The importance of always forgiving yourself

It is important  to forgive oneself in order to feel at peace, from self-forgiveness we can feel that we also forgive others, this happens to us when we make mistakes and more when we have people who expect a lot from us and we fail them with bad actions and without wanting we harm ourselves and others.

forgive yourself

We human beings generally find this issue very complicated, and it is no secret to anyone that forgiving other people tells us a lot, but when we know that when it comes to yourself it becomes uphill for us, so In general, psychologists often recommend looking in the mirror and giving yourself value.

Many times this can work for some people and not for others. I consider that the best way to forgive and forgive yourself is to first accept that you made the mistake without needing to punish yourself, the mistake has already been made, but I invite you to reflect on something is human that we all make mistakes, all human beings make mistakes, scientists, presidents, philosophers all make mistakes.

Tips on how to forgive and forgive yourself

The first step: the first thing you must do is recognize that you are innocent, to begin with you are a child of God, regardless of what you have done there is a mistake but immediately you must think of an immediate correction.

Second step: how can I correct and amend that mistake made, how should I heal from love, we all need to amend, it would be good not to do it again but usually we always trip over the same stone not once but up to ten or more, both so sometimes we become attached to that stone that we come to love when we know it hurts us, but we have to make amends
Third step: Pray and meditate when we connect with God, and we present to him that problem or mistake made and from prayer we seek that peace, we can feel better because we are children of God and he forgives his children whatever we are, the main thing is not to resist accepting that we are wrong, and being compassionate with ourselves.

Fourth Step: we must put aside punishing ourselves, because this does not generate peace, on the contrary, it only brings us pain and despair, we must look for the key ways to cultivate this amendment, taking responsibility for what you did, but from the of destruction

Fifth Step: there are some emotional relaxation techniques where you tell your body how important you are as a person, how valuable you are as a human being and you begin to meditate on all the wonderful things that exist in you and touch certain parts of your body, your hand, your mentor, your head and keep repeating that you forgive yourself, accept yourself and free yourself, there are usually situations that can induce negative thoughts or feelings like him.

Do something that you really don’t want, make a mistake, lie, among other things. but there it lies then, the little interest in forgiving oneself can lead people to “not accept themselves and make sure they are not worthy of trust and love”.

Sometimes we are so cowardly to take risks and not forgive ourselves that we tend to blame ourselves. This generates that we carry obligations that sometimes do not concern us and that causes us great pain. All this is going to cause rumination (thoughts that are given a lot of thought and become obsessive), but also situations in which they will stop being themselves to try to change and please others.

The consequences of not forgiving yourself are infinite and can even threaten your health, which is why it is important to take the necessary measures for a change in our hearts and welcome forgiveness and forgiving yourself, the inability to forgive generates anxiety and depression suggests that self-forgiveness is related to high self-esteem, low neuroticism and low levels of anxiety and depression, guilt, trying to change wanting to be perfect, all this has consequences in anxiety and depression. In fact, we cannot forget that one of the symptoms of anxiety is rumination.

One of the easiest techniques to avoid having that low self-esteem, and to forgive oneself, apart from situations with anxiety and depression that can come from a lack of self-forgiveness, it is essential to know how to forgive oneself, it is Thus, when one understands the essentials of taking into account two things that are essential to know and put into practice.

Let go of self-criticism
Almost all the majority of people do not take into account the word forgiveness as a human potential about the importance of abandoning criticism towards oneself, and sometimes we just hope that other people come closer to us and make us wake up from that so wonderful that perhaps we know it, but we ourselves are experts in sabotaging ourselves, these phrases like “I’m not enough”, “I do everything wrong” or “I’ll never get anywhere” denote a low self-concept that seriously affects the self-forgiveness, and we become so dependent on negative things that we forget what a wonderful human being we are and how lucky we really are to have it all, to have such a wonderful god who provides us with so many wonderful things like health it’s enough.

Self-interest should be a priority in our lives

Loving each other is so important that it consists in loving the human being that we carry within us as it is now, grouping all its defects; it is giving and giving you the freedom to make mistakes trusting in you and in the teaching that remains from all this. How much time, money and energy do we dedicate to getting to know each other, taking care of ourselves and pampering ourselves? Enjoying healthy emotional well-being is a matter of understanding, goals, and training. Thus, each interior is a world that makes up your joys, your will, your sorrows, your capacity, your misunderstandings, your failures and all the situations that can arise daily.

Forgiveness is important to God

To know  how to forgive oneself , it is essential to understand that forgiveness is not a feeling, but a decision. Choosing forgiveness means that you must approach God on your knees, to receive the push to forgive. This is preferring and not accepting that thoughts of hatred and resentment take over your heart. This is choosing, approaching God, to find help and comfort, instead of living in the past, and consequences of our feelings accepting something else.

This impetus we need comes from the Holy Spirit. The same was established in the writings of Jesus: “Who when they cursed him, he did not respond with a curse; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but entrusted the cause to him who judges justly…”  1 Peter 2:23.

For God it is extremely important that we, his children, appreciate that he forgives us just as we are, so why are we always punishing ourselves by denying ourselves that forgiveness, looking at ourselves and asking for forgiveness for not hugging us, for not respecting us, for judging me, for criticizing me, for the negative thoughts we have of ourselves, for not accepting ourselves as we are and for that constant criticism, for always thinking of others and of ourselves always in the end, for always wanting to please others and not ourselves .

For having allowed them to hurt us, when we only wanted to make other people happy and not think about ourselves, when I said yes and had to say no just to please others, knowing that those people did not do the same, when I am my only owner, why not forgive us when I was my own judge and I judge myself.

Why not forgive oneself when someone does not hug me and I always had myself to hug me, because we cannot forgive that happiness does not depend on third parties but on myself, that there is no need to beg for a hug when you yourself You can give it, because you can’t forgive me for failing and because you point me out so many times, because you don’t listen to other people and judge before you meet them and understand that each person carries their own cross.

That we all make mistakes at some point in life, but we are very severe with ourselves, and perhaps with other people, not others, it is essential to first do well with oneself. Most people think that you are only good if you are good to others. Kindness lies in our ability to do well in front of others.

the majority seek happiness in their work, in what they achieve, in the pleasures that life provides them, in relationships… we believe that the solution lies outside, outside, however, very few are right and look within of themselves.

Interest in oneself must be a priority in our lives. Loving oneself consists of loving the human being that we carry inside just as it is now, including all its defects; it is giving and giving you the freedom to make mistakes trusting in yourself and in the learning that you will know how to obtain from everything. How much time, money and energy do we spend getting to know each other, taking care of ourselves and pampering ourselves? Enjoying a healthy emotional well-being is a matter of understanding, commitment and training. Thus, each interior is a world that contains your joys, your will, your sorrows, your capacity, your misunderstandings, your failures and your anxieties.

forgiveness prayer

My beloved Jesus, I have come to You at this moment because I know that only You can help me, I want to tell You now what is in my heart.

I know that You can fill me with blessing, that’s why I give you everything I am, take my life, take the desert of my life and make it bloom. You have told me that you are not going to abandon me and I trust that word, I believe in it, I believe that it is a promise of love.

I want to ask your forgiveness for my sins. Spill your blessed blood on me, forgive me, my Lord, for everything I have not done well, for all the evil I have done wanting to do good. I have not acted accordingly.

I recognize my faults, many times, daily, I forget about You, I have forgotten your love, your mercy, for the times that I have transformed my life into something aimless, aimless.

Many times I have believed in many things outside of You and not in your sincere love, therefore, my Father, to You who love me unconditionally, I ask your forgiveness for my sins, for also keeping resentment in my heart, for not forgiving me. same the damage I have caused, for the times I have believed in curses, in spells, in esotericism and nonsense things that have distanced me from your goodness.

Break Lord, with all those chains that have tied me to live a life full of pain and suffering.

Sometimes I think that my fault is so serious that I am not worthy of your forgiveness, therefore, I beg you, I implore you, I beg you, to sow in my soul, humility, love, confidence to be able to forgive me those wounds that hurt me. They left the emptiness of not having you and of separating you from me.

I ask your forgiveness, my Jesus, for all the faults committed against my brothers, I have fallen into gossip and I have spoken ill of them, I have acted badly and I have not known how to live the service of generosity, solidarity and kindness with them, I have acted blinded by rage, by anger, sorry Lord, sorry.

Forgive me for the moments when I wanted to throw in the towel, that I did not appreciate that I am your creation. Forgive me when I have shouted to the whole world that I can’t take it anymore, that I can’t go on anymore.

Forgive me for the moments when I have not valued myself, when I have thought that I am of no use in this world. I want to feel that you cleanse my heart, that you free me.

I want to know that You are with me and that all frustration and all desire for misery that dwells in me, be destroyed by the power of your Cross.

Only You, Lord of history, give me life in abundance, that’s why I leave confident knowing I’m forgiven, healed and freed by your love.

Fill me with your strength from now on, I always need your love, your forgiveness, your joy to live. I want to feel your presence, your peace, your joy in every circumstance of my life.

Fill me with your power, fill me with strength and above all, send me your Holy Spirit, the great Comforter, so that I can guide my steps and walk towards You, feeling forgiven and loved by You.

I forgive myself, I forgive myself, I forgive myself for your love and for your goodness, I forgive myself for your Cross and for your Word that heals everything and renews everything.

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