Know the Prayer for the offerings for the aggrandizement of the kingdom

Know the Prayer for the offerings for the aggrandizement of the kingdom

Realizing how to come before God when making a prayer is essential. Learn in the following post about the Prayer for Offerings and its biblical description.

prayer for the offerings

“Father, I thank you and applaud you for transferring me from the realm of darkness

to the kingdom you have arranged for me.

Thank you very much as this is a realm of benevolence,

satisfaction, harmony and fulfillment.

Master Jesus, now I present my offering to you.

This is the scoop of what you have given me,

and I plant it in your kingdom as a gift seed,

And I’m sitting waiting for the rich favors of paradise,

so they can be duplicated when you receive them.

Lord, I thank you that you have censured satan for me,

and I stay with your shared idea in your word,

who proclaims that he will not crush my property.

Satan will not erase my endowments and he will not crush my development on the field.

I am the origin of your kingdom.

Also, after all, I have the rights and benefits of a native of that kingdom,

and I cling to them.

I thank you, Jesus, because unlimited assets

of paradise have a place with me in your name! “

Today we bring our contributions

of the best of our pay and our creation.

We have set aside some of our benefits,

to the extent that it has prospered us.

Look with joy what we offer you on this day.

We have guaranteed with our lips that we will serve you,

so we deliberately present our contributions to you.

We understand that this is a serious minute before you,

and we treat with adoration what we transmit today.

God, we give wonder for your name;

That is the reason why we carry these offerings

and we go to their courts.

Thank you so much for refining and decontaminating our lives,

since today we understand that these offerings

they are offered in equity to their magnitude and their power.

May the indication of our love please you.

We give wonder by name,

as we bring our contributions

and we precede its quality; we love you Lord.

Today we will appreciate having contributed with offerings from the heart,

with the argument that with all our hearts we do it.

For the sake of Jesus,

So be it

I thank my beloved Jesus

for his incredible love.

I thank you my teacher Jesus

since you gave me life.

Very grateful, great father,

for excusing our bad deeds.

Great Father, we thank you day by day

for the bread on our table.

I thank my Jesus,

since you train my hands

for the fight to come.

I thank you for the triumph you have been for us on the cross of Calvary,

that you have given us through the blood of Jesus of Nazareth.

I thank you for the power you have given us in the blood of Jesus of Nazareth.

For your essence of God that remains in us.

Thank you because we are more than champions in Jesus of Nazareth.

For the expert you have given us in the intensity of your promise.

I thank you for the fact that none

produced weapon blossoms against this congregation.

Great Father, I thank you for the fact that

the tickets of damnation do not win against the congregation.

I thank my teacher Jesus as I am the light of Christ.

I thank my teacher Jesus, since I am the sheep of your hill.

I thank my teacher Jesus, since I am honored by my glorious father,

 since I am a beneficiary of the kingdom of God,

 since I am full of well-being.

Sublime Father, we thank you for the tithes and

the contributions of your relatives.

 Jesus you are already my vocation.

I thank my master Jesus, since he has chosen me to be his son,

 since nothing is absent,

since you saved me

 since it comforts my spirit.

I thank you my teacher Jesus as you cover me with power.

 Jesus since you went to my house.

I thank you, God, because you have favors with me,

 great father since you have favored us for eternity.

I thank you Esencia de Dios as you delight us with your quality.

I thank my sublime father,

since it defeats each one of my adversaries

who rebel against me.

I thank you my master Jesus,

because you make me trust

I thank you my master Jesus,

since you free me from the lion’s mouth.

I thank my Jesus

since I have the acrobatics of the devil.

I thank my Jesus in light of the fact

that in his quality I can rest.

I thank Jesus in light of the fact

that your soul and your blood fill me with power,

 since you bless my head with your Essence of God.

I thank you, God.Amen.

What is an offering?

The offerings, like the tithe, are the gifts and blessings with which the Christian contributes tangibly to help the Church to complete its work. His interest in the scriptures is extremely clear as such: “Give Jehovah respect for his name; let him bring offerings and come to his courts” (Psalms, 96:8).

In this sense, the Christian precept instructs in the Bible that giving to God, the most important thing, is a source of happiness for sharing ours with the Lord: “Respect the Lord with your wealth and with the main products of your crops. Consequently, your horse shelters will be filled to bursting and their cellars will be flooded with new wine” (Proverbs, 3: 9-10).

In the same way, the consecrated writings agree that the offerings have their comparative retribution: “Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing, they will give in your lap; because with the same measure you use, they will measure you again.” (Luke 6, 38).

The Bible says that we are God’s “executives.” An executive is one who deals with the cash or property that a place has with another person. As God’s overseers, we are accountable to Him for how we handle what He has endowed us with. In this exercise we will discover how we can be great presidents, particularly when it comes to giving. We will discover how we can use cash to make “forever kinships”.

The teaching of the Old Testament

At the time that God brought his relatives out of the subjugation of Egypt and brought them to Canaan, he gave them a rich and ripe land. Of all that they acquired in this great land, God asked them to give him the primary tenth. This was classified as a “tithe.” The word tithe means “a tenth.”

The motivation behind tithing was to remind people that everything is God’s property and to instruct them to put God first in their lives. God is liberal. He allowed them to keep nine-tenths of everything they acquired, but the tithe, the main tenth, had a place with him, as well as the offerings. The Bible says:

Furthermore, the tithe of the land, similar to the seed of the land and the produce of the trees, is from the Lord; It is a thing dedicated to Jehovah (Leviticus 27:30).

Despite their tithes, God’s relatives gave freewill offerings. Tithes and offerings were given to the clerics of God. This was their method of making a living, as they had no known place of their own. God revealed to the relatives of him to bring the tithes and offerings to him when they came to love him. God declared:

Furthermore, no one will appear before the Lord empty-handed; each with the offering of his hand, as indicated by the gift that the Lord your God has given you (Deuteronomy 16:16–17).

God was showing his relatives to offer. When they selflessly provided for God, God gave them generous returns. The Bible says:

Respect Jehovah with your products, and with the first fruits of each of your organic products; And his horse stables will be laden with rewards (Proverbs 3:9-10). Were God’s individuals in the Old Testament constantly engaged in passing on his tithes and offerings to him? No, it definitely wasn’t. God declared: (See Article The Bible )

Will man take from God? After all, you have plundered me. Also, you said: What have we taken from him? In your tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:8). What happened when they plundered God? They were under his hand of rejection. God declared: You are endowed with a fine, in light of the fact that you, the whole country, have robbed me (Malachi 3:9).

Take each of the tithes to the storage facility and you will have sustenance in my house.

The moment God’s relatives reflected and began to obey Him little by little regarding tithes and offerings, God poured out His endowments on them:

Take each of the tithes to the storage facility and there is sustenance in my house; and give me a chance now, says the Lord of hosts, in case I do not open the windows of paradise for you, and I will pour a gift on you until it is flooded (Malachi 3:10).

The teaching of the New Testament

An incredible standard in the Bible regarding giving is this: when we provide for God, God gives to us. The Lord Jesus Christ declared: Give, and it will be given to you; great measure, squeezed, shaken, and floods will yield in his lap (Luke 6:38).

The moment God gives, He gives abundantly. He is liberal. At the time of Christ, individuals bought their grain en masse. Numerous merchants unloaded the grain in one measure, without allowing the buyer to shake it to settle it well. Not so with the Lord. He gives “great measure, firm, shaken and flooded.”

Giving makes it easier for God to give to us. The more we give, the more God gives us; The less we give, the less God gives us. Jesus declared: Since with a similar measure with which you measure (to give), you will be evaluated once more (to give) (Luke 6:38).

Both the Old and New Testaments build a similar education: when we provide for God, God gives to us. God is not poor. He is not stingy either. He seizes the opportunity to give to his children, however, we must satisfy his conditions: “Give and it will be given to you”. (See Article: The Bible and Divorce )

God does not ask us to offer Him since He does not need what we have. He says:

If I wasn’t hungry, I wouldn’t tell you; Because mine is the world and its totality (Psalm 50:12). God needs us to offer him since he needs his children to look like him. God is kind and he needs us to be kind.

Another motivation behind why God asks us to give is that we can “reward ourselves in paradise.” We cannot send our money to Heaven, however we can offer it to win others to Christ. This is turning into love in heaven.

Important aspects

The Word of God shows some aspects regarding the time of offering:

To begin with, offer yourself to God

The main offering that God needs from us is ourselves. The request is: first, offer yourself to God, and then give a segment of what you get from God. The Macedonian Christians did just that and the apostle Paul flattered them for it. Paul composed: They gave themselves first to the Lord, and then to us by the will of God (2 Corinthians 8: 5).

Give as God has prospered you

In the Old Testament, God instructed his relatives to give him a tenth of everything they earned. In the New Testament, God did not set a standard for how much we should offer. Rather, God’s Word says: Each of you put something aside, as you (God) indicates you have succeeded (1 Corinthians 16:2).

How much of our money would be advisable to give? We can take the tithe (10%) as the basis of what we should offer, however, we could give much more than that. This is based on how thankful we are for God’s gifts and how strong our desires are to “make ourselves appreciated in paradise.”

give efficiently

Offering is a demonstration of love and should not be an easy adventure. We should methodically offer “every first day of the week,” which is the day we go to church. The Bible says: Every first day of the week each of you sets aside something, as you have achieved… (1 Corinthians 16:2).

Nobody is prohibited. Old and young, poor and rich; We should all be interested in the tithe and the offering. The Bible says: “Each of you put something in a safe place, as you have done.”

Give cheerfully and generously

Whatever our offering is, the Lord needs us to give it deliberately and sincerely. God does not need us to offer tragically. The Bible says: Everyone gives as he purposed in his heart: not with want, nor out of necessity, since God appreciates the provider full of life (2 Corinthians 9: 7). (See Article: New Testament )

give with care

The Lord Jesus said that we should be “great and able directors.” Some Christians offer generously, however, they are not astute in offering. Providing to a congregation or association that is not giving a faithful lecture on God’s Word is not willing giving.

We must be as cautious when contributing our money to God as we have been when putting resources into a business. We should put the cash where it creates the best deep premiums.

How does God measure our giving?

You don’t need to have large amounts of money to be an extraordinary provider according to God. God does not measure our donations by the size of our contributions. He measures it by the amount we give in relation to what we have.

God takes a look at the amount of prayer we offer. As indicated along these estimate lines of our supply, a needy individual may give the equivalent or significant excess of a wealthy individual. At that moment a poor widow came and she threw down two small copper coins.

Our offer must cost us something. In one event, the Lord Jesus sat in the sanctuary watching the people present their endowments. Some were rich and gave a lot. At that moment a poor widow came and she threw down two small copper coins. (See Article: Old Testament )

These coins had almost no value related to money; In any case, according to God, this lady had given considerably more than each of the individuals she had offered that day. Why? Since she had given everything she had, it was all hers. Jesus stated:

Truly I say to you that this poor widow has thrown more than each one of the individuals who have thrown into the ark; since everyone has thrown away what they have left finished; Yet she, out of her need, threw in everything she had, all her labor (Mark 12:43-44).

To whom would it be advisable for us to offer?

In his Word, God reveals to us to whom we should offer:

We should offer our nearby church

In general, a large part of our blessings should be given to our neighborhood church in case that is where the Bible is reliably instructed and Christ is raised up. God has said that his congregation and his pastors live on the endowments of his relatives. The Bible says: Therefore the Lord instructed those who declare the gospel to live the gospel (1 Corinthians 9:14).

We must offer people who have helped us profoundly

In the Word of God we are told to give our money to people who have shown us the Word of God and have helped us profoundly. The Bible says:

Whoever is educated in the word, share in every beneficial thing for the people who train him (Galatians 6: 6). Be that as it may, he who has products of this world and sees his brother without luck, and closes his heart against him, how does God’s affection remain in him? (1 John 3:17).

When in doubt, our offering for the poor should be through the nearby church. Each offer must be essentially and without attracting any consideration with respect to ourselves. The Bible instructs us that the person who gives should do so fairly and without personal circumstances. (Romans 12: 8).

We must offer people who take the gospel to the unsaved

Every Christian has a duty to take the gospel to the unsaved. God’s direction for us is: go into the whole world and teach the gospel to every animal (Mark 16:15). In the event that we cannot go, we should take advantage of helping to strengthen ministers who transmit the gospel to people who have never recognized Christ.

Offering is planting

Offering is not throwing cash on the road, it is planting. When we sow seeds, we don’t discard them; however, we are planting them so we have the option to harvest them later. The extent of the harvest depends on the amount we have planted. This is also evident with regard to giving. Keeping in touch with the Corinthian church regarding contributions, Paul stated:

He who sows in moderation will also seek in moderation; and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully (2 Corinthians 9:6).

God needs to give cash for the upkeep of his holy places and send his workers to lecture the unsaved of the world. How does God do this? He gives us cash so that we can offer for his work. He needs to train us to be generous. The Bible says:

God pioneers to make every endeavor possess great amounts of you, so that continually having all that is right, you will flourish for every great deed (2 Corinthians 9:8).

The Lord Jesus Christ Himself is our model in this matter of giving. The Bible says: Since you definitely know the delicacy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who out of affection for you ended up poor, being rich, then you in need of him may be enhanced (2 Corinthians 8:9).

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