Prayer for two people to fight, find out

You want two people to fight strongly until they reach the point of hating each other and never wanting to see each other again, what better than praying for two people to fight , if you still don’t know her you don’t have to worry as this article will be dedicated to this topic .

Prayer for two people to fight

There are various reasons that we can have for wanting people to fight very hard and separate as a couple, however, it can also be the case that we not only want a couple to separate, they can also be two people who are family and know perfectly that it does not suit the other. Surely it has happened to you that you fall in love with a person, but she is already in a stable relationship, but you want to be with that person for all the record and you go for divine help and what better than an effective prayer to get two people to fight and separate once and for all.

In what is the world of magic and esotericism we can find various entities to which to resort and in this way it can be invoked to separate people by causing them to fight seriously, it must be borne in mind that the invocations will always take effect and when there are sufficient reasons to cause the fight.

The spirit of hate is one of the entities most resorted to by people who wish to damage a relationship through a prayer, since this entity is capable of sowing hatred, resentment and evil in a relationship so that a relationship can be produced. serious fight between the couple. Next, we will describe a prayer dedicated to the spirit of hatred so that two people fight, pay close attention to it, the main thing to make this prayer is to have a lot of faith:

I want to offer this prayer especially to the spirit of hatred and to the living spirit that from this very moment will be controlling; the judgment, thought and senses of (say the name the).

And they will also be controlling those of (say her name) so that from the moment I finish with this sentence, the two of them will not be able to be together, they will not even be able to talk to each other, much less sit together at a table to eat, they will not be able to sit together and sleeping in the same bed will be impossible since they won’t even want to see each other, if these two people insist on being together and trying to recover their relationship through the intersection of the spirit, the hatred between the two will be eternal, make their paths separate by complete.

On this day I want to call the forces of the 4 winds, to help me separate the paths of these people that for no reason do I want to see together again, I want to implore you to take (say the name of the person) very far that you want to get rid of forever, be it a man or a woman).

I invoke you great spirit of hatred so that through your great strength you can grant me that (say his name) and (say her name once again) that for no reason they can communicate and that every time there is a Attempt to maintain some type of communication, everything ends in a war, separation, that as a flower withers, the love that has caused me so much damage is seen to wither (say your name with great confidence and firmness).

Spirit of hatred, I want to beg you that this relationship be broken once and for all that between (say his name once more) and (repeat her name) there is nothing left but rancor, that the spirits of hate are the ones in charge of doing justice and that everything is in my favor and that I can see with my eyes how that relationship between the two is broken forever and that they have no choice but to separate or they can never be together again.

I offer you and invoke this prayer of the spirit of hatred to you holy guardian angel of (his name) and to the holy guardian angel of (her name), so that they instill in these people hatred, resentment, mistrust and total separation from one to the other.

That I want to pray that between these two people a great distrust and a great hatred of one towards the other is born from now on that they no longer feel peace and tranquility of being together. That one can never remember the name of the other without feeling hatred and resentment for him.

I ask you to make the smells that both of you shared throughout your relationship, the smells that you may be sharing at this very moment, and that the few smells that remain to be shared between the two of you are totally disgusting for two people and unbearable now. .

I ask you to make the moments that you shared together throughout your relationship, that the moments that you may be sharing together at this very moment and that the few moments that you may still have to share together both already become totally unpleasant and unbearable. for both.

I invoke the spirit of the road to separate the routes of (say his name) from the routes of (say her name) and to do so at this precise moment, at this precise moment, from today to tomorrow and always, that the separation is total and immediate. So be it.

Spell to separate two people and make them hate each other

The prayer to the spirit of hatred is very powerful and effective in separating two people, causing them to fight seriously and it is already unsustainable to continue in a relationship that is broken and it is a situation that you can verify yourself, but Also, to make the prayer more powerful, we can accompany it with a powerful ritual to separate two people and make them hate each other. same.


  • a red candle
  • A photo of both people you want to separate (if they are together better)
  • a scissor
  • A ceramic bowl, a can or a glass jar
  • matches the lighter

Step by Step: 

To start with this spell, the first thing to do is take the red candle and place it on a surface and it will light up and then you will close your eyes and with great force and conviction you will imagine that couple that you want so much to achieve. separate forever.

Once you finish visualizing what you want, you are going to take the photo where both people appear and with the help of scissors you are going to cut it completely into very small pieces, and you are going to place it inside the can or ceramic basin.

Since all the pieces of the photo are in there, you are going to take the lighter or a match and you are going to light all the pieces of the photos and while they are consumed with a clear and strong voice, you are going to repeat the following sentence of hate and contempt:

“I invoke the forces of the Universe, so that they gather here, in this small symbolic act in which I wish and work so that (names the two people) they separate forever and never again, be together again. By the powers that white magic confers on me, that both people cannot be together again. So be it.”

Once you finish reciting the prayer you are going to let all the papers be consumed with the fire once you are going to take the can or the basin and you are going to bury it where no one else can find it, and you will see how this spell begins to take effect and those People break up because of fights.

Spell with castor oil for two people to fight

This type of spell can be performed by anyone and does not bring any negative consequences at all for the person who performs it, since the spell is designed to separate these two people and for nothing in the world to continue together. It is ideal to know the full name of both people to start the procedure, but it is also important to note that the spell can be done with any lunar phase. Now we are going to describe the materials that are needed for this spell and pay close attention to its step by step.


  • 1 vial of castor oil
  • 2 small pieces of paper with the names of the two people you want to fight

Step by Step:

To start with this spell, the first thing to do is take one of the small papers and with a clear and legible handwriting we are going to write the full name of one of the people we want to separate, after we finish we take the other paper and we also proceed to Write the full name of the other person.

Once you have the names already perfectly written, you are going to take both papers and you are going to place them one back to the other, that is to say that the names are towards the front and the white parts are the ones that are united, then you are going to proceed to place both papers together inside the castor oil bottle, if necessary fold or roll the papers to fit into the bottle you can do it.

You are going to take the bottle and you are going to close it very well once you are sure that the bottle was closed very well, you are going to take it with both hands and you are going to place it in front of you and with great anger you are going to mentalize what you long for so much and it is that these two people separate once and for all and forever and you will continue visualizing, while with a strong and clear voice you will say the following prayer that is dedicated especially to Saint Cyprian:

O Saint Cyprian, mighty of all mighty, I proclaim you help!

(say the name of the loved one)

May San Cipriano make you call and implore me to return even today;
San Cipriano that makes you leave all the women/friends to go out with and
make you regret all the misdeeds of him to me.

San Cipriano will take care of you and will truly separate you in love, for me!

Saint Cyprian, make (name of loved one) come to me,
use his power and strength to prevent (name of loved one) from
sleeping without thinking of me, living without thinking of me, even walking without thinking In Myself.

You can draw your strength (name of the loved one) my way and you will never
be able to walk away from my life.

Thank you San Cipriano, thank you San Cipriano, thank you San Cipriano.

After you finish reciting this prayer, you are going to take the jar with the papers and the castor oil and you are going to proceed to bury it in the garden or the patio of your house, that is if you must bury it where no one else can find it.

Spell to separate friends using lemon and salt


  • 1 glass container with its respective lid
  • 2 completely blank pieces of paper
  • 4 large tablespoons of sea salt
  • 1 piece of white cotton
  • A lemon
  • Lighter or match sticks

Step by Step: 

To start with this spell, the first thing to do is take the piece of paper and on it you must write the full name of your friend or friend with their date of birth in legible and clear handwriting and you are going to take the second piece of paper and you must also write the full name of the date of birth of that person that you want to stay away from your friend or friend.

Then you are going to proceed to take the glass jar and there you are going to introduce both papers with the names already written previously and then you are going to add the lemon juice that reaches half of the jar, after this you are going to place 4 tablespoons of salt and you are going to mix everything very well for 5 minutes without stopping, then you must introduce the piece of cotton and you are going to cover the jar very well.

You are going to hide this bottle very well in a dark place and that nobody can find it, much less touch it, you must leave it in this place for 7 nights, once the time has elapsed, you must open the bottle in the morning hours and you will proceed to Light the contents of the jar, that is, the pieces of paper and the cotton. You can do this with the help of a match or a lighter.

When you are burning the contents of the jar you will visualize that these two people have separated and you should keep that in mind with total security, then you will take the container and proceed to bury it in the garden of your house where no one else can. find and you will wait 9 moons and you will see that the spell begins to take effect and separate forever those friends that you do not want to be together anymore.

 Prayer to San Alejo to keep people away

San alejo you who can do everything, you who see everything, it’s easier, for you to see my soul and recognize that my life lacks love, My Saint help me to recover love, my partner left me and for another I change, make the bond between them break.
make them stay away. Saint Alejo, make his new love move away from him, that he come back to me, that he cannot sleep without me, that he is not happy by his side, that it be me who is in his life, in his body, in his mind and in your dreams.

That love that was mine, that it still is, that the other person walks away from his life, is to be that he got between him and me, make him walk away on his own, San Alejo, that love is mine.

I ask you that he cannot be with her, that his life be mine alone, and so that he can return to me, that my love returns Saint Alejo, I ask you, because he is my life, hear my prayers and my prayers, I have interceded for me, Amen.

Prayer to San Alejo to separate and drive away lovers

Glorious Saint Alejo, you who have the power to ward off everything evil that surrounds the Lord’s chosen ones, I ask you to ward off (say his name). Keep glorious Saint Alejo away from (say his name) from his path and from his life so that he doesn’t do us more harm.

I ask you San Alejo that just as I came into the life of (say his name), he likewise retires and walks away from the life of (say his name). That they cannot share anything, that they cannot be together, neither at a table eating, nor sitting in a chair, nor living together in the living room,
nor lying down in bed, without feeling rejection, disgust and disgust, and above all I ask that they not be able to be together in intimacy,
nor see each other again, nor speak, nor feel.

San Alejo keep them away, separate them definitively. Great Saint Alejo as a miraculous saint, I beg you to grant my request
, please do it as soon as possible, and that my partner (say his name) return now, that he return home with his family that we await with love.

I thank you for assisting me, blessed Saint Alejo, and I promise to spread your prayers and talk about you to whoever needs them,
if you allow me to reunite our family, that the person I ask you to separate (say his name) does not return to appear in my life nor in that of (say his name).

Saint Alejo, Saint Alejo, Saint Alejo, I call and invoke you, I cry out to you with fervor and I ask you not to forget my request. Amen.

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