Prayer to Drive Away a Person Who Hurts Us Already

Prayer to Drive Away a Person Who Hurts Us Already

This time we offer you a series of tips to prevent your life from being full of individuals who do not bring you anything positive, but, on the contrary, fill you with bad vibes. Such is the case of prayer to remove a person who harms us, a powerful tool to avoid the presence of toxic beings in your existence.

Prayer to remove a person who hurts us

Although some people value the power of prayers very little, for others they are magical and powerful instruments to achieve what we need in our lives. Of course, it is always recommended to pray them with true faith and devotion so that our requests are heard.

Commonly the prayers are directed to God, however according to popular belief they can be raised to an intermediary such as a saint, the virgin, the souls or any person to whom the individual is devoted.

But, even when the intercession of another character is sought, the Supreme Being will always be the one in charge of hearing our prayers and making possible everything we long to achieve, whether in the economic, love, work or personal spheres.

In this last aspect, we can refer that there are situations in our personal life marked by selfishness, evil, envy or the bad energies of those around us, in which case the best alternative is to pray the prayer to move away a person who surrounds us . hurts.

With this aspiration we will feel inner peace, as well as harmony at work and at home, as it offers us protection against toxic beings who want to see us destroyed and defeated. Remember well the popular saying that says ” faith moves mountains “, based on this proceed to repeat the prayers that we offer you following the advice that you will find in this article.

Likewise, we put at your disposal the following video about the toxic people who absorb your energy and how to act before them to avoid them.

Powerful prayers to ward off a person who hurts us

As we told you before, we can ask the saints to intercede before God to obtain a favor or a grace. In the specific case that concerns us today, the prayers will be addressed to San Alejo, San Benito and San Cipriano, these being the most popular to ward off an unwanted person.

Over the years these prayers have permeated the thinking of humanity, with different witnesses stating that they have been able to see their effectiveness after praying them.

In addition to this, the devotees usually accompany the prayers with simple ceremonies and rituals, which according to their beliefs help to achieve what is being asked for more quickly. They recommend being very careful with what is requested and how it is requested, as these are factors that can harm or favor.

Thus, for example, to ask for protection against any bad thought or action, you can carry out a rite, needing the materials that we will mention below:

  • A white candle.
  • Matches.
  • A small white porcelain plate.
  • Incenses.

As you can see, they are simple and inexpensive materials, we generally have them at home, which facilitates the ceremony to be carried out. This consists of:

  • Find a quiet and calm place.
  • Every night, before going to sleep, light a white candle (no matter what size it is) and light the incense so that the smell fills the place where you are going to pray.
  • Proceed to heal yourself in front of the incense because its aroma is purifying.
  • Focus on what you want.

Pray in front of the candle some of the prayers that we offer you in this article.

Prayer to Saint Alexius

Powerful San Alejo, today I come to you with great devotion, I know that with your powers you are capable of transforming everything that affects my life and my home. That’s why I ask you to keep away from me those people who want to hurt me.

Saint Alejo Blessed, intercede in my case so that nothing harms me or hinders my path, separates from my side the cursing people who harm me, taking me from bad energies.

You who were cared for by loving and kind parents, take care of me too and protect me from so much evil that exists in humanity.

Keep gossipy people away who with their tongues create unhealthy rumors against me and my family. Keep away those who envy corrodes him. Keep away those who do not rejoice in my triumphs.

Take care of me from disloyal, dishonest and treacherous people. Let me see their intentions even if they disguise them as meek little lambs.

May no sorcery, rite, mooring, prayer or witchcraft have an effect on me, on my life or on those of the people I love and love.

Today I offer you three crosses (cross yourself three times), so that you stop every individual who wishes to harm me, that his mouth be silent, that his eyes do not see me and that his evil never reaches me.

Oh, glorious Saint Alejo, give me protection in my house, may it continue to be a happy home full of love, harmony and peace. Pop any knots or spells that have been placed in the place where I live and work.

I ask you Holy beloved, intervene in my favor and forever remove (Mention the name of the person who hurts you) from my life. Amen. So be it.


It is essential to repeat this prayer to remove a person who hurts us, in complete peace and without interruptions. Focus on what you are doing so you can see its powerful effect. You can read it slowly or also compose your own prayers with sincere words that flow from your heart.

After you pray, turn off the candle and the incense that you have previously lit and go to sleep with the certainty that your prayers will be heard and very soon, you will receive a positive response to them.

Likewise, it is advised to recite this prayer for seven consecutive nights. If you notice that the person still does not walk away from your life, he repeats the same procedure again.

Prayer to Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict, Saint Benedict protector of all your followers, today I ask you to intervene in my life to remove any evil influence that stalks me. Keep me away from every bad person who wants to see me destroyed.

I ask for your protection, Saint Benedict, so that you alleviate my sufferings and give me energy and strength to be able to withstand everything that I am going through at this moment.

I also ask you to get out of my way anyone who wants to harm me with their thoughts, words or deeds. May no gossip or slander affect me.

Let the envious and slanderers of me go away. Protect my home and my family from anyone who goes with bad intentions. When everything is over I promise to be your most faithful devotee forever and ever.

Today I ask you, Saint Benito, to free me from every enemy, separating from my life the exalted, the liar, the envious, the exploited, the impious, in short, everyone who brings only bad vibes to my house and to my person. .

I implore you to (Explain the situation that affects you and ask for the help you need so much). I beg you that in my life there are no longer fights, grudges, jealousy or discouragement. On the contrary, provide me with employment, love, happiness, harmony and good vibes.

Free me from bad thoughts, destructive ideas, evil spirits, sorcery and witchcraft. Remove from my existence those who cause chaos and destruction.

I implore your protection, your love and the well-being that only you, by the grace of God, can give me. That’s why kneeling at your feet I implore you to keep forever from my life, the people who hurt me. 

Prayer to San Cipriano to keep away a person who hurts us

This is a simple prayer that can help you in those cases in which you are desperate because there are people who want to harm your life and you want to separate from them.

I come to you, San Cipriano, so that you console me in the sad situation in which I find myself, keeping away from me all those people who want to meddle in my life and cause me harm.

Today I invoke you, beloved saint, to keep (Mention the person’s name) away from my life, because he has only brought gossip, envy and discomfort to my home and my work.

Bring to my life only peace, well-being, love and happiness, for this separate from my life forever (Repeat the name of the person) so that their evil does not reach me.

That neither at night, nor by day, turn your eyes towards me. That her steps do not find me, nor in his mouth name me. San Cipriano I ask you to (Say the name) Don’t even think about me. Put it away forever and ever. Peace I want and peace you give me. 

Recommendation to pray each prayer to keep away a person who hurts us

  • The best time to pray it is at night, because it is the time when we are calmest and with fewer worries. Therefore, we can concentrate on what we do.
  • If you are doing the ritual mentioned at the beginning of this article, the candle may not be enough for you for seven days in a row, but don’t worry, you just have to buy another one and light it.
  • There is no suggestion regarding the incense, it can contain the aroma of your preference. Generally people use the scent of roses, but it is not mandatory to do so.
  • Pray with respect and calm.
  • Focus on what you are doing, ask with faith.
  • Do it alone, do not involve other people as this is not a collective prayer.
  • Offer the candle to the saint to whom you are praying, it can be San Alejo, San Cipriano or San Benito.

Remember to give thanks for everything you have, also praise God for being our creator and finally ask for what you want.

Finally, if you are wanting a person to leave your life forever because he causes you harm, do not think about harming him, rather ask God to change all his thoughts and feelings and to make his holy presence felt.

Do you want to know another prayer to ward off people who hurt us? We invite you to watch the video that we put at your disposal below, in which a prayer is presented to separate envious beings and your enemies from your life.

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