Inner healing prayer for deep hurts

Inner healing prayer for deep hurts

The inner healing prayer allows you to avoid damage to a person’s life, connects especially with God and manages to bring peace and reconciliation to those who perform it, get to know it better by reading this article.

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When difficult situations in life have caused hardening, and lack of faith in your heart, it is time to seek help from God, so that communication and the search for peace can be achieved through the implementation and Performing the Inner Healing Prayer.

This healing prayer connects the person with God, guides them towards the path of good, enlightens them to carry out actions typical of every good Christian, also through this ration all the sufferings, problems, anxieties and depressions that may be affecting our spiritual integrity.

Being cornered by the situations and problems of life, limits the actions of any human being, with this prayer, the Lord shows you the way to get ahead cleaning the soul and spirit that afflict people. Let us not let other forces invade us and limit spiritual actions.

Many believers and faithful believe in prayer as a way to reach God and obtain a full spiritual life, the strength that prayer for inner healing gives people, great security and reinforcement of faith, which makes it become in one of the most important tools for Christians.

The prayer may have some variants, but always subject to changes that can only be based on considering faith, hope and dedication to God, putting Jesus Christ as the savior and healer of our sorrows and fears, false expectations should not be created, the faithful know its power very well and experience it as a way to heal wounds in their hearts, let’s see:

” Lord, I know that You love me and bless me, every day I praise you, I bless you, I thank you because you are great and wonderful, blessed be you, in moments of darkness illuminate my life, show me the path that I must seek. I want to give you, give you, give you all my problems because I know that you can help me, because I know that you can give me the peace that I need.”

“Jesus, in these moments of darkness illuminate my life, be the sun that appears before me, let me know where to walk. I ask you, that in moments of desolation and sadness you give me peace and joy. I give myself to You and I implore You to act on my heart. You know that I need more of you every day, of your protection, of your strength.”

“Only I am not able to win, I feel that problems overcome me but with you I can manage to overcome them. You are a good God, praised and glorified be. You know what my weaknesses are at this time, I ask you to fill me with your blessing, you are passing through here at this time, fill me with peace and serenity together with all those who pray this prayer at this time, glory to your blessed name for forever.”

“Come Lord touch my heart he needs you for different situations, I need you more than ever. Come Lord to my aid, help me, I cry for your protection, I cry for your strength, I cry for your forgiveness. Renew me, eliminate indecisions, sadness, melancholy, all failure, depression. Lord take my pain, blessed be Jesus.

“Move your healing hand in me, Lord, move your powerful hand to feel strengthened. May I believe in You. (At that moment the problem is described, whether it is sentimental, marital, family, work or of another type), I trust You, I trust your love, I know that only You can give me what no one can give me.

“You are the friend who never fails. Transform me with your power and your mercy, Blessed be Jesus, blessed be your Holy Name. You come into my life to give me comfort and strengthen me with your company. You end my loneliness and cover my spirit with your sacred mantle, which I will always have on my body all my life.

“Thank You, Father, that through this healing we can become the kind of people You ask us to be. As I feel the anointing of your love, I glorify you, Lord, because I know it is done. There is no power in heaven and earth that can prevent it.”

“I praise you, Lord, because I know that the more I give you, thanking you and praising you for it, the more you give me the strength of your presence, the power of your spirit, the love of your Divine Son. I praise you, Jesus, for this healing and I glorify you. Come and stay Jesus, stay. Amen.”

Inner healing of wounds

To heal many internal wounds, it is advisable to ask Jesus, in a way that helps us remember where and when those wounds came to our being, for this we must reflect and go back in time, some priests and scholars of the subject recommend the following:

  • Expose the things that hurt us to the public light and ask yourself certain questions, such as when did this problem start?
  • Also suggest things like Was childhood happy?, since the most difficult and deepest wounds to heal are those that occur during the first years of life, which is the age where people are most spiritually vulnerable.
  • Considering what caused the injury, usually situations at the beginning of our lives, thinking a little about the reason that drags sorrows and worries can help us to really diagnose what the true cause of the injury was.
  • There was rejection, isolation, violence or submission during childhood, if she did not receive enough love from her parents, if the mother did not have the company of a father, or if there were many siblings in case she did not allow the necessary love to be given.
  • Communication should be sought with someone to whom the problem can be told. Priests and priests are open all the time to listen to these types of problems.
  • Seeking God is the most exact and correct alternative to correct and eliminate these worries, if we can remember exactly where the problem comes from ‘we can tell God that he cannot help us live without worries.
  • Use prayer as the main element and tool to overcome these obstacles, ask the Lord in a positive way, so that we can fill ourselves with love, and purify our spirit with the glory of the Lord.

Apart from the  prayer of healing and deliverance , as can also be used the method of laying on of hands, which is easily accompanied by prayers. Touch and words can help enormously to communicate better with God, handing over our concerns and problems allows us to reach their solution more easily.

Healing prayer for worries, fears and anguish.

The prayer for this type of healing implies carrying it out with a lot of faith, which becomes an extremely powerful tool now to help overcome these problems, the transformation of the soul and the heart happen immediately.

This prayer allows communication with God in a profound way, surrender to his will is immediate, God acts directly on us eliminating situations that cause pain, leaving aside frustrations and negative moods.

The presence of Jesus before us allows us to obtain salvation for our soul and body, a  prayer for physical healing , it is a complement that helps to release tensions and heal our body from the presence of some diseases.

  • The whole physical body eliminating diseases and preventing them.
  • The spiritual part where it allows the person to consolidate their faith.
  • Release evil spirits nearby or that may try to reach our humanity.
  • Heals internal wounds, heals our emotions and painful memories inside.

How to pray

To carry out the prayer, greater control and rules are not required, simply find a quiet space, so that no one can interrupt that great moment you will have with God, try to feel comfortable, assume a positive attitude and despite the concern that may overwhelm , consider that you are going to be next to the Lord.

Motivate yourself and motivate others to carry out, the process for the  spiritual healing prayer that is going to be developed allows you to help the person to move forward, no matter if the situations are overwhelming life, show strength in difficult moments is a weapon that God has put us to move forward.

When making the prayer we must think about all the spiritual virtues that Jesus had and put them into practice, thinking about God gives us strength to move forward, the place where the prayer is made must be related to peace and harmony, it can be located in a church, a chapel, in the house itself, where it considers that there will be no noise or disturbance.

Take a deep breath and begin the prayer very calmly and patiently, always seeking inspiration from God and knowing that at the end we have been heard and soon we will begin to make better progress in our feelings and our spiritual condition.

Inner healing prayer to seek the past

This prayer tries to help these people to locate the reason, the place, the moment and the cause of the worries and sufferings, knowing why a wound is inserted in our mind and heart allows us to establish the reason and its cause.

It helps to improve the diagnosis and understand the reason for the existence of past problems in our being, it is important to be very relaxed and concentrated, pray with great faith and hope, the prayer begins as follows:

“ Lord I ask you to go back with me, let us walk together through my life from the moment you gave me life, Help me, Lord, cleanse me and deliver me from everything that could cause difficulties from the moment of my birth, you were there when I was born, when I was formed in my mother’s womb.”

“I beg you to free me and heal me from any ties in my spirit, whether it came from my mother or the circumstances of my parents’ lives. I praise you, Jesus, because you are also healing me from the trauma of being born. Heal me from the pain that is generated at birth and from everything I suffered at birth. I thank you, Lord.”

“Jesus, I praise you, because in the first months of life you were with me when I needed you. And if that love that my mother could never give me, Lord, do it in the depths of my being. Send me to your mother, Maria, so that she receives me in her breast, gives me warmth and does everything a mother does to give her child tenderness and security.

“Let me feel his mother’s love, which comforts and allows me to never separate from him, I thank you and praise you, because right now I am sheltered in the arms of your mother and in yours. If at any time in my life I have been rejected and loneliness has invaded my being, I ask you to fill that part of my heart with a deep fatherly love that only comes from a father.

“Today I ask you for a cure of that adverse feeling that caused me so much damage. Lord, let me know that I am your son, that I am important in your family, a being that you love in a very special way. Heal me from the wounds caused by relationships with my family.”

Let me forgive that person who hurt me. Perhaps through the years, I have never been able to accept them because I never felt truly accepted by them. Grant me love towards them. I thank you for that, Lord.” Amen.

Related to school youth situations 

The prayer can be complemented by specifying the details of a problem that caused some trauma during the stay at school or school, sometimes they are problems that last a lifetime and some people cannot overcome, through this prayer it is possible to help in go a long way to overcoming these sufferings.

“I ask you, Lord, heal me from all those years that I spent in the classroom, that you take away all the pain and suffering that I received during that time. Sir, at that moment I started to feel afraid to speak in groups because I had been ridiculed, punished, criticized at school.”

“I avoided talking to other young people because it was too painful. I ask you to open the door of my heart. Let me interact with other groups in a more open and free way, give me confidence and courage to do what you ask me in any situation. Thank you, Lord, because I believe in this healing.”

“Lord, when I entered adolescence, I began to experience situations that scared me, embarrassed me and caused me pain. I have never been able to fully get over this. I ask you, Lord Jesus, to heal all the experiences I had as a teenager, what I did and what they did to me, but I have not been able to overcome them.

“I do not ask you, Jesus, to erase this from my mind but to transform it so that I can remember it without shame, with thanksgiving and with great courage, make me understand why these things happened and let me help others find healing. I ask you Lord Amen.”

There are various emotional situations that limit the spiritual actions of people, and as we said at the beginning, they generally happen when the person is young, in full formation and development.

These situations are very diverse and directly influence the life of a person, divorces, problems and discussions of couples, abuse, submission and isolation leave great wounds in people, the total cure of them is determined through the connection with God, and this is done by developing a good sentence.

Other situations that some people do not take into account, serve as a wound through the passage of time, are those that come to our being in an implicit way during childhood and youth, but that over time have a great emotional weight and destructive in our lives.

Hence the prayer for inner healing to be able to correct those errors that the past did not leave within us, it is important to fully identify them, seeking God’s help we can achieve the goals we want, finding the solution will not help us to be freer and happier people , the situations are as follows:

  • Painful births that at the moment of happening are not directly perceived by the baby but that, over time, influence adult life.
  • Lack of love on the part of their mother, since they were separated from the maternal warmth from a very young age, or her death.
  • The need for paternal love, where masculine security is expressed in the family, as well as the lack of maternal love, can occur for various reasons.
  • A large volume of family members, many siblings that do not allow the dedication of parents to the care of each child.
  • Problems in school, with learning, adaptation and conflicts with other children.
  • Premature obligations and responsibilities not adapted to age, such as getting married or having children very young, are motivators of divorce and promiscuity.
  • Some priests have had problems as young people, however, they resort to prayer in order to close these small traumas.
  • Eternal singleness, where certain people live their entire lives without the company of children or husbands.

To conclude, we recommend the following: when you are finishing the prayer, close your eyes and try to remain silent for 10 minutes, try to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, empty your mind and heart, let God carry out the sanction. You must take responsibility for having faith and hope in what you are going to accomplish.

Complement the prayer with slow breaths where the body can be relaxed, then open your eyes and activate your mind and body back to the reality that surrounds you, the results will be fabulous and the feeling of well-being will present itself from that very moment.

We should not confuse these prayers with relaxations or meditations that are carried out in other religions, the requests that are made through prayer are addressed directly to the Lord, deriving from the first step through the figure of Jesus Christ, as the only way to reach God, some mix prayer with meditation, which represents a great spiritual contradiction.

When a prayer for inner healing is done with faith, it represents a great ally in solving problems, transforms the heart and renews faith, establishes all desires and desires as a priority with the idea of ​​leaving aside frustrations and situations. negative, obstacles that limit the spiritual actions of man.

The following video shows how to make a good inner healing prayer.

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