Prayer to San Roque for the healing of dogs

Prayer to San Roque for the healing of dogs

San Roque is considered the patron saint of dogs, who takes care of them, guides them and protects them from any adverse situation that our pet is going through. If your puppy is sick, you arrived at the right place, we will leave you a prayer to San Roque, so that through them you ask for the speedy healing of your puppy, do it with great faith.

Prayer to San Roque

San Roque in many parts of the world recognized for the great favors granted to the sick, the poor and the helpless, but mainly and as mentioned at the beginning of the section San Roque is considered the patron saint of dogs. And therefore he is their protector, many faithful come to him to beg him for the protection of their pets and their healing when they are going through a complicated health situation.

Devotion to San Roque in many towns and regions is quite large. In fact, it can be noted that many faithful come to him to ask for their health, protection, and shelter in times of pandemics or plagues that have been experienced throughout the world.

From the little that can be rescued from this characteristic saint, it is known that Montpellier, a town located in the south of France, was born into an extremely wealthy family. When his parents die, his inheritance is distributed among all the poor of his town to help them and be able to help them in his need, after which he leaves for Rome as a pilgrim in order to visit sanctuaries.

At the time that San Roque left for Rome in Italy, the plague known as typhus spread, thousands of people die daily as a result of this serious plague, for his part San Roque dedicated himself to the help of many of them, he attended them and He gave them all the help they needed.

Unfortunately, he helped many to die well, but he was also able to rescue and heal many just by making the sign of the cross on their foreheads and entrusting them to our heavenly father.

Many faithful invoke San Roque through prayer to ask for their sick pets and pray for their speedy healing, their believers come to him with great faith and devotion, with all their hopes placed on San Roque who will listen to them and come to their prompt aid. to fulfill your request. Next, we will find a San Roque prayer for sick dogs :

Merciful Saint Roque, virtuous, merciful and miraculous saint, who gave yourself body and soul to our Father God

and you loved animals from the heart.

And for this reason you are their glorious patron, do not leave them without help when they need it, do not let them feel helpless in the face of adversity and give them everything they need for their well-being.

Pray to the Lord for favor and blessing for my pet (say his name) and keep him-for all his life under your protection and custody.

He-she is one more member of the family, he is my friend and partner, he is the one who gives me his love unconditionally, he is faithful to me and comforts and brightens my days and gives me much more than what he receives.

Beloved Saint Roque, glorious servant of the Lord, who was miraculously helped by a little dog when men abandoned you because of your illness, he faithfully brought you rolls daily and lovingly licked your sores to relieve your pain, and for this you are a protector. of pets, today I come to you full of confidence and knowing that you are good and kind I entrust my pet to you (say his name again)

Protect him-a so that he is always happy, watch over my dear-a (repeat the name of the pet), that he does not lack food, or bed, or company, or games, keep him away from all evil, from all harm and bad situation; may he never be sad or feel abandoned, may he never lack affection, care and friendship so that he never feels fear, trepidation or loneliness, make him always be treated with love and respect so that he lives full of joy and well-being and has a long and happy life.

I ask you, blessed Saint Roque for his health, stay away from diseases, from Heaven send healing for (say the name of your pet once again), with immense confidence and faith, I leave him in your hands, make him soon recover his forces and energy

So that he does not suffer anymore, do not allow him to suffer or feel pain, alleviate his sufferings, heal his wounds or illness.

San Roque I beg you, do not let (your pet’s name) be away from me, do not allow bad people to harm him, if he gets lost or stolen, send a Guardian Angel from Heaven to accompany him in such a bad situation and protect him under his wings so that he is not harmed, and make, my saint, that he return to my side soon, that he does not go through mistreatment, sadness or anguish, and that he finds him or be returned to me as soon as possible without any injury and full of vitality.

Miraculous Saint Roque, defender of all animals, today I come to you to help me in my anguish, use your power of mediation before God so that in his mercy he grants me what I sincerely request for my pet:

(ask for what you want to get especially).

San Roque sends your blessings from above for my beloved pet, I love him very much and I do not want to leave his side, I promise to take care of him and love him throughout his life, and never separate from (say the name of your pet again) much less abandon him.

I thank you for your help in these difficult times, I know that you will not stop protecting and caring for (name your dog once again) and that you will take my requests to the Lord, who created all living beings that populate the planet and with love and Kindness preserves and cares for all its creatures.

So be it, so be it, so it will be… Amen

Accompany this prayer with three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories. The prayer must be done for three consecutive days, and the request is very urgent, it must be done for 9 days without any interruption.

Prayer to San Roque for a lost dog to appear

“Merciful San Roque

You who in life always advocated to follow

The designs of the Lord and with your faith you proclaimed

To the faithful the true word.

You who only dedicated yourself to taking care of animals

You covered them from the rain when required and you did not hesitate

In sharing your bread in the company of these.

You are, well, it is that you understand my pain the most and you know the pain that

It causes me to be without the company of my dog ​​… [name of your dog]…

My faithful guardian and companion of wanderings.

Therefore, before you, and with all the confidence that faith can grant,

I beg you to find it and place it

back into my life so that I can benefit from the

Love that only he can bestow.Amen”

Prayer to San Roque for pets

Lord, God, creator of all the creatures of the universe, I beg you, with total humility, to listen to my pleas, which I do today for my pets, and those who are alone in the streets, so that they may receive your sacred protection, God Lord almighty , help me to continue taking care of my pets, grant me God, the joy of always being healthy, to take care of them and have the strength to feed them, allow San Roque to protect them.Amen

In this prayer we can see how Saint Roque is asked for the protection of all pets, including stray pets, so that out of his great mercy and kindness he may always grant them his protection and shelter and never abandon or forsake them, since they are defenseless creatures that They need our love and affection immensely.

When praying the prayer we must accompany it with our father, a Hail Mary and a glory, in addition to praying with great faith and devotion towards our miraculous Saint Roque, let us never lose faith in the one who with his infinite mercy when speaking to him from the heart he listened to us and He will come to our aid to grant us that very special favor that we ask of him.

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