Intellectual development in human adolescence

Intellectual development in human adolescence

It is the beginning of a series of changes, it is the product of discoveries of new things in adolescents, it is the entrance to puberty, it is the experiment of many phases that the organism produces, it is a radical change in the emotions of each human being, for their intellectual development in adolescence also represents a degree of maturity and wisdom that each of them should have.

intellectual development in adolescence

At this stage the young person begins endless curiosities, it is a path full of many new things that can cause many fears in him, but also some important changes that will define the adult he will become.

It should be noted that the development of adolescents generates a series of concerns in adults since these phases begin in the emotional aspect and thus help intellectual development in adolescence

The arrival of adolescence means the appearance of the affective capacity to feel and develop emotions that are identified or have a relationship with love, where young people begin to be more curious, thus changing their temperament.

Later, somehow, their parents were choosing their class friends and classmates, but when they reach adolescence, they can make use of some choice skills to start a march, one of the most outstanding mechanisms of this stage. The young man can make use of his autonomy and begin to choose his friends and the human beings that he will want to have around him.

He still has a way of expressing his desires through an emotion with the improvisation typical of youth, but he is already beginning to act in a subtle way in situations or with a certain way of repressing his emotions, just as an adult does.

Stages of adolescent development

In this part, the stages play a crucial role in the life of adolescents because it is discovering those changes that for some are a path full of uncertainties, here its definition.

  • early adolescence . The beginning of this stage is marked by the entrance into puberty and the beginning of the physical changes that lead the body towards sexual and biological maturation. This occurs at 10 or 11 years of age (in some cases as early as 9) and ends around 14 or 15.
  • Late adolescence . In this second phase and last stage, it comprises between 14 or 15 years of age up to 19 or 20, and is generally characterized by the gradual entry of the individual into adulthood, especially by the progressive appearance of psychological and emotional characteristics that maturation implies.

Characteristics of the intellectual development of human adolescence

The general characteristic that an individual achieves is that impressive capacity that he possesses to be able to carry out all those mental operations, because he already visualizes thoughts in a clearer way, he no longer creates thoughts that are not linked to what is really concrete.

But nevertheless they are already coherent and they are already great at making decisions, reflections, they already have their own ideas and in this way they acquire knowledge and values ​​that they will want to forge day by day.

It allows him to personalize his affections, his desires, the adolescent is on a middle path between adulthood and childhood, in what refers to the vividness of his emotions, being present a unique mixture of his behaviors for the intellectual development of your emotions .

  puberty in women

This first modification appears when the girls begin to go from girls to adolescents and with them the changes that this merits are the appearance of the breast button. Adolescence in women begins at 10 or 12 years. In addition, her first menstruation begins.

In this aspect, the increase in tissue makes a very significant change because the glandular tissue under the areola is done by the electrogens produced by the ovary, the age for this is after 8 years, usually that part is very painful rubbing, the areola becomes larger and darker and thus generates a growth of the breasts.

When pubic hair appears, it usually coincides with breast development and many times it can be the beginning of puberty, this usually begins to appear from 9 to 10 years old, this as it passes becomes thicker, straight, curly and covers the part of the lips.

This extends to the mount of venus increases the number of folds in its mucosa, here the changes continue to appear increasing vaginal secretions. The microbial flora changes the vulva undergoes changes in its thickness and coloration. Finally, in women born with a hymen, it thickens and its diameter reaches 1 cm.

Then the first menstruation appears scientifically called menarche or menarche, it appears preceded by a clear, odorless, transparent and bacteriologically flow, this is the so-called precocious puberty and begins with the age of 8 to 10 years

 puberty in boys

It is here when the prepubertal testicles take a diameter of approximately 2.5 to 3 cm and this increases due to the proliferation of the sleeping tubules, the same happens with the prostate, also in the scrotum a size is visualized in the blood vessels, the skin it thins and forms hair follicles, which refers to that part of the skin that gives hair growth by concentrating stem cells.

In this part the production of spermatozoa is visualized when boys go from 11 to 16 years old and it is here where the first ejaculation or spermarchy is generated, the penis begins to grow It also begins to widen, approximately in one year and the testicles begin that increase in size, so it is common for erections to be stronger, more frequent and appear normally at night.

Here the sexual hair comes out and extends to the pubis, where it looks curlier and thicker, then it is where the axillary hair begins to appear and, in most cases, on the upper lip (moustache).

 The secretion of the adrenal glands begins with the appearance of humidity and axillary odors, in general, sweating is more noticeable in men. The hair on the arms and legs becomes thicker and has a lot of volume, it is between the 13 and 14 years. 

I consider that it is a very special part because it is the knowledge of your personality, your sexual orientation, your tastes and forging that character that characterizes us all, for this reason this part is recommended to those young people who are beginning this new phase of their lives invite them to reflect and take care of themselves, to protect themselves attend talks on the prevention of diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

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