Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel who Cures Disease

Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel who Cures Disease

The Prayer to Saint Raphael Archangel, becomes one of the most accepted prayers by the faithful devotees of Catholicism since this powerful archangel is known as the medicine of God, the Light of the blind and many other denominations. So in the following article we will learn how to perform a San Rafael Archangel prayer for healing and much more.

Prayer to Saint Raphael

Saint Raphael the Archangel is one of the powerful intercessors who comes to help heal the physical and mental as well as the spiritual illness of the people who proclaim him, through the Prayer to the Archangel Saint Raphael .

San Rafael Arcángel is constituted as 1 of the 7 archangels that are before the great throne of God. He is known as the healing Archangel, due to his great divine intervention with the character Tobit, this man was healed of blindness according to the story that can be found in the Catholic Bible in the book of Tobias.

In the same way, Saint Raphael is known as the patron saint of all travelers because with his help, all travelers can enter spiritual journeys in search of truth and knowledge. He in the same way he becomes the patron saint of doctors and the blind.

As we mentioned earlier in the book of Tobias, in chapters 5 to 9 of the Old Testament (The Catholic Bible), Saint Raphael is the one who helped Tobias to make a type of balsam with some fish entrails, to in this way to help heal the blindness of Tobit, his father.

Rafael’s name means “The Lord heals” or also “Medicine of God” and tends to be generally invoked by doctors, nurses and by anyone who suffers from some kind of illness or disease.

Saint Raphael the Archangel tends to be one of the powerful intercessors who helps, through the will of God, to be able to heal physical, mental and also spiritual illness. Saint Raphael comes to share his feast day with the other Archangels, these are:

  • San Miguel
  • Saint Gabriel

During the festivities of the Holy Archangels, which is celebrated on September 29 of each year. The following prayer can be recited in order to invoke Saint Raphael the Archangel every time you want him to act for a certain special intention.

Prayer of Protection and Healing to the Archangel Saint Raphael

This is a prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel in order to obtain healing through his help:

Oh Blessed Saint Raphael, the one who is constituted as the medicine of God, I ask you to accompany me in all my adventures as you came to do with Tobias; I ask you to protect me from those sent by evil and to guide me on the right path; please send me the medicine that your faithful devotees require for his healing.

May your company remain at all times, oh Saint Raphael the Archangel by my side, and together with the Archangel Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel, defend us from all our enemies, who tend to prowl around our souls looking for someone to devour like a lion. roaring. I ask you not to allow us to separate from God and that at all times you show us the true path with my family at the gates of the great Celestial Jerusalem. Amen.

Prayer for the Healing of an Illness

Oh great and powerful prince of glory Saint Raphael, called or with the title of medicine of God, like the Health of the sick, the light of all the blind, the guide of walkers, the protector of alms, also of fasting and prayer:

For all that charity with which you came to accompany Tobias, I ask you, oh great protector of the faithful, to free me from all evils and all dangers, and to always accompany me on the pilgrimage of this human life, so that I can manage to arrive happily at the port of eternal salvation. Amen.

Now we must pray an Our Father.

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