Economic and Social Rights: Definition

Since the human being began to organize himself in communities in order to survive the wild world that surrounded him, from that very moment he created norms and rules of coexistence, economic and social rights , which will help them avoid conflicts within their social groups, in the evolution of these groups is present the development of economic activities, people who were responsible for carrying out an activity.

economic rights

Here rights are clearly positioned in development at the service of the community. With the existence of these activities, a very interesting phenomenon occurred, something that we do not observe at all in our days and in our daily work, such as giving value to the activity or function that we develop.

We take it for granted that it has a value that is imposed by the employer but not by the employee, this phenomenon in the initial communities came with many conflicts, since they did not know how to determine if one activity or product had more weight than another and how to I could negotiate to obtain that good that I do not produce but needed.

This forced the creation of a currency that will help place a leveling in the exchange beyond barter and has remained as a rule of social economy with these regulations have caused the human being to organize himself in larger communities.

Creating within themselves different ways of life that are differentiated by their beliefs, religions and even gastronomic tastes that differentiate them from the rest of their community, thus creating a culture that unifies them as part of a conglomerate.

It should be noted that with globalization the human being is no longer seen as a person who belongs to a single group because of the region where he lives, because of the language he speaks or because of the religion he practices, today the human being is shown as a being global, capable of getting used to many environments, cultures or societies in which he feels identified in order to achieve personal growth and development.

Types of economic rights

Each and every one of the human beings has the right to a dignified life and that all these rights that correspond to us by law are respected for the satisfaction of the needs that are presented to us on a daily basis.

  • The right to work and the rights of workers.
  • The right to housing.
  • The right to food.
  • The right to education.
  • The right to an adequate and healthy environment
  • The right to health.
  • The right to water.
  • The right to Social Security.

Types of social and cultural rights

In order for there to be a society full of progress and respect for economic, social and cultural rights, it is essential that they be taken into account as they appear below:

  • The right to a job and a salary.
  • The right to social protection in cases of need (retirement, social security, unemployment, sick leave due to health, maternity or paternity, work accidents),
  • The right to housing,
  • The right to education.

Without these rights we simply could not have a life, with which we would feed ourselves we would not have how to survive the rights of education to the most needy and in this way providing medical care services in a non-equivalent way is followed and in this way they are intertwined with alterations of civil and political rights.

In the form of reiterated agreements, each one of the human rights is extremely important and really necessary, the alterations of which are economic rights, as in the case of not ensuring the rights over the lands of indigenous spaces.

In the same way that for the full enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression it is necessary to concentrate efforts in favor of the right to education, all these efforts add up to a great commitment and thus obtain the enjoyment of the right to life, it is necessary to take measures aimed at reducing child deaths, epidemics and malnutrition.

There is an extremely indispensable term and that is insurance, despite a full mass of social security, against the loss of earning capacity due to the risks to which the employee is exposed: risks arising from tragedies and illnesses, as well as of the old age of all our elders. In the second place, it is essential to ensure everyone a minimum level of subsistence, great to minimize poverty and misery, here a fundamental point is clarified, it has two aspects.

Then there is insurance related to the minimum conditions of employment, the denial of contracts that do not offer a minimum standard of income. At the same time just a question of dreams, but it is still a question of achievements, although the standard considered at least as a “salary that ensures understanding of the needs and that is that in all Venezuelans every day a new need appears on their part, transfer from one great generation to the next, and varies with the level of social and historical development of the many regions of the world.

In general, in some part of this vast world, any standard, no matter how small, is advisable in these difficult times, it is a radical change in the distribution of income, referring to the low level of profitability of the hour of work.

Here is the practical realization of this “right” that previously indicates a planned development of these regions, systematically integrated development under the auspices of the public powers in a wide territory and not left to the initiative of private factors and, largely, accompanied by a external financial assistance, provided that this assistance is free from undesirable political conditions).

Importance of economic, social and cultural rights

In general, they are very important today because it is essential to ensure everyone a minimum level of subsistence, sufficient to minimize poverty and misery, here an essential point is clarified, it covers these aspects, everything previously established, but not It would be until relatively recently that they would be taken into account compared to others (such as freedom, life, justice) that are considered foundational rights of the entire human rights system.

It is crucial to invest and offer ways to ensure access to work, home, health, education in an equitable way for all. In any case, many countries still point out the problems to consolidate this and maintain high levels of social inequality, poverty and misery that recommend that economic, social and cultural rights have not yet been ensured for all equally in the same way where we are make everyone comfortable

The priority given by the State to these measures is necessary to guarantee a dignified life for the population and constitutes an important basis for the care of democratic stability, the State has addressed the Commission on several occasions in order to present the achievements achieved by the current government.

In general, this relationship with the exercise of economic, social and cultural rights in light of the information received, the commission has accepted and valued the progress made in the field of economic, social and cultural rights through policies and measures aimed at correcting the flaws that afflict many sectors of the Venezuelan population, for example.

Taking into account this example mentioned, it can be indicated that in Venezuela perhaps if rights were respected more we would have a better country, here it is not about political condition our values, both ethical and moral, are being lost more and more every day and it is a citizen duty to rescue each of them to guarantee Venezuela and all Venezuelans a future that helps that part of safeguarding the values ​​that have been lost so much in society.

Without human rights, economic rights would not play such an impressive role, these become essential to survive such basic rights as the right to life, to food, to have a job and thus, in this way, to remedy basic needs in some way. that any human being has and the economic, social and cultural rights of any individual are of vital importance for their stay here on earth, each and every one of them is linked for its operation.

Human rights provide a common framework of norms and values ​​universally in the economy and in all areas that in one way or another affect us, for example if our culture would be different, because our concern would really be for simple things, because it is supposed that all your rights will be respected here, we have the right to have all that human part that is the most important for the achievement of an irreproachable society be respected throughout our lives.

Where the injustices in one way or another cease and that each time in Venezuela we have that beautiful house, and that place where all of us as Venezuelans encourage our economic rights to be the main and recognized thing, and thus establish obligations of the State to act in a determined manner or refrain from certain acts. They constitute an important tool to ensure the accountability of States.

For an improvement in the society in which we live, of which we feel more proud every day, Venezuela is an extremely rich country, in all aspects Venezuela has beautiful beaches, so it would be excellent to exploit tourism, the best mountains, here we are cold if you wish and hot if the taste is different, but the most important thing that Venezuelans have is that charisma and that desire to get ahead those forces of each day getting up without demanding anything just with that desire to work for a better country.

In this way, getting ahead, that is why it is so important that these rights are not violated, is a call to reflection because, although it is true, perhaps we are the best people to have a joke for everything, even when we are sad about the situation.

But it is also true that if we join forces, the other Venezuelan who is also a brother would have no way of violating our rights, which are the fundamental basis for a society to maintain itself and be willing to move forward and show that if it is worth fighting for those children who are growing up.

For that society, for our culture, for those dreams that every Venezuelan has that those rights are not violated, that we continue in a society where that brother is given support to that friendly neighbor and not that he is mistreated with the outbursts of not watching for the economic, social and cultural rights that we all have by law, belong to us and in this way build the wonderful country that we all dream of where economic rights are respected and valued where we feel increasingly proud of being Venezuelans worthy of respect.

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