Do you know how to please God?

Do you know how to please God? Discover everything that pleases him, here

Since the beginning of human times we have sought how to please God, without knowing that the Lord gives us the gift of gratitude and love, precisely so that there is a connection of love between Him and His children. The best gift that can be given to the Lord is precisely the commitment and faith that is achieved after correctly executing the gifts given to him.

How to please God?

How to please God has always been a challenge for all those who believe and pay tribute to the Creator. That is why finding a present that pleases him is precisely a challenge that we must meet as his children.

Despite this, the Bible tells us what we should do and what we should not do because God hates it. For this reason, thanks to the constant reading of the sacred scriptures, we are able to know the elements that please him.

We must keep in mind that everything that pleases God, pleases us, because it will make us very happy and satisfied, because we are fulfilling the work of being his children.

A combination of love and commitment for him to accomplish what his will desires for our lives is the easiest way to please God, because in this way we fulfill his purpose for us.

It is important to have faith

Faith in God is a really important factor to please him. It should also be understood that without faith it is impossible to please God, because it is truly necessary for the Lord to draw near to us.

God will do what He has said He will do, this is a term that must be kept in mind in order to please God. An example that is found of this is that of Enoch who lived before the flood in a world that became more wicked as time passed, however he was never dominated by evil, on the contrary, he always walked with God.

Enoch was a character who not only believed in God, he felt that the Creator would return to earth and that is why his life was full of praise to the Lord. Enoch was well aware that if he committed impious acts this would generate bad results in his life, which is why they should be replaced by good actions.

Walking with God allowed him love and peace. That is why when we believe in the Creator, we manage to believe in what he says and in turn we manage to please him, simply with our faith and trust in him.

take care of the spirit

When we take care of the spirit we can obtain life and peace. That is why the designs of the flesh are considered enmities against God. Well, they are not subject to the law that the Creator has for us. It is almost impossible for those who live by the flesh to be able to please the Lord.

The Bible describes two kinds of mind, the first is the normal human, based on the carnal and earthly mind, as well as the mind guided by the Spirit of God, which has a mind with spiritual elements. Therefore, possessing the Spirit of God is a good way to be guided and is a prerequisite for pleasing the Lord.

According to the apostle Peter, God has designed a process that we must follow to receive his Spirit, among the essential elements is repentance and baptism in the name of Jesus, with the aim of obtaining forgiveness of sins. This in turn allows us to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling in our lives.

The apostle Paul, on the other hand, explains his experience in relation to the two mental activities. In addition to this, he tells us that Jesus is the one who frees us and this causes us to become the beloved children of God.

Fear of God

According to Psalm 147:11 the Eternal is pleased with those who fear him and in turn those who expect mercy. God is able to heal the brokenhearted and in turn bind up their wounds.

The Lord therefore must be praised for his mercy, knowledge and power that makes him save and humble before us. For the Bible, we should fear God because it is good that we are aware that he is more powerful than any other being. When we recognize this, we manage to deeply challenge it.

When we have a proper fear and respect for God, we are motivated to more easily avoid sin. Also remember that God will always hold us accountable for our actions.

The moment we begin to fear God, we can both trust and revere him. This allows us to increase our love for the Creator which allows us to free ourselves.

Study and follow the example of Christ

Jesus is the beloved son of God, truly the son of the Creator and therefore there has been no one who has pleased him more than Jesus and that is why we must listen to each element of Jesus and in turn it is necessary that we follow his example.

The Savior always acted under elements that pleased the Lord. That is why we must carefully study each element that Jesus activated and in turn manage to please God with it.

obey god

Obeying God is much better than sacrificing, he always pays attention to us if we respect his rules. An example of God’s displeasure with those who do not obey him is the first king of Israel, Saul. (See: The Bible )

The prophet Samuel expresses the displeasure of God, because Saul disobeyed the direct order that God gave him, excusing himself with the fact that the people wanted to offer what should have been destroyed for the Lord, he does not want our physical gifts if we have not broken any type of law .

It is important to understand with this that the Creator commands us to obey not only because it is good for him, rather it is because it is good for us. It must be understood then that his laws are beneficial commandments for human beings.

So, obeying God is something that represents joy for us and pleases God in different ways, which can be visualized written in the Bible. It is important then to keep in mind that obeying God is an act that pleases him.

For the Lord, righteousness is part of the elements that please the Creator. He blesses all those who respectfully observe their Sabbaths and in turn do what He desires for their lives. Therefore, any act that breaks the commandments that God made for us should be avoided.

Do the will of God

The best thing that can be done is to carry out the will of God and this can be observed embodied in the sacred writings of the Bible. Thanks to this we can be aware of what the Lord wants for us. That is why it is recommended to study the Bible to keep in mind God’s rules and in turn pray correctly, which allows a greater understanding of his will.

God’s will is not only related to knowing what he wants, it is also necessary to perform the required good works. This allows us to mature spiritually and become people more like the Lord.

Jesus is the being who walked the earth with the best example of fulfilling the will of God, just at the moment when he decided to accept and suffer crucifixion in exchange for purifying our sins.

On the other hand, it showed us that praying from the heart is extremely important to be able to know and carry out the will that God has for our lives. In this way we have a much greater connection with our Creator.

Make the sacrifices that God wants

We human beings offer ourselves before the Lord through the sacrifice of praise. This means that we need to confess to God, which allows us to please him and he gives us the necessary help to develop as happy human beings.

It is important to mention that God rejects any sacrifice that is made in disobedience. However, there are sacrifices that do please Him, those that are full of praise and grace towards Him. In addition to that, God likes us to share the love for Him.

It should also be mentioned that He cares that the sacrifice should be a teaching reflection of the love that our Lord feels for us and in turn for the commitment that we feel for His great commandments and divine laws.

It is also important that we love the Lord from the heart, opening our souls to Him. This is considered the greatest of the commandments that there are to give to God. The second relates to loving our neighbor as ourselves. On the commandments and laws we depend.

God’s pleasure

No matter how much we give to the Lord, there is no way we can come close to surpassing what God has done for us. However, God always wants to do everything for us. That is why He always offers us benefits. (See: New Testament )

One must then seek how to reach the marvelous kingdom of God. This is achieved through good acts that are related to gratitude, love and faith for the Lord, which makes us have a blessed life full of love.

Pleasing God is part of worshiping Him. It is for this reason that we must keep in mind that the greatest commitment we must have in life is to please the Lord through our actions. Any element that is made to please him is a product of worship.

Worship as a lifestyle

When we worship, it becomes our goal to worship and please the Lord, not others or ourselves. Every action performed is for our Creator. It is important to mention that worshiping God has its benefits, including a full life.

We must have a life motivated by God and in turn glorified that allows us to please and please our Lord. He is pleased to worship us and also allows us to trust and love.

Worship towards God is related to our actions in life. All singing, prayer and praise is in vain if it is not done from the heart and with a real commitment to our Lord.

There is no place for those who consider themselves spectators in the worship of the Lord. Passive worship is not right then. True worship focuses on offering our lives to please our Creator.

What makes God smile?

Pleasing God is the main purpose of our lives, that is why it is the main task we have in our lives and we must learn how to discover and perform it correctly. It helps us a lot that the Bible presents a clear example of what God wants for us.

What God wants for us is that we communicate correctly with him. We have to keep in mind that he loves us with all his heart and that is why he wants us to love him in the same way that he loves us.

The Lord longs for us to get to know him and also spend a lot of time with him, he is pleased to be with us. That is why it is extremely important to have real communication with Him. Learn from his motivations and love him, this is our greatest goal in life.

The word of God is what makes us truly earn salvation. Salvation is then the grace of the Lord through an effort on our part. The best way to please God is through obedience.

It is recommended to search the Bible for acts of obedience that please God, which are in turn acts of worship that please our Creator. This allows us to show him how much we love him just as he loves us.

The moment we see the light of eternity our focus on life changes. This provides a positive life, because it generates pleasure for God, because he has faithful and happy children. It is important to understand then that God looks for people like Noah, who seek to please him and worship him.

The heart of worship

The heart of worship relates to surrender and surrender to God. This is the true adoration that allows us to please God, it is right at this moment when we give ourselves completely to the Lord.

Offering yourself to God is considered the essence of worship. This act of giving is called consecration so that Jesus is the Lord of our lives, which allows us to cleanse our spirit.

What really matters is that we take care of doing what He wants for our lives. That is why we must trust in God in order to give ourselves from the heart.

It is impossible for us to give ourselves to the Lord if we do not trust Him and the best way to do so is by knowing Him better. We should not feel fear, because this prevents us from giving our love to Him. (Be sure to read the information in the article faith in god )

The moment we understand God’s love for us, it will be much easier for us to surrender. The Lord is our lover and he is also our deliverer. It is good to give ourselves completely to Jesus who is not a tyrant, rather he is our Savior. Jesus is our brother and friend, not our boss or dictator.

God’s dedication is demonstrated more with obedience, working in life with our Creator. Our Lord then is all we ask. He is the supreme being who offers us the blessings that bring about a better life for us.

Our Father is the one who removes problems, pain and illness from our path. We only have to fulfill the purpose that he has framed for us, in search of glory in life.

God will always work thoroughly with you, it is in this way that the dedication to Him will begin. It is important that you are highly committed to giving Him everything, problems and joys, also dreams, fears, weaknesses, customs, complexes and sorrows.

It is Jesus who should be next to you in the driver’s seat of your life, he is the best who will let go of your reins. You should not fear, the Lord will always have everything under control, when Jesus is in control, everything is easier to face.

Let’s become God’s best friends

In the beginning Adam and Eve enjoyed an intimate friendship with the Lord. They delighted with the Creator and He with them, they were the hindrances of guilt and fear, the main elements that ended this relationship, after the sin committed.

God created us with the aim of always living in his presence, at the moment of the fall the relationship is over. Despite this, we are safe thanks to Jesus and his Holy Spirit who is with us and now again if we wish we can be friends of God.

The friendship we have with God must be cultivated. It is necessary that we share our experiences with him. God wants us to be more than a date in our lives for him. He wants to be included in every activity, conversation, problem, and thought we do.

When we cultivate friendship with God from the heart, we share time, joys, routines, challenges, strategies and experiences with Him. We must spend time with Him, interact, talk, listen and live with Him.

It is not possible to be his friend when we do not know about him. When we do not know the Lord, we do not have the possibility of loving him, because it is necessary to know about the word that God has for us.

The Bible is the best method that allows us to know more about the Creator. In this way we can go valuing and understanding what God means with his word and also allowing his wisdom to enter our lives.

Another way to cultivate a real friendship with God is through sincerity. Our Creator does not expect us to be perfect, but He does want us to be honest with Him, perfection is not a requirement to be His friend.

This is a joy by the grace of God, despite being sinful friends. In the Bible, on the other hand, it is reflected that the friends of the Heavenly Father were sincere and respected the feelings they had for God, they managed to know and love him.

develop friendship

God simply wants us to have unvarnished sincerity. We can worship Him and our fears, resentments, and heartfelt passions will be replaced by praise, gratitude, and affirmation of faith.

It is to the Lord that we must confess. It is important that we value what He values ​​in order to develop a good relationship. You should be interested in what God considers important. The more connected we are with God, the more we will feel what he feels. God simply wants to find all the children that sin caused him to lose.

For this reason, it is that Jesus came to the world, looking for us to reunite with Him in his kingdom. When a friendship with God develops then, it is because we want him more than anything else.

Intimate friendship with the Lord is an option, it is not considered a quality, that is why we must have the intention of seeking it.

Sometimes you are passionate about God but unfortunately many lose their fervor over time. The best way to reignite the enthusiasm you have for the Creator is to ask for the return of this passion.

Worship that pleases God

The worship that is pleasing to the Lord is enjoined in the scriptures. This must be composed of the truth of the words. It does not require the opinion that we have for God.

The Creator likes worship that comes from the heart. It is important for us to keep in mind that we have been made in his image. We are considered a spirit in a body, and the Lord designed our spirit for the purpose of communicating with us. That is why spiritual worship is the best way to connect with Him.

God likes us to have a thoughtful worship with Him. Reading the word can allow us to move correctly with the Lord. It is important to try to praise God.

On the other hand, there is sacrificial worship, in it we cannot exalt God, we must not worship to impress or to please ourselves. We must focus only on what we feel and what we want with the Lord.

The Lord likes continual worship. It is then necessary that praise be the first activity we do at the beginning of a new day and it should also be the last thing before going to bed.

When God seems distant

We do not always feel close to the Lord despite having a friendship with him. The highest level is to worship the God and also praise him, despite feeling some kind of pain. It is also important to thank him in any trials we have, while trusting him even in times of temptation.

We must accept it and love it. This is what allows the distance with the Lord to decrease, increasing again the relationship between the two. God never abandons us and we must keep that in mind, it is we who do it. (Be sure to see the Jesus story article )

Sometimes God hides his face from us, which produces the sensation of disappearance in our lives of his actions. This facet is normal in relation to the test of the maturation of the friendship that we have with God.

Every Christian believer goes through this facet at least once in his life. It is painful and even disconcerting, but it is extremely necessary for good faith development.

The omnipresence and the manifestation of the presence of God are two different elements. One is considered a fact and the other is more of a feeling. The Lord is always present, even if we don’t know it.

God’s presence is too intense to measure on an emotional level. The Lord wants you to feel his presence and in turn please him through your faith in him, not your feelings.

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