Novena to the Holy Spirit, the Pentecost prayer

Novena to the Holy Spirit, the Pentecost prayer

The Novena to the Holy Spirit , is a series of prayers that are performed for 9 consecutive days in order to welcome Pentecost a week before when the church celebrates the Holy Spirit, learn more about this beautiful tradition by reading the following article.

Novena to the Holy Spirit

One of the most beautiful Catholic traditions that allows renewing faith in God is the realization of the Novena to the Holy Spirit, in which many faithful take part, who for nine days perform prayers praising the presence of the Holy Spirit on earth.

During the month of June, the church begins the celebration of the feasts of the Holy Spirit, and the faithful prepare for Pentecost (Christian Easter) where a liturgical season ends, serves to increase faith in God and represent an act of great solemnity within the Church.

For the arrival of this celebration, the faithful carry out various ceremonies, which include different options related to the Holy Spirit, these prayers are performed for nine consecutive days, there the faithful pray and ask for peace, and the well-being of man.

It is an honor that is paid to the Holy Trinity in the third person, that is, the divine trilogy of Catholicism is focused as a single entity that has the spiritual strength to change the world, prayers are based on laos and diverse requests that allow connecting to the faithful with God.

Novena for the anointing of the Holy Spirit

This novena should be prayed for nine days and is an expression to ask for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the request and reminder of why Jesus died on the Cross, a request is made, request for spiritual reception as a sign of the transformation of every man on the planet.

The novena that should be prayed every day (except the last day) for the anointing of the Holy Spirit is the following:

“ Receive, oh Holy Spirit!, the absolute consecration of my entire being, which I make to you on this day, deign to be from now on and in each one of the moments of my life, as well as in each one of my actions, my Director, my Guide, my Light, my Strength, and all the love of my Heart.”

“I unreservedly put aside your divine operations and wish to belong to your docile divine inspiration forever, O Holy Spirit! Deign to form me with Mary and in her according to the model of your beloved Jesus. Glory to the Creator Father. Glory to the Redeemer Son. Glory to the Holy Spirit Sanctifier. Amen.”

It is a relatively short option that each faithful must carry out with great faith and hope, with it he demonstrates at the entrance that he is a faithful follower of the glory of God, he belongs to the devoted faithful who follow his ideas and remain in him through the spirit holy.

Act of consecration to the Holy Spirit

The act as such begins from the first day of prayer, the entrance is made by making the sign of the cross, then the daily entrance prayer that we detailed above is performed, which also has some variations in some places, they can be a little longer, and they serve to give entrance to the main prayer of the day that we will see later.

This act of consecration completely covers the nine days, where the various daily prayers are performed, and various ceremonies that are included in the mass, mention is made to the faithful about the celebration of Pentecost, its importance and the reason for its establishment as catholic holiday.

Each devotee must interpret in a special way, the advent of the Holy Spirit in the hearts, the prayer of the nine days helps to renew this faith of consecration. The consecration of the act is performed by saying the following prayer:

“ My Lord Jesus Christ, my God! God of love and truth. Author of the sanctification of our souls, I detest in the bitterness of my heart all my sins, as offenses done to you, Forgive me, Lord, God of grace and mercy, forgive me my continuous infidelities.

“Mister; not having had the courage to do good things, after so many times your mercy and grace have lovingly requested, reprimanded, threatened and inspired me. It weighs me down and I repent of the ungrateful correspondence and unworthy blindness with which I have incessantly resisted your sweet and divine appeals.”

“I firmly propose, with your help, if I am no longer rebellious towards you, to continue forward in your tender inspirations with great docility. Enlighten me, oh source of light, my understanding, strengthen my will, purify my heart “

“Adjust all my thoughts, desires and affections, and make me worthy of tasting the blessed fruits that your gifts produce in the souls who have them. Grant me the graces I ask of you in this Novena, without end in your glory. Amen.”

Daily invocation of the Holy Spirit

When they begin the consecration, an entrance prayer and an exit prayer should be performed daily. We have already seen what this prayer should be, then we will perform the invocation prayer for the Holy Spirit to come out, which is done until the eighth day, since this final prayer should not be done on the last day of the novel.

“ O Holy Spirit! Divine comforter of my soul, fire, light and heavenly ardor of human hearts, if it is to the glory of your Majesty that I get what I want and ask for on this day, deign to grant me by the force of good; and if not direct my request, thanking me that it must be for your greater glory and good for the salvation of my soul. Amen.”

Next, each believer gathers himself internally and begins to say in a low voice the respective request, or the grace most needed personally, then the Antiphon is performed (melodic song of any biblical stanza). Similar to this:

“I will not leave you orphans, hallelujah; I come and go to you, alleluia; and your heart will rejoice, hallelujah, hallelujah.”

The faithful respond with a song:

“Send, Lord, your Holy Spirit, and they will be created, and you will renew the face of the earth.”

Daily Start Sentences

As we have been commenting, every day there is a prayer of praise and petition to the Holy Spirit, it can coincide with Mass and the faithful must show their faith and hope in these nine days, come at the appointed time, involve the family and try to make friends and acquaintances understand the reason for carrying out this complete novena to the holy spirit.

The first day

Begin the consecration of the first day by praying the entrance prayers also called preparatory prayers, also called invocations to the Holy Spirit, then follows the prayer of the day, which is similar to this:

“O Holy Spirit! Living source of divine waters that, in the creation of the world, sanctified the immense currents that surrounded the world and the waters of the Jordan during the baptism of Jesus Christ, our Lord; I beg you to be in my spirit, the Sacred source of living waters, that never runs out and jump to eternal life; as well as the grace that I ask of you in this Novena, if it is for the greater glory and good of my soul. Amen.”

The prayer of the first day of the novena to the Holy Spirit concludes by praying three Our Fathers and a Hail Mary, to honor the Holy Trinity, then the final prayer is made and the first day concludes.

Second day

This day begins with the daily preparatory prayers, then the respective prayer for the day is performed:

“O Holy Spirit! Overshadowing the most pure Virgin Mary with your highest virtue, and filling her at the same time with grace, you performed in an ineffable and omnipotent way the infinite work of the Incarnation of the Eternal Word, in the virginal womb of your heavenly Spouse.”

“Make a shadow of my soul and grant me the necessary grace so that I may be worthy to receive the same divine Word, made man and sacramented for my love, and also the special one that I ask of you in this Novena, if it is for your greater glory, and good of my soul. Amen.”

As on the first day, three Our Fathers and a Hail Mary are prayed in honor of the Holy Trinity, concluding with the final prayer for each day.

Third day

Begin the ceremony with the entrance prayers, then continue with the following prayer:

“ O Holy Spirit! Celestial dove that, opening the heavens wide, descended on Jesus already baptized in the Jordan, symbolizing from that moment in which he took on human nature, the fullness of Divinity dwelled in him.

“Come down on mine poor and miserable and fill it with the gift of wisdom of advice, understanding and strength, full of wisdom of science, piety and fear of God; and give me the grace I ask for in this Novena, if it is for your greater glory and the good of my soul. Amen.”

The prayer is performed with three Our Fathers and a Hail Mary, concluding the consecration on this third day with the final prayer.

Fourth day

The preparatory prayers for every day are made as in previous days, then continue with the following prayer:

“O Holy Spirit! A lucid cloud that making a shadow of Jesus transfigured and glorious on Tabor, you illustrated that Holy mountain, and sheltered in its excessive fear of the Apostles, communicating much light, fervor and grace after the Ascension of its Divine Master.”

“ Illustrate, protect and fertilize my soul so that I may be a worthy disciple of Jesus, may I always be one of his disciples and give me the grace that I ask of you in this Novena, if it is for the greater glory and good of my soul. Amen.”

The three Our Fathers and the Hail Mary honored to the Holy Trinity are prayed, then it concludes with the respective final prayer.

Fifth day

They are made at the beginning of the preparatory prayers, and then the prayer corresponding to this fifth day is performed:

“ O Holy Spirit! Gentle wind that filled the Cenacle and gave strength and courage to the hearts of those who were waiting for you, praying fervently united with one soul and one heart: occupy, oh Spirit of life and love! the whole house of my little spirit, my memory, understanding and will: and give me the grace that I ask of you in this Novena, if it is for your greater glory and the good of my soul. Amen.

Follow the prayer of the three Our Fathers and the respective Hail Mary, to culminate with their final appearance.

Sixth day

The consecration of the sixth day of the novena begins like the previous ones, and then the prayer of the day is said.

“O Holy Spirit! Very clear light that illustrated the understanding of the holy Apostles, communicating, as a divine Sun, all the light they needed for their perfection and for the conversion of the world: fill, oh blessed light! all the dark beings inside me, so that I know you and make you known to the whole world; and the grace that I ask of you in this Novena, if it is for your greater glory and the good of my soul. Amen.”

The prayer of the sixth day of the novena to the Holy Spirit concludes by praying three Our Fathers and a Hail Mary, to honor the Holy Trinity, then the final prayer is made and the daily ceremony concludes.

Seventh day

Begin with the daily preparatory prayers, followed by the prayer for the seventh day:

“O Holy Spirit! Sacred fire that appeared

Being visible on the Apostles on the day of Pentecost, divinely inflaming their hearts so that, embraced in your love, they later lit the whole world in the same sacred flames.

“Ignite my frozen heart in your most holy ardors, so that, embracing my spirit in them, I ignite in your divine love all those I will treat; and give me the grace that I ask of you in this Novena, if it is for your greater glory and the good of my soul. Amen.”

The consecration of the sixth day is concluded like the rest of the days.

Eighth day

This penultimate day corresponds to the culminating part of the consecration, approaching the end of the novena begins to generate emotion in the faithful, who begin the ceremony by saying the respective opening prayer, and continue with the prayer assigned to the day:

“O Holy Spirit! Burning flame of charity that with the fire of your love inflaming the hearts of the holy Apostles and of all Apostolic men, you communicated to them the gift of tongues for the conversion of the world.

“Inflame sacred fire of love to my heart and my tongue so that I always speak governed by your Spirit, inflame everyone so that they faithfully observe your divine commandments, and give me the grace that I ask for in this Novena, if it is for your greater glory and good. Of my soul. Amen.”

The penultimate day concludes with the remains of three Our Fathers and the Hail Mary of honor to the Holy Trinity, then with the final prayer.

ninth day

Begin this day with the preparatory prayer for each day, then follow the prayer below:

“O Holy Spirit! Essential charity that, diffused in human hearts, who, communicating all the divine graces that are included in our seven gifts, and understand how much the spiritual life, proper to each one, and the one you desire, needs to be communicated to all men.”

“Spread, oh Most Holy Charity! in my heart so poor of your seven gifts, and with them publish your greatness. O merciful God! you, who formerly filled on this blessed day the apostolic breasts with your grace, fill ours with your divine charisms, grant us quiet times, confirm the graces that we have asked you for in this Novena, if they are for your greater glory and the good of our souls . Amen.”

At the conclusion of this prayer, the “final prayer” is not performed, then the following antiphon is said.

“Today the days of Pentecost are fulfilled, alleluia, today the happy joys are reproduced, when the Comforting Spirit descended on his Apostles, alleluia, today, scratching the radiance of the divine fire, the Holy Spirit rested in the form of tongues on them, alleluia , today makes them fruitful in words, inflames them with his love and fills them with his innumerable charisms, alleluia, alleluia.”

Then the faithful say: “They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, alleluia, and began to speak in various tongues, alleluia. ” In this way the novena concludes where the faithful, full of joy, surrender before the arrival of Pentecost.

Each Catholic region on the planet performs the novena to the Holy Spirit in various ways, the differences are achieved only in the content of the prayers, however their structure and spiritual philosophy remain the same, the references, compliments to Jesus Christ, and requests to the Holy Trinity remain intact in all parts of the world.

In some cases each novena is more extensive and each daily ceremony can last up to two hours, some places and small regions perform the novena only with a duration of half an hour, the time is indifferent. The important thing is the consecration and the mobilization of the faithful, who can give inspiration and permanence of faith to the Most Holy Trinity.

Prayer of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

There is a prayer that is included on the last day of the novena and is called the “prayer of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit where the values ​​and spiritual energy of the Holy Trinity are highlighted, but better than describing it is reading it, let’s see.

“ Oh, God, that with the light of the Holy Spirit you illuminate the hearts of your faithful, grant us that guided by the same Spirit, we enjoy what is right and we rejoice with his heavenly consolation.

“Come, Holy Spirit, through your gift of Wisdom, grant us the grace to appreciate and esteem the goods of heaven and show us the means to attain them. Glory”

“Come, Holy Spirit, by your gift of Understanding, enlighten our minds regarding the mysteries of salvation, so that we can understand them perfectly and embrace them with fervor. Glory”

“Come, Holy Spirit, by your gift of Counsel, incline our hearts to act with righteousness and justice for the benefit of ourselves and our fellow men. Glory”

“Come, Holy Spirit, by your gift of Strength, strengthen me with your grace against the enemies of our soul, so that we can obtain the crown of victory. Glory”

“Come, Holy Spirit, by your gift of Science, teach us to live among earthly things so as not to lose the eternal ones. Glory”

“Come, Holy Spirit, by your gift of Piety, inspire us to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this life, to reach heaven in the next life. Glory.”

“Come, Holy Spirit, by your gift of Fear of God, wound our bodies with your fear in order to work for the salvation of our souls. Glory”.

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