Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off bad influences

Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off bad influences

The prayer to Saint Benedict is sometimes performed to ward off bad omens, envy and grudges, in this sense we invite you to read this article, so you can know how to permanently ward off those bad influences.

 Saint Benedict Prayer

The prayer to Saint Benedict is a prayer corresponding to this Saint who was the creator of monastic activities, was born in Nursia, founded various Benedictine orders, and built many monasteries, which preached Christianity based on self-sufficiency.

Saint Benedict of Nursia, as his name really is, when he died in his monastery, many locals came to the place to implore him and began to ask for his understanding of all the people, since then the veneration and devotion to this great Christian monk was born. . At first, the prayer to Saint Benedict began to be said in Latin, which was the most representative language of the Church.

Over time it became widespread and is expressed in any language, allowing many of the faithful to eliminate the evil that supposedly persecutes them by performing, they assure that it helps to free themselves from envy and from people who harm, and even those who perform spells and witchcraft, this sentence allows the removal of them.

Saint Benedict should be asked with great devotion, faith and conviction, in order to achieve the desired protection and get out of the darkness where one may be immersed. Other prayers referring to this saint, such as a prayer to Saint Benito Abbot, help free us from that darkness and allow us to have peace of mind every day.

The Importance of praying to Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict is a source of energy and a power of light, which is consecrated by the divinity of the heavenly father, which allows, through him, to obtain the confidence to help people solve the problems that you may have in your life, no matter how difficult they are.

The requests must be sincere, full of faith and hope, they must not be deceitful or pretending, they must be full of sincerity and really come from the heart, in this way the necessary protection will be obtained.

Prayer makes it possible to renew faith in Christians and encourage attendance at Sunday ceremonies, which helps to reinforce protection and solve problems in a more serene and pleasant way, creating the spiritual well-being that every Catholic should have.

Prayer to Saint Benedict for his intercession

This prayer, also called a prayer to Saint Benedict for love, contains a message to the saint in order to request his intercession in the face of our problems, that he intervene and help solve situations that the person sometimes cannot control, it is important to find a lonely place where can be carried out without interruption, it reads as follows:

“Most holy confessor of the Lord; Father and chief of monks, intercede for our holiness, for our health of soul, body and mind. He banishes from our life, from our house, the snares of the evil spirit. Deliver us from disastrous heresies, from evil tongues and witchcraft.

“Ask the Lord to remedy our spiritual and bodily needs. Ask him also for the progress of the holy Catholic Church; and because my soul does not die in mortal sin, so that trusting in Your powerful intercession, I can one day in heaven, sing the eternal praises. Amen”.

To finish, it is suggested to pray three Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glorias. It is also optional to light a candle if you have a figure, a printed image at home or in the office, of course always carry out this small ceremony with great faith.

Powerful prayer to Saint Benedict

The following prayer represents an alternative of security and protection, it is usually accompanied by another so-called prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off bad people and is added at the time of praying:

“Powerful Saint Benedict, patron saint, glorious and exemplary, you who take care of all the homeless and to whom I must turn at this time. Today I humbly come to implore you for your divine mercy, so that you do not allow anything bad to happen to me and protect me eternally day and night.

Beloved Saint Benedict, keep away from me all those people who want to harm me, all those who have bad thoughts, actions, envy and sinful intentions towards me. Cover my life and that of all my loved ones with your sacred mercy, provide them with well-being, health and harmony.”

“Bring before me and my family, peace, joy, fortune, abundance, love, a lot of wisdom, that you always have confidence in me, but above all humility, charity and kindness. Do not leave my side and never forsake me. Amen.”

Prayer to San Benito for enemies and envy.

At the beginning we had said that there are various prayers to ask San Benito for various favors, such as the prayer to San Benito de Palermo for love, which is a prayer that seeks to encourage kindness, love and sanity in people who do the wrong.

Then we will describe below, and in a more detailed and specific way, how to ward off enemies and envy, it has become very popular among the faithful and is a great ally in the search for spiritual balance, let’s see:

“Oh glorious Saint Benedict, sublime model of all virtues, pure vessel of God’s grace. Here I am, humbly prostrated before you. I implore your heart full of love to intercede for me before the divine throne of God.”

“I turn to you in all the dangers that surround me daily. Protect me against my enemies, against the evil enemy in all his forms and inspire me to imitate you in all things May your blessing be with me always, so that I can flee from everything that is not pleasing to God and thus avoid the occasions of sin. ”

“Sweetly I ask you, that you get me from God the favors and graces of which I am so much in need, in the trials, in the miseries and in the afflictions of life. Your heart was always so full of love, compassion and mercy towards those who were grieving or in trouble of any kind.

“Help me, O great Saint Benedict, to live and die as a faithful child of God, who is always submissive to His holy will, to achieve the eternal happiness of heaven. Amen.”

Always remember to look for a place where you can be alone and without interruptions, you can also go to the nearest chapel or church, which are the most propitious spaces of God to perform this prayer, the peace and tranquility that you will get in them will not be compared with other places, take advantage of them.

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