Prayer for Santa Hedwig and get housing

Prayer for Santa Hedwig and get housing

Santa Eduvigis is a character canonized many years ago, who helps the most disadvantaged so that they can find their own home and pay off their debts. If you want to know everything related to the prayer to Saint Hedwig, to get a house, keep reading this article, it is for you.

Saint Hedwig

In order to fully understand how the prayer to Saint Hedwig works, as well as its effectiveness, it is first necessary to know a little about the life and history of this emblematic character, since although multiple miracles are attributed to him today, in her life she was an ordinary person, a woman who married and fathered children anyway.

It is necessary to mention that Santa Eduvigis is the patron saint of houses and homeownership, as well as the patron saint of those indebted, helpless and insolvent people, so those who are part of this group come to her to request their prompt payment. help in solving your financial problems.

As for her biography, it can be said that Saint Hedwig was born in Bavaria, located in present-day Germany, in the year 1174. She was a Duchess and patron widow of Silesia, daughter of the Duke of Croatia and Dalmatia whose name was Bertoldo IV who was governor of Tyrol, and his wife Agnes. She was also the aunt of the Holy Elizabeth of Hungary. When she was only twelve years old, she married Duke Henry of Silesia, who at the time was the head of the Polish royal family.

During their marriage they had seven children, and together they founded several monasteries, hospitals and a convent, with the aim of cultivating and encouraging religious life, since they were humble and pious throughout their lives. Among the best known monasteries, mention can be made of the following: The Canons of San Agustín, the Dominicans and the Franciscans.

For his part, Henry founded the hospital of the Holy Cross in Breslau, and Hedwig a hospital for lepers located in Neumarkt, where she herself assisted the nurses to carry out their tasks.

Both spouses had a great desire for religion, so they dedicated their lives to it and to helping those most in need; It is so much so that Santa Eduvigi walked barefoot through the streets, even during the winter, paying penance. Once her husband passed away in the year 1238, she took her religious robes and went to live in the Trebnitz Monastery, and then their entire fortune was donated to the church and the poor.

Saint Hedwig died a few years after her husband, on October 15, 1243 in the convent, and after her death multiple miracles were reported in favor of her name. Her body was buried in Trebnitz, and she has since been the patron saint of Silesia, Andechs, and the Catholic Archdiocese of Wroclaw, as well as the Diocese of Gorlitz.

In this sense, God prized her unshakable faith with the gift of performing miracles, among them, a blind woman was able to recover her vision when the saint made the sign of the cross on her forehead; as well as this, she is attributed other miraculous cures, and several prophecies made, such as her own death, since during her last illness she herself requested her extreme unction.

Regarding his canonization, this was carried out in the year 1267 by Pope Clement IV, since his grandson, Prince-Archbishop Wladyslaw of Salzburg suggested it to him. Later, in the year 1706, the feast of Saint Hedwig was included in the universal calendar of the Western Church, so that since then every October 16, she is commemorated and a feast is celebrated in her honor.

It is worth mentioning a brief legend about this saint, which indicates that Saint Hedwig stopped at Bad Zell in Austria during a pilgrimage, and is said to have obtained water from a spring that still bears his name today.

Some years later, specifically in 1773, the King of Prussia called Frederick the Great, after having conquered Silesia, had the Cathedral of Saint Hedwig built, located in Berlin, for Catholic immigrants from Upper Silesia, and it is currently the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Berlin.

How should one pray?

In order to carry out effective prayers that generate the expected results, it is convenient to learn a little about the most appropriate aspects for carrying them out; In this sense, we are going to give a general vision about how to pray to Saint Hedwig, so that this saint listens to the prayers of her believers and manages to intercede for them in solving her problems.

In this regard, it must be said that all prayer consists of having a conversation with God, that is, it is talking with the Almighty, through certain mediators or intercessors who can help us achieve our goal in a more effective way.

In this sense, there is no predefined structure or magic formula that guides us in relation to how to pray to God, since it is simply speaking to him in the most natural and sincere way possible, exposing our afflictions with an open heart so that he helps us. and help us.

However, there are some basic steps that can help us structure our prayer to Saint Hedwig in the most appropriate way, they can be followed without any complications and here we show them in detail:

  • Adoration: The first step in making a prayer to God, Saint Hedwig or any other saint, consists of adoration, that is, praising him based on his infinite attributes of fidelity, goodness, mercy, power and love. This must be done with all your heart, to demonstrate your devotion and admiration, as well as your undeniable faith.
  • Confession: The next step is to declare the faults to the Lord, since He is the only one capable of exempting and forgiving his children for the faults committed; this can be considered as an act of cleansing and purification, confessing what has been done wrong in order to cleanse the soul and free itself from all those negative aspects.
  • Thank: After worshiping God and confessing our sins, it is up to him to thank him for all the blessings and favors granted, he should be thanked for both the big and the small things, so that the blessings multiply and continue to abound in the life of believers.
  • Supplication: Next, it is time to present our requests to the Lord, that is, expose before him what our hearts need, what it is that makes us lose sleep so much and that we long to achieve. If the desires are pure and concatenated with God’s plan, without a doubt he will listen and generate the results that are so desired.

Thus, following these steps, it is possible to structure an effective prayer to Saint Hedwig, although it should be noted that it is not an unbreakable form, since the most important thing is to converse with God, expose our afflictions to him and demonstrate the immense faith and devotion that is shown to him. have.

Everything will depend on the characteristics that each one possesses, since there are people who like to pray out loud, others in silence, some do it during the day and others at night; Be that as it may, the important thing is to maintain an efficient communication with God and the saints, in order to achieve their prompt help in our tribulations.

Prayer to Saint Hedwig to get housing

As mentioned above, Santa Eduvigis is the patron saint of those who do not have their own home, of the insolvent and in debt, and even of those who are deprived of their liberty. In this sense, here is a powerful prayer that can be invoked by people who do not own a house, so that Saint Hedwig intercede for them and help them acquire their own roof, a place to wait for their family and not have any kind of inconvenience.

In the first place, Saint Hedwig is invoked, who abandoned all kinds of luxuries and riches, with the sole objective of serving God and helping those most in need of help; we ask her to be merciful to each one of us. She is the savior of debts and the protector of the homeless, compassionate, good and loving with those poor and abandoned who do not have a home, it is she who can help those most in need.

We resort in prayer to her help and prompt assistance, since she is a living example of charity and was endowed with miraculous gifts by God, to be able to perform miracles and help the helpless. We ask her with humiliation and deep faith not to leave us alone, that she pay her attention to our needs and misery so that she gives us the necessary strength to find the path to follow, and the solution for the bitter situation that is it lives.

In addition to this, Saint Hedwig is asked to please intercede for us before the Lord, in order to help us with his infinite mercy to free us from evil and protect us, and also to multiply his favors towards us in moments of despair. . The request should be made sweetly, that is, explain what it is that you want to achieve with the realization of this prayer, which is to find a roof that protects us and our relatives, a home where we can live for the rest of the days with the tranquility and certainty that it will be stable.

This sweet soul dedicated to the service of others is asked to beg the Lord to help us in granting us what we need so much, for his great mercy that frees us from the darkness of this world. We ask Saint Hedwig to relieve our shortcomings as soon as possible, in what refers to the physical, spiritual and material, as long as it is written in God’s plan, amen. To end this prayer, immediately pray a Creed and Salve.

Prayer for the Debt

Those people who have certain debts or are insolvent, can also go to Saint Hedwig in order for her to help them get out of their debts, to comply with the requirements that are demanded of them and then get rid of the acquired responsibilities.

In this sense, the first thing that must be done is to invoke the name of Saint Hedwig, who in life rejected all kinds of luxuries and pleasures to help those most in need in their miseries, for the sake of obtaining for us her grace and that of live in peace and communion with God, then mention the request that consists of explaining in detail what you want, with your heart and sincerity.

In the same way, Saint Hedwig is begged to pray for us to be worthy of the promises of Christ, who can give us enough teaching to reject the ephemeral pleasures that the world shows us, that allows us to embrace his Cross to overcome the present and future adversities, thus forever and ever. This prayer must end with an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be, it is also very necessary to maintain humility at all times in the future.

Prayer for Help

To turn to Saint Hedwig for the sake of her prompt help, the first thing to do is to mention the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, joyfully celebrating this blessed woman who loved Jesus throughout her life. and he was faithful to the gospel and the scriptures. Thus, she lived in the footsteps of Jesus and dedicated her entire life to him, which is why she is a role model for Christians.

The glorious holy princess Hedwig who abandoned any type of riches and luxuries in order to serve the afflicted, for which she obtained mercy from the Lord and was given the gift of performing miracles.

Miraculous Saint Hedwig is the savior of those who are in debt and evicted, in her heart there is a deep love for the poorest and those who have been abandoned. She is also very compassionate towards the homeless and homeless she is concerned with, which is why she has been chosen and appointed by God, with the purpose of her being the support of the homeless, providing relief in the calamities of she.

Saint Hedwig should be prayed with great faith, since she prayed tirelessly opening her heart fully, she also gave herself to the hardest sacrifices and penances for love and devotion to Christ, who was crucified. In the same way, she was devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, therefore we ask her to have mercy on us and help us in times of tribulation.

Saint Hedwig is a living example of charity, who by the will of God was blessed with great gifts and chosen to work countless miracles, so we ask her not to leave us alone and provide us with her protection.

We turn to her with the firmest trust and hope, for the sake of asking her to humbly and sincerely turn her eyes to us during this period of anguish, misery and unhappiness, in this desperate situation that makes us blind, since we are not capable to find the most appropriate solutions, since we lose the strength to continue.

This saint is asked to intercede for us before the Lord, so that with her love and infinite mercy she may help us, free us from evil, protect us and multiply her favors in our lives, even more so in these moments of such despair. At this point she is asked what she wants, that is, her requests are presented to her so that she listens to us, and she is able to intercede with God to help us achieve what we need.

Saint Hedwig is to be praised for the sweet soul that she is, who goes out of her way to serve others and took her life on earth to help the most needy, the underprivileged, the homeless. In this act of devotion, we ask you to beg God to help us and grant that which we need so much, that which we yearn for so badly.

We want her to apply her sacred intersection before the Lord, so that with her infinite clemency she helps us see and frees us from all darkness that exists in this world.

Finally, relief to our needs is begged, as soon as possible since we are plunged into despair. All our needs can be not only material, but also physical and spiritual, since the soul also needs to be at peace in order to continue on the path. All this if it is in God’s plan, so you must have enough patience to wait for the desired results, you must keep your heart calm and attentive to signs. To complete this prayer, help yourself, it only remains to pray a Creed and Hail it.

prayer of supplication

To begin this prayer of supplication to Saint Hedwig, it begins by invoking the name of God, who taught this blessed woman to renounce all kinds of luxuries and pomp, for the sacred purpose of humbly following the path of the cross, with devotion. and humiliation before the creator. In this sense, we want you to grant us the grace to learn to despise the ephemeral pleasures that the world offers, and the ability to overcome all the adversities that may arise along the way, all this in the name of Jesus who is the only Savior.

In this sense, God is the protective father who cares for all the creatures that live on this Earth, and in this regard human beings were redeemed by virtue of Jesus’ death on the cross; Therefore, we ask that you please, through the intercession of Saint Hedwig, who was endowed with a deep love for the most needy and afflicted, grant us sincere repentance for our sins, and know how to sympathize with us in our calamities.

At this point the request should be exposed, to say what we are requesting so that the Lord comes to relieve our spiritual and physical needs, if it is written in God’s plan, amen.

In this prayer we cry out to the Almighty to please listen to the intercession of Saint Hedwig, an admirable woman who in life was the clearest example of humility, we ask that you please always grant the aid of your grace, through Jesus Christ Lord and Savior , Amen. This culminates this watering prayer addressed to God through the intercession of Saint Hedwig.

Prayer to sell house

If what you want is to go in another direction, that is, to sell a house you own to move to another place, you can also resort to the help of Saint Hedwig. What should be done is to put the house and her intentions in her hands, so that she, together with God, shows which is the path to follow, so that both will work so that a buyer really approaches. honest.

The most important thing is to pray this prayer with a lot of faith and hope, with an open heart for the sake of helping us to make a sale quickly to be able to look for other horizons.

The first thing to say to begin this powerful prayer is to thank Saint Hedwig for having given us the possibility of reaching that home and living in it for so long, however now we feel that we are ready to go to another place, we are sure that the time has come to move away and start a new life in another home.

You should be thanked with all your heart for having provided us in so many ways, such as with that house that has been a shelter for the family, and in this sense we want you to please continue to provide and protect each of the members while makes a satisfactory sale of the house.

It should also be noted that Saint Hedwig has kept a roof over our heads throughout time past, and thus has come before our father God to provide a home and shelter for time to come, just as He has promised.

In the same way, she has been firm in her promise that we do not feel any concern about eating and dressing, and therefore she does not want us to worry about the place where we are going to live, since she has promised to be our protector in this sense. and we have complete and complete confidence in his word. She who in life moved away from all kinds of luxuries for the service of the poor, we resort to her help, amen.

In this sense, St. Hedwig we ask with faith and with an open heart, that she give us her blessings to start the process of selling the house, that she illuminate our path and guide us throughout the process, bearing in mind that she He has protected each day and does not want us to feel any fear for future times, because from his hand we have security and stability.

Thus, we ask you to give us wisdom in all the days to come and not leave us alone, in the sense that please we want to attract the right people to this place, which is going to be the new home of a different family, we hope that they are worthy and responsible, honest and that everything is carried out in the most pleasant way possible; We ask Saint Hedwig not to leave us alone in this process, to avoid any type of concern in our minds and allow our eyes to be fixed on her.

It is very important to dedicate these prayers to Saint Hedwig with a lot of faith in the heart, and good intentions above all things, since our mind is very powerful and we attract what we think.

If you want to sell a house quickly and safely, you must use all the digital media to which you have access, and it is worth asking for a little help from these entities to help us attract good people, and get out of the sale faster. You always have to have the firm conviction that this will be the case, you just have to have a little patience and wait for the results.

Prayer to get a job

As explained above, Saint Hedwig is the patron saint of those poor, insolvent people who do not have their own home and therefore go through life suffering calamities and miseries. Many of these situations can be caused by not having a stable job, or a regular and constant source of income.

In this sense, believers can also turn to this saint in prayer, for the sake of asking her with all their hearts to help them get a decent job, to generate a stable salary that allows them to live according to their needs, and for such power support your family.

She will undoubtedly listen to your prayers, since she is a saint dedicated to providing help and support to those most in need, and is powerful in responding to the call for help from people in general. This is a powerful prayer to get a job, which should be done with an open heart invoking the powers that were granted to Saint Hedwig, in order to help people who come to her for help. The most important thing is to have faith in her and her abilities, but also to act in favor of getting the desired job.

This powerful prayer begins by invoking the name of Saint Hedwig, in whom we trust in the search for that desired new job, we ask him to take us to the right job, in this sense we rest in his goodness and put everything we have in his hands. We want her to help us in every step such as searching, finding and applying for a job, and being assertive in the interview since she knows who with our skills.

More than a salary, we are looking for a place to be fully valued and part of a team, where skills can be developed and a decent income can be obtained that helps us live happily.

St Hedwig is also asked to please watch over us and our family throughout this time of waiting as it can be difficult until something stable is found. We need the confidence to know her will, that she open the right doors for us and that she direct our steps along the most effective path, since we have the full conviction that only she can do it, patron saint of the homeless, amen.

As well as this prayer to find a job, we also present here another one that can be done every day you go to work, so that the saint helps us preserve our job and gives us the strength and wisdom to continue there:

It begins by mentioning the name of Saint Hedwig and confessing to her that we are going through a confusing period of life, since we are not totally sure that we are in the right place. In this sense, we thank her for being where we are today, she who is capable of turning night into day, sadness into joy, and mourning for life, we ask her to please help us live and adapt to that place and through of our service.

It is necessary to indicate the nerves and the emotion that you feel for starting this new job, so we ask you to take care of us and guide our steps in working life, that it be your strength that motivates us, and that the training rests in your arms, skills and dreams that haunt our minds and our lives. We want it to help us succeed in everything we do, to carry us every day.

In this order of ideas, we can feel the presence of Saint Hedwig in our lives, as the friend who does not abandon us, who is faithful in his advice and help. We want it to fill our hearts with hope and joy, so that we can feel enthusiastic while we are working. May she fill our actions with integrity and wisdom, so that other people can see the spirit of her looking at us. We trust her, and we are deeply grateful for the new opportunity that she has granted us through her grace. Amen.

prayer for money

If what is needed is to obtain urgent money to pay a debt, Saint Hedwig will also be there to help us. You should go to her with humility, in order to ask her for wisdom, first of all with regard to managing money and finances in general.

In this sense, we confess that we do not have a lot of money or savings, but we have always had enough to live on and for that we thank you enormously, since you have never abandoned us. However, the cost of living is increasing daily, and we ask that you provide us with the wisdom to spend money in the best possible way.

We know and are aware that no matter how much or how little is in our wallet, we can always spend it on something, but we must think that money is like an animal that needs to be tamed. Therefore, we ask Saint Hedwig to give us the wisdom to spend money wisely, to be generous without being foolish, to be liberal without being reckless, and to give willingly to those who need it.

Finally, she is thanked from the bottom of her heart, and with patience she is expected to carry out her work and grant us the gift of good financial management, since we need her with all our might.

If the need for money is compounded by having small children who need to be fed, this saint can also be approached, with a heavy heart, expounding the need to provide for and support our children. In this sense, she is told that the economy seems to be increasingly difficult, so that many people have many financial difficulties. Thus, we ask her to put her gaze on us and on our children, so that she provides us with everything we need to live.

We pray this prayer so that Saint Hedwig helps us to meet our daily needs and those of our children, and we fully trust her since she more than anyone knows our needs and shortcomings. We hope you hear the cry of the hearts of her believers, so that she gives us the provision of each day and does not forsake us at any time, that’s why we fully trust her and her powers forever and ever. , Amen.

prayer for prisoners

Saint Hedwig is also believed to be the protector of those deprived of will, who can come to her with this prayer:

In the first place, it is stated that the saints can always help them despite the sins that have been committed, as long as they repent and are willing to change; thus, those who have incarcerated family members can pray for them and their family, so that they receive the care and attention they need; also so that their physical, spiritual and emotional needs can be met, either by other family members, friends or members of a church.

We ask St. Eduvigi to please help them keep hope alive, that that family member who is behind bars has not yet been abandoned or forgotten by God. And if they have not been delivered to Christ, they are asked to please get to know Jesus Christ, and that the relatives find the necessary comfort to continue with their lives.

This saint is fair in her mercy, so it is prayed that these men and women who find themselves serving sentences behind bars, find the necessary consolation and their family can overcome the difficulties that arise.

This is a very difficult situation, which is why we pray that these resources can see themselves as the children of God that they are, and that they maintain the hope of serving their sentence. If, on the contrary, they never go out, it is necessary that they maintain the hope that we will all meet one day in heaven, in a great party.

For their part, if they can be released, we pray that they are also freed from the judgment of others, since they have already paid for their crimes. In this sense, we ask that they not be identified as criminals or swindlers, because for this they are paying their sentence.

Finally, St. Hedwig is asked to help other people see them as clean and forgiven beings, as children of God and consequently they are treated with respect, we pray that it be so, amen.

This prayer can also be extended, making a request for the peace of mind of the prisoners who are behind bars, to help them understand that something good can also be obtained from evil, and even in their darkest hours, the true source of light is found in Jesus Christ.

We pray that they be given peace and know that they are no longer doomed, although they may sleep in peace for their infinite comfort, and that the doors for them are always open. This is asked with faith, hope and an open heart, amen.

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