Prayer to the Virgin of Las Mercedes for Injustice

Prayer to the Virgin of Las Mercedes for Injustice

This prayer occupies a very special position among devout Catholics, this is motivated by the fact that the Prayer to the Virgin of Mercedes is used for injustices such as people who are imprisoned without deserving it, if you want to know more, we invite you to continue reading.

Prayer to the Virgin of Las Mercedes for prisoners and injustices

Oh, Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy! Mercy of God for men, Mother of Jesus Christ, Queen of the world and Lady of all creation, who despise no one or leave disconsolate, make us see the reign of Christ, your Divine Son, who is that of love, truth and Justice.

Source of all goodness, glory of the forsaken, messenger of freedom and mercy, refuge of those who suffer, of the poor and forgotten, comforter of the afflicted, medicine of the sick, help in need, strength in tribulations, help of the captive, protection of the oppressed, redeemer of injustices, jails, prisons and exiles patron saint of families and defense of homes: deign to accept our prayers that with all gratitude and fervor we address to you.

Virgin of Mercy, enchantment of heaven and earth, You who generously listen to the requests of those who come to implore your treasures of mercy, You who with maternal request always attend to us so that we see our wishes and desires fulfilled, You who always welcome us because we are your children, children of your Immaculate and Sacred Heart, You who never fail us, sustain us and accompany us, do not leave us alone during our pilgrimage in this life. Do not leave us delivered to our weak forces, since without your maternal request we would faint on the way.

Virgin of Mercy, prodigy of miracles relieves our sorrows. Lady full of the grace of the Lord, she intercedes for us and grant us what with so much faith and lively hope we ask you today:

(In this part of the prayer the request is made to the virgin)

Excelsa Virgin of Mercy, pray for us. Glorious Mother and our protector, Lady of Endless Mercy, You who are compassionate with everyone, open your mantle and shelter us in it, You who love us and guide us every day, please obtain for us what we need so much.

María de la Merced, cover us with peace, justice and love, obtain for us these graces and that of the eternal salvation of your son Jesus Christ, who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns forever and ever. So be it.

(The prayer ends with the recitation of seven Hail Marys, seven Our Father and seven Glory Be)

Sentence Analysis

This prayer begins as always extolling the figure of the saint to whom it is being prayed, also praising God the father. Subsequently, he proceeds to name in detail all the names by which he is known, in addition he is humbly asked to hear our plea. Then you can see how his virtues are clearly recognized and how he has worked for men, that is why he is begged not to leave us to our fate.

This virgin is asked to, through miracles, intercede before God for us and grant us the miracle that we so desire. In this prayer the virgin is asked to guide us and give us what we need, for having a merciful and compassionate nature, the prayer ends by asking the virgin to protect us under the love, justice and peace that only God the father can give. .

Who is the Virgin of Las Mercedes?

The Virgen de las Mercedes is how the Virgin Mary has assumed the responsibility of being the patron saint of those people who are imprisoned today, also of those who are going through a very difficult situation and need divine help.

Everything that this virgin represents has been a vital part of the Spanish religious culture today, the belief in her began in the city of Catalonia and then spread throughout what is currently known as the American continent, thanks to what we know today such as the expeditions of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of the “new world”.

Currently the Virgen de Las Mercedes has millions of followers around the world, that is why she is considered within the Catholic religion as a very popular icon, which is why she has festivities in her honor, in addition, she also has many religious devotees who usually make floral offerings, this with the intention of making requests or also, with the intention of thanking him.

This virgin is usually represented with many symbols and in various ways, for example, there are those who portray her dressed in white with a rosary and the mercy symbol on her chest, other people portray her in another way, they place a crown and a scepter on her. that she is represented as a patron saint, the pattern that is usually repeated in her representation is the presence of the child Jesus in her arms.

The Virgin of Las Mercedes is not only known by that name, she is also often nicknamed “the Merciful Virgin” this virgin has a lot of presence in the Catholic religion, that is why in the countries where this is the main religion she has so much presence, some examples of the countries in which it enjoys importance are: Spain (its country of origin), Venezuela, the United States and Chile.

Recommendations that are usually made to pray to the Virgin of Las Mercedes

To pray to this virgin, it is recommended not to take it lightly, that is, not to do it out of superstition, it is also recommended that the place where you pray offers peace and serenity. The emotional state in which the faithful Catholic praying is found is important, the person should not be under the effects of stress or anxiety, this would eliminate serenity and therefore make the prayer ineffective.

At the time of praying, the faithful devout Catholic is expected to communicate with the saint, virgin, angel or even with God himself, that is why prayer must not only be pure and from the heart, it also has to be meditated, a a heart full of stress and anxiety will have confused desires, in other words, you will not know for sure what you are asking for, therefore, the prayer will not have the expected effect, it is important that the person praying obtains learning from your prayer.

Prayer to the Virgin of Las Mercedes Obatalá

Immaculate Virgin Mother of Mercy Obatalá, you who can do everything, protector of prisoners, of lost causes. Most Holy Mother of Jesus King of Kings, loving and benevolent mother of all of us, divine light that lights up the sea and the skies, I beg you to listen to my pleas.

You, who with your divine blessing protect the lives of the helpless, have always given us the necessary support for those of us who repent of our sins. Through your word, I ask with humility and repentance in my heart sweet Mary, give strength and salvation to your children who need you most. That through your divine intersection you work for the prompt awareness of

(In this part of the prayer you put the name of the person for whom you are praying)

So that he can follow the paths of the sacred words that you teach us, I ask you to take away his restlessness and anguish, make your divine presence accompany him in these difficult times he is going through.

Place it under your protection so that with your love they can forget the suffering and sadness. Holy Divine Virgin, I ask you to be a protector of my wishes and fulfill the requests that I make of you with fear and devotion. I call you Blessed Virgin of Mercy Obatalá. Amen. Name three times the name of the person to whom you dedicate the petition.

Reflection and analysis of the Prayer

In this prayer it can be noted that it is conceived directly by the prisoners, in other words, the inmates were not only the ones who created this prayer, but also those who attributed the meaning of “the prayer for lost causes”, in addition it was they attribute many compliments to the virgin recognizing her as the mother of Jesus Christ, in addition, they ask her with the heart to hear the supplications.

Then you can see how it is recognized that she always helps and protects the lives of those disadvantaged who are helpless, she is also thanked for the fact that she gives the necessary support to repent for the faults and sins that we have. Later you can see how she is asked to intervene for us through her love, especially for the person for whom we are praying.

When placing the order, you can see how the person for whom we are praying is asked to follow the paths established in the Holy Bible, that is, a life based on Christian values, in addition, it is also asked to help that person with his fears and the anxiety that he must be suffering, he is also asked to support him and provide him with company in those gray moments that he must surely be going through.

This prayer ends in a curious way, the virgin is asked to place the person for whom she is praying directly under her protection, in addition, also to heal her for all the pain and sadness that she must be suffering due to the difficult moment she is going through. Finally, you are asked with a heart full of love and faith to please fulfill the pleas of the one who is praying.

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