Learn all about the reflections of the coming of Christ, here

Learn all about the reflections of the coming of Christ, here

The scriptures commonly speak about the day that Christ will come to seek those who have kept themselves holy for Him. One of the best examples of reflections on the coming of Christ is found in the book of Matthew. Learn more about this topic in the next post.

Reflections of the coming of Christ

The moment the Son of man, Jesus Christ, lands in his greatness, and each of the holy messengers with him, at that point he will sit in his radiant and honored position.

And all those who wait for him will gather before him, surround him and he will separate the individuals one from another, similarly as the shepherd isolates the sheep from the goats, he will likewise do. Also, he will put them on his right side and the goats on his left side. (See Article: The Power of Prayer )

When will Christ come?

Jesus was specific when he declared: “Concerning that day and hour no one knows”, the Book of Matthew 24 reveals. In any case, he also spoke about a sign done on some occasions that would be unmistakable and that would happen just before his death. coming.

For his part, according to the books of Corinth and Peter, since Jesus ascended with a body from another world, he clearly will not accompany a physical body. In this way, the day before he died, Jesus told his messengers: “a little more and the world will never think of me again” Expressed in John 14:19.

Misinterpretations about what happened to Christ

When the Bible says that people will see Jesus “forwarding the mists,” it implies that his coming will be obvious (Matthew 24:30). But the reality is that often in the Bible, fogs or mists are identified with something that cannot be seen, according to the book of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. For example, God told Moses:

“I come to you in a premonitory shadow”

Exodus 19:9.

Moses did not really observe God. Likewise, it is said that this will be the case with Christ and the mists as people will understand that he has come regardless of whether they can actually observe him or not.

Another of the interesting things taken into account about the reflections of the coming of christ is the expression of “every eye will see it”, which is shown in Revelation 1: 7 when talking about what happened to Christ, it must be seen for real . (See Article: The power of early morning prayer )

However, the reality of all this is that, occasionally, the Greek words that are interpreted in the Bible by “eye” and “see” are used in the feeling of observing or seeing, and do not refer to another type of feeling. In fact, the Bible says that Jesus, since he was restored:

“Stand out of reach, whom none of men can see”

1 Timothy 6:16

Later, the expression “every eye will see” shows that all people will understand that Jesus is coming to execute God’s judgment, according to Matthew 24:30.

Referring to what 2 John says, it shows that Jesus will accompany a collection of creatures whose species will only be known to the heavens. But the truth of it all is that this section of the Bible says: “Many spirits have gone out into the world and do not perceive that Jesus Christ has come in the human body.”

At the time of the witness John, a group of individuals known as agnostics denied that Jesus ever lived as a person on earth. The words we find in 2 John 7 were composed to debunk that deception.

The soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ to this world for the later time, is the surest verifiable occasion that man can trust on this planet. It is the grand occasion that will happen absolutely soon, in light of the fact that Jesus himself guaranteed it.

When Judas left the upper room with the mistaken idea of ​​handing him over. The Lord informed his disciples that he would one way or another die. They, harassed and stressed, asked them at that time:

Try not to give your heart a chance to be harassed. You have confidence in God, additionally accept what I am. “In my Father’s house there are numerous rooms. In the event that that was not the situation, he would have let you know So I will prepare a place for you.”

“What’s more, when I go and set up a place for you, I’ll come back once more and take you with me, so where I am, you are too.”

Be that as it may, the adversary of this reality takes his place, as you probably know, it is the ultimate capital punishment for him and his followers. Unfortunately also for the so-called fortune tellers, fortune tellers, crystal observers and different swindlers.

Together with certain Christians, they have been responsible for taking the necessary steps so that the enemy can do his thing in this world. As a rule, they are in charge of leading people away from this biblical truth. For the crude and foolish method of representing the incredible occasion of the coming of Christ.

What is more, the Christians, who have the genuine truth, have been called upon to rebuke the world scripturally. In a firm and enthusiastic way. With a great statement in our lives and caring and good treatment towards others, they are idle, committed to indicating humanity in a political and brutal way.

Or, on the other hand, individually, as Hezekiah did to the Babylonian guests, in this way, we will also be responsible to the king when he comes. (See Article: Prayer to Jehovah God Almighty )

The Christian who really adores the Second Coming of Jesus, instead of monitoring where the coming will take place or where the presentation of that great spiritual event is important, must think about the various biblical occasions that are satisfied in our own faces, that sign the approach of the Lord and working on it.

A basic content on the reflections of the coming of Christ can reliably show us what the ethical circumstance of humanity will be like in the season of the end before his Second Coming. Which of course is estimated to be soon, but before that you will see the following:

“This remembers, in the last days risky occasions will come. There will be men who appreciate themselves, voracious, gloating, blasphemous, rebellious with parents, dissatisfied, iconoclastic, without regular friendship, traitors, hostile, irrational, ruthless, hatred of the great, swindlers, rapturous, deceivers, admirers of joys more than of God, … Men of ruined personality, convictions in confidence” 2Tim.3: 1-4,8.

second coming of christ

Jesus guaranteed his followers that he would return once more. It’s in the Bible, in the book of John 14:

“In my Father’s house there are numerous mansions, a place for those who hope in Him. Also, should you proceed to set up a place for yourself, I would return once more, and I will have you carry it myself, with the aim that where I am, you may also be. Plus, you know where I’m going and you know the way.”

Holy messengers guaranteed that Jesus would return. It’s in the Bible in the book of Acts where he says:

“And when they were with their eyes in the sky, while he was leaving, look, two men in white robes stood by them, who also let them know: men from Galilee.”

For what reason would you say that you are looking at the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you to paradise, will come as you have seen him go to paradise.” How will Jesus return? It’s in the Bible, in Luke 21:27:

“At that time you will see the Son of Man, who will arrive in a cloud with extraordinary power and brilliance.”

What people will see it when it returns? It is written in the Bible, in Revelation 1: 7

“Look, he is accompanying the mists, and every eye will see him, and the individuals that follow him; and every one of the genealogies of the earth will grieve for him.”

What will we see and what will we hear when he comes? It’s in the Bible, in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17,

“For the Lord himself with a voice of command, with the voice of a chief heavenly messenger, and with a trumpet of God, will fall from paradise; and the dead in Christ will rise first.”

At that time, those of us who live, those of us who remain, will be compensated for the time lost with them in the mists so that the Lord is noticed from all sides, so we will be constantly with the Lord. (See Article: High level intercessory prayer to cover a house )

How obvious will his coming be? This is also found in the Bible, in Matthew 24:27,

“For as the lightning that originates in the east and appears to the west, so will be the event of the Son of Man.”

What warning did Christ give so that we would not be deceived about his later coming? It’s in the Bible, in Matthew 24:23-26.

“At that moment, by chance someone says to you: Look, here is the Christ, or look, there he is, don’t trust him.”

By falsehood the lying christs will arise, and the false prophets, and will make extraordinary signs and reflections, so as to mislead, if possible, even divinely selected individuals. I have informed you previously. Therefore, in the event that they let you know:

“Look, it’s in the desert, don’t go out; or look, he’s on cameras, don’t trust him.”

Does anyone know the specific time that Christ will come? It’s in the Bible, in Matthew 24:36

“However, of the day and hour no one knows, by no means the blessed messengers of paradise, but only the Father.”

Realizing that slowness is an extremely human thing, what does Christ instruct us to do? It’s in the Bible, in the book of Matthew 24:42. (See Article: Short Christian Prayer )

“Look this way, because you have no idea what time your Lord is coming.”

What warning has Christ given so that we are not overwhelmed on this incredible occasion? It’s in the Bible, in the book of Luke 21: 34-36,

“Seek ye also, that your hearts are not filled with ravenous thoughts and considerations of this life, and suddenly fall on you that day.” She will bow down to all who touch the essence of the entire earth. See, at that time, constantly asking that you are qualified to walk away from each of the things that are to come and stand before the Son of Man.”

For what reason is the second event of Christ postponed? It is in the Bible, in 2 Peter 3, where he states:

“In any case, oh dear, do not overlook this: that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day”

By what means would it be advisable for us to live while clinging to Jesus? It’s in the Bible, in Titus 2:

“Since the gentleness of God has been shown unto all men for salvation, instructing us that, repudiating corruption and common necessities, we may live in this age solemnly, impartially, and devoutly, anticipating the favored expectation and wonderful appearance of our incredible God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to claim us from all evil and cleanse by himself a people who are envious of benevolent acts.”

What will the world look like when Jesus comes? It’s in the Bible, in Matthew 24:37-39.

“However, as in the days of Noah, so it will be with the Son of Man. For as in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, even on the day that Noah entered the ark, what is more, they did not understand until the flood came and wiped them all out, so it will also happen with the Son of Man. “

Will a period of restitution succeed Christ? It is also expressed in the Bible, in Matthew 16:27 and in Revelation 22:12

“For the Son of Man will come in the magnificence of his Father with his holy messengers, and then he will repay each one as indicated by his works.” “Here I come soon, and my reward with me, to reward each one as indicated by his work.”

For what reason will Jesus return? It’s in the Bible, in Hebrews 9:28

“So Christ was additionally offered only once to bear the errors of many; and he will appear once more, disconnected from sin, to forgive the people who anticipate it.”

At the time Jesus comes, referring to a later time, we will fully find out the truth of our salvation. In the book of Corinthians 1:7-8,

“So that nothing is inadequate in any blessing, anticipating the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ; which will also affirm him as far as possible, so that he can be chaste about the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

What will happen when Jesus returns once more?

Here we will state some of the things that Jesus will do when he returns. Among them, filter the earth and judge those who inhabit it:

He will filter the earth: The moment Jesus returns once again, extraordinary power and magnificence will accompany. That will be the time when evil will be destroyed, all that is degenerate will be burned, and the earth will be refined with flames.

He will judge its inhabitants: At the time that Jesus returns once again, He will judge the countries and separate the righteous from the liars. John the Revelator expounded on the judgment:

“And I saw royal positions, and they sat upon them, and the ability to judge was offered to them; and I saw the spirits of those executed in the light of Jesus’ statement and God’s expression. Also, they lived and ruled with Christ a thousand years.” And of the wicked he declared: … they did not live again until they were a thousand years old.”

It will come to begin the Millennium: The Millennium is a time of one thousand years during which Jesus will rule on earth. The righteous will be compensated for the time lost to bring Jesus to his coming; His coming will also begin the millennial kingdom. President Brigham Young stated:

“When it is the Millennium, when the Kingdom of God has been built with power, brilliance and impeccability on earth, and the empire of injustice that has remained oppressed for so long, the holy people of God will have the benefit of structuring their sanctuaries , enter them and convert.”

At that time our companions will come to us, and perhaps even some that we have just met here… In addition, we will obtain revelations to know our precursors from our Father Adam and our Mother Eve, and we will enter the sanctuaries of God to direct them.

The children will be united with the parents until an ideal chain is formed up to Adam, so that there is an ideal organizational bond from Adam as far as possible. (See Article: Prayer of the blood of Christ )

He will finish the first resurrection: Individuals who got the benefit of coming out in the restoration of the nobles will rise from their graves and be caught up to meet the Savior when He comes from paradise.

After Jesus Christ comes to life, different righteous individuals who had died will also be restored and will appear in Jerusalem and other places in the world.

That was the beginning of the First Resurrection, and some people have ascended from that point forward. The individuals who have actually been resurrected, and the identity of the individuals will be restored at the time of his coming, will acquire the greatness of the divine kingdom.

After the restoration of the individuals who will acquire the great wonder, another meeting will arise: the individuals will obtain a natural glow since they will be transformed. By the time each of those individuals is revived, the first resurrection will be over.

Humanity living at the time they succeeded the Lord will be destroyed with the frail living creature and, along with the insidious ones who have passed away so far, and will not resist until the last revival.

The rest of the dead will ascend to meet God; they are the people who will acquire the heavenly kingdom or the identity of the will of individuals thrown into the outer darkness together with Satan.

Jesus Christ will have his place as King of paradise and earth. When Jesus comes, he will set his standard on earth and the Church will become a piece of that kingdom. The Lord will manage each of the individuals on earth in harmony for a time of one thousand years.

At the time that Jesus previously came to earth, he did not do so in greatness; He was conceived in an unassuming stable and dozed in a trough; He did not accompany the incredible armed forces as the Jews anticipated from the Savior of him, but he stopped saying:

“… love your enemies… do great things to the people who despise you and pray to God for the people who shock you”

Mateo 5:44

Likewise, be that as it may, he will not be rejected in his later coming

“…For every ear will hear, and every knee will buckle, and every tongue will admit…” that Jesus is the Christ. He will be greeted as “…Master of rulers and King of lords…”

Revelation 17:14

“and he will be called “…Wonderful, Counselor, Solid God, Endless Father, Prince of Harmony”

Isaiah 9:6

At the time that Jesus Christ was conceived, not many individuals realized that he was the Savior of the world; however, when he returns once more, there will be no uncertainty about his identity. No one knows precisely when he will return to the Savior once more.

“Be that as it may, of the day and hour no one knows, by no means the holy messengers of paradise, but only my Father”

The Lord used an illustration to think about the timing of his coming:

“From the fig tree, competence is acquired: when its branch is now delicate and the leaves grow, you realize that spring is near. So too, when you witness these things, you realize that it is near, at the entrances”

Marcos 13: 28-29.

The Lord has also offered us some clues to tell us when his coming is near. Upon discovering these signs, he warned:

“Look, at that point, since you have not the slightest idea what time your Lord will come”… Prepare yourself, in light of the fact that the Son of Man will come at the moment you do not think”

Mateo 24:42, 44.

The most ideal approach to preparing for what happens to the Savior is to recognize the gospel lessons and make them a part of our lives. We should live day by day in the most ideal way, since Jesus trained us when he was on earth.

We can seek the guidance of the prophet and follow his recommendation; We can live with balance for the Holy Spirit to lead us. At that point, we will feel tight and uneasy about what will happen to the Savior, feeling happiness in our hearts instead of fear. The Lord said:

“Fear not, little race, the kingdom is yours until I come. Here I come soon. So be it”


Do you realize what will be the most important news of our time? What is that incredible occasion that will shake the whole world in the lives of the vast majority of people who wait for the Creator? The second event where Jesus Christ will be the most important occasion of this era.

The arrival of Jesus Christ will not happen covertly in a hidden cave without anyone knowing about it. Jesus Christ will obviously return to the city of Jerusalem and his feet will rest on the top of the Mount of Olives.

His arrival is to build an impressive government throughout the world. Mankind will be stunned by that!

This occasion is explicitly anticipated throughout the Bible, and the second event to Jesus Christ is reported in each of the Gospels, in the book of Acts, and in the Epistles of Paul, James, Peter, and John.

The arrival of Jesus Christ is the central theme of the Apocalypse. In the event that you accept that the Bible is the moved Word of God, then you must have faith that the latter will happen to Christ.

In the event that the King of Kings returns soon to build the kingdom of God on earth, don’t you think it is important to prepare for such an occasion? Wouldn’t you say that he should be educated on how this occasion will influence his vocation, his financial future, his own safety, and the world around him? Just like this way.

Wars, violence and anarchy

One of the things that will be presented at the coming of Christ is the presence of huge and small wars, ethnic wars, wars of various kinds. Many feel that things will get better. Numerous rulers discuss “another world request” as if another moment of harmony is about to begin. The period that followed the “cold war” is very unstable and dangerous.

For its part, the highest magazines on the planet say that stable time is a “strange and doubtful” period; when the lions do not mate with the sheep, however, the wars will continue. What “the new world request” is providing is a shaky harmony and unstable dominance, where instead of getting better, things will generally deteriorate.

In the Gospel of Matthew we read the quality that Jesus Christ told his followers regarding the condition of the world that preceded his second coming.

“Also, you will know about wars and disputes; he sees that he is not exasperated, in light of the fact that it is vital that this happens; but it’s not the end yet. For country shall rise against country, and kingdom against kingdom” Matthew 24:6-7.

While the facts show that war has been a part of human history for hundreds of years, the detrimental limit of current deadly implements and the likelihood of an exaggerated increase in disputes have conditioned things on the coming of christ

In the Bible, the part where reference is made to a prophetic articulation that can allude to our time of high innovation and alarming weapons of great ruinous limit is established. (See Article: Prayer to sleep well without nightmares )

“Even, at that time the days in which these weapons will be used will not be shortened, no one will be spared, this with respect to the human race; but since they choose those who have apologized and obey God, those days will be put aside.”

Today’s reality is fraught with unexpected wars, there are ethnic wars in the former Yugoslavia, however, in the former Soviet Union and numerous places in Africa and Asia they have also been reported in the news. There are currently about 29 wars around the world!

We know well that the American landmass is not invulnerable to political and racial clashes. These between network battles have to be increased. There will be wars between countries and fatal wars that will cause worse damage.

And each of these battles and challenges will eventually bring about the incredible war that will end in the clash of Armageddon in the Jezreel Valley in the place where Israel is, and that will be the season of the coming of Christ.

Many will feel that what we have said is critical or unacceptable and inconsistent with the inalienable integrity of the individual. These people convey good faith regarding this topic and when they affirm that “things will get better”. Well, in God’s interest, I have a mission to reveal to you that things are NOT going to get better until Christ comes.

drought and famine

Drought and desolation, absence of downpour and deficiencies of sustenance, all these things will come to earth on an enormous scale; in extensions that had never been seen. In truth, things will deteriorate.

At the time when there are dry periods, there are also flames that will start forest fires, and when the flame has destroyed the vegetation and the downpours return, there will be a risk of flooding in light of the fact that there is nothing on the ground to support Water.

Drought, cravings, flames and floods are things that are usually connected to each other.

Matthew 24:7 Jesus anticipated:

“And there will be… famine.”

Famine in the great divisions of the world will create rivalry and battle among nations for sustenance. The political and military risk will increase particularly for the United States and the nations of the Commonwealth of Nations, whose lands have been home to the world’s animals in recent decades.

People who live in the created nations of the world often feel like these things just happen in places like India, Bangladesh, or Africa. How can craving assail nations like the United States? It is incredible the things that will happen because of the coming of Christ.

Today it seems to be unacceptable that one day general stores and restaurants need to close their entrances because there is no food! Be that as it may, the appetite will torment the nations, for example, the United States, Canada, others such as Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and other created nations of the world. We should understand what God says about it and why he says each thing.

Many people do not understand that Almighty God is the person who has dominion over the atmosphere, and some of the time he uses his ability to reject countries. For his part, Solomon said these things:

In the commitment service of the sanctuary of God in Jerusalem, Solomon perceived the intensity of God, it was there that he expressed:

“If paradise closes and it does not rain, for having transgressed against you…”

Is it feasible for God to reject an entire nation for blatantly ignoring the good and moral principles that God has established since the old days? We better trust it!

 “All things considered, we realize the person who said: retribution is mine, I will deliver, says the Lord”

What’s more, once again: The Lord will judge his followers. The horrendous thing is to fall under the control of the living God. The book of Revelation affirms this prediction about the coming judgment.

“When he opened the third seal, I heard the third living being, saying: Come and see. Also, I looked, and here is a dark steed; and he who rode him had a peg in his hands.

Furthermore, I heard a voice from among the four living creatures, saying:

Two pounds of wheat for a denarius and six pounds of grain for a denarius; however, do not harm the oil or the wine: Revelation 6:5-6.

Seismic tremors and other natural disasters

God predicts in his promise that earthquakes and other common disasters will increase. Jesus Christ warned that before his arrival there would be “tremblings in many places”, as expressed in the book of Mark 13: 8 and Matthew 24: 7.

The Lord knows very well that the recurrence of seismic tremors has spread lately, sometimes in the most unexpected places. This pattern will continue in light of the fact that the Bible demonstrates it. Jesus Christ predicted it and, therefore, it is what we should anticipate. We must observe and take into account the number and magnitude of earthquakes, as they will progressively increase and annihilate.

We realize that on several occasions there have been tremors as mentioned by Flavio Josephus in his compositions. The Bible further specifies explicit instances of tremors that have happened before and predicts them for the future (Zechariah 14:4-5).

Seismic developments are the consequence of modifications and characteristic changes that occur in the outer shell of the world, particularly along topographical deficiencies. (See Article: Prayer to cast out demons )

In any case, later there will be more tremors in places that are not considered seismic zones. John Nance, who recently wrote a book on earthquake tremors, says: “It is dangerous and self-important to accept that the subject is restricted to specific areas only.

In general, we are under the risk of seismic danger. The seismic tremor can quickly approach anywhere in the United States.

Diseases and Epidemics

There is a progression of infectious diseases that, as of now, are a matter of concern for the administrations of the world. The infectious ones, obviously, are the most referenced.

In any case, we see a resurgence of old scourges of humanity, for example, intestinal diseases and tuberculosis, which are currently immune to penicillin and the antitoxins that were recently used to combat them. Meanwhile, different types of diseases, for example, cancer and certain heart conditions.

Meanwhile, they continue to burden vast numbers of people, while innovative time wasters progressively pollute the water and livelihood we consume.

The Bible shows on reflections of the coming of Christ, that a part of the plagues to come will be spread by wild creatures as shown in Revelation 6: 8. Some of the most terrible insects in history, for example, those that originate the bubonic plague, were spread by creatures.

Bubonic plague is endemic among wild creatures in specific places, so the current sterile measures are the main motivation behind why a part of these problems are left out of human advancement.

People know very well that when there is a disturbing influence of social request as a result of wars or catastrophic events, the danger of pandemics constantly emerges.

However, these problems are merely small signs of the infectious and dangerous pandemics that pre-science predicts will annihilate huge regions of the planet: “…I heard the room of living creatures say: “Come! “I looked and saw a yellow pony, and the person who rode it was called a shepherd”

After him came the person who spoke to the realm of death, and they were given control over a quarter of the world, to run with wars, with longing, with sickness, and with the monsters of the earth.

The rise of an aggressive and fundamentalist Islamic power

The Bible foretells that in the season of the end a charming character will rise up in North Africa or the Middle East with the identity ready to unite and lead an incredible square of countries among which Egypt will take on a basic job.

“In any case, sooner or later the ruler of the south will fight with him, with a lord who will have his ability in the northern region; and the lord of the north will come up against him like a storm, with chariots and horsemen and numerous boats, and he will enter the grounds, flood and pass over…he will stretch out his hand against the grounds, and the nation of Egypt will not escape”

Furthermore, he will lay hold of the fortunes of gold and silver, and all the valuable things of Egypt; and those of Libya and Ethiopia will persecute, according to what the book of Daniel expresses about the reflections of the coming of Christ.

This is a significant case that exists behind why it is important to be attentive to what the news in the newspapers say about the reflections of the coming of Christ. The consideration regarding the news will be fascinating in case you understand the prediction of the scriptures.

You will begin to understand the motivation behind why Middle Eastern nations buy huge amounts of weapons from the nations that produce them, for example, North Korea, China, Russia, Eastern Europe itself, and certainly the United States.

The resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism financed and advanced by Iran is now shaking North Africa and the Middle East. Fundamentalist developments are attempting to destabilize moderate governments that have the interests of the Western world in mind and are trying to supplant them with a united Islamic caliphate. The presence calls him “the lord of the south”.

The leader of these resurrected Muslim countries will be an incredible religious-political pioneer, a “Mahdi” or Muslim Messiah who will have the intensity of a confederation of countries in his hands. This equivalent will release the anticipated realities in Daniel 11, which must happen before Jesus Christ returns to earth.

The European Union would achieve world dominance

On November 1, 1993, under surveillance, the European Community ceased to exist to offer promotion to the European Union. The citizens of the Union were authoritatively grateful for the approval of the Maastricht negotiation today.

While the facts confirm that the European Union, from a political perspective, does not yet have the attributes of a strong alliance, on the trade side it has achieved a high level of solidarity and collaboration. On January 1, 1994, the world’s largest unobstructed trading zone came into power in Europe.

The European Economic Area is a facilitated trade haven that has 372 million shoppers and a GDP of $6.6 trillion every year. The European Union in many nations has just reached the goal of a typical money and wants to get to a solitary international strategy soon.

Europe is bearing the brunt of a financial meltdown and weakness ahead. The normal rate of unemployment in the Union is around 10 per cent, despite the fact that in countries like Spain it has reached worrying rates.

It still awaits some political and military administration from the United States. Be that as it may, it is worth asking: How long will this circumstance last?

One of the key occasions for us to reckon with before the coming of Christ is the change of Europe into an extraordinary political, financial, and military power, whose rise as a claim to the Holy Roman Empire will shock, shake, and ruin.

A mighty character will be enunciated in the world

One of the major “end time indications” will be the appearance on the world scene of an incredible religious pioneer, whom the Bible calls “the false prophet,” according to Revelation. This religious leader will be blessed with incredible charm and will have a tremendous impact on the world.

The monstrous political power that will develop in Europe, the false prophet will be that religious character who, according to the prediction, would rise towards the end of time as the leader of an incredible church. An extraordinary individual charm of this future head will be noticed, added to the incredible miracles that they will be allowed to perform, it will decisively affect the destiny of numerous nations on the planet.

The Bible also expresses that the false prophet will ride over the world, rebuilding a government arrangement whose qualities will be like the Holy Roman Empire, which, as its name implies, was a mixture of chapel and state. Section 47 of Isaiah reveals to us the accompaniment on the religious framework that the false prophet will coordinate:

“Come down and sit on the residue, virgin child of Babylon. Sit on the ground, without a position of authority, little girl of the Chaldeans; for they will never call you delicate and sensitive again” Isaiah 47:1.

Who is this “woman” referring to in Isaiah section 47? God’s expression offers us an unmistakable answer: “Calm down, shut up and get into the confusion, little girl of the Chaldeans; since they will never call you a woman of kingdoms”

This lady is classified as a “kingdom woman” as she has had sexual relations by mixing the legislative problems of this world with the aim of taking various territories in different kingdoms and governments.

God additionally says in this important prediction for the season of the end:

“I was furious with my relatives” Isaiah 47: 6.

Who are the individuals of God? There are two different ways to properly understand this scripture: In an otherworldly sense, it alludes to the Church of God, “the Israel of God.” According to Galatians 6:16.

In the strict physical sense it refers to the followers of the twelve clans of Israel, as it says in Amos 3: 2: “You sons of Israel, I have just learned about each of the groups of the earth; In this way, I will reject you for each of your indecencies.”

That is the reason why God says: “I was furious with my followers, I dishonored my legacy and handed them over to you; they had no empathy; they have significantly bothered their burden” Isaiah 47:6.

The Bible uses certain images to convey puzzling messages to individuals from God. Furthermore, it is simply the Bible that is responsible for deciphering these images; For this reason, we should not rely on human translations. What does a “lady” symbolize in the biblical context?

In the Bible, a lady, virgin, or woman is generally an image of a congregation. The image of the true Church of God is typically an idealistic lady, a “virgin,” according to 2 Corinthians 11:2, the book of Ephesians 5:27-32, and Revelation 19:7-9.

On the other hand, the false holy places of Satan appear under the image of a “prostitute” (Revelation 17: 1-18 and in Isaiah 47: 1-15.) On the planet, many consider the false church as if it were the genuine one. ; and they accept that she is the “virgin child of Babylon” (Isaiah 47:1), and call her a “woman of kingdoms.”

However, a similar section in Isaiah chapter 47 clearly reveals that this lady is not generally “virgin” or “woman”, but uses a great deal of “spells” and “charms”. Therefore, her annihilation will be abrupt and complete.

God speaks to certain political powers in the Bible as “monsters.” In Revelation 17 when he talks about the reflections of the coming of christ, he explains that the “lady” rides on the “mammoth”, which shows that she practices the territory on the legislatures of the world.

History shows that a lady (an amazing church) had an extraordinary impact on European kingdoms in the last few hundred years, particularly during medieval times, somewhere in the range of 500 and 1500 AD. As the prediction of the Scriptures indicates, that equivalent lady will have an incredible effect on the countries of Europe in the “season of the end.”

The world will now watch the development of an incredible religious pioneer who will deceive not just a couple of hundred people, as David Koresh did, but several million. As the prediction on the reflections of the coming of Christ shows, a large number of individuals will be deceived before the arrival of Jesus Christ.

The messenger Paul warns us in one of his letters about the reflections of the coming of Christ: “However, regarding what happened to our Lord Jesus Christ, and our meeting with Him, we beseech you, brothers, not to allow yourself move effectively from their perspective, you are not dominated, neither by the soul, nor by the heart”

The gospel of the kingdom of God will be preached in all nations

Information from the prophetic display that Jesus displayed on the Mount of Olives about reflections of the coming of Christ, is critical to understanding what is to come. Matthew 24:3 records what the servants requested of Jesus on the Mount of Olives:

“Let us know, when will these things be and what will be the indication of his coming and the end of the age?” clarified in this booklet, Jesus warned them about false prophets, wars and gossip about wars that would turn world war full circle; Similarly, he spoke of starvation, disease and earthquakes, after which he declared:

“And this shall be the beginning of troubles” (Matthew 24:8).

“At that time you will be handed over to the tribulation, and it will influence both the Church and the country of Israel, and you will be executed, and all the people will despise you for the sake of my name.” This refrain is extremely remarkable in light of the fact that he demonstrates that God’s Church is genuine and his work will be known to all countries. People can’t look down on what they essentially don’t have a clue about.”

They will hate the true work of God, as they will despise its message and reflections of the coming of Christ. “Be that as it may, he who suffers to the end will be saved” (Matthew 24:13). The end of what? Without but or why, the end of the natural presence of each individual, however, also applies to individuals who are alive when the end of this time comes.

Jesus alluded to this expression toward the end of the 6,000 years of human experience and sin affected by Satan the devil, a time when the second succession of Jesus Christ as King of rulers and Lord of teachers will end.

Jesus notes another sign that must happen before his later coming, it is an indication that it is being satisfied right now before his eyes, “And this good news of the kingdom will be given in a conference.” The word gospel means “uplifting news.” (See Article: Prayers for spiritual warfare )

It is the edifying news of the Kingdom of God that is coming, a news that will impact the whole world depending on the laws of God. This inspiring news will be imparted “throughout the world, for a witness to all countries…”.

The gospel is inspiring news, however, it contains a warning about the reflections of the coming of Christ: all the countries of the world will listen to it, but it will be for “declaration”, not to change in the world, but as a declaration of the arrangement what God will do on earth.

The moment when faith becomes a matter of life and death

We must watch on the grounds that mistreatment is coming toward genuine Christians, individuals who establish the Church that keeps God’s decrees (Revelation 12:17, 14:12).

Jesus declared:

“At that time they will take you to the tribulation and kill you…”

(Mateo 24: 9)

Jesus Christ attends to his followers here, however, the missionary Juan gave us the way to realize who is a true Christian and what the true illustrations of the reflections of the coming of Christ would be.

“He who says: I know him, and he does not keep his precepts, is a liar, and the fact of the matter is not in him”

(I John 2:4).

Christians who keep the edicts as God himself articulated them in Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21 will feel aggrieved.

“At that time they will bring you to tribulation, and they will execute you, and you will be hated by all countries for the sake of my name”

(Mateo 24: 9).

Jesus Christ realized that the world would be filled with religious disorder in the season of the end. “Furthermore, numerous false prophets will rise up and deceive many” (Matthew 24:11). Clearly, few would see; only the individuals who were called by God.

To the consequence of a deep disorder and visual deficiency: “And in light of the fact that the abhorrence has increased, the affection for some will subside.” In the season of the end, there will be confusion and injustice at that time.

The Bible shows us in matters relating to the reflections of the coming of Christ, that the basis of these things are found in the false lessons and the religious disorder that emanates from a Babylon of organizations and religions.

The crisis reaches Jerusalem

How about we look?! The advanced country of Israel populated by the relatives of the clan of Judah, joined by the extensive remnants of the clans of Levi and Benjamin. You will suffer true military misfortunes because your domain will be halfway engaged by the opposing troops impartially before the second coming of Christ occurs. It is critical to get this!

Numerous people who concentrated the prediction of the Scriptures said that in 1948 the arrival of the clans in the Holy Land and the last founding of the country of Israel were fulfilled. This idea is not correct! That was only an announcing occasion of what is to come and a great return of the rest of all the twelve tribes of Israel as explained in the reflections of the coming of Christ.

the desolate abomination

The moment the city of Jerusalem is taken, the outside power that will possess it will begin what the Bible calls “the horrible abandoned presence.” To understand what is most likely, first take a look at what Jesus Christ says as recorded in Matthew 24:15-20.

God warns the individuals of Judea to flee to the mountains when horrible evil devastation ensues, in the accounts that describe reflections of Christ’s coming.

The prediction shows that Jerusalem will again be surrounded by armed forces, based on the reflections of Christ’s coming and his endorsement in Zechariah 12:2, and that they will put a symbol on the holy site. Jesus advises dedicated people to escape quickly when this contamination occurs.

“Whoever is on the terrace of the house, does not dive to take something from his home; and whoever is in the field, let him not take up his shroud again.”

Mateo 24: 17-18).

This implies that he needs to quickly escape when this is done, on the grounds that whoever stops him cannot escape. “There are people who are pregnant and raising back then! Pray that your flight does not take place in winter or on the Sabbath.” As explained in the stories about the reflections of the coming of Christ.

The signs in the sky and the day of the Lord

After the incredible tribulation, there will be sensational signs in the stars that everyone can see from earth based on the reflections of the coming of Christ. “Furthermore, after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its splendor, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the forces of heaven will move.” Matthew 24: 29

God will mediate in human affairs! It will also intercede in nature to demonstrate this age. God really exists.

We should notice what it says in Revelation 6:12-13 about the reflections of the coming of Christ:

“I looked when he opened the sixth seal, and there was an incredible tremor; and the sun darkened like coarse clothes, and the moon became everything like blood; and the stars of heaven fell to earth, while the fig tree drops its figs when shaken by a solid breeze.”

The seven last plagues

After the six seals of part six of the Apocalypse were opened, we examine the following: “For the extraordinary day of his wrath has come, of the Lamb; And who can stand?

At that point, he refers to the security of the 144,000 seals and the large group. Later the opening of the seventh seal is described, to be specific, the divine discipline in a radical world. This last seal contains seven trumpets that are compared to the last seven diseases represented in sections 8 and 9 of the Apocalypse where it talks about the reflections of the coming of Christ.

Finally, in Revelation 11:15, the acclaimed “last trumpet” sounds, declaring the incredible and heavenly return of Jesus Christ, and the revival of the holy people. In any case, the deceived countries will swear and fight against their Creator (Revelation 16:21, 17:14).

At that point, the seven blessed messengers pour out on the earth “the seven diseases” which are “the seven bowls of the wrath of God”, according to the description of Revelation 16: 1 on the reflections of the coming of Christ. It is imperative to deliberately contemplate all of part 16, in light of the fact that these diseases will be basically terrifying.

However, even for this situation, God, who rejects every young man he worships, according to Hebrews 12:5-6, uses these illnesses to make men apologize. As we read these entries, we see that every mountain, every island and the urban areas of the countries will be strongly shaken.

Despicable and solidified humanity will have nothing else to cling to in this world. Humanity will finally understand that it is nothing compared to the Great Creator God of the Universe. A great number of people will finally relate to Job’s words: “I had heard you; but now my eyes see you.”

In this way I loathe myself and atone with burning debris and debris” (Job 42:5-6). Humanity will understand as at no other time what a genuine apology is and will be in tune with reality, in tune with the genuine priests of God and comply with its creator.

At that time you will genuinely understand these expressions of God committed by the prophet Isaiah on the reflections of the coming of Christ, For thus said the High and Sublime, the person who possesses forever, and whose name is the Holy One:

“I remain in the height and holiness, and with the messy and humble of the soul, to make the soul of the humble live and to vivify the core of the broken, since I will not fight perpetually, nor will I always be furious; for the soul and the spirits that I have made will rot before me”

Isaiah 57:15-16.

The fall of the English-speaking countries

Before Jesus Christ returns to earth with extraordinary power and greatness to build his kingdom, we will see the decline and fall of the English-speaking nations at the hands of their adversaries. The wording used by the Bible to refer to this occasion is “the extraordinary tribulation”.

God’s expression uncovers us and warns us that the most dazzling and terrifying period in the entire history of the planet is drawing near. Those unpleasant days ahead or the incredible tribulation are also called by the Bible “time of trouble for Jacob” in Jeremiah 30:7.

It will be something so horrible that the devastation and destruction wrought in World War II will be a pale reflection of what will happen. (See Article: High level intercessory prayer for mercy for his country )

Give us then the opportunity to look at the Scriptures that allude to this emotional modification of the structure of a politically influential nation, as it will suddenly happen in a clueless world, like a trap that suddenly detonates from which no one gets away.

In all honesty, many if not most of the people alive today will observe these horrendous occasions.

“Be that as it may, misfortune to the people who are pregnant and the people who are raising back then! For there will be an extraordinary disaster on earth and indignation regarding these people” (Luke 21:23).

Let us fully understand the significance of this prediction: Jesus Christ was not just referring to the occupants of the vanguard country of Israel, but rather incorporated the Anglo-Saxons and Celts who, along with the Jews, comprise the current kin of the twelve antiquated clans of Israel.

The key prophecy of the old testament

In section 26 of the book of Leviticus there is a major and extraordinary humane prediction for our time. When one understands the current personality of the relatives of the clans of Israel, this section takes on emotional importance.

We must reckon with the satisfaction of predictions declaring the decline of the United States and Great Britain with respect to national power and distinction, before their urban communities are completely annihilated in a future part of the third world war, which will be the most crushing of all.

Problems will deteriorate and we will perceive how these things will be practiced before our eyes. The decline of the United States and the English-speaking nations, the embarrassment of their ability, ultimately the annihilation of these nations, will happen with absolute certainty, except if they atone and turn with all their hearts to their Creator, to the True God. of the Bible.

God pronounces the accompaniment regarding the extraordinary tribulation:

“However, in the event that you do not listen to me, or make all these charges, and in the event that you ignore my declarations, and your spirit criticizes my resolutions, without executing each of my precepts and annulling my agreement, I will do what same with you: I will send you fear, weariness and heat, which will wear out the eyes and torment the spirit; and you will plant your seed in vain, in light of the fact that your enemies will eat it.

I will set my face against you, and you will be wounded before your adversaries; and individuals who will despise you will manage you, and you will escape without any individual who mistreats you” (Leviticus 26:14-17).

Almighty God pronounces the discipline that he will bring upon these countries in the scriptures. That is why the coming of Christ will not be discovered by the day or by the hour, but it will be in the blink of an eye without warning.

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