Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for Christian marriage

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for Christian marriage

On this occasion we bring an article which will be in charge of talking about marriage, we also bring the  Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for Marriage for all those who want to get married and the  Prayer to San Judas Tadeo to Recover Love for all those who want to save Your marriage.

Prayer of San Judas Tadeo for marriage

San Judas Tadeo is a saint who is well known for interceding before God the Almighty Father, thanks to that he takes our prayers before him so that they are heard and in turn fulfilled, these acts earned him the title of “The Saint of the impossible cases and desperate situations. 

A marriage that is falling apart can be considered an adverse or desperate situation, therefore, if you got the Prayer of Saint Judas Tadeo for Marriage , do not waste it, you have just found a treasure, this saint always attends to our prayers and takes them directly God the father to give us his blessing.

When the fame of San Judas Tadeo and his great ability to work miracles began to spread, pilgrims did not stop arriving at his grave to pay tribute to him and also to pray to him. This saint gained great popularity and reputation, this was motivated by the large number of faithful devotees who prayed and verified his miracles.

In European countries such as France and Germany, devotion to San Judas Tadeo grew so much that Pope John Paul III declared that October 28 would be used annually to pay tribute to him. So much so that Saint Bernard and Saint Bridget in Sweden had visions of God, in these visions they were asked to grant Saint Jude the title of patron saint of difficult cases.

In today’s world, all those faithful devotees of the Catholic religion are witnesses of his miracles, they use this prayer to try to repair the damage to their marriages and to be able to save them, in addition the devotion to this saint is increasing more and more among those faithful Catholics who prove the effectiveness of the prayer to San Judas Tadeo.

Prayer for Troubled Marriages

Saint Jude Thaddeus, during your lifetime you encouraged the followers of Jesus, the early Christians, to remain loyal and faithful to their faith, even in the most adverse circumstances. Like these followers, my spouse and I are now in need of renewed faith. Time and the pressures of this world have weakened our relationship.

Please intercede for us and show us the way to heal our marriage. Open our hearts and minds to dedicate ourselves to a new relationship guided by the love and commitment we once knew. Help us to put aside any remnants of events that occurred in the past and embark us in a new union completely renewed and transformed, according to the principles of our Lord. Amen

San Judas Tadeo, pray for us, for our marriage and for our love.

(This last sentence must be repeated 3 times)

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be


In this prayer you can see how San Judas Tadeo is asked for help, motivated by the fact that he inspired an entire generation to follow in the footsteps of Jesus being known, as well as the first Christians. He is asked to intercede for us because he knows better than anyone what is well seen in the eyes of the Most High, that is why he is asked to keep us away from evil and anything that endangers our marriage, so we can grow transformed in Christ .

Prayer to Saint Jude for love

Blessed Saint Jude, we are having problems in our relationship. We ask you to pray to Almighty God to give us the light to see ourselves and others as we really are. Help us to grow each day in self-knowledge and mutual love, while at the same time developing our potential to love and be loved Help us, Saint Jude, to see and eradicate all manifestations of selfishness and vanity, those hidden enemies of the love and maturity.

Show us that by learning to love and be filled with God’s love, we can complement and nurture one another as we share our lives together. Amen.

San Judas Tadeo, pray for us, for our relationship and for our understanding of one another.

(This part of the sentence should be repeated 3 times)

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be


In this prayer the first thing that can be seen is that the fact that the relationship is having problems and that we need his intervention before God is recognized, then you can see how we ask him for help to help us grow loving and being loved, we ask through prayer to help us erase the selfishness we have for being human, we also ask you to help us let go of pride, the great enemy of love.

This prayer is known as the prayer for love because we ask him to teach us how to really love, in this prayer you can clearly see how there is no true love if it is not based on God, you can see that St. Judas Tadeo to teach us to grow and really love putting God ahead of everything.

Novena to San Judas Tadeo for marriage

There are not only prayers to ask San Judas Tadeo for help, in fact, there is also a novena and in this article we will teach you how to pray it, it must be put into practice for 9 nights in a row and without interruption, if you want it to be effective it must have discipline, and once it is completed we will begin to see the positive results in our lives.

First day

Saint Judas Tadeo, The Lord called you to the grace of the apostolate, and you reciprocated to the point of giving your life for Him. Obtain from the Lord that I too be faithful in fulfilling his will.

Second day

Saint Judas Tadeo, you learned from Jesus the love that led you to martyrdom. Get me from the Lord that I also love him with a love of preference.

Third day

Saint Judas Tadeo, so great was your love for your neighbor that you spared no effort to attract them to God. Get me from the Lord that I postpone my interests for the glory of God and for the good of my neighbor.

Fourth day

Saint Judas Tadeo, your self-sacrifice was so great that you banished the old man of sin so that Christ might live in you. Get me from the Lord, that mortifying my passions, live only for Him.

Fifth day

Saint Judas Tadeo, you detested the glory and ostentation of the world to implant the Cross and the Gospel. Get me from the Lord that I only glory in the Cross of Christ living according to the Gospel.

Sixth day

San Judas Tadeo, you left everything to follow the Master. Get me from the Lord that I be ready to sacrifice for God even my own interest.

Seventh day

Saint Judas Tadeo, so great was your holy zeal that you made the demons come out of the idols. Get me from the Lord, that hating the idols that dominate me, worship only my God.

Eighth day

San Judas Tadeo, giving your life and your blood gave courageous testimony of faith. Get me from the Lord that, detesting all fear, know how to bear witness to Christ before men.

ninth day

San Judas Tadeo, having received the award and the crown, you have made your protection evident by working prodigies and wonders with your devotees. Get me from the Lord that I feel your protection so that he can eternally sing the wonders of him.

Each night at the end of the corresponding prayer, it should be closed with the prayer of an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory.

Analysis and reflection of the Novena to San Judas Tadeo

During the first night of this novena, the apostles and God are thanked for their fidelity to him. For the second night, the saint is recognized as he learned that it was love from Jesus himself, that is why he is asked that through that we achieve a pure love. On the third night, it is recognized how great was the love of Saint Jude towards his neighbor that led them directly to the path of God, that is why we ask him to act in the same way in us.

During the fourth night of the novena, we talk about how Saint Jude eliminated man’s sin so that Christ could live in us. The fifth night talks about how Saint Jude removed the luxuries from his life and replaced them with the holy cross and the life based on Christ. For the sixth night, we talk about how he left all his belongings to follow Christ, therefore, he is asked to help us since we are willing to do the same.

For the seventh night of prayer we ask you to help us to leave the false idols that we worship to only revere God. On the eighth night we talk about how he gave all of himself to show the power of God to men. The last night of the novena is to recognize all the good deeds and interventions that San Judas Tadeo had with the Catholic faithful.

This novena, like all others, is accompanied by the prayers of the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory, both at the beginning of the prayer corresponding to each night and at the end, it is also important to note that for the novena to work, the Christian values ​​of Saint Judas to our life.

Solution to a marriage that is already in crisis

For marital crises there is a special prayer that is also useful if what you want is to overcome problems, but it is important to note that for these prayers to work, we not only have to ask him for his intervention before God, we also have to act with based on Christian values ​​to show that we are worthy of your help.


Glorious Saint Judas Tadeo, pious and holy apostle, bearer of innumerable blessings, powerful in word and deed. Great in the eyes of God and men, for your humility and the ardent zeal with which you sought the conversion of so many souls at the expense of unspeakable hardships and persecutions.

Not without justification do we acclaim you as the patron saint of desperate causes and with that great confidence and because of the love and devotion that I profess to you, I turn to you today for help, because my marriage is close to ending due to the numerous discussions that we support my partner and I, and that would be very detrimental to our children.

I ask you to give us understanding and will to overcome these disagreements, this crisis we are going through, since it seems to have no solution, and only your intercession can help us.

Give us the beautiful memories that we previously lived, give us back the love, affection, friendship and complicity that we experienced at other times, and above all give us a willingness to dialogue and be able to give us a new opportunity to be happy together.

I beg you for our sake and that of our beloved children, grant us to have a happy home again and deliver us from all spiritual and material danger. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Sentence Opinions

In this prayer and as in the others, it can be seen how it begins by praising all the virtues of the saint, it talks about all his actions while he was alive and the achievements he had before the eyes of God, which is why it is that he was given the ability to work miracles for men.

Then you can see why he was nicknamed as the one who came in desperate causes. After having praised him enough, you can see how we proceed to ask him for the help we need, in this case as the prayer is for marriages in crisis, because the help will be reflected in this context, in addition you can also see how the prayer to ask for the children and that they are not affected by the situation.

The saint is asked to give people not only strength to endure adversity, but also wisdom and power of understanding to get through this crisis. Many of those who pray this prayer have already lost faith and it also seems that they have lost hope, however, not everything is lost, this saint is here to help the faithful to recover their faith.

This saint is credited with the ability to use our memories, and return the love that at some point we felt for our partner and now we lost, with those memories he wants us to remember what made the couple choose in the first place for so with a good will, we have the opportunity to start again a happy and harmonious life with our partner.

At the end of this prayer you can see how he refers to the fact that, with a marriage restored thanks to his help, the children will also return to live in a happy, stable home, free from all the dangers that lurk in a life far from Christian values. .

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