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Forgiveness Reflections, one of the tools that can help us overcome situations and feelings that do not allow us to move forward in life, in this article you will learn about the importance of forgiving others and we will teach you how, through forgiveness reflections.

Importance of Forgiveness           

How many times have we said, Yes, I forgive you, surely we have lost count of the times that superficially, we have told someone that we forgive them, but we know internally that it is not so. When we do not truly forgive committed to releasing that feeling, which takes up space within us, we have not truly forgiven.

To forgive we have to let go, if someone has offended us we must be able to not demand that they pay for their fault. When we forgive from the heart, we do not even need to be asked for forgiveness, if we are capable of not feeling resentment for the person who caused the fault, if we are capable of not even thinking about justice divided for that person, then we have forgiven.

But where does the importance of forgiveness lie? Precisely in that we draw from our interior feelings that do not contribute to growth as a person or to spiritual growth. Letting go is forgetting from the heart, when you forgive in this way, emotional burdens are lightened, because we will be able to not feel anger, when we see that person, we will be able to allow our life to flow, without being tied to the past.

It is important to point out that it is not about forgetting, nobody asks you to forget, if you do it is better, but if you cannot forget it does not matter, you just have to let it go, that it really forms part of the past and allows us to lighten the loads and be able to advance, to go further. No one has said that it is easy to forgive, that is why there are reflections on forgiveness, which help us achieve that important goal, which gives us the wisdom to let it go.

It is normal and common for people to wonder why they can’t forgive. And the answer will always be the same, because they are seeking revenge, they want that person to receive punishment for what they did, these feelings of retaliation and the need for justice, are based on anger, on pain and those are the feelings of the that we must unload ourselves, because they are the fuel for not being able to forgive. So now that we are clear about the importance of forgiveness, we can begin to know the reflections of forgiveness, in order to move towards that spiritual level.

Forgiveness Reflections

The first thing we must do to forgive that person who hurt us is to reflect on forgiveness and for this we must be very honest with ourselves. It is very important that we stop looking for answers from the outside, we are not going to find inner peace outside of us, we are not going to find inner tranquility outside of us, therefore, it is very important to find the answers within ourselves, to to be able to learn through the reflections of forgiveness, to forgive.

When some people refuse to forgive, we can find several reasons that are within the person and not outside of it, one of these reasons is to always want to keep an Ace up their sleeve, which allows them to hurt the person who did it to them. damage, they are able to wait as long as necessary until the right moment arrives.

Doesn’t thinking this way make us the same as the person who hurt us? How different we are, with feelings of vengeance and revenge. This reflection of forgiveness, calls us to review ourselves, how much do we gain by quenching the thirst for revenge? This type of attitude makes us victimizers, makes us equal to that person.

Other people consider that if they forgive they will lose and base their reasons on erroneous conclusions such as “If I forgive him, it is as if he had not done anything”, “If I forgive him, I will have to forget all the damage he did to me.”, ” If I forgive him, he will do the same or worse again.” Now, based on the previous affirmations, let’s carry out the forgiveness reflections. We have to be able to identify that forgiving does not mean any of the above.

Forgiving is not accepting the offense, Forgiving is not forgetting the offense, Forgiving is not allowing the offense, with the denials that we have indicated, if we must then affirm that with forgiving there are no consequences, that forgiving does not force you to be a friend or maintain a relationship with that person.

When we say that it should be let go, it is not forgetting, but it is that we must let go of waiting for that person to ask us for forgiveness, stop waiting for him to change and behave as we wish, we must let go of the desire that suffers the same as made us suffer. Forgiveness is setting limits and not allowing them to hurt us again. Another way to forgive is also to accept that perhaps we have been offended without a real reason, with the conviction of not being or becoming a victim.

Another reflection of forgiveness is not to wait for them to ask us for forgiveness, in reality it is about forgiving without being asked for forgiveness, it is a condition that we can overcome alone, without the necessary crutch of being asked to be forgiven. We are beings called to evolve emotionally and spiritually, forgiving is a tool that opens the way to that evolution, to elevate ourselves and place ourselves at a higher level. We must be able to overcome anger, heartbreak, sadness, and pain.

How can you help yourself overcome those feelings that keep you unable to forgive, first you should not feel guilty for not forgetting the person who hurt you, it is good to remember the wound, but you should also let it heal, you should not touch it, you should see it as a wound that closes, that heals and heals, if you touch it it will infect again.

Another way to overcome it and reach forgiveness is to know that that person continues with your life and you are still stuck in anger, in pain, it is not fair at all, it was not you who hurt, so you should not suffer.

As we have already pointed out, you are not obliged to get along with the person who hurt you, that would be hypocrisy and you must be honest, not with that person, but with yourself. Another way to move towards the path of forgiveness is to make a commitment to yourself, make a promise not to get angry about today, it is an excellent strategy.

The power of compensation is also a strategy that works in forgiveness reflections, it is about changing a negative thought or memory, for a positive one that makes you happy, even with that person, surely not everything was bad. You must have patience, forgiving can take time, but it is possible, forgiving does not mean that you are a weak person in the face of offense, on the contrary, you need to be very strong to forgive.

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