Learn how to pray to God, so that your prayers are heard

Learn how to pray to God, so that your prayers are heard

On many occasions people wonder how to pray to God, the way to do it is mainly by relating to him, wanting to follow his word and listening to what he has for his children. That is, God must be perceived as the omnipotent energy that has every right to direct your life. For this reason, it is that people who pray have God present in their lives, thus achieving that God makes her trust Him in the way He wants.

How to pray to God?

To pray to God, you need to believe in this omnipotent being, capable of doing everything for you. The Lord is the main guide, which is needed to go on the path of life and that is why it is good to pray in the name of the Lord every day. (You can perform the  high level intercessory prayer )

We must be convinced that God will help us to move forward in every moment of our lives. Well, his greatest wish is that we trust him without any doubt. This is because our Lord, he is the one who cares about us and it is for that reason that he appears in our lives.

On the other hand, according to the Bible, God wants repentance from our sins and trust in his word. It must be kept in mind then that the eyes of the Lord are upon us, that is why he is attentive to our prayers.

obstacle in the way

Normally those people whose prayers are not answered is because they do not have a true relationship with God. They know of the existence of the Lord and may even have lapses of time worshiping him, but there is no real relationship with God.

These types of people commonly have not received God’s forgiveness for the sins they have committed, because they have not really repented of their bad actions. God’s hands are neither short to save nor deaf to hear, but our mistakes are what separate us from him. Sins cause his word not to be heard.

That is why it is necessary that you repent from the heart for your sins and in this way you receive God’s forgiveness of all the sins committed throughout your life. Also this is the best way to start with a true relationship with God. Therefore it is in this way that God will hear and answer your prayers.

Importance of a relationship with God

When a person truly has a relationship with God, he is therefore truly his child, for he is a believer at heart. Our Lord knows them and is always on the lookout for his acts, which is why he listens to every prayer that his son tries to make to connect with him.

We must remember that Jesus Christ indicated that he was a good shepherd, because he knew his sheep and therefore, they know him. That is why he knows to whom he grants eternal life.

For this reason, it is that you must know if you really know and God knows you or rather you are distant from him, so that if this is the case, understand if he will truly hear your prayers. You must trust and relate to him constantly if you truly want God to be with you.

Will God answer your prayers?

Those who do not know or trust God, Jesus gives him the opportunity to learn to do so. However, he does not answer his prayers in the same way as those who have faith in his word. Believers will be granted whatever they ask for, which in turn is beneficial to the life of the believer.

People who remain under the word of God lead their lives being aware of what the Lord is doing. It is then those people who will be able to ask God for what they want and God will respond immediately indicating whether it will be positive for them or not to fulfill the request. (Do not stop learning about spiritual liberation )

In addition to this, it is important that we are subject to his will. It is for this reason that it should be known that God answers the prayers of believers who are sure of their existence according to his will. Also, according to the wisdom and love with which we ask the petitions, at the moment we connect with him in prayer.

It must be understood then, that the struggle we normally have is to really know what God’s will is with us. Since something that makes sense to us does not always make sense to God. This then, means that there is only one correct answer, which is reflected in the will of God.

What is God inclined to do?

The Bible is considered an accurate description of what God wants for us. In addition to that, it indicates what relationship the Lord wants to have with us and in turn what he wants to experience with us.

It is important to understand that our Lord is so merciful that he awaits us with mercy and in turn shows compassion to us. This is because our Lord is a just being, he loves and blesses his children. That is why God’s way is perfect, and it is our only refuge.

That is why we must trust in his will. It was him through the Savior Jesus Christ who freed us from the sins we committed, as long as we repent from the heart. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

What about unanswered prayers?

God tells us in his words that we should give our worries to him, even though they may be very difficult and dark for us. Depositing then in this way all the anxiety that the situation generates in us, since God takes care of his children, he is the only one capable of keeping us on our feet in the worst moments.

It is precisely in these situations that your children can feel more grateful for the presence of God in their lives and, in turn, for the relationship they have with him. For this reason it should be understood that the Lord is always close and it is for this same reason that he should be prayed for on every possible occasion, in addition to this he should be constantly thanked in each request that is made.

The peace of God surpasses any situation, which allows our hearts to be cared for. He provides solutions in our lives, however, if circumstances do not improve, God is able to give us peace within the situation that is being presented to us.

God always asks us to trust him, no matter what, walking with faith, based on the character of our Lord. That is why when we are not heard it is either because we are not aware of God’s love, wisdom, character and justice or simply his will is that we go through the situation that is happening to us, so that in this way we learn something.

Pray sincerely to the true God

If you want to have evidence in relation to the existence of God, this is revealed in the development and daily life of humanity, among these the most outstanding evidence is creation, the sacred book of the Bible that prevents divine interventions and explains elements of humanity, also responds through miracles to those who ask for it who are considered believers and obedient people.

The apostle Paul describes our Lord, as the true God, it is from Him that all things come, that is why we are part of him. Currently the concept of God has changed a bit for a group of people, for a wrong one, since it is believed that praying to a Buddha is the same as praying to the creator.

Jesus Christ revealed who the true God was and in turn allowed man to know the true omnipotent being that remains with us in the development of our lives.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ describes his father as a divine person who had a lot of love to give. At the same time, it is reflected how our Father works for us, curing diseases and also gives us the solution of problems in our lives through wisdom. It is thanks to our faith that we manage to obtain our desires.

In addition to this, Jesus Christ explained to us that God is the Father to whom we must pray. He is the one who offers us a kingdom that will be established on earth, God is the one who gives us our daily bread and in turn is the being who forgives our sins and helps us free ourselves from Satan.

study the bible

When you pray to the true God, you truly believe in his omnipotence. The sacred writings of the Bible have the instructions that our Lord wants for our lives.

The Bible offers us knowledge that we cannot acquire in any other way. It is considered then, the instruction manual that God made for humanity. In it he explains to us who God is, how he is with us and how we should serve him as his children. That is why this is the best way to learn how to pray for our Lord.

To know God we must understand his will and in turn believe in the promises that the Lord has for us. Which allows us to see ourselves related to the divine inspiration found in the Bible.

On the other hand, it is important that you learn to leave memorized prayers behind and start continually with prayers that are related to the teachings that God gives us in the Bible. Well, he is the one who teaches us to pray and ask him.

Deeply repent of sins

Although God sometimes listens to the cries of those who do not truly believe in Him when they are in urgent or dangerous situations, our Lord does not really commit himself with these people.

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament speak of this principle, since God does not listen to sinners, but nevertheless, if he comes to listen to some who fear God for what they do his will and this in turn is heard by the Mister.

It is important to understand then that if you comply with God’s commandments, your life will be covered with his blessing. For this reason you must be honest with yourself and open yourself to the Lord. Obedience to divine law must be learned and taught.

Through growth in the knowledge of the grace of the Lord, God invites us to become part of his kingdom.

forgive others

Our Lord is able to forgive anyone, because he has a lot of love to give. Well, he is not a vengeful being, if you repent of your sins from the heart God is able to forget any mistake made.

That is why we must also learn to forgive our actions and in turn the mistakes made by others. Jesus Christ asked that the children of God put aside conflicts and reconcile as the children of God.

It is important then that we go hand in hand with God’s attitudes about repentance and forgiveness.

God also listens to the unconfessed

God has mercy and therefore also forgives his children. That is why it must be humbly understood that God constantly listens to the prayers of people who cry out without being of those children who speak and connect frequently with the Lord.

For this reason, it must be understood that yes, despite the fact that God does not listen to those who sin, more or the same as those who do speak with Him. The Lord tends never to listen specifically to those who have attitudes of bad faith. who shout and praise actions carried out by satan. But people who find themselves deceived deserve mercy from the Heavenly Father, so that this in turn leads them to the path of good.

This means that God listens to those who are weak-spirited or blind individuals who after realizing and struggling to find the connection with God achieve humility and encounter with the Lord.

Seek the will of God

The will of God is very much related to our requests, certainty and self-will. This can be understood in the Bible, because we must give ourselves to the Lord to maintain a blessed life.

That is why the way in which you give yourself to God is what determines the way in which we pray. It must be understood that God is the one who has made man and woman, just in his image and likeness, that is why he calls humanity to understanding and repentance. It is with this that we must understand that when we pray we not only have to ask for our own good, but also for others. (See Article: The power of prayer )

On the other hand, in the Bible there are direct and indirect promises that if praying is done with faith, according to his will your life will be better and he will respond to all our pleas, because the Lord will always hear us.

Have faith in God

The more we feed on the Bible, the easier it is to understand faith. Well, without faith you will not be pleasing to God. That is why praying without faith causes the Lord not to respond, but when asked with faith he responds.

Developing faith is carried out thanks to the surrender of Jesus Christ, so that through the Holy Spirit, one has the ability to forgive the sins that have been committed throughout life and thereby become part of the kingdom of God. Through the absolute trust that the Lord hears the prayers, everything can be done.

That is why it is important to understand that by asking with humility and faith, everything is possible. With this you learn to believe in God’s promises. For he is the one who offers you a perfect love full of wisdom and power.

pray from the heart

The best example for this is Jesus Christ who got up early to pray to his Father, it is he who teaches us then that prayer is vital to have good communication and in turn connection with God. (Learn more about high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

It is recommended then that when praying you concentrate inside your room with enough privacy to talk with the Lord. When we are alone with him, we can calmly cry out to him to help us, correct us and in turn free us from any temptation or difficulty caused by Satan.

It is necessary to generate with it intensity and passion at the moment in which we cry out for God. This is the best way to pray with the heart, with fervor and love.

Asking God to form and mold us

Authentic men and women of God submit through the will of our Lord. For this reason, they have a much richer spirit than those who are not able to be humble with our Lord.

Shaping character means that we allow ourselves to be led by the will of God. For this it is necessary precisely that they allow themselves to be carried away by the connection with him through prayer, because in this way we more easily demonstrate the love we feel for the Lord.

It is also important to understand that praying for material things is not wrong up to a certain point. But it must be clear that the main motivation for praying is to focus on the Lord. Therefore, it is a way of submitting to his will and, in turn, developing a reciprocal and vital relationship with God.

Give praise and thanks to Almighty God

God offers us love and adoration with continuity and in turn with great sincerity, that is why he offers us blessings that lead us to a good life full of constant spiritual guidance.

Our Lord is our rock, that is why it is necessary to praise and thank him through prayer and our actions, because he only wants us to be for him, free in turn from all sin committed.

For this reason, always thank God and praise him every day of your life, comply with his rules that he will bless you and give you eternal help as his son. Your adoration for him must be a part of you and must be demonstrated through every prayer performed.

Pray in the name of Jesus Christ

In the Old Testament it was indicated that we should only pray for the creator. But the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made to free our sins, allowed him to be part of his Father and in turn generate that we can and should thank Jesus Christ. (See Article: Miraculous Prayer of the Holy Spirit )

Thanks to the son of God we come closer to him more easily. To invoke then the name of Jesus Christ, it is necessary to obey him and ask through his will. It is thanks to Him that we truly know God and we have to always be aware of that and thank Him for it.

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