Prayer of a mother in need for her sick son

Prayer of a mother in need for her sick son

The Prayer of a Mother for her sick child is a guide that every Christian mother must follow to cry out to God for the health of her children. When you ask with faith, the Lord listens to you and pours his powers into the hands of those who care for him, thus achieving the desired healing. Here are some of those sentences.

A Mother’s Prayer for her Sick Child

The prayer for a sick child is the prayer for the healing of someone we love very much. The Lord is not impassive before the poor man who humbly implores.

We want to give you these prayers for a sick child, a prayer for the health of the child, since it breaks the heart a little, when we face one of the most painful calamities that can befall parents: having a sick child serious. The pain shelters you, the cold covers your soul and hope looks almost dejected.

Who knows how to heal a Son?

In any case, and going through this painful demonstration, our hope must always be placed in the Lord, who knows how to relieve, protect, love and heal. There should be no doubt about that, there is no ailment that is not submitted to the power of God, there is no havoc that does not flee in fear before the portentous light that vanishes everything, that is why we invite you to be part of the prayer for the healing of your son.

We understand that the situation of having a sick child can have a great impact on many of the person’s senses, which is why we must invoke faith, moments of silence with the Lord if there is the possibility for us to surrender in his Father’s arms.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the best way to communicate with the Lord, since through supplication we have the opportunity to express our gratitude, our faith, as well as concerns and requests. The prayer for a sick child must be kept in mind at all times, not only to implore for the needs, but also to give thanks to God for everything he gives us: existence itself, a new day, our health and family and particularly ask for those who most require.

The healing prayer is the most powerful weapon of Christians, since our divine father is the shield that protects us and protects us from all evil, and for which we entrust to God, through a prayer, the health of our son.

Prayers for Healing

For your consideration and implementation, here are some examples of a mother’s prayer for her sick son for his healing. We must always keep in mind that the more this prayer arises from the bottom of our hearts, the deeper it will penetrate our minds and the power of God to restore our children to health.

Healing Prayer for a Sick Child

Father, in your power is perpetual glory, I beg you for the healing of my son, my God, I know that in you everything can be achieved, wrap him with your prodigious hands, so that he may be made pure with your blessed blood.

Almighty Lord, my praises are in your honor, All of us who are here, we pray with devotion for the health of, (Pronounce the name of the patient in a hopeful way), so that he may be made pure with your blessed blood.

My trust is total in you, for whom there are no impossible or inaccessible, Dear Father, I put my faith in you, and I remain at your mercy, just by healing my son, I will be full of joy.

Comfort all his ills and announce that he will be free from all ailments, appease all sorrow in my son’s body, I implore you with all my love, listen to our prayers.

Your power is limitless, we beg you, my God, to lay your healing hands on my son, to restore his health and that he is healthy and safe.

Lord, we have confidence in you since your love and commiseration is immense, defend him from all danger, so that his existence is no longer exposed to more risks and he is a loyal follower of your work.

Prayer for the Health of a Sick Child

The Lord listens to the humble, to those who give their hearts and leave it open to his love. The Lord pointed out on a certain occasion: “Allow the children to approach me and do not hinder them”, this is an invitation for parents to make their children known by God.

Here you can find the Word that Jesus today wants to give you as a gift, to you who are going through this terrifying test.

“So Jesus went back to Cana in Galilee, where he had turned water into wine. There was in Capernaum an official of the king, whose son was sick.

When he was heard by the one that Jesus had arrived from Judea to Galilee, he went to him and implored him to come down and heal his son, who was about to perish.

It was when Jesus pointed out to him: If you don’t see signs and portents, you won’t believe it. The king’s official told him: “Lord, come down before my son dies.” Jesus told him: «You can go, your son is alive».

The man trusted the word that Jesus transmitted to him, and left. As he descended, his servants went to receive him, and notified him saying: “Your son is alive.”

It was the moment when he asked them at what time his improvement had started. They specified: «Yesterday, at seven o’clock, he no longer had a fever.

The father then understood that this was the moment when Jesus had told him: “Your son is alive.” And so it was accepted by him and all his house. (John 4, 46-53)

After having reviewed the Reading from the Gospel of John, we invite you to wait for a moment of silence so that the Word of God with its power penetrates your heart and you feel impelled to an act of faith.

The lord can do it again and in your life, as you make a humble request with the prayer for the health of the sick son, you must not forget that He adores you and your son.

Prayer for a Sick Child to Heal

Dear Lord, you know the heart of your children, and do not show yourself insensitive to the poor who begs you.

You know how saddens us is the well-being of our children, you understand the concern of parents in the face of the illness of one of their offspring.

My Lord Jesus, I come today, as the real official of the Gospel, to ask you to come down and cure our child of all the emotional, mental and physical ailments that have an effect on his health.

(Pronounce here the name of the sick child for whom you are praying)

Despite the concern that his illness causes us, from sorrow and confusion, if this suffering is something that you can allow, we accept this time as an opportunity for purification, of abandonment in your hands, of generous offering of our existences.

We admit this moment as a situation to unite from the suffering to the pains of Christ for the redemption of the world

(Allow yourself a few moments and, in peace, let your heart become part of what you have just pronounced with your lips: “With this suffering, I join, God, in your passion…)

At this moment, Lord Jesus, to you who long for us to have a life in wealth, I implore you, by the power of the enigma of your childhood and your secret life in the home of Nazareth, to heal the child whom you you know and adore.

Protect your little body and your soul. Put your healing hand on him so that he feels your comfort, your attention and recovers quickly, according to your will. Heals his emotional and physical ailments.

You, who were the recipient of the affectionate attention of Mary and Joseph, soothe and revive their father and mother, do not allow them to fall into anguish, uncertainty, depression, but from their grief and confusion come to you as a source of authentic, full, and permanent healing of the body and soul.

We let you know the place where the child is, cover that space with your strength and grace. Remove from there everything that, physically or spiritually, can be an impediment to its prompt recomposition.

We introduce you to the medical professionals who care for the child, cover them with your wisdom, enlighten them so that they can make the right diagnosis and find the appropriate remedy and treatment. Make them instruments of your healing.

Mary, mother of Jesus and mother of us, who with dedication and perseverance, cared for your child, observe the heart of the mother and inspire confidence, so that she, like you, can see how her son grows in height, erudition and grace, in the face of God and men.

Beloved Saint Joseph, you who were the defender of the Holy Family, and protected it from all threats and even from surely dying when being persecuted by Herod, I show you the parents of this creature, mediate before your beloved Son Jesus, so that he achieves sustain me with strength even in sorrow and anxiety. That you can achieve the means required for the proper care of your child. Support him so that he does not falter and keep his mind clear to the will of God.

God, you indicated that we believe that we have already achieved what we beg you with faith in prayer, now I raise my voice and my arms and I thank you for the health that this child will obtain by the power of your love that hears this confident plea. We have to recognize that you are already acting and with it healthy. I thank you Jesus for your healing love.

As the official of the Gospel, we also have to recognize that it is at this very moment that you are restoring health and well-being. I lift you up in faith. I have to recognize you as Lord and Savior of our lives, without You we would be lost. We adore you Lord and we must recognize your greatness. Glory to you for eternity. Amen.

Pray an Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be. We hope that the prayer for the health of a sick child has given you hope. If possible, say this prayer every morning when you wake up for 30 days in a row and add this modest litany at the end.

Litany and Prayer of a Mother for her Sick Child

God, by your mercy, give health to my sick son.

God, by your benevolence, restore my sick son to health.

God, by your strength, heal all ailments of my sick son.

With your relief, caress his wounds,

With your delicacy, cleanse his heart,

With your hands, feel, perceive and heal his body,

I have to show you God the size of my belief and I know that You will show me the size of your miracles.

Prayer for a Sick Child to Get Well Soon

Venerable Saint John of God, kind and noble soul, who, exalted by God with his Power and Favors,
You were part of the sufferings and afflictions of others, now that you are next to the good Jesus,
who respects you and does not deny anything.

You, our mediator before health and illness, and I implore you to pray for the healing of this sick child
and do what you can so that it is cured as soon as possible… (pronounce the name of the sick child).

You who grant favors among all those without hope beg for your kindness and mercy, as certified by a continuous series of portentous works of yours in all centuries, countries and peoples,
observe with compassion this little creature and provide him with your help and affection from Heaven .

Give him your help to get rid of this hard battle, do not leave him in this moment of difficulty and anguish
and put the Archangel Saint Raphael next to his bed so that, like you whom he helped and protected,
he gives him his friendship and company, protect and care for him.

Saint John of God, venerable patron saint of those who are sick, who chose the most needy and those who suffered to give them your love and attention as they represented the suffering Christ, and you endeavored to give them kindness and charity.

Just as you insisted on keeping them, dressing them and healing them, welcome ……….. with love and compassion and pray for him/her,
so that in a short time he/she replenishes his/her energy and strength and is a very healthy child, happy and lucky

Saint John of God, servant of Jesus and Mary, fervently prays to the Blessed Virgin, who is our help and relief, to lull in her loving arms to ………

And with her mother’s caresses calm her pains; pray to the Child Jesus, who is the life and healing of the sick, that with his unlimited love and commiseration he may empty his body of all physical and mental ailments.

To cure his ailments and return him to health, so that he can have a long and good life, we adore him and require him by our side, …… he is our joy and fills our lives with happiness.

Saint John of God, venerable and miraculous, may your hands and heart never distance themselves from this creature that suffers and endures; have the doctors and nurses you care for ……. receive light and direction from the Lord Father Almighty.

So that they are learned to apply the appropriate medicines, give us strength to their family and friends so that our hope is not lost and we know everything necessary and just to do.

And to face this situation with firmness and without giving up, and particularly, I pray to the Lord that from heaven he
observes with merciful eyes, come and heal his little-servant-a ……. who needs so much.

Glorious and illustrious Saint John of God, I know that what I ask of you will reach your ears, and for that I thank you in advance, and I am waiting with all the enthusiasm and faith that my soul, my heart, can contain.

O Lord, allow us, continuing what was achieved by Saint John of God, to carry in our hearts and express in practice love for the humble, those who suffer and are lacking, and prolong your usual benevolence on …….

Protect, care for and heal ……. who is in pain due to illness, O my God, grant him the help of your Power
so that his illness may be changed to full health and the affliction that now afflicts may be transformed into joy.

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