The Pearl of Great Price

The Pearl of Great Price: Biblical Parable

You are looking for a Bible theme to read, so don’t wait any longer and discover The Pearl of Great Price: Biblical Parable.

What is the Pearl of Great Price?

This is a biblical parable that was written by the Apostle Matthew under Chapter number thirteen, verses forty-five to forty-six, where he speaks in relation to how God wanted all the people devoted to him to learn to value what is the kingdom of heaven in your life. Within this story you can see how God seeks by all possible means to make his followers understand what is the value of being in the kingdom, this understanding was achieved under very precise and clear images.

It is said that the word the kingdom of heaven was the best expression with which he could express himself in order to point out how it is compared with demonstrative stories, in this case it is seen how the Jewish mind can grasp what is the significant meaning of which would be the parable of the pearl of great price, since merchants are usually seen completely busy looking for different kinds of articles.

Within the story, everything is about the merchants, these are better known as merchants or sellers, this is because the word comes from the Greek root “emporos” so when translated they can be found in the two ways mentioned above. The merchant usually searches, buys and sells just to possess the precious pearl.

Parable of the Pearl of Great Price

In this story, God compares the kingdom of heaven with a merchant who, despite not being an expert seller, tends to look for the most beautiful pearls. After spending days searching, he pays off by getting the precious pearl with a great value that is completely out of his small budget so he was not going to be able to buy it yet but he does not sit idly by.

Said merchant thinks very well what he should do so he runs and sells almost everything he owns without caring that he loses everything in order to possess it, he buys the pearl without thinking about more than just having it in his hands. Towards the Middle East you can also find all types of precious pearls that were considered the most beautiful treasures that anyone could have, so for this not to happen, these jewels had a great price that very few people could pay.

What this parable teaches is that the kingdom of heaven has a great value in the life of the human being, since for one as a person the kingdom is very similar to what a merchant is in search of a good pearl, realizing that that despite everything bad in life there are still good things to see and enjoy. Of course this is because God has created everything in a way in which you can appreciate what nature, art, music and ecological reserves would be like, leading to the fact that with all this you can also enjoy the great benefits such as They are science and technology, but what has the most value and can be enjoyed to the fullest is how the value towards the gospel grows more every day, giving it a great charge of faith in Christ.

One of the details of this parable is that unlike other similar ones such as the one about the hidden treasure, it is that in this one the merchants are always looking for the most beautiful and good quality pearl, while in the other parable it is simply a man who gets up every day to carry out his daily tasks without looking for anything in his favor but only himself, in general with this parable countless people who are not in search of the kingdom but who at any time can find themselves face to face with God to become believers in him. A very religious example is when the apostle Paul, while talking to Damascus so that he would not collude with others in order to catch the Christians who were persecuting, God appeared to them unexpectedly, giving Damascus a lesson to become a believer.

In addition to this there are also very similar cases such as when a man seeks God’s help and this is achieved as happened in the parable of Cornelius who was a very pious man and through his great prayers of faith and good works towards others people but with all this he still did not get to God until he met another man who taught him how it was really that he should approach.

With all this, it can lead to the fact that today almost all people seek to be able to fill that small void that exists within the heart with insignificant things that the world gives, whether from the world of religions, professional or profane pleasures. although with this absolutely nothing can be filled, so it is always advisable to be in the life of Christ and thus enjoy what is really worth it, whether it is being free of sins, rudeness, promises that are not fulfilled, among other things , in order to find the most beautiful pearl that is Christ.

For this reason, the merchant sold almost everything to buy the most expensive pearl he had ever seen in order to abandon his entire life full of sin, selfishness and pride in order to achieve eternal life and be under the mantle and promise of Jesus Christ, so inside from history it is understood how the one who wants to possess his life must lose it without remorse and the one who wants to lose it because of the gospel and from it will be able to save it without problem. Therefore, the kingdom of God, since it is made up of both sexes who lost everything in the world, recovered everything immediately within the kingdom with the satisfaction that they possess the same soul but purified and healthy without remorse and sins to hide.

Parable of the Sower

This parable deals with God where one common day he went out to go sit on the seashore, being there many people approached him to accompany him and talk to him, you show him a boat waiting for him to enter while the others stay in the seashore. While he was waiting, he told endless parables to the people as he was the sower.

While he was sowing the seeds they were growing but the sad thing is that when the birds arrived he was losing what was sown, some seeds the birds took to other stony areas in one part the land was scarce but despite this they sprouted in the same way in the days of so that the field grew quickly, the sun burned it because they had no roots due to the little land they had and in another, when they fell on the thorns, they turned from the same root, which grew very little, since they drowned it, only a small part I stay on a good piece of land that I help grow all the fruits by the lot.

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