Power Animals: Find out which one you are?

Power Animals: Find out which one you are?

Animals of Power, do you know what they are? In this article we will comment on the existence of power animals, we will teach you what their characteristics are, which is the power animal that corresponds to you and how to identify it, these are just some of the items that we will develop in this article.

What is a Power Animal?

We cannot begin to comment on the animals of power, if we do not define what they are, as it is known by many, everything that is part of the Universe is full of energy and life, even when it may seem like an inert object, such as a table, that object is built from materials with energy and life, therefore, that built object is a container of it.

Like the rocks, the soil, they may seem inert to us, but in reality they are full of energy and life, each of the things present in the Universe show different expressions of consciousness, in different realms and realities.

Based on this theory, all things in the Universe know their Harmony with everything else, except humans, although it may seem like a lie to everything that exists in the Universe, we humans are the ones who do not start our lives with this knowledge, but we must develop it and learn it.

It is at this time that the animals of power are present, our spirit can at some point in life reach its fullness, but we must necessarily learn to observe, be perceptive since it is the animals of power that will help us learn to live in harmony with everything we live with in the Universe.

When we come to the world, we are governed by certain stars, we are also governed by the influence of certain animals, which are what we know as Power Animals. We all have powerful animals that influence and help us because they guide us through the innate knowledge with which they are born and relate to the universe in perfect harmony.

But not all of us know what those animals are, many other people even ignore the existence of this power. The truth is that all of us, to different degrees, are attracted to and admired by some animal. Each of the human beings has correspondence with a particular animal, which has been their medicine.

From tribal cultures we can recognize the Totems or Animals of Power, they are the spirits that protect them on a daily basis, but also help them find that necessary spiritual harmony. Power animals are our internal reflection, they are the qualities that are hidden and that we do not know about ourselves.

The animals of power must be invoked so that we are enveloped with the strength and harmony of that animal, from them we must obtain what they have to give us and we are obliged to understand that these animals of power are part of the healing process. and therefore we must accept them with humility and great intuition.

How to recognize which is our Power Animal?

When we talk about power animals, people always think of lions, tigers, and exotic and strong animals, but this is not necessarily the case, power animals can be any animal, it doesn’t even matter if it’s big or small, if it’s a mammal or an insect. Nor is it mandatory that it be a land animal, this animal of power can be represented by an animal from mythology.

As through the power animals, we are getting to know and learning the path to spiritual balance, we are not going to have a single power animal throughout life, this power animal can change several times in life, which will depending on the needs of each person.

How then can we know which is the animal of power that corresponds to me and that will accompany me in my search for harmony? . They can reveal themselves to us through dreams, how can we recognize them, because that animal of power will be and will have a special role and meaning within the same dream, which will make us able to recognize it.

Another way in which we can recognize our power animal is by direct affinity, not only because we feel attracted to that animal, because of its beauty or strength, because of its colors, but because we feel fully identified with it.

It is also possible to recognize our power animal, if we manage to capture its presence through indirect messages, it is very possible that more frequently than we realize, through television, conversations, readings, among others, it appears, we see or name an animal, it is very possible that in an indirect way, the animal of power is being revealed to us.

How many times has an animal not been revealed to us and it catches our attention and we come to physically visualize it several times in a day? That is our animal of power revealed directly. Also in meditation practices, when we are at high energy levels, they may reveal and present themselves.

Knowing then our animal of power, it is opportune that we know its characteristics, in this way to know how I can lean on my animal of power, to harmonize with the Universe. It is very important to inform you that even though a way to recognize who our power animals are, it is not us who choose the animal, it is the power animal that chooses us.

So we must pay close attention to the manifestations and signs of our power animal, it is possible that you feel very attracted to a particular animal, but it may not be the power animal that has chosen you. They inspire us, guide us, their influence always brings something positive, some of their qualities can be identified in him.

There is other wisdom and skills that they give us and we learn from their qualities. Many connoisseurs of this subject point out that we can have several power animals, all of this will depend on the moment, our energy, what we must learn or the quality we need to advance. However, we can say that the common is to have a triad of power animals, that is, there are three power animals that accompany our lives.

Open one of these animals that will be the dominant one, however, in the moments that are necessary, this leader will give up his position so that the animal of power that can help us or that we need at a certain moment takes them. When we no longer need or have controlled the situation with the power animal that replaced the leader, he will resume his rightful place in the triad.

Characteristics of some power animals

It is important that after we have already identified which is the animal of power that has selected us to accompany our path towards spiritual harmony, to know the characteristics of the animals of power. Why is it important to know about its characteristics? Because it is based on them that we are going to request your help, since we are not going to ask you for help on a quality that our power animal does not have.

How can we ask for your support, through meditation, invoking your help and also through prayers, prayers can be created by ourselves, to ask for your help? Next, we will name some of the power animals and we will give some of their characteristics, we hope that your power animal is within our description.

Before starting we must remember that the power animals are not chosen by you, they choose you, so you cannot feel rejection, if your power animal is a small insect, you must feel pride and recognize its qualities, so you request your help. Without order of importance, we will develop the characteristics of the power animals in and for this we will do it in alphabetical order.

Eagle: Spirit and Courage

Eagles are identified by many cultures as a mystical and spiritual animal, the ability to fly, their strength, and the great sight that characterizes them, make it an animal naturally with great qualities, its feathers are generally used in some tribal ceremonies and also to complement ornaments and ritual objects, as they are considered sacred and healing.

The Eagle is an animal of power that can guide our path towards the recovery of personal power, it is characterized by concentrating the power of tenacity, having the gift of vision, which will allow it to see things clearly, find the truth and see them as they are.

The eagle has the gift of patience, it knows how to wait for the best moment, it is capable of living in perfect balance, the eagle’s healing power is found in its spirit, so it can be the connection it needs to make the link with the great spirit The eagle will guide you to be above the mundane, that is, rise above the material to be able to observe the spiritual, come out of the shadows, it will teach you to rise, to feel freedom, to connect with the peace and joy you need. your heart.

If your power animal is the eagle, ask for its help, its strength, its visual acuity, its tenacity, its assertiveness, opportunity, freedom, observing from above, among other qualities indicated. It can even be a specific type of eagle like the white eagle and the golden eagle.

The specific qualities of them in addition to those mentioned are Wisdom, Speed, Illumination of the Spirit, Knowledge of magic, integral vision, Intuitive and creative Spirit, while the golden eagle additionally delivers Illumination, spiritual power, Respect, Grace, reincarnation, understanding of the cycles of the Sun.

Bee: Wisdom

In addition to wisdom, the ability to understand feminine energy is attributed, which is recognized as the energy of the warrior, has the power of reincarnation and communication with souls that are on other planes. The bee as an animal of power has the gift of concentration, of prosperity, in addition to helping to release those spirits that are clinging to the earthly plane.

As we can ask for their help, for example on occasions when we feel that our economic abundance is a bit stagnant, we can ask our power animal to help us and give us his gift of prosperity, to give us the sharpness of his sting, for when we make our decisions. We can create the help request in a very personal way.

Spider: Creativity

Creativity is a more obvious gift, but she is also the teacher of the weavers, her ability to weave can serve to help us not to fall, to sustain well-being. It can also help us weave the traces of the desired destination. The spider is creative, it is capable of knowing about divine inspiration, it is not afraid of changes and it is capable of starting its spider web from scratch, as many times as necessary. It has in each of its parts the feminine energy of the creative force, it is capable of carrying its children while building a new home.

Phoenix Bird: Guardian of the Fires of Creation

As we have indicated, the animals of power can also be mythological animals, of the qualities that the phoenix has is protection, rebirth, regeneration. This emblematic mythological animal was able to emerge from the ashes of the fire, which had generated its own destruction. Then we must identify ourselves with its power of renewal, of resilience and make ourselves with this new rebirth stronger, brighter and braver.

Buffalo: Abundance and Gratitude

The buffalo is the power animal that has always been related to abundance and gratitude, there are legends in tribal cultures that attest to its spiritual power. The buffalo is the value of peace, of gratitude for what one has in life, it is far from selfishness because it is an animal that provides food with its meat, shelter with its skin, weapons for defense and tools for the survival of its hard and soft parts. The buffalo means honor, appreciation for everything that exists in the universe, it is reverence before creation, generosity. It recognizes feminine value, hospitality, strength and challenge.

Owl: Intuition and Clairvoyance

Owls come in various forms, regardless of whether it is a small owl or the largest and strongest of all, such as the horned owl, all of them, as animals of power, are warriors and brave. Owls are nocturnal birds, they have a high level of awareness and nothing around them goes unnoticed.

They have great night vision and are very intuitive animals. They generally choose to be the power animal of psychics or people who, like them, are intuitive or clairvoyant. Among the qualities is that this animal has the ability to see behind the masks, it is fast, it is capable of uniting the world of darkness and the world of light, it is the messenger of secrets.

Whale: Keeper of the memory of all eternity

The songs of the whale can be heard from miles away, so its knowledge and qualities are associated with its voice, it has gifts for telepathy, which is accompanied by psychic abilities. She knows everything about movement and everything related to the sea. It helps us to flow, to listen, to communicate effectively, it is a power animal, which can be of great help if we have difficulties communicating.

Donkey: Tenacity

How many times have we not seen or heard that when the donkey decides not to walk there is no one to move it, it is an animal classified as an animal of burden and obstinacy. But those are the earthly characteristics with which it has been identified, in reality the Donkey is an animal of power that has the ability to make decisions, is strong and determined, has the ability to know how to say no to others, which in many opportunities is a skill that we lack. He also has the ability to not hear what is not important to him or what does not interest him, despite his long ears, which he uses to hear what matters to him.

Horse: Power and Endurance

The horse is one of the animals most related to the human being throughout history in the material world and in the mythological world. From the horse we know incredible legends and stories of bravery and heroism in the real world. Within the Horse power animals, we must include Pegasus with his powerful wings, Odin’s Horse with its 8 legs, among others, mythological horses that may have selected us.

The horse, in addition to its physical strength, has spiritual strength, it has the gift of loyalty, faith, love, and devotion. It is a vigorous power animal, with a lot of physical resistance, it likes freedom, it is friendly, it warns of dangers, it is determined and communicative.

Hummingbird: Love and Joy

The Hummingbird is one of the smallest birds we know, despite its size it is a creature of great strength, it is capable of flapping its wings at such a speed that it can stay in one place as if it were levitating, go up, down, go back without that we can see their wings. It travels at impressive speeds and can stop ipso facto.

When we analyze its way of feeding we can identify that it does not make contact with the outer layer of the flower, but goes directly to the sweet nectar. This definitely brings a message that must be incorporated into the lives of those who have been chosen by the hummingbird as their power animal, they must seek the sweetness of life, which is found in love and joy.

Within the help provided by the hummingbird as an animal of power is the ability to obtain the best from situations, that is, it is optimistic and positive. We must ask for the ability to move forward, to live surrounded by good energy, to give joy and love to all those around us. It is possible that within the qualities of people is being kind, cheerful and always finding the good in each of the people who come into your life.

The open areas, full of color, will allow them to be charged with that wonderful energy, which must then be spread, in order to achieve magical changes in their environment. We can then highlight the healing capacity of the hummingbird’s wisdom and medicine, we can ask our power animal for patience for very long working hours, remember that not all the flowers that are visited by the hummingbird have nectar, however, do not lose heart and continue searching. He always spreads his joy, because he is full of vitality, happiness, love.

Rabbit: Fear and Humility

The rabbit is one of the most threatened prey animals, it is threatened by its natural predators and also by man who exerts strong hunting pressure on this animal, however, the rabbit is not paralyzed by fear, but has learned to moving through it, it has become an animal that has developed cunning and quick thinking.

The rabbit spiritually receives teachings and messages that can become premonitory, it is recognized with the gift of humility, because it is very soft and silent and not at all proud or believed. We can then learn from the rabbit not to be afraid, fear stops us and when we are afraid our thoughts are filled with them, as we are what we think, then we will attract those fears into our lives.

If you have been chosen by the Rabbit, it is very possible that the message is that you stop being afraid, that you must work on your worries, but to grow. It is then time to reassess yourself, eliminate negative energies, fill yourself with positive ones and be like the rabbit, humble, intuitive and not paralyzed by fear.

Chameleon: The Camouflage

The chameleon has the natural quality of being able to change color in order to blend in with the environment, in this way it often manages to deceive its predators. Also in order to obtain its food it manages to remain static and with its long and retractable sticky tongue obtain its food.

We can then recognize patience as a great virtue in this animal of power, it has the ability to adapt to the environment in order to obtain what it is looking for, it has a great ability to locate itself in the place that allows it to reach its goal and survive and the sun it is definitely their source of power. People who are chosen by the chameleon may ask for his abilities and also learn from his abilities to go unnoticed, it is possible that he is appealing to his ego.

Canary: Communication

Canaries are birds of beautiful plumage, however, more than their size and plumage, their chirping is one of the most striking characteristics of this beautiful bird. On many occasions, their singing is used as a healing power, but it also carries the message of joy and happiness.

This animal of power calls us to find that inner music of the soul, it delivers happiness, it calls us to find in music the joy that dissipates sadness and darkness. The canary teaches us to find within ourselves what we do not see on the outside.

Crab: The Escape

How many times do we not relate the crab’s walk with going backwards, the crab does not walk backwards, the crab walks sideways, it shows us the ability to escape without going forward or backward, but by moving to one side. This beautiful animal has the gift of controlling emotions, it is representative in its energy of the masculine aspects.

It calls us to innovation, to find a new utility in obsolete objects, to reuse, to reinvent ourselves. The crab is fast and its agility and ease of escape cannot be teaching the need to identify if we should leave something behind and reinvent ourselves.

Ram: The Balance

The rams are robust and very strong animals, their legs are actually small and thin towards their hooves, however, the carenero is an animal of great stability, it is said that it is due to the fact that it has confidence in its own abilities and can reach control the most dangerous situations without panicking and running away.

It is an animal that represents fertility, principles and the security that must be had in new areas. This is one of the animals of power, which calls us to believe in our potentiality, to increase our self-confidence, not to fear new beginnings.

Cobra: The Soul Guide

The cobra is a snake that is very feared in the material world, because it has a poison that is deadly, however, it is an animal that can have a relationship with some people, who never manage to tame them, but control their temperament. The cobra is recognized as the animal of power that guides the transmutation of the soul, it can help bring back memories of past lives, it is recognized as wisdom, it is an animal that shows freedom.

Crocodile: Maternal Protection

The crocodile is a cold-blooded reptile, a large predator, it is found at the top of the food chain in many ecosystems, however, on a spiritual level it is related to one of the strongest human loves, such as love. of mothers and their degree of protection. It is the animal of power that is connected to mother earth, it is capable of discovering any deception, because it has the quality of recognizing her manipulation and protecting us from it.

The crocodile is patient, it always waits for the best moment and its survival depends on it, so it has an enormous understanding of time management and has access to ancestral knowledge. If the crocodile has chosen it, we can learn from him to solve past situations using patience.

Condor: Death and Rebirth

The condor is a bird that flies very high, that ability to take flight spiritually is related to acts of purification, it is the animal of power that represents the love of the mother goddess. He is aware of the loss of loved ones.

If this is our power animal, it is calling us to overcome losses, not to continue in low energy states such as depression. The message of rebirth applies to everything, to those who start from this plane and go to a higher energy level and to those who remain on this plane, who are called to continue and be reborn, that is, to overcome difficult situations.

Coyote: Understanding and Stealth

We always relate the coyote as an animal that moves stealthily to be able to rummage and steal the eggs from the chicken coops, but its natural behavior has nothing to do with the spiritual, the coyote has the ability to understand that everything and nothing is sacred. That it is necessary for hypocrisy to vanish in order to connect with the highest energies.

It is linked to intelligence, to existence, it calls us to connect with the inner child and trust in the truth. Another of the qualities is that the coyote shows us how to laugh at mistakes, it shows us how to find the balance between security and risk and that we must be discreet.

Raven: The Rebirth

This bird is always related to darkness, because that is its color, however, the message and wisdom of the crow has nothing to do with darkness, on the contrary, its power is Rebirth without fear, it has the ability to absolutely knock down everything that must be built anew, therefore it is a renewing force that prevails. It is a power animal that has the ability to find light in the dark, it is the animal of new ideas, it allows us to introspect, reflect and honor our ancestors.

Dolphin:  Knowledge

This is one of the animals that we consider to be the most intelligent, it is a mammal that lives in the sea, it is also very beautiful and elegant. There are many anecdotes about dolphins about always staying close to boats and being present in areas where seamen need help. Despite being a mammal, his home is the sea and he has managed to control the environment in which he must leave it in order to breathe.

They are cheerful, playful animals that give humans their confidence, it has been an animal that has been used for many years by man, to carry out therapies in areas where they remain in captivity, however, they still provide health. If the Dolphin is our animal of power, we must manage our time, to dedicate a space to distraction, it is necessary to find a balance between obligations and healthy distractions, outdoor games, sharing with the family.

The way in which the dolphin has learned to move in the sea should teach us that we must learn to move in the different scenarios that are presented to us in life, with the same grace and speed of the dolphin. We must always take advantage of swimming taking advantage of the currents, that is, we cannot do things contrary to how they should be or how life is telling us they are.

The Dolphin is wisdom, knowledge, balance, dexterity, confidence, freedom. He teaches us that we must use our breathing, because it allows us to have control of our emotions, he teaches us that we must stay hydrated as a healing measure and control the rhythm of life. The seamen have taken on the dolphins as their power animals.

Commodore’s Dragon: S abitude Warrior

The komodoro dragon is a large lizard, with a robust and strong appearance that commands respect and fear, but is related to being an energy warrior, having a long life. It has the ability to achieve long dream states and know how to use the vibrations of the earth. Being an animal of power, we must rely on its energetic strength to prolong health states and achieve its levels of longevity.

Elephant:  Eliminate Obstacles

The elephant is one of the largest animals on earth, it is identified with the Royalty Force and the Connection with ancient wisdom. It is characterized by being an animal with a lot of patience, with a great memory. If our power animal is the elephant, we are called to raise confidence levels, be less impatient, less anxious and be able to move forward using our abilities.

Beetle: The Enlightenment

The beetle is an insect that is spiritually identified as the animal that has the responsibility of carrying the golden rope that marks the path to the center of the universe. Its energy is related to past lives, in an animal of power with a great energetic value, which allows the illumination of the purpose for which we are on this spiritual path.

Scorpio: The Transmutation

The scorpion is an animal with a strong sting and sometimes deadly poison, however, it has the ability to transmute the poison, to know death and rebirth, it has the energy capacity to make the emitter see negative energy. The scorpion calls us to be alert to betrayals, of the inconvenience of becoming recipients of bad energies, we are obliged not to let ourselves be attacked from behind, that is, we must take care of spiritual integrity.

Flamingo: The Understanding

A beautiful bird with a striking color that spends its life in shallow bodies of water, they undertake long migratory flights. Its energy is related to the ability to select the lessons of the soul, it is able to move within the different emotions. It is able to generate balance, promote the purpose of the soul.

Cat : Independence

If anyone knows a more independent “domestic” animal than the cat, I invite you to name it, the cat is one of the animals that is capable of living in our homes, asking to be cared for, fed and caressed but under its own rules.

Cats have always had preferential treatment in some civilizations if we review history and are related to mystical, dark or mysterious environments. Witches were said to turn into cats to go unnoticed at night. These and many more stories are attributed to this animal, however, what is decisive for its characteristics is its clear independence.

In the spiritual field, cats are associated with many lives, being able to see beyond what is visible. If they are chosen by the cat as an animal of power, they are people who have a certain degree of mystery, they are not subject to things they do not like, they have the absolute independence to leave a place if they do not want to be there.

Seagull: Communication

This beautiful bird is identified with spiritual messages, direct communication with the deities, it calls us to behave responsibly, to cultivate friendships and see situations in perspective.

Gorilla: Intelligence

Gorillas do not live in isolation, they are animals that make up a family group, therefore, they have a high sense of understanding of social complexity, they have communication skills. Of gorillas it must be recognized that despite being temperamental and territorial animals, they have great intelligence, they are resolute, that is, they know and seek to solve problems, their ability to move gives them a great capacity to balance compassion on an energetic level and aggressiveness, they are able to connect with the spirits of the jungle.

Falcon: Clairvoyance

The falcon is another of the large, high-flying birds, it is related to the messages of the spirit, the memory of past lives, that is why, some information we can find its ability to recall distant memories. If the falcon is the animal of power that corresponds to us, we must value wisdom, make use of creativity, to find the truth, learn from experiences, learn to recognize and use opportunities.

Ant: life force

Although we may be surprised, the ant, being one of the smallest animals, is capable of carrying twice its weight. They live in extremely organized communities, in which energy is distributed and its expenditure planned in such a way as to achieve the objective, the life of the community. This animal of power helps us reflect on the need to organize, plan, have patience, save in abundance for times of scarcity, and teaches us about teamwork.

Lion: Feminine Strength and Patience

The Lion is a symbol of the power of feminine energy, in the herds of lions the females are the ones who hunt to provide food for the group, in addition to taking care of the cubs, although each mother takes care of her own cub, the others females, they help in the protection of the little ones.

For his part, the male has the responsibility for the herd to reproduce, he must also take care of its safety. His participation in obtaining food is to roar to make the prey come closer to where the lionesses are, waiting for the best moment to attack.

The lion, despite seeming so fierce and being able to fight to the death to defend and care for his herd, prefers a calm and peaceful life. We can learn from this animal of power, how to manage ourselves in groups and learn to balance the energy that must be managed. We must also recognize patience, teamwork, recognize opportunity.

The action of the packs allows us to clearly recognize the strengths of each of its members and take advantage of them to obtain the best benefit for all. We have a lot to learn from this animal of power, the Lion does not show how strong and brave he is, he only does it when he wants to achieve a goal.

Lobo: The Teaching and Guide to the Sacred

The wolf is a highly loyal animal to its partner, with a really beautiful and consolidated sense of family. Wolves have always been labeled as a ferocious, relentless animal, but in reality they are animals whose ferocity has been overrated and underestimated, their traits of sociability, familiarity and how intelligent and organized they are.

They avoid fights, they prefer to send warnings, which shows that they have developed to live harmoniously. People who identify with this animal of power, have a high level of self-confidence, are able to communicate with ease and small gestures, do not get stuck in a problem, are always looking for solutions.

They are people capable of providing stability. The wolf gives the ability to manage instinct with intelligence, has family values, is cunning before enemies, knows how to go unnoticed and has the ability to take advantage of changes.

Butterfly:  The Transformation

Butterflies are one of the animals that undergoes an important metamorphosis in the development of their lives. The scientific research carried out to get to know this beautiful animal has allowed us to recognize that this is the only animal that completely changes its genetic structure during the metamorphosis process, that is, the genetic information of the cocoon caterpillar is different from that of the butterfly that is born her. Therefore, the butterfly is the animal of power that represents total transformation.

When our animal of power is the butterfly, we must then recognize in the message of its presence, the need for change, to have a little more freedom in our lives. For this we must be brave, because changes deserve courage, because they are a process of growth. The butterfly gives us the mental power, to think clearly, to organize projects and improve plans that will allow that change.

If you receive the signs of this animal of power, moments of transformation come. One of the important things is that we must identify which of the stages of transformation of this animal of power is the one that calls us, if it is the egg, if it is the larva, if it is its cocoon or if it is the butterfly, each of them , it will not be giving the information of the stages of that change.

The egg is not saying that it is something new that we must create, the cocoon guides us towards making a change within ourselves. If it is the breaking of the cocoon, it is a creation that we must share, among others, therefore, the butterfly will guide you towards the change that you must make. We recommend paying close attention to the qualities of this animal.

Bear: The Introspection

Bears have a way of leading life to achieve their survival that includes a period of hibernation, which is why their presence is related to “dreaming the Great Spirit” or retrospection. When we mentally locate ourselves in the cave of the Bear, it is like returning to the womb of Mother Earth. It is also the representation of the feminine force to maintain, nurture and protect.

People who have bears as their power animals are self-sufficient, they generally do not like to receive help from other people to achieve their goals. They are recognized as dreamers, they are creative and have a great ability to visualize new things, but they must be careful not to get trapped in their dreams, they must do like the bear, wake up and face reality. The bear shows us the need for introspection, moments of solitude, communication with the internal and with the spirit, transformation, astral travel.

Sheep: Obedience

Sheep are animals that move in herds, they are very docile and obedient animals, they do not react aggressively to the proximity of man, most of the time they are calm, which externalizes their inner peace, their trust, dedication and the possibility of be happy without complications. If the sheep is our animal of power, we must rescue from its energy its tranquility, its absence of rebellion and defense, let us ask for its inner peace.

Dog: Loyalty and Protection

The Dog is one of the most accepted domestic animals, it is the most common pet, but we must remember that our power animals are not our pets, they are our guides and in this way they must be treated and respected. The dog has always been an animal that provides service and protection, it is the one who alerts us to the dangers that lie in wait for us and are capable of giving their lives to defend us from them. Due to these qualities, dogs have always been part of human life.

The dog is the symbol of loyalty, unconditional love, support and protection. He has always been recognized as man’s best friend, because he is gentle, no matter how he is treated he is always able to show love. If your Power Animal is the Dog, you are a person who always shows his loyalty and devotion to his family and friends, you characterize yourself as a helpful person, who helps his neighbors.

But you can make the mistake of forgetting loyalty and love for yourself, you must take from the dog that although he is helpful, protective, affectionate, he also takes time for himself, licks his wounds and heals them, rests and plays. If you get too close to extremes, people can take advantage of your qualities, therefore, you must value yourself, take care of yourself and give what you can really give.

Deer: Gentleness and Compassion

Deer are beautiful animals that have a highly harmonious relationship with the environment, they may seem a bit nervous to us, but this is because they are extremely sensitive to sounds or movements. Males and females are grouped, but they form different families or groups in the breeding season, we can perhaps see large groups as if they were one, but it is not like that, within that great herd there are small groups, but they are sociable, gentle and This is the success of coexistence.

Deer are fast and are always on alert, because they have the ability to hear and sense movements that can become a threat. People who are guided by this animal of power are characterized by being lively, quick in thought and action, have a highly developed ability to perceive, some may have developed extrasensory abilities. They seem to always be far away in their thoughts.

The deer offers us kindness through thought, contact and word, as well as the ability to listen, it gives us the patience to know its surroundings and to understand what it needs and what can help it survive.

From them we can obtain the guide to implement gratitude, compassion, kindness, from the virtues of the deer we can heal our wounds, accept others as they are and not reject them, but accept them in their pure essence, this is the true balance between love, compassion and gentleness.

Tortoise:   Protection and Patience

The turtle is the animal that shows us the connection with mother earth, there is a tribal legend that tells that the Earth was just water and a turtle swam to the deepest and brought the earth on its back, to allow man to inhabit it. and make it your home.

The turtle is an animal of power that feels at home no matter where it is, because it is its own home, it does not feel attached to any place, therefore it has the absolute freedom to seek opportunities. When something makes her uncomfortable, she feels insecure about the environment in which she finds herself, she simply goes into her shell.

This animal of power has so much to give us that we must pay attention to its slow pace, the patience it has to achieve its goals, the respect it feels for mother earth. Asking for the help and guidance of the turtle can help you find the true balance between the material and the spiritual, since the turtle symbolizes the energy of the earth, the magic of the skies, the power of the waters.

We can learn from her to seek tranquility, trust, within ourselves, find the strength to dissipate our fears, we cannot continue to believe that the turtle hides its head out of fear or to hide from the reality that surrounds it, if it were That way he would never come out of his shell again.

She keeps herself in her shell to find within herself, the wisdom, the courage to be able to go out again, she also uses it to protect herself, it is true, it is her home, but not to hide. Therefore, we can learn from this incredible animal of power to connect with our center, find patience, know our limits, respect the limits of others, strengthen self-confidence, protection and defense.

Are these all power animals? There are not really many others, however, these are the most common power animals and the ones that are most recognized. The really important thing about this article is that you can identify your power animal and recognize in it, its strengths and also its weaknesses, the power animals as indicated above are our guide, from them we can obtain the information to learn how to channel our energies and find the path that helps us rise spiritually.

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