Prayer for my Husband to come Home Now

Prayer for my Husband to come Home Now

Is your sentimental situation hanging by a thread because your spouse has decided to separate from you? We want to help you so that this situation changes, that is why we bring you the powerful prayer for my husband to return home . It is quite a difficult process, but with faith everything is possible. Learn here how to pray this magical prayer.

Prayer for my husband to come home

One of the most difficult events in a woman’s life occurs when her partner decides to leave her side and abandon the relationship they built with effort together.

There are many reasons for this to happen: infidelity, loss of respect, dishonesty, lack of communication, love is over and incompatibility of characters, among others.

Bringing your loved one back to you is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. If you have faith and say the prayer for my husband to come home you can get excellent results.

In any case, we will put at your disposal some prayers that have this purpose, do not hesitate to use them if you want your home to do the same as before and consolidate your union. Meanwhile, watch the following video with prayers for your husband to return home repentant.

 Different prayers for my husband to come home

Read carefully because the prayers that you will find in this article have been very useful for those women who have been abandoned by their boyfriends, husbands or lovers.

They affirm that after having prayed these ejaculatory prayers they have managed to make the person they love return repentant and meek at their feet. They also say that their love life has improved considerably.

Prayer to San Cipriano for your husband to come back to you

This prayer is addressed to San Cipriano and must be prayed for three days in a row, it is considered that in this space of time it has its effect.

It does not matter the time, nor the day to repeat this prayer to San Cipriano. However, try to do it when you are completely calm and quiet, so you can concentrate better on what you are doing.

Faith is a powerful element that makes our requests heard, so you must be fully convinced that your husband will return to you very soon. You cannot pray if you have negative thoughts.


Venerable San Cipriano, I address you who can control the hearts of human beings, so that in my name you control (Say the name of your husband). That he come to me immediately, without rancor or fights.

San Cipriano, in this moment that I suffer and suffer for your departure, I implore you that my beloved return to me immediately. Make him be my faithful lover, without anything or anyone being able to separate us.

Break every spell, evil, tie, witchcraft or bond that another woman wants to do. Make her heart only love me, her eyes must see me beautiful and unique and in her thoughts I will always be.

May there be no peace of mind for him until he is by my side and may his return be for the good of both of us. Strengthen our love now and forever.

His eyes look at me, his body wants me, his mind thinks of me and only wants to be by my side, forever it will be.

I know you need my love and the warmth of this home, that’s why San Cipriano will never leave me again. There will be no human power on this earth that can break the love that will be generated between us.

Thank you, thank you San Cipriano for all your protection. See me with compassionate eyes and give us your blessing. I promise to be faithful to you if you make him come back to me. Amen, so be it.

Prayer to save my marriage

This prayer is effective when we are already married and for some reason our marriage is in danger. We want the good of the whole family and that is why we pray to God to save that union.

Dear father, my heart is sad with pain and loneliness, today my beloved is not here. Tears flow from my eyes knowing that this home is destroyed without being able to do anything to save it.

You are great and powerful, you know everything and you can do everything, that’s why I beg you to give me energy and strength to fight for the love of my husband and make him return to my side.

Save, beloved Father, this marriage and make our home a prosperous and happy place. Where all united we can talk and solve every situation that arises.

Protect us from all evil and from those people who with their envy and unhealthy thoughts want to stand in our way to happiness.

Keep envy, jealousy, infidelity and disunity away from my relationship. Rather, guide us to make decisions that favor us and strengthen this union that we have built little by little.

I promise to honor you every day and take your word to everyone who needs it. As well as making my home a temple so that those of us who live there adore you forever. Amen.

Is prayer effective for my husband to come home?

Of course you do, but remember that all the power of these prayers is found in the faith and devotion that you put into it. Believe in what you do and surround yourself with positive energies so that everything goes well for you.

San Cipriano is the saint of love, just like San Antonio, so do not hesitate to raise your prayers and you will see that sooner than you expect your husband will be with you, experiencing moments of infatuation and passion.

We just want to tell you to think very carefully about what you want, because if they have been unfaithful to you, you will surely not feel comfortable in a relationship with the same person, so first you must cleanse your heart of all rancor and learn to forgive.

Should I fear San Cipriano?

You will wonder why this question, because it turns out that many times this saint is used for bad purposes, that is, to do evil to others. Hence many are afraid to pray to him.

We are sure that in what you implore there are good feelings and you do not want love for the person you love so much, on the contrary you want harmony, peace, happiness and love to be present in your home.

Therefore, do not hesitate to say the prayer for my husband to return home, do it with faith and without fear, only the saint will be able to return the person he longs for so much.

When should I pray?

  • As stated above, you should pray the prayer for 3 days in a row.
  • You can pray it at any time of the day.
  • Many people choose to do it before bed or when they wake up, any of these times will work.
  • It is only important to let you know that it is convenient to pray in a quiet place, without noise or distractions, you must pray completely concentrated and focused.
  • You can pray in your garden, in your own room or even in the bathroom! This is to show that no matter where you pray, what matters is to pray calmly and with great faith.

Finally, we put at your disposal the following video with other prayers so that the person you love returns to you, they are happy and the home is restored.

We hope that this information has been useful and that you can resolve the situation that distresses you today. We also invite you to read the articles mentioned below:

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