The miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love

The miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love

The miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love are a series of anecdotes, so to speak, that narrate some of the miracles that people witnessed while he was preaching. If you want to know more about the miracles of San Antonio de Padua in love, then continue reading.

The miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love

Before going into the matter with the miracles of San Antonio de Padua in love , we consider that it is important to know who was San Antonio de Padua? Knowing the history of those who have been relevant in history helps us to better understand his deeds and love for God, and in this case, the miracles he performed.

Saint Anthony of Pauda was born in Lisbon between 1191 and 1195 (there is no record of his exact date) under the name of Fernando Martins de Bulhões in a medieval neighborhood of Alfama, of which, by the way, only a basement remains, because an earthquake in 1755 destroyed practically the entire structure.

San Antonio, died in the year 1231, at the age of thirty-six (36) years in Lisbon, Portugal.

Despite being born into a family of good economic and social position, we can say that his childhood was quite ordinary than that of any other child. Son of Martín de Alfonso, descendant of French nobles (the Bouillons) and Portuguese knight, and María Taveira.

In the year 1210, when he was fifteen (15) years old, his life began to change and he devoted himself fully to spiritual studies, joining the cathedral school (where one of his uncles was a teacher), despite the fact that his family did not I approved of it.

He decided to join the Augustinian Church of San Vicente, which is located on the outskirts of Lisbon and was known for its committed and learning-loving students.

He had the happiness of having Pedro as a teacher, however, his family and closest friends invited him to abandon his vocation, however, he did not give in.

San Antonio, tired of the continuous and overwhelming pressure from his relatives, decides to renounce the inheritance that they offered him and thus be able to be free of all ties and fulfill his dreams. In 1212, Saint Anthony of Padua moved to the Augustinian Monastery of Santa Cruz (in Coimbra).

This was an important center that imparted its teachings in religious matters. The ecclesiastical culture and extensive library of this center allowed Saint Padua to deepen his religious vocation, understand the scriptures of the Holy Bible and practice Lectio Divina.

That is, interpret, reflect and pray about a certain biblical text. This was a method that was used by early Catholics in early Christianity.

Miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love : Despite everything learned in Coimbra, he could not find the peace he found, since the Monastery suffered a strong confrontation between Pope Innocent III and King Alfonso II, of such magnitude that his Prior himself, John, was excluded from the community of the faithful.

Another place that represented great influence for Saint Padua was the theological school of Saint Victor, located in Paris.

Already a priest, Coimbra (a fairly small Franciscan community) had caught his attention for its evangelical and humble fraternal lifestyle.

Unfortunately, shortly after entering the monastery, the remains of those who were considered the first martyrs of Marrakech (the place where they had died) arrived.

These martyrs were: The priests Otón, Pedro and Berardo, along with two lay monks who were with them (Ayuto and Acursio), all members of the Franciscan order, were mercilessly murdered in Morocco. This impacted San Antonio in such a way that he became a Franciscan and changed his order.

It is at this point that in 1220 he decides to enter the Order of Friars Minor with the intention of preaching and dying in the name of God if necessary. He then changes his secular name: Fernando Martim de Bulhões e Taveira Azevedo, to “Antonio”.

And he undertakes a trip to Morocco together with a brother of the order, Fray Felipe de Castilla, however, he must return to Europe because he contracted Malaria, and this disease would leave him with important consequences for the rest of his short life.

San Antonio, participated in a party at Pentecost (in 1221) along with approximately three thousand (3000) more friars, all belonging to the order of the general chapter of Assisi.

Such was the relevance of this festival that many of the friars who had attended had to sleep on mats, a kind of thick fabric with a rough texture, which was normally used to cover the ground.

After this event, Fray Graziano sent San Antonio to a rather small hermitage in the mountains of the town of Montepaolo to assume the role of priest. His conviction and ease as a preacher were first revealed at Forlí (1222).

It did not take long for the news about the particular way of sharing sermons to quickly reach everyone’s ears, in fact, he received a letter from Saint Francis of Assisi himself, asking him to teach and preach theology to other friars.

Later, he was appointed by Saint Francis of Assisi (once again) as commissioner in the fight against the spread of the Cathar heresy in France. Later, Saint Anthony moved to Bologna, and then to Padua.

In other words, his great skill as a preacher made him a traveler who spoke out against heresies (doctrines of Jesus that oppose the teachings offered by the Catholic Church).

San Antonio, defender of the poor, was willing to face any oppressor who presented himself and had the gifts of a natural preacher; The large number of miracles granted by Saint Anthony of Padua in love has made him known as the saint of lovers.

After preaching sermons for a few weeks, in the spring of 1231 the state of health of San Antonio de Padua began to worsen, so he decided to retire along with two other friars to the depths of the immense forests of Camposampiero.

Soon, he realized that his last days had come, so he asked to be taken back to Padua. On June 13, 1231, in a room of the Chaplain of the Poor Clares of Arcella San Antonio received extreme unction and in the middle of a song to the Virgin and a smile he expressed that he saw God coming, and finally he died.

People went through the town shouting that a saint had died. During his funeral there were demonstrations of the veneration they had for this exemplary human being, who despite his illness, continued to preach and perform miracles; The inhabitants of Padua consider the relics of Saint Anthony of Padua their most valuable treasure.

Saint Anthony of Padua is canonized extremely quickly, by Pope Gregory IX within a year of his death and announced “O doctor optimal”. After this, they would stop seven more years (in 1946) Pope Pio would declare Saint Anthony of Padua as “Doctor of the Church, by chance? No way! He earned the title.

San Antonio de Padua is known as “Miraculous San Antonio” due to the large number of favors and miracles that he grants to his believers, even after he has died.


In this article we are going to analyze two prayers for Saint Anthony of Padua: prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for miracles of love and prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for difficult requests for love. Then, we will explain some of the miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua miracles of love

A beautiful prayer that shows us the devotion of his faithful who express the deepest longings of their hearts to this saint, glorified and canonized in a truly admirable time.

Also, he refers to his great capacity as a preacher and they thank him for the fact that despite the fact that he is no longer physically with us, he still continues to perform miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love .

It celebrates the humble life and dedication to the Lord on the part of San Antonio and they admire him for being an example and inspiring them to want to follow and imitate him.

His miracles, life, and love, fill them with joy and inspire them to surrender to that beautiful and pure love and thanks are given for the favors received and for being an instrument of God both in life and after death.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for difficult requests for love

This prayer grants miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love even in the most difficult cases. People beg him with devotion and manage to find consolation for his misfortune.

For thirteen minutes the person keeps asking with faith, that he intercede with the father and help him heal his heart or any other favor that he requires, and with his infinite love, he grants relief and consolation. He is lovingly thanked and awaited for the requested miracle.

Prayer to Valentine to recover a love

The believers of this martyr pray to him and ask with great faith when they want to recover a love, either because the routine seems to have extinguished love or because we made a mistake but we are sorry and we want to recover that loved one.

Believers pray to Saint Valentine to intercede for us before the father and grant us the joy of a good, stable relationship that fills us with happiness, love and joy, and not tears, betrayal and suffering.

It is also asked for this loved one, so that he can forgive us, and wants to share and enjoy a life by our side, from total freedom, but always aspiring to fall in love and enjoy a full life with that special person, with that loved one. that makes us feel special, complements us and fills us with happiness.

Miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua

Known as the Thaumaturge, that is, the translation could be: “the one who works miracles”. In this part, we will make known the miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love that have been most relevant and have been remembered by his faithful and shared from generation to generation.

The Sparrows locked up

The locked sparrows is one of the best known miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love . He tells us the story of a child so highly disciplined, obedient and calm. He was this way with his parents, as with God, so he decided to reward him.

That time of the year had come when sparrows in litters generated destruction in the wheat fields of the inhabitants of the countryside, so the boy’s father entrusted him with the task of caring for, monitoring and making sure that these birds did not end up with his sowing.

After several hours, the boy felt a great need to go to church to pray, but since he had always been obedient to his father (and this time would not be the exception) he knew that he could not leave the field alone, so he called all the sparrows and locked them in a room.

When the father returned, he immediately noticed the boy’s absence and scolded him, but the latter, with absolute calm and respect, explained to his father what he had done, and led him to the room where the sparrows were.

He managed to show the father that although he had been absent, the ruthless birds had not touched a grain of his harvest, so the father gave him a big hug with joy.

devil storms

Like many saints, Saint Anthony was persecuted by demons, furious that he constantly saved souls, they sabotaged his sermons and disturbed him while he evangelized multitudes.

One day, in the city of Limoges (France), the saint preached with enthusiasm and euphoria in the open air, the day was beautiful and sunny, suddenly, for no apparent reason it changed and black clouds settled over everyone, which indicated that there would be a strong storm.

The intention was that the people would leave there, and in reality, many did so, but Fray Antonio told them with total certainty that they should be calm, because where they had decided to meet to listen to the word of God, not a single thing would fall. drop of water, and he was not wrong.

Immediately, a heavy storm-laden rain began, but where they were, the sky did not spill a drop. At the end of the wonderful sermon they had received from Saint Anthony, they decided to thank God for the miracle he had granted them.

The mule on its knees

One of the miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in the most distinguished love of this saint. One day, a heretic (Bonvillo) decides to challenge Saint Anthony (in Rimini, Italy) to perform a miracle in order to test the power of God, if he did it, then he would convert.

Saint Anthony, sure of the power of God, accepts without hesitation. Bonivillo goes on to say that he will have his mule locked up and will deny him all food, so San Antoni decided to fast during this time. After the deadline, the people gathered in the square.

He offered his mass as usual and the heretic brought the hungry mule near him and while his master finally offered him grass, Saint Anthony offered him the truth of God and ordered him in the name of God to approach and perform an act of veneration for that there was no doubt that this creature was important to God.

He had not even finished those words when suddenly, the animal knelt down and ignored his “food”, the hay that his owner San Antonio was offering him, knelt before the creature, approached his head and offered the Eucharist to the hungry mule.

Of course, the celebration of the parishioners did not wait and the atmosphere was filled with jubilation, joy and this miracle strengthened the faith of all those who had witnessed it, and the heretic kept his word, converting to the Catholic faith and rejecting every god, belief or doctrine that he had before this day.

strange genuflections

One day, Saint Anthony of Padua had run into a man known for leading a life of sin and debauchery in the city. Every time they passed each other, San Antonio made an act of reverence.

However, this man took this in a bad way and thought that he was making fun of him and one day, disgusted, he dared to ask why he insisted on making fun of him every time their paths crossed?

Anger had taken possession of this man, so immediately after his question he let himself go and threatened San Antonio saying that if he did not stop mocking him he would pierce his sword through him without hesitation and without any remorse.

Faced with the threat, San Antonio remained calm and only expressed that he would remember him when he died as a martyr and was with his father in paradise. Of course, this amused the rakish man, who laughed in his face and continued on his way.

Ironically, years later, the man who had once mocked the saint’s words had converted, and was in fact evangelizing in Morocco, where he suffered martyrdom, but died happy because he had fulfilled his mission.

It was more than evident that the prophecy of San Antonio had been fulfilled to the letter.

The preaching of the fish

It can be said that this is one of the most narrated miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love  throughout history.

One day, a crowd was excited by the arrival of Saint Anthony of Padua and could not wait to hear his sermons, however, this area was controlled by heretics, so before his arrival, these heretics proceed to give the order to ignore him, so Saint Anthony, no matter where he went, could not find a person to evangelize.

Faced with this situation, he went to the banks of the Rimini River and from there he raised his voice and began to evangelize. He shouted, and asked the fish that lived in the sea to listen to him, since the men did not dare to do so.

As he said this, the fish, inexplicably, began to gather and get closer and closer to the shore to listen to him carefully.

The most impressive thing about all this was not only that the fish approached him as he had ordered them, but also that they raised their heads out of the water, as a sign of absolute attention, listening and interest.

The saint then invited them to glorify God, who had created the water where they lived, provided them with all food and covered their every need, so they lived carefree and in freedom.

Impressed by such a spectacle, the sailors quickly went to the city to testify to what they had seen, and inviting the members of the village and heretics to witness them for themselves and be convinced of the power of God.

Total cleanliness

It is said that one day, a sinful man decided to give his life a new direction and repent from his heart for everything he had done. He knelt before Saint Anthony and did not say a word.

In response to this, the saint recommended that he write all his sins on a sheet, and the man did so.

He returned some time later with a great list and the saint proceeded to read it aloud, and when he returned it, the sheet was blank, his sins had been erased and forgiven, can you imagine living something like this?

The encounter with the baby Jesus

Most of the images that we find of Saint Anthony of Padua come out with the baby Jesus in his arms, the reason for this is that when the young man retired in a room in complete solitude, however, a guest managed to see him through a window and saw that she had a beautiful child in her arms.

And the man wondered who he was and where this child had come from? After a long prayer, this vision disappeared and Saint Anthony forbade the man to tell what he had just seen.

The Talking Newborn

In Ferrara, Italy, there lived a man who was extremely jealous of his wife, who was not coquettish, she simply treated everyone who approached her with kindness and cordiality.

This woman was waiting sweetly as a result of adultery, and as if this were not enough, the child was born with dark skin, so there was no doubt that it was the result of betrayal.

On the day of the child’s baptism, Saint Anthony came across relatives and close friends of this “family”, and even though he knew that the child was the product of deception, he decided to name him Jesus and asked the child, who was his real father?

The boy, only two days old, pointed and expressed, This is my father! which impressed everyone, including the jealous husband, who decided to trust her wife again, give up control of her and enjoy a full life with her.

The poisoned food

Some sectarians, who bore a grudge against San Antonio, decided to invite him to a lunch to discuss catechism, however, the real intention was to poison him and enjoy watching him die.

The saint accepted their invitation, and they offered him the plate of food with poison. Of course, he knew immediately and he lectured them for such an act. I ask them why he had committed such an act? To test if they would admit guilt to him.

Quoting the word of God where to his disciples that if his words are sincere no poison would do them any harm. Then praying

And the sign of a cross over the food, he ate it and nothing happened to him, just as Jesus had promised his disciples. Confused, ashamed, and of course repentant, the sectarians begged forgiveness and converted.

Who is guilty?

When Antonio was in Padua, it happened in Lisbon, his hometown, that a young man murdered his greatest opponent and buried him in the garden of the saint’s family. When they found the body, they attributed the murder to his father, the owner of the garden. He tried to expose his innocence and couldn’t.

Then the saint moved to Lisbon and appeared before the judge expressing his father’s innocence. The judge did not believe him, so he had the body brought to court and asked:

“Was it my father who killed you?” The body, reviving, replied: “no, it wasn’t your father” and fell lifeless again. And the judge was convinced of his innocence.

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