Healing and healing prayer for a sick baby

Healing and healing prayer for a sick baby

If thinking that an adult person has health complications is extremely difficult for us, since it could be the life of a loved one who is at risk, that it is a baby who is fighting for his life is even more difficult and worrying. That is why this time we bring you a prayer for a sick baby , do not stop reading the post.

Prayer for a sick baby

Babies have a very special place in our lives at the moment of their arrival they only fill us with joy, illusion and enthusiasm. In this life there is nothing sweeter and more tender than a newborn baby, they are a perfect creation of our Lord Jesus Christ, formed with much love and dedication.

Babies are a great blessing for the whole family, regardless of their gender or their traits, they only come to fill our hearts and our families with joy and love. Babies are a great gift from God, so we must love, care for and protect them without distinction.

However, not everything is perfect and we face difficult situations such as our baby coming into this world with health problems that could seriously affect his life. As parents, we do everything in our power so that our baby can get ahead. and recover satisfactorily. Likewise, it is necessary to take it to different specialists, give it a lot of love and care, following the recommendations of the experts to the letter so that the baby can recover as soon as possible and be healthy.

It may be the case that we see that everything we are doing is turning out to be in vain and that our baby is still sick and this worries us too much, since they are more fragile    and delicate than an   adult in the face of an illness. But it should be noted that in these situations we can turn to our heavenly father and through prayer ask him for the health of our baby, to help us get out of this situation well and take care of him and protect him   always.

We well know that in these situations we usually lose faith and hope, since seeing our sick baby makes it extremely difficult and complicated for us to understand, however, let us never forget that our father is great and kind and is there for; listen to us and help us in any difficult situation.

We just need to trust our heavenly Father, turn to him through prayer loaded with faith and hope that he will listen to each and every one of our requests, he will help us in this complicated situation. And our baby will be completely healthy as soon as possible, full of life, in this way we will only dedicate ourselves to loving him and giving him affection eternally.

Always thanking our father for the favors received, since we must not only go to him to ask and request some grace , but also to honor him and eternally thank him for his love and kindness with us, his beloved children. Next   we are going to describe a nice prayer for a sick baby:

Glorious Saint John of God, you who are of a good and noble soul, you who are a great lord and who, magnified by God with his power and grace, shared the sufferings and afflictions of others.

Saint    John of God   Blessed are you who   are now with our Lord Jesus Christ, and for your great heart   our Lord honors you and denies you nothing. You who before our father are the one who intercedes for the health and illness    of each one of us here on earth .

I strongly ask you to intercede for the health of my baby before our heavenly father, and that you do everything possible so that my baby can be out of   danger, safe and sound as soon as possible (   say the name of the baby)

You are great and merciful and full of faith and hope, all those people you radiate with faith and devotion come   to you to implore your generosity and mercy.     Saint   John of God,   there are many of us who come to you for help, in the face of such a cruel situation,   since we are witnesses to the series of miracles that   have been credited to you   for many centuries, and we are also witnesses to how many nations venerate you internally. .

That is why this day I humbly come before you, to beg you to intercede for my baby before our Lord. Look at my girl (or) with compassion, give her your divine assistance and your miraculous effect from heaven. I strongly beg you that my baby can come out of this difficult situation with good. I ask that she can fight this hard battle from your hand sir.

Do not abandon my daughter (or) in this difficult moment, and send the Archangel Saint Raphael to his bed so that, just as you take care of and protect my baby, send him to his side so that he can also be his friend and companion, protect and guard him.

Glorious Saint John of God, you who are the patron of the sick, you who give your love, care, attention and protection to the most needy and those who suffer. You who before Christ intercede for each of them, you are their representation, you strive to do them good and charity, to support them, dress them and heal them. I beg you to receive (say the name of the baby) with love, charity and pray for him/her, so that she may soon recover her energy and vitality and be a child, completely healthy, happy and happy.

Saint John of God, slave of Jesus and Mary, I implore you, with your great kindness, to intercede with great fervor before the Blessed Virgin, for the protection, the consolation of my baby. May our eternal mother cradle her (say the baby’s name) in her loving arms, and with her maternal caresses mitigate her pain.

Glorious and blessed Saint John of God, likewise I beg you to intercede for my baby before the child Jesus, with your infinite love and mercy cleanse his body of all physical and mental illness, heal his ailments and restore his health, so that he may have a long and good life.

We, his parents, love him and need him by our side, (say the baby’s name again), she- he is our happiness, help us sir and listen to my pleas.

Saint John of God, you who are great, you are merciful, you are blessed and very miraculous, I beg you that your hands and your heart; do not separate from my baby who suffers and suffers from being sick. I ask you to instill in every doctor and nurse who is in charge of my baby’s health, the necessary vocation, intelligence and wisdom, so that through the divine grace of our Lord they can save my baby.

May God the Almighty Father be your guide and your light so that you manage to administer the appropriate medicines, and in this way you can also give strength to your family and friends, so that at no time do we lose hope and know how to do everything necessary and precise to face this situation with integrity and without ever giving up.

Lord of the heights, my beloved father, I beg you to contemplate with eyes of mercy, visit and heal your little servant, who needs you so much right now. Saint John of God for your show of mercy I know that you will listen to my pleas and attend to my request, because you are a great loving, kind and miraculous Lord.

For this   I thank you Saint John   of God, in advance and I do not lose faith and hope that everything will turn out very well, and that as soon as possible my child will be fully recovered and free of any disease that attack, I am sure that my request   has been heard, so be it, so it will be.

O God, grant us that, following the example of Saint John of God, we carry in our hearts and manifest in practice
love for the poor, the sick and the needy, and extend your customary kindness to (say the name of the baby) keep, take care and heal my girl (or) who is afflicted (or) by illness, father God, grant her the help of your Power so that her illness is changed by total health, and the sadness that we now have becomes joy.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

As we can see, it is a very complete prayer in which, through Saint John of God, we ask our Lord Jesus Christ for the healing of our baby and in this way that he also intercede before our beloved mother, for the life and health of our creature, We also implore you to go to the divine child and request the grace that we so urgently ask of you. We just need to pray with a lot of faith, devotion and hope that all our pleas will be heard.

And our baby will be competently healthy and cured of any diseases and ailments.

Accompany the prayer with an Our Father, a Gloria and Hail Mary.

Prayer for a terminally ill newborn baby

Lord, thank you for your mercy and thank you for everything you give me, I know that your beloved father has a life plan   here on earth for each one of us, and if you decided that my baby has to go to your side With all the pain in my   soul, I give him to you, Lord, because I know that by your side he will be a little angel and will be in eternal rest and not suffering tied to a terminal illness . 

Lord, by giving you the life of my baby, I give you my whole life, but I am completely sure that my baby by your side will always be at peace, and I know that my baby will be eternally under your majestic wings, beloved father. And from heaven he will take care of me and her whole family, that she loves him so much.

On this day my God, I want to thank you infinitely, for this wonderful opportunity you gave me to have my baby (say his name) in my arms and for letting me meet him/her. But only you have control of our life and our feelings, Lord, I know that you will give me the strength to overcome this loss that will break my soul, but they are your designs and before my baby is by my side suffering from an illness terminal, I give him to you, Lord, so that you grant him eternal rest and the peace that he so badly needs in the face of so much suffering.
In the name of Jesus.Amen.

With this prayer, as we can see, a father or a mother gives the life   of their baby who is suffering from a    terminal illness to our Lord   Jesus Christ, and they ask him that if it is his design to take him to his side, do so before his baby continue to suffer from a terrible disease. It is not an easy decision for any parent, but it is the right one.

Accompany this prayer with a Hail Mary and an Our Father.

Prayer for a dying baby

Eternal Father you are, magnificent, powerful and merciful. To you Lord I give you eternal glory and praise because you are great and powerful Lord, because you are worthy of being praised by all of us who believe in your name. Today Lord I want to present to you, my great pain and my terrible anguish, this pain that is destroying the soul. My tears no longer stop sir, you already know it, because you are Omniscient and there is nothing that is hidden from you.

You already know my anguish completely sir, you know about my baby and you know him much more than me. Since I have only had him in my life, in my heart and in my arms for a few months and he is about to leave this world and leave me with a completely shattered soul, instead you, Lord, know my baby eternally in your thoughts from before the foundation of the world.

For this reason, Lord, I come to you on this day with my heart in my hand to beg and implore you on my knees, that by your divine grace, my Lord, you extend the life of my baby so that he can live, serve and worship you from earth, Lord, because
what good is it to you in the grave?

Lord, each and every one of those people who are in the grave have no memory of you or how great you are, my father, so I come to you, to express this pain that is slowly consuming me, so that by your mercy and your greatness sir you manage to mitigate. Lord I implore you to fill my baby’s lungs with a breath of life from your mouth. With your power, Lord, make the doctors totally surprised since they have totally evicted my baby.

With your goodness and mercy, Lord, fill my baby with life (say her name), I beg you not to take her from my arms, give me the opportunity to raise her, see her -grow her up and make her- a woman or a man of right. I promise to be sir, to be the best mother (the best father) in the world, for my baby she will never have to reproach me for anything, sir, I beg you, for whatever you want most, listen to my pleas, please do not forsake me.

I beg you, Lord, to heal every part of my baby’s body, relieve his pain, fully develop his lungs and perform a creative miracle in that little life, Lord, I believe in you, I trust in your great mercy and in your love towards us, your loved ones. children sir.

You who formed the heavens and the earth, just by pronouncing your powerful Word, I know that your will prevails over all things, as well as your word that is alive and effective forever, Father send your healing Word over my baby in
the name of Jesus Christ, Amen and Amen.

Prayer for the health of your baby

Eternal Father on this day I come to you, to beg you earnestly for the health of my baby, I know that many people like me come to you to ask for the health of their loved ones and that you as the loving and kind father that you are , you are attentive to all the people who ask you and pray for the health of that affected person.

Lord before you I kneel, to honor, glorify and adore you Lord and in this way also ask you for the health of my baby, that with your great healing power you can restore his health completely, and heal each one of his ailments and discomforts that afflict her (my father).

My baby’s health is in agony right now sir, so I humbly ask you   to   enter his room, go   to his nursery put your   miraculous hands on his body so that all illness and all evil is completely eliminated from my baby from that moment sir . It doesn’t matter that the doctors tell me over and over again that my baby’s life is already ending,   I know you are great and merciful sir, I trusted you and I know that you will help me   with what I ask of you.

Therefore, at this moment I decide to believe in you blindly and no longer fear that my baby will go to your side, I will completely eliminate everything that wants to destroy my faith and my hope, God from this moment I will no longer   look at the faces of those who do not have faith in you, Lord, no more, I will only seek your love and your mercy always.

From this moment I will not leave my baby to pray to you by his side, bless his body and beg for his speedy healing. I promise Heavenly Father that while    others riot, I will bless you, that while others   mourn, I will bless you, that while   others cry, I will bless you forever.

Lord, I am completely sure that the miracle that I need so much in a few hours will be done, that is why I will always say    glory, oh Lord! You are great, you are good and from this moment I declare that my baby will be healthy, my baby will get up! Get up precious creation of God!

Get up and go. Get up and let everyone give thanks to the Lord for his great goodness. In the name of Jesus. Amen!

Prayer for High Risk Pregnant Women

Beloved father you who are the creator of life, I present myself to you sir to beg you for my pregnancy I ask you sir that my baby arrives in this world safely. She passes your holy hand, your hand that is miraculous and healing through my womb where the fruit of my love is being formed.

Lord, I beg you to give me the tranquility that it requires, beloved father, give peace to my soul, allow me to bring my baby into the world healthy and strong and without any complications.   With the warmth of your fatherly love, cover us both with your spirit, keep away from both me and my baby all evil that could  threaten  or touch us, take away from my side all restlessness that could interfere with the satisfactory birth of my baby. baby.  

Holy God I ask you on my knees for the health and well-being of my baby and myself , eternal father, today more than ever I want to ask you   not to abandon us. You know my anxieties and concerns   Lord, just as   you know the desires of  my heart. You more than anyone know what I long for and   want to see my baby grow.

Lord   I beg you and listen to each of my pleas and do not abandon me, before this request that I make so desperately, I find myself before you, full of fear and fear. But I know that you are great and   powerful and you are going to help me in such a situation sir, in advance I thank you for your love and for your mercy. And I am sure that in your name my baby   will arrive in this world with good I ask this for your son Jesus Christ. So, so be it , so it will be Amen.

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