The Effective Prayer to the Child of Health

The Effective Prayer to the Child of Health: Know it

The Prayer to the Child of Health is a great prayer that is performed by the faithful devotees to get help from the Child Jesus in terms of healing for the person or a family member. In the following article you will know everything related to this kind of prayer.

Prayer to the Divine Child Jesus to Ask for Healing

The Prayer to the Child of Health to ask for healing is performed when people go through a moment of great difficulty in which a family member, a friend or even the person himself is broken, therefore, they raise a prayer with great faith to the divine child

(This is the one who has many devotees throughout the world because of the multiple miracles that are known to have been granted)

So that he can intercede for each one of the faithful in order to grant them healing, for which he is begged for the elimination of all kinds of ailments and all kinds of brokenness that may be affecting them. Through the Holy Word of God, in the gospels it is revealed how the Lord Jesus, the son of God, always healed the sick who with faith would present themselves before him to ask for his health.

Prayer to the Divine Child Asking for Healing

Oh beloved child!, please deign to listen to the prayer of your faithful devotee, who with great conviction goes to the person, to beg you from the depths of his being, for the health of (At this moment to say the name of the person who is sick) who is sick, rather I know that with your divine intervention they can recover.

Divine child, merciful, on this day I truly implore you to give healing to (At this moment he is going to say the name of the person who is sick) that you remove from him or her all kinds of ailments, all kinds of brokenness , all kinds of discomfort and give him the healing that he longs for and needs, please I ask you by the power of your word that says that you will free us from affliction and also that you will heal all ailments.

Holy child, almighty, please restore tranquility to (At this moment he is going to say the name of the person who is sick) so we ask you to heal his broken body, give him new strength that allows him to get up and carry out his tasks everyday.

Prayer to the Holy Child of Health for the Healing of the Sick

Oh dear and sweet Holy Child of Health!, the beloved Child, the great consolation: On this day many come to your presence in a way overwhelmed by the suffering caused by the disease, and moved by the greatest confidence to implore your divine help.

I know that when you were in this world you felt sorry for everyone who came to suffer, especially those who were always tormented by pain. For the infinite love you had to get to give, you healed them of their ills and sorrows, and all your miracles became the palpable demonstration of your goodness, eternal love and mercy. Amen.

Prayer to the Holy Child of Health for Health and Urgent Needs

Oh Holy Child Jesus of Health! I believe in the infinite goodness of your Heart, and for this reason, with immense faith, I ask that my family never lack health, housing and food, and physical and spiritual light. Remedies the need in which I find myself.

Oh Baby Jesus of Health! I hope in the limitless mercy that you have with those who invoke you. Hear my plea and remedy my urgent need. Oh Baby Jesus of Health! I love you, I love you with all my heart. I surrender and consecrate myself to your loving heart. Hear my prayer, I beg you and remedy my great need: (At this time the request that you want to achieve through your help is going to be said). So be it. Amen

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