The promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Promises of the Sacred Heart are about 12 promises of the sacred heart that Jesus makes to all those who believe in him, have faith in him and know how to honor his heart. If you want to know what these promises are and the meaning of each one, then you cannot stop reading this interesting article.

Promises of the Sacred Heart

These promises of the Sacred Heart have a history. Santa María Margarita de Alacoque, wrote on different occasions that Jesus has an immense desire to overflow thousands of blessings on us and only hopes that we honor his heart to generously and infinitely receive all his blessings.

The promises of the Sacred Heart are not exclusive, we can all receive them, no matter if we have sinned, if we have strayed from the path of God, even those who believe very little or doubt his existence but wish to convert.

God is always willing to welcome us with open arms, because we are his children and also, we are made in his image and likeness, so we are part of him, or rather, he lives in each one of us.

Seculars, religious, priests, bishops, God always loves us all equally, he has no preferences, only an infinite love to offer us and thousands of blessings through his heart, therefore, he offers us these twelve promises of the Sacred Heart .

God promises us relief when we feel afflicted, gives us strength when the evil one tries to seduce us with his temptations, offers us comfort when we have suffered a loss, God, is always peace for our homes and families.

Every time we decide to start a new project and it is successful, it is God who is behind that success; when we make mistakes and give in to the temptations of the evil one, we offend God, however, he is always merciful and forgives us.

Jesus, with his promises of the Sacred Heart , offers us a special warmth for when our hearts have grown cold and we have strayed from his path.

Also, he promises to grant his power to his representatives on this earth (bishops, priests, laity, religious, among others) so that they can transform each one of our hearts and make us want to love and serve God.

And of course, it promises us strength in the face of inevitable death as human beings, but with God, we will not suffer, on the contrary, we will find a refuge, comfort, strength and wisdom to accept it with love.

These were some of the words that Saint Margaret Mary expressed in her writings about the promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus , an absolute beauty that just reading them fills our hearts with joy.

Then, we will explain what each of the 12 promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus mean, which was offered to us through this beloved servant of the Lord and inspired us to become devotees of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I will give devout souls all the necessary graces for their state of life

As human beings, sometimes we wish that life was not so complicated, or had so many responsibilities. One of the most difficult things to accept is our own “crosses”, that is, our responsibilities, duties and even guilt.

Life is not always easy, but it is precisely because it is full of challenges that we can call it life. The challenges are what move us to change, to be better human beings, to constantly grow on a personal, work and spiritual level.

Through prayer, God grants us miracles in our lives and fulfills his promises of the Sacred Heart . Prayer is and should be a habit in our daily lives. When we pray to God, it is the most beautiful way we have of giving thanks for the favors received.

There are also extraordinary graces that are outside the normal action of God’s Providence, graces that He gives to his special friends. These are the most effective graces, the most abundantly given to the devotees of the Sacred Heart.

I will establish peace in your homes

God, through his promises of the Sacred Heart , offers us peace, serenity so that our thoughts do not live so fast and overwhelm us, but rather, we can have peace of mind.

Saint Augustine tells us that simplicity and charity complement each other and are born from the same place: our heart. When we show ourselves humble before others, we also show ourselves humble before God.

God commanded his angels to teach us to give us peace. Luke 10.5 tells us that no matter where we go, before entering, we wish peace to that home, because it is not a pretty word, but the peace that God grants us through it when our lips pronounce it.

Peace, we can always find it in the heart of our teacher Jesus, this is our refuge, our home, our everything.

I will comfort you in all your afflictions

Another of the promises of the Sacred Heart is the consolation that Jesus offers us through his merciful heart. Comfort, to face our difficulties, comfort, to recognize our mistakes, comfort, for those who have felt or feel abandoned.

Jesus shows us how divine and satisfying it is to act with nobility towards our brothers, serve others and show ourselves generous. Jesus is not going to free us from pain, but he is going to make it bearable, just as his Father made his pain bearable on the cross.

2 Cor 7:4 tells us about repentance, seeking comfort in God through prayer and his word.

I will be your safe haven in life, and especially in the hour of death

John 19:34 tells us that Jesus was on the cross and one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear to “have fun” and from this blood and living water flowed, with this, Jesus shows us that they are not just promises of the Holy Heart but that his words are genuine.

Also, with this act he expresses to us that his heart is a divine refuge, protection and love. That his heart is transparent and if we have faith we can find perseverance to continue, comfort in the face of fatigue and peace in the face of inevitable death.

I will grant abundant blessings especially to your temporal and spiritual undertakings.

God represents the infinite and inexhaustible source of love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness and generosity. God, he is always for us, he always wants our well-being, therefore, he is always willing to listen to us and help us.

Jesus, with his tenderness and unconditional love pours out his blessings on us, as well as on our businesses. It is he who is behind every great idea, behind every great project and makes us feel inspired and happy to serve others.

Every time our business is successful, let us remember that it is God who is behind that success and take a moment to thank and praise him.

Sinners will find in my heart the source and infinite ocean of mercy.

Jesus, through his promises of the Sacred Heart , gives us the possibility to redeem ourselves before him, to ask his forgiveness for our sins, accept that we have made a mistake, that we were weak, we disobeyed and although we are not worthy of his forgiveness, we turn to him to implore his mercy (Ps 129,7)

Heb 7:25 tells us that Jesus showed himself merciful no matter where he went or whom he was in front of, one of the greatest proofs of this was when they condemned and humiliated him until he died on the cross.

Lukewarm souls will become fervent

A warm soul, you may be wondering what this means? Lukewarmness manifests itself when we begin to feel indifference to the things of God, that is, when prayer becomes an obligation, when we do not feel like attending mass to praise God, when serving others becomes a nuisance.

Everything that used to fill us with joy, now seems to have no flavor, our life begins to lack meaning, nothing excites us, nothing motivates us, nothing manages to accelerate our hearts, that is spiritual lukewarmness (Rev 3,15-16) .

The only medicine that can cure us of this lukewarmness is the willingness to open our hearts to God, so that he can once again overflow with happiness, joy and devotion to the Father.

The fervent souls will reach greater perfection

What does this greater perfection mean? It refers to the infinite blessings and rewards that Jesus grants to his children through his promises of the Sacred Heart . One of the greatest gifts he offers us is to renew our hearts, and in turn, transform our lives.

Col 3:14 tells us that Jesus, through his divine heart lights a welcoming flame in our hearts, achieving a bond with the greatest perfection, that is, transforming us into a better version of ourselves.

I will bless every place where an image of my sacred heart is displayed and venerated.

The images have a meaning and a special power for us, because they allow us to feel that God, the Virgin Mary or our Saints are always there, in a more “visible” way and that gives us a special tranquility.

The heart of Jesus is an infinite source of love and inspiration, it is a kind of open book that is available so that we can read it as many times as we wish. Jesus, is always transparent, sincere and open with us.

Let us remember his forehead full of thorns, his bleeding cost, him, bearing every blow, humiliation and mockery for us, for his obedience to the Father, and let us show ourselves grateful by being generous with our brothers and the less fortunate.

I will give to priests and all those who are concerned with the salvation of souls, the gift of touching the most hardened hearts

God, through his promises of the Sacred Heart, decides to grant his power to his representatives on earth so that they can light that flame in the hearts of those who have felt abandoned by God or have been lost along the way.

Those who propagate this devotion will have their names written in my Heart, and they will never be erased.

God offers that our name be included in his heart and never erased in exchange for being faithful, obedient and devoted to him and his sacred heart (Rev 3,5).

To those who receive communion on the first Friday of each month, for nine consecutive months, I will grant the grace of final perseverance.

A promise to which every Christian aspires, to enjoy eternity with God. This is one of his greatest and most desired promises of the Sacred Heart by men.

Mat 10,22 tells us that God promises us that if we are persevering and obedient, after our death, we will be saved.

Conditions to obtain the graces promised by the Sacred Heart of Jesus

In order for Jesus to grant us the rewards of his promises of the Sacred Heart there are some conditions that we must first fulfill:

  1. Have made Holy Communion, and also participate in it at least nine Fridays uninterruptedly.
  2. Be persevering and obedient to God, honor his sacred heart and follow his example, to then enjoy eternal life with him.
  3. Every time we participate in the Eucharist, offer it so that God forgives our sins and offenses.

Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Oh, beloved Jesus, we ask that you forgive our sins and allow us to receive the blessings that you offer us through your promises of the Sacred Heart . Let us honor you, adore you and make amends for our mistakes. We trust you. 

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