Effective Catholic Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila

Effective Catholic Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila

The Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila , are a series of prayers that are made by the devotees of the Virgin Mary, who is the Saint of many throughout the world. In the following article you will know everything about this Virgin who is the Virgin Mary herself and much more.

Prayer to the Miraculous Virgin of Juquila

Oh Virgin, admired and so pure, Holy Juquila Blessed!, on this day you are sent an infinite prayer, which many want to reach your height, you who are the divine beauty, please free them from all kinds of pain.

Send us, oh Santa, the necessary relief through your love! What sadness have come to leave the sorrows of the past. Send them your heat! Today you are asked for these 3 types of wishes:

  • Send health, love, also money!
  • Send health, love, also money!
  • Send health, love, also money! Amen.

Prayer to the Miraculous Virgin of Juquila for Difficult Cases

Oh Lady of Juquila the clean and pure Conception, the one who is the queen of Heaven, the Mother of God, who is a dear prodigious patron, who at all times welcomes with great kindness the requests that have come to you, and they are usually countless miracles performed, which are worked through your intercession.

The Mother of faithful devout Catholics, you who always heal illnesses and come to give comfort to those who are most in need, you who come to protect everyone from danger and evil and are the one who frees them from afflictions , you who never abandon them and who are their great hope, please listen to each of their heartfelt requests that are made to you on this day with great faith and trust.

Oh Dear Mother, the Virgin of Juquila, the Virgin of hope, yours becomes the life of your devotees. Protect them from all kinds of evil. If in this world that is full of injustice, misery and sin, you see that the lives of many are disturbed, so I ask you not to abandon them.

Oh Dear Virgin, the one who protects the pilgrims, please accompany them on all their paths, I ask you to watch over the poor who do not have any kind of sustenance and the bread that is taken from them is you repaying them. Accompany them in every moment of their lives and also free them from all kinds of sin. Amen.

Little Virgin, do not abandon them! On this day you are given all thanks to the Virgin of Juquila, for each of the favors that are received. So be it.

Recommendation: You should ask for the desired favor or grace with all possible faith, these can be 3 wishes, 1 can be for business or work and the other 2 for difficult or impossible things. At the end, 9 Hail Marys are prayed. This prayer and prayers must be performed for 9 days in a row.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Difficult Times

All human beings who go through difficult situations can find in this prayer what is the consolation to be able to get out of their kind of sorrow, they just have to do it with a lot of faith and hope.

Holy Virgin of Juquila! You who already know that I have my problems that are difficult to solve: please help me.

  • Of All the Adversaries of my Soul: Save me.
  • In my Clumsiness: Enlighten me.
  • In my Uncertainties and Regrets: Comfort me.
  • In my Homelessness: Join me.
  • In my Discomforts: Strengthen me.
  • In Moments of Snubs: Cheer me up.
  • In Temptations: Protect me.
  • In Times of Difficulty: Calm me down.
  • With your Mother’s Heart: Love me.
  • With your Great Power: Protect me.
  • And when in your Arms your faithful are going to leave: Receive them. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila Oaxaca

Oh Immaculate Virgin of Juquila!, the Mother of God, who is conceived without original sin, full of grace you are, who is impregnated with justice and original innocence, all immaculate and without any kind of stain to be the worthy Mother of Jesus.

You Lady, who are in your full conception that beautiful dawn of the happy day of grace, and from the happy east of the divine sun of justice that dislodges the darkness of sin, you also undo the shadows of death and come to open the doors of glory

Oh let us rejoice in your glories! Many are those who celebrate this day, we honor your immaculate conception, so we admit that you are all great beautiful and without stain. Your faithful congratulate you and your most holy parents who are Joaquin and Ana, and they glorify the Holy Trinity because she has enriched you so much on this day.

You are begged, pure Mother, you are asked to give purity to their soul and innocence to their customs, now and forever and at the time of their departure from this world. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila: For Love, Business, Family and More

The Virgin Mary has many kinds of invocations, one of these that you may not get to know is the Virgin of Juquila, the devotion to this Virgin is located in the Population of Juquila, specifically in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Its festivities are celebrated on December 8, and in it, various types of dances and traditional Mexican festivals are usually performed. The cult is only preceded by that of the Virgin of Guadalupe and also by the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos. A prayer becomes a kind of way of being able to communicate with God, a saint or even with a deceased person, whether it be to offer him a reverence, make a request or even ask for a favor or simply say what he thinks or what he is. a person feels.

The prayers already have the letters established by the Church and can be done in 2 ways:

  • As a kind of devotion or a practice of piety that is carried out by the person individually or collectively, publicly or privately.
  • As a kind of ritual in which a series of phrases must be recited or repeated by the person or by the entire congregation.

Now, we are going to present a series of prayers to the Virgin of Juquila so that in them you can find the one you require for that particular moment you may be going through.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Love

Oh Virgin Mary of Juquila! Please give your devotees your eyes to be able to look with them, because if they do it with their own eyes, they know very well that they will not fall into sin again. Please give them, Mother, your lips so that with them they can pray a pure prayer to you; because if they can get to pray with them, God the Father himself will be able to listen to them.

Give them, oh Virgin, your tongue so that you can make communion; for she is only pure love and holiness. Please give them your arms so that they can get to work; because this way it will be easy for them to do many more times.

Please give them, oh Virgin, your mantle to remove their vileness; since with your powerful mantle to heaven they must be able to arrive. Give Jesus your son a Mother so that you can come to adore him; because if you give them Jesus, what else can they ask for? And this must be his happiness forever.

Thank you oh holy virgin! for getting to be with each of your faithful in the hardest and most difficult moments of their lives, so they long for you to help them to quickly get out of this type of immense pain, give them your strength, your faith and hope so that there is love in people

On this day, you are asked to obtain the release of all prisoners who are truly innocent. Pure maiden of Juquila! Take care of them forever from all kinds of evil and guide them on the right path of life and never let them fall; You are infinitely thanked in advance for the love you dispense and offer him. Oh holy virgin you are always venerated with great devotion and love. Thank you amen.

This kind of prayer has to be done with faith for about 9 continuous days and a red candle can be offered to the Virgin. All the people who want to find the great love of their life, the one that will truly last forever or as the priests say until death do them part, can also recite this Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for him. Love.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Business

The Celestial Virgin of Juquila!, the most full of love and very attentive, on this day many come to your person to be able to ask for your blessing and that you give your children and all their relatives from your abundance of goods, on this great business to start. We know that you know that a family becomes more than a mother, a father, brothers or sisters, than a wife or husband.

The family is about a group in which each of the components must come to believe in you, that is why on this day this kind of prayer is offered to you so that you are giving your blessing to the finances of each one of your devotees and their relatives.

Likewise, you are asked for the blessing of the business of (At this moment the person who has the business is going to be named) and you are asked to be you blessing all those people whom you love, and I know that they will have good use when they arrive. to receive your blessing, since the power of prayer is extended in the union of all those who believe in it and also to all those who believe in you beloved Holy Virgin. Amen

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Work

Whenever it can be done, we ask God and also the Virgin so that they are the ones who help us to be able to get a job. Through this prayer, which is said to be very powerful if you perform it with great faith to the Virgin of Juquila, you can also see other kinds of prayers to Santa Juquila that we highlight later.

Oh Holy Virgin of Juquila!, the intermediary in all kinds of difficulty, please help your devotees to be able to get a good job in which they can achieve fulfillment, and that their family never lacks anything in any concept of his life. That they can manage to keep it despite the various problems and the envy of the people who envy them.

May you progress in it, increase your quality of life and may have health and strength. And that each day you can become a help to all those around you and that in the company of the Sacred Family, to whom you are close, you are given their word to spread your devotion as a kind of expression of their gratitude. to each of your favors. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for the Family

The Great Lady of Juquila!: on this day you are asked that this home become a place of your love that there are no offenses, because you are the ones who give us understanding.

  • That there are no penalties because you are the ones who give the blessing.
  • Let there be no kind of ambition since you are the one who teaches them to share.
  • Let there be no kind of hatred since you are the one who grants forgiveness.
  • That there is no kind of forgetfulness because you are the one who always accompanies them.
  • May they learn to reach you in their daily lives.
  • May each day dawn and be of great dedication and sacrifice.
  • May you find them much love for their spouses on each of the nights.

Lady, try to make their lives link, and be full of you. Make, oh holy Lady, that the children, what you love so much; please help them to teach them and get them to locate on your path. We want the comfort to become mutual and the love to become a reason to come to adore you more. That they can give the best of each one of them so that they can be happy at home and that with each new dawn they can go to meet them and grant them how to always be by your side. Amen.

Another very powerful kind of prayer for the family is the Novena to the Blood of Christ for the protection of Families.

Spouses Prayer

Lord, on this day I ask you to please make my home a place that is full of your love that is never full of insult, because You are the one who gives all people understanding. Let there be no bitterness because You are the one who blesses them. That there is no selfishness among family members because You are the one who encourages them to give.

Let there be no resentment between each of us because You are not the one who grants forgiveness. May abandonment not exist among them because You always meet each one of us. May we know at all times to march towards You in daily living May each day and each morning always dawn another day of total sacrifice and dedication.

May you find us with much more love from the spouses during each one of them. Make Lord of our marriage which you wanted to unify, a page completely filled with you. Do Lord of our children what you always long for; Please, we ask you to help us educate, as well as to guide our children along your path.

May we strive each day in mutual comfort. That we make love a kind of reason to love you more every day. May we give our best at all times to be happy at home. That when a new day is born, the great day of going to meet you, be you the one who grants us to find ourselves forever in you. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for the Sick

Oh holy dear, Virgin of Juquila! The Virgin of hope; On this day your faithful devotees full of confidence are before you, to be able to ask you to grant them health of the soul and also of the body, please give them the remedy for all of their ills and also forgive each one of their sins, so that In this way, they can have the strength to be able to love you, and help you to serve, to be of great use to their neighbors, and at the moment you request them, that with their illness they become part of your sufferings.

So do them the exception of doing it with great patience and with resignation and in this way they can offer you their discomforts for the purification of their soul and what is the healing of all the needs of this world. So be it. Amen.

Another kind of prayer that we mentioned to you is recommended to be performed with great faith and confidence that the virgin will fulfill it.

Novena to the Virgin of Juquila

The novenas consist of devotional practices that have to be done over the course of about 9 continuous days in order to obtain a certain kind of grace or to ask for a specific request.

When they come to pray, people find themselves establishing a kind of communication directly with God and for this they must think lovingly, just as our beloved Lord Jesus did when he praised his Father, through prayer he He thanked and also asked him to forgive all the sins and faults that were committed by man and in turn requested his complete help. With the power of prayer is that people can unite with God, fighting against evil and can get God’s graces.

This class of novena to the Virgin of Juquila has to be carried out for about 9 continuous days, at the same time. You must light 1 candle that is white on each day of prayer.

The Lady of Juquila! At this time clean and pure in your conception, the queen of heaven and also the progenitor of the son of God. The dear little patron that you lavish and that you receive with kindness the requests that each of your faithful send to you and know that there are countless miracles that have come to be carried out through your divine intercession.

Mother of the devout Catholics of Juquilita! You who heal the discomforts and comfort those who need you most, you who take care of all the dangers and difficulties and free us from sorrows, you who would never abandon them and who are the great hope that listens to their most sincere requests. that on this day they perform you with great faith and trust. Amen. (At this time name the request of her heart)

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for the Home

All people at all times want peace to reign in their homes, as well as love and harmony. For this at all times they come to make a prayer to God, to the Virgin, to Jesus or any other of the saints that is of their devotion, so this is another of the prayers that are made to the Virgin of Juquila for the home:

Divine and glorious Virgin of Juquila! You who bless and also protect the house of your devotees where you are exposed and your sacred image is honored; please on this day we choose you and forever for the Lady and the Owner of this house, we ask you to deign to show her your powerful help, always preserving her from:

  • The diseases
  • The fire
  • Lightning
  • the floods
  • The earthquakes
  • Thieves
  • The discord
  • The Dangers of War.

Please give your blessing and protection to whom all those here live and give them peace, faith, true devotion to God and also to their brothers, tolerance in sorrows, love for eternal life, that they can get work, employment and study and the virtue of avoiding bad examples, vice, sin, eternal damnation and all other misfortunes and accidents. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Reconciliation and Peace

In these moments that are so convulsive and violent, many people are looking for God and also the Virgin to ask for her intercession and that it be finished, a country cannot get ahead if in the same the indices of the violence are usually high and insecurity does not allow its own inhabitants to even go out into the streets in peace. The Virgin of Juquila has this kind of prayer for what is the reconciliation and peace of the country.

Virgin of Juquila, have mercy on us!

Oh Lady, you who can impart the necessary peace, look at this country of ours that is submerged in disgrace because of vandalism and that is scattered because of fear and insecurity. Please have mercy on all who are in pain and suffering. Give the gift of the success of good decisions to those who come to govern.

It reaches the heart of all those who do not remember that people are a brotherhood and only want to make people suffer and die. Please give them the gift of Understanding, please protect homes, and all people regardless of their age, in particular our children.

That like your students of missions, people with a great social responsibility, can become kind of promoters of justice and peace, so that you can reach their towns to be able to have a kind of life with dignity. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila from a Mother

All mothers are always thinking about the well-being of their children, from the beginning of the day until nightfall, mothers come to put in the hands of God and also of the saints the lives and souls of their children to May they always go and arrive safely. The prayer is as follows:

My goodness, help my children! that is in expression be the cry of her heart since dawn. O Virgin Mary of Juquila! May your blessing be that you escort them, as well as take care of them, protect them, encourage them, come to support them everywhere and in everything they do. Mother of many, please bless each of her children! when they go to their place of work, when they are on the way from one business to another, that every kind of action they perform and every step they take, you are with them.

Mother, please help each of my children! May your Holy Blessing, Oh saint!, descend to where they are when they go to seek what is the healing of their ills and the relief of each of their wounds in the court of understanding and peace.

My goodness! Please give the blessing to each of my children. When at dusk they go to rest, to start the next day with new spirits, to be able to carry out all their work for the love of God and thus continue on their way to the eternal Homeland. May your blessing descend upon each one of them:

  • On day
  • At night
  • in the breath
  • in sorrow
  • At work
  • In his daily rest
  • in your health
  • And above all in his illnesses

In life and on the day of your departure from this world, so that you may be happy for an eternity with the Lord. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of the Master

Teachers and professors have the great responsibility of having to help all young people through their teachings, with this kind of Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila they have a kind of opportunity to ask that their task be blessed by the Mother of God. The sentence goes like this:

O Virgin of Juquila! Please grant the gift of having the necessary patience in the tasks of Teacher, so that I can have competence in the work of pedagogical teaching.

Please show how to get students to live together with the connection of charity, to even get to cooperate with their parents, to encourage each of their personal qualities as a student, and to know how to guide them in their education with adult and friendship advice. .

We ask you to give a selfless soul so that all teachers can testify with their words and with their lives to the eternal Teacher who has always been you, the Mother of God. Amen

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Drivers

Drivers have a double responsibility to take care of each of these lives and also of the other people who come to travel with them, including other people on foot who are on the street, with this class of Prayer they will be able to ask the Virgin to help them in those most delicate situations and to also guide and lead with good through all the streets where they travel.

Please, oh Virgin, grant him, great Virgin Lady of Juquila!, the firm hand and the vision of a vigilante, so that while he drives away he does not cause any kind of injury to anyone. To you, O Lady, who grants life and also maintains it, I ask you with great humility to take care today of the lives of all the people with whom you have contact today.

Free Lady, all those who are by my side, from any kind of discomfort, illness, disaster or accident. Please teach them how to make use of their car as an aid for all other people’s needs. Madam, at this moment I ask you not to lead them towards the path of speed, and that, coming to be able to admire the beauty of this land, and that they may continue and reach a happy end to their path.

For what I ask of you, oh beloved lady, for the merits of your Blessed Mother, and for the kind of intervention of Saint Christopher, who becomes the protector of drivers. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Migrants

People who have to leave their country for any reason can ask the Virgin of Juquila for a favor so that she can take care of them on their way through the world.

O Virgin of Juquila! On this day you are asked for all those people who have to live far from their countries and who have gone through the experience of having to emigrate to another nation.

They also become your children, who are in search of a better quality of life, and who find themselves taking refuge in order to escape violence, they are the families that go on certain occasions without even knowing where to go. All these people need your protection.

They are your Brothers who need your enlightenment so that they do not end up being cheated by the false words that on certain occasions attract their attention. They require your intercession so that they are not alone spiritually.

Complement their bodies with the love that you bestow, since you are the beginning of all good. Defend them from any difficulties they may have and strengthen their faith, so that they can find joy not only on this earth but also in their eternal life. Pray for us Holy Virgin of Juquila! Amen.

Student’s Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila

Oh Mary, the mother of many, Virgin of Juquila! You who find yourself in the holy heavenly court where there is Wisdom forever… Please, on this day I ask you to fill each one of your devotees with your eternal grace. and virtue: so that they can have full dedication in each of their studies, to be able to educate themselves much more quickly and have the confidence and security to get ahead. To the Glory of God the Father and the salvation of his soul… Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila when you are going to leave

When you leave home to travel, go for a walk, work or even study, you should come to make this kind of prayer so that the Holy Virgin of Juquila is the one who protects you in your walk. The sentence goes like this:

With your image on this day, O pure Virgin of Juquila, goes out into the street! And in your full authority I am very confident, since when I come to go with you I am under your protection and I know that the soul of your children will be back.

Sweet Virgin! Don’t go, nor do you take your eyes off each one of your faithful. I want you to meet me everywhere I go and never leave them, Dear Virgin. Well, you are the one who comes to give protection to your followers that only an authentic virgin can give, she asks God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to grant us her blessing. Amen.

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