Discover the prayer of protection for children, to the Holy Spirit of God

The Children represent the virtue of the parents. Incredibly, it follows that one of the ways they have to take care of them is through Prayer. In this post you will learn more about The Prayer of Protection for the Children, to the Holy Spirit of God.


Prayer in the family has become an effective method when talking about union and harmony. The greatest treasure that a home has is called family, regardless of the differences and disagreements found.

It is important to pray for each and every one of the members, including the children, they play a fundamental role in the family. Depending on the age they are acquiring will be their attitude towards the problem or circumstance.

The stage where the children grow up and want to make their own decisions in life is noted, it is there where everything crosses from one level to another. It is recommended with great enthusiasm and delay to intercede and ask the God of heaven for the children.

Parents are obliged to intercede for their children directly and indirectly. They are the first to be called to care for and ensure their well-being. Which means that prayer is a fair method.

Prayer of protection for children

A standout among the most important and powerful jobs that parents hold is the duty to think and care for children, to lead them down the path of trust and fairness, fighting enthusiastically against the flows of the world that frequently oppose the good beginning

Guardians, we should become almost petition warriors for our children. Fighting for their lives and for their dreams through mediation so that they are not lost.

As a result of the closeness of their relationship, the guardians can realize that their children are superior to anyone else and can observe when they need more support and the execution of a Prayer of protection for my children. (See Article: Prayer to God to Forget Love )

Here is a plea for a gift and security that guardians can make for their children. It should be noted that the main reason for it is for protection.

Good Lord!

A petition of gratitude is in order for my children.

 I request that you take a look at them through me and

 In this sense follow you.

If it’s not too much of a problem,

Forgive me when I make a mistake and help them apologize too.

 Father, I implore my little ones to see and recognize

 In his heart the much love you have to give him, that you appreciate them.

I request that you know with determination that I also appreciate them

Especially when they make mistakes.

Help my children realize that

They were made in such a distinguished and magnificent manner

 According to what is more, he has extraordinary designs for your lives

 And that will help them prosper and be confident,

Even though times are tough.

I ask my children for quality with the aim that by doing problematic things,

Never give up.

Let them, Lord, I beseech you, benefit from their mistakes

 And get up again when you fall.

Give them the knowledge to perceive what is great

And what is terrible.

Protect them from falling into the fixing traps,

Misuse, nervousness or else, discouragement and pride.

God, give them the effort to lead all individuals

That they need to avoid straying from their direction and,

 However, they are prepared to choose their closest companions.

I ask that my little ones give you their huge little heart.

What’s more, when someone tries to break them,

You can be there to make them feel that nothing is wrong

With the world once more.

Help them too, Lord,

 To use sound judgment that affects your future.

Train them with what you have saved for them.

Help them maintain a solid, coordinated look

Towards you and your will so that they are in tune

reliably to what you need them to do.

Give them the desire of your promise and help them to observe it in their souls.

My God, help me to do my best to instruct them

So that they are free people who appreciate you, love people

And they serve your Word.

When questioned, doubt your abilities  

Or your central goal in this world,

Help me say the right words that convey confidence.

I am very grateful to you for this incredible blessing.

Which is to see them develop and learn.

Never let a single day go unnoticed.

I thank you very much that you adore my children much more than I can.

Their lives are in your awesome and loving hands, Lord.

 See them, secure them and keep them solid, and kind,

So that they can shine with His light.

With the power of Jesus

So be it.

What does God say about children?

A legacy is like a blessing, in this case we refer to the children. Parents often go out of their way to leave their youngsters with something to acquire, perhaps cash, property, or some significant resource, that discovers their adoration.

After all, the Bible says that children are a legacy from God, a blessing that he lovingly gives. If we are guardians, do our activities show that we consider children as a blessing given to us by the Creator of the universe?

Surprisingly, not all guardians think of children as an honor or a reward. There are people who show them little sympathy, a behavior that somewhat resembles that of the Father of heaven and his Son.

Unlike such people or parents, what if we see Jesus’ enthusiasm for children? In fact, even before he came to earth, when he was an amazing divine personage, the Bible says that his delights were with the offspring of men as expressed in proverbs.

His extraordinary love for humanity led him to voluntarily give his life in penance so that we could obtain an infinite life.

Some people question that young people really need so much time and consideration from their parents. An idea identified with the childhood of young people that has had a wide dispersion is the supposed quality time.

Their protectors affirm that it is not important to dedicate so many hours to young people as long as the time they spend with them is enormous and exploits the things to do together. Is it a fruitful methodology? Is it safe to say that it was imagined with the welfare of the little ones in mind? That is when many questions arise.

An essayist who had met numerous young people said that what they needed most from their parents was extra time, as well as all their consideration. It deserves a reference to the perception made by a university educator: The articulation or quality time had its cause in the feeling of guilt of the tutors.

Parents to Children

Paternity can be a problem and requesting a background, however, stands out among the most comprehensive and rewarding things we can do. God has much to say about how we can educate our children to be God’s people. The main thing that we should encourage them is the reality of the Word of God.

In addition to worshiping God and being a genuine model by yielding to his precepts, we have to Rethink them and again go to our children. Discuss them when you are home and when you are away from home, when you rest and when you get up again.

Cover them in his hands as an upgrade and put them on his forehead. Think of them as a publication for your home and your entrances according to Deuteronomy.

This entry underlines the procedure with the nature of such a guide. It should be done consistently: at home, outside, around the evening, and in the early part of the day. Biblical truth must be the establishment of our homes.

By following the standards of these rules, we show our youth that God’s love must be constant, not saved for requests on Sunday morning or evening.

Although our children become familiar with much through direct education, they adapt considerably more by watching us. This implies that we must be extremely cautious in everything we do.

Initially we should know the work that God gave us. Married couples should be commonly aware and hug each other. Meanwhile, God has established a line of power to maintain control.

For its part, 1 Corinthians 11: 3 expresses that: “However, I need you to realize that Christ is the leader of every man, and the man is the leader of the lady, and God the head of Christ” . We realize that Christ is not mediocre compared to God, just as a lady is not inferior to his better half.

Be that as it may, God perceives that without a subjection to power, there is no structure. The spouse’s duty as head of the house is to care for the better half of him, since he adores his own body, in the same conciliatory way that Christ cared for the congregation according to Ephesians 5.

In light of this opinion, it is not difficult for the spouse to submit to working together with her husband for the benefit of their children. Her essential obligation is to worship the Father, live simply and cunningly, and deal with her household. The ladies are usually more defensive than the men as they were meant to be the essential defenders of their youngsters.

What should parents achieve with their children?

The Bible makes no reference to what extent. Be that as it may, the keepers were urged to converse with their young men when they were at home, when they were walking, when they were beating the hay, and when they were getting up (Deut. 6:7). This exhortation obviously shows that the guardians must converse with their children and constantly show them the love they have for them, it is God’s demand on their part.

When the children leave home

The greatest difficulties facing relational unions usually appear when children grow up and become autonomous. The inclination to have left home unfilled can make them feel like two outsiders.

Family Trainer Neuman says: I counsel numerous people who have no idea how to reconnect with their partner. Includes: Since the youngsters are gone, the parents share not many things practically speaking and arguing.


For a considerable time, young people started things. Some kind guardians put the requirements of their young before their marriage. Consequently, they focus as much on their work as parents who fire their spouses, and that reality becomes apparent when children become free.

A 59-year-old married woman clarifies: “When our children lived at home, at least, we did things together.” In any case, she perceives that being distant from everyone else, she and the better half of her went their separate ways. She even told him, “Looks like we can’t take it anymore.”

Some couples are not prepared for this new stage. As the book Empty Nesting puts it, “for a huge number of couples it’s practically akin to being recently hooked.”

The same amount of couples feel that they hardly share for all purposes, have fixed parallel existences without the interests of anyone else and end up being just two people sharing a house.

Fortunately, you can keep a strategic distance from the problems of this new part of your life and even make the most of your focal points.

acknowledge the change

The Bible says that when the child grows up, “he will leave his father and mother,” according to the book of Genesis. Your mission as a tutor or parent was to prepare your children for that moment, to enable them to develop the skills they would need in adult life. (See Article: Psalm 91 a prayer for protection and mental and physical healing )

Normally, they would never leave the role of being parents, however, the association with their young has changed: now, instead of giving them orders, they can advise them. This will allow you to maintain a decent association with them and in the meantime fundamentally commit to the key of life. For its part, we recommend:

Discussion about what stresses you: Reveal to your life partner how this adjustment in conditions influences you and therefore listens to you when you express your feelings. Both must be patient and understanding. It may require an investment to strengthen your relationship, however, it will be justified, despite all the problems.

Consider things you can do together: Find goals you can share or exercises you can do as a team. Having raised their children, they have acquired a large share. Why don’t you use it to help other people? For example.

Strengthen your association: Think about the characteristics that made you feel attracted to each other. Consider each of the encounters you have shared and the problems you have experienced. This can be a lovely section of your life. In fact, if the two of you work together, your marriage will be happier and you will revive the affection from the beginning. (See Article: Prayer of gratitude for health )

In short, learning the Prayer of Protection for Children is an effective tool, which will ultimately bring trust and wisdom as the main basis of your family. Make it a habit!

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