husband to protect him from all evil and all danger, it must be an honest prayer, desired without thoughts foreign to the request, we must be sincere when we pray, because we are asking God to intercede and remove all evil and danger from our beloved husband .
When praying for my husband to protect him from all evil and danger, I ask for his safety, I beg God having faith in his answer, but we must be consistent with prayer and always do it with humility and honesty.

Can we make our own protection prayer?

When I pray for my husband to protect him from all evil and danger, I am aware that no one better than me on the earthly plane knows better my fears, and what are the dangers and evils from which I want my beloved husband to be protected.

By knowing what we want to protect them from, we are able, based on the word of God, to create our own prayer of protection. Many times we fear earthly evils and dangers, but we can also fear spiritual evils, such as envy, lustful desire, among others.

In the first instance we make the request to the Most High, but we can also ask for protection from the Archangels, princes and leaders of the heavenly armies. In our prayers for protection, as we have said, we must humbly ask, be solicitous that he removes all evil from our husband, in any of its forms.

We can also include in our prayer petitions so that our husband can fight the battles that come their way and can defend himself from evil.

Let us remember in our prayer how to pray for my husband to protect him from all evil and danger, that we are body, mind, soul and spirit, being aware of this, our prayer is strengthened and drives away evil in any of its forms. With prayer we prevent them from returning, and we allow peace and tranquility to enter our lives, knowing that they are protected.

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