Prayer to Saint Onofre for love, money and luck

Prayer to Saint Onofre for love, money and luck

You are looking for a prayer to San Onofre, because you came to the right place in this post we will describe a series of prayers dedicated to San Onofre in relation to various situations. These prayers are very effective for what you need, you just have to have a lot of faith when praying to him and you will see how he listens to your request and helps you.

Prayer to Saint Onofre

Saint Onofre is venerated both by the Catholic Church and by the Captos, he is considered the patron saint, protector and guide of weavers and workers. In Venezuela he has a large number of faithful and believers who adore and venerate him in a very characteristic way with flashy and ostentatious rituals in the streets. In Caracas, his faithful followers place a large altar on the right hand side of the church of San Francisco.

In the altars dedicated to San Onofre, there are usually large amounts of offerings and objects that his faithful offer him, for the favors received. June 12 is the day of celebration, adoration and veneration for this saint, thousands of believers go to the temples to witness the mass performed in his name and later his image is taken out in procession.

Thousands of people through prayer come to San Onofre, to request his kindness, his humility and his compassion in the face of an adverse situation that they may be going through. Because he is considered the employer of the workers as mentioned above and in this way mainly many people come to him with the intention of requesting his help to find a decent job to support their homes.

But not only for this is Saint Onofre invoked, the favors requested from this saint are infinite, since being so revered and adored many people blindly trust him, and place all the hope that you will listen to their pleas and come to their aid. .

Next, we will describe a series of prayers dedicated to Saint Onofre, to ask him for a favor depending on the circumstance in which you find yourself and what you require:

Glorious Saint Onofre, confessor of truths and consolation of the afflicted, who arrived at the gates of Rome to meet my Lord Jesus Christ, from whom you asked for the grace not to sin, just as you asked for three, I ask for four,
that You were the protector of the single, be my protector too, you who were the protector of the married, and also mine,
you who were the protector of widowers and also mine.

Glorious Saint Onofre, for the five wounds of Jesus I ask you to grant me the graces of (here you ask for what you want, it can be up to four different things).

Saint Onofre, by the sacred passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to grant me these graces that I need so much, hoping that, through you, I will be favored by God within 40 days.Amen.

The prayer to Saint Onofre that we have just read is the most popular and the most common made by his faithful believers. With this prayer, his faithful can request up to 4 different favors from this miraculous saint.

For the love

If we feel that we do not hit one in love, that we always run into the wrong person, that we have not yet found that beautiful love for our life. Let us not despair, San Onofre is the one to help us in such a situation, below, we will describe a prayer:

Blessed Saint Onofre,

Strong man and righteous I stand before you

To beg you to fill me with

your most sincere love

To be a person full of joy.

I beg you to also put in my way

To a person who gives me his love, dedication

And above all, a lot of patience.

Mainly I ask for my self love,

For me to value myself and love myself as I am.Amen.


Glorious Saint Onofre,

sanctified by Divine Providence,

man chosen by the Lord,

distinguished anchorite full of virtues,

strong saint, just and humble saint,

that you never lacked faith, hope and charity

and you were a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

You who are the blessed comforter of the afflicted

and all over the world you are known and praised

for the number of miracles that through your mediation

the Lord of Mercies grants his children

I ask you to listen to my pleas

and take my petitions before Almighty God

for you to attend to them.

My blessed saint, illustrious monk Saint Onofre,

that for his excellencies and holy life

You achieved great value before God and men,

that by your kindness you do not stop helping those in need,

you who are the saint of luck and fortune

and urgently resolve monetary issues

relieve my serious and pressing needs

do not leave me unanswered, I beg you:

for the five wounds of my Lord Jesus Christ,

for the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

for all the Angels and Saints of Heaven,

Obtain for me what I sincerely request:

(make the request here with great faith).

Saint Onofre, humble hermit.

you who defeated the world, the devil and the flesh

and for that you were sanctified,

exalted and glorified by the Lord.

pray for all of us who are in need,

through which we went through great calamities and shortcomings

and ask Divine Mercy

grant us as soon as possible

what we humbly ask in this prayer,

and all other necessary thanks

to free us from sin

and get the salvation of our soul,

obtain for us the grace to imitate your virtues

so that, trusting only in God,

let’s emerge triumphant

from all dangers of soul and body.Amen.

With this prayer we go to blessed San Onofre to ask for our luck and that we come out of everything bad that may come our way along the way.

The money

Glorious and blessed Saint Onofre

you who have great power of intercession before God,
as indicated by the great and repeated miracles
that He performs for your support and mediation,
I ask you to use this sovereign gift
in favor of the needy devotees
who with faith implore your favor and protection.
Blessed Saint Onofre,
in the name of the Great Power of God,
maker of all living things in the Universe,
I ask you to watch over me
and help me overcome the ruin and scarcity
that I went through right now.

You, who in economic and labor matters
are a quick and effective helper,
do not stop favoring me with the healthy effects
of your powerful mediation
and get me to obtain from Divine Providence:

(ask for what you want to achieve)

Because of the great love you felt for Jesus Christ,
our Redeemer,
Saint Onofre awaits your blessing
to obtain what I humbly ask of you,
in your hands I place my needs
knowing that you do not stop favoring
those who faithfully ask you for help.

I also pray that by following your example
and learning and imitating your virtues , I may
reach the prize of life and glory
that are endless in Heaven,
so that supported solely by God , I
will emerge triumphant from all the dangers
of soul and body. Amen.

In the prayer described, we go to San Onofre to ask him for our finances and to help us in the face of such an adverse situation that we are going through, which is a bad economic streak with faith and hope in him, it is favor will be conceived

The job

Saint Onofre, you who gave your life to meditation in the desert by virtue of God Our Lord intercede for me in the face of difficult times.

Act as an intercessor before God for my economic and work problems so that they find a quick solution and feel comfort through the grace of Christ.
He implored the mercy of the Lord through your mediation before Him Most High by virtue of the grace that you gave him throughout your life.
I strongly ask that you:

(make your request)

I beg you to hear this prayer with mercy and give it the necessary strength so that my problems and difficulties can find a solution.
I trust in you and in God for the solution of my needs.
I ask you all this in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord who is good to have you among your Saints.Amen.

As we already know San Onofre is the patron saint of Workers, for this reason many unemployed people come to him to ask him to help them find a job that will be the economic sustenance for their family, and through prayer he helps those in need.

 Make a request

Saint Onofre Blessed, who lives
in heaven to the right of God and who shares with men the gift of
forgiveness and happiness to those who beg and implore you. You taught me with your
example to overcome any adversity, but today I ask you to fill me with
courage and courage to fulfill my mission.

I make you today 4 important requests. The first is about health: I beg you to keep my body and soul healthy as they have been until now.

Protect me from all the evils that want to take advantage of my body, from the diseases that abound in the streets. Make my body an impenetrable armor for any evil.

The second is about love: I beg you, allow me a life full of love in all aspects. May the love of my family always remain faithful and not be diluted with the fights and conflicts of a home.

May the love of a couple always keep the flame alive because we were born for each other.

The third is money: I beg you that I never lack the money necessary to survive and achieve my dreams. I am a person who wants to improve himself and God has given me the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities.

The fourth and last request is about my house. I beg you to always keep her protected from any evil. Create a protective cloak over her that makes her invisible to anyone with bad intentions.

I beg you, Saint Onofre,
grant me these 4 requests for the rest of my days.Amen.

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