Effective Prayer to Jesus of Great Power for a Miracle

Effective Prayer to Jesus of Great Power for a Miracle

The Prayer to Jesus of the Great Power , is a prayer made to the Lord Jesus for his help and relief in the most difficult moments of our lives. In the following article you will know everything related to this prayer and how you should do it correctly.

Prayer to Jesus of the Great Power

This is the great prayer to the Jesus of Great Power, which can be done whenever you feel the need to do it, when you really want to make a certain request, or when you find yourself going through the difficulties that They usually cause you great physical and emotional affliction, and you want to need His intervention so that these can be resolved.

If those types of problems that you find yourself having at the moment, in your opinion, do not become of great magnitude, you can make this prayer to Jesus of the Great Power for about 3 continuous days, if possible, when you get up and before to go to sleep On each of those 3 days, you are going to light 1 candle that is white or purple before starting the prayer, the candles have to be 1 for each day.

If you consider that your request is very difficult to obtain or that your concerns are usually extremely complicated, you can pray this miraculous prayer for about 9 continuous days and you are going to light 1 white or purple candle each of those days of prayer. .

Once the prayer is finished in order to obtain the specific blessings or to solve any kind of problem, you can pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary.

As with every prayer that is made, this type of request to our father Jesus of the Great Power, has to be made with all that faith that led you to seek him and with all that same longing that you have to be heard and also attended by him as soon as possible. The sentence goes like this:

Oh Blessed Jesus of Great Power, the strong arm that can do anything, the Supreme Monarch, Son of the Eternal Father. I always trust in you, with you I never feared anything because you are my hope, oh my good Jesus, so I believe that you never forget or forsake us, I believe in your great goodness and mercy, that is why I give you everything my love and my devotion.

Most sweet Jesus, placed at the right hand of God the Father, you who are always tender, just and compassionate, who never stop, my beloved Jesus, from being able to help and favor those who with simplicity and hope come to you, for what we I ask you to attend to my pleas.

(At this moment you are going to ask with faith what you want to achieve with your help)

My Jesus, the Lord of Great Power, this day I have humbly presented to you some of my needs and my difficulties, please, I ask you to listen to my plea, give me the hand of your grace, please, so that I can achieve and obtain each of my desires, so I ask you to embrace me with your great love and respond to the request that my soul makes of you.

Jesus infinitely good and all powerful, my Lord and also my King, for your mercy, for your Sacred Blood that was shed and for all your Passion, please I ask you to give me your miraculous hand in my falls and to transmit your wisdom to be able to correct my defects.

Please make me possessor of the virtues of your Passion and of your Death, so that by living a good life in this world, I may be able to see you resurrected and glorious in eternal life, to praise you for all life, in the company of your Holy Mother, of all Saints and also of the Angels of Heaven. Amen.

Jesus of Great Power, Very Effective Prayer for Difficult Desires

Oh beloved Jesus, I ask you to grant me goods and tranquility because there is no goodness as holy and splendid as yours, my Lord. Carry him in your heart night and day and have the firm conviction that in our despair we can turn to him because you never fail or abandon.

Through this prayer and precious image of Jesus of Great Power, great prodigies and innumerable miracles have been performed and, through the favors granted, he has shown us that he is Father, protector, brother, friend and also our beloved. Mister.

It is the strong and powerful hand that, loving us, redeems us, also heals us, strengthens and encourages us and, above all, gives us its loving help when it observes that we suffer from the multitude of trials that we have to go through and overcome in this earthly life. Amen.

Opening Prayer

Oh my Lord Jesus, please receive this act of contrition that your devotees make on this day with great sincerity and appealing to your goodness; please I ask you to forgive our faults, sins and ingratitude, and to cleanse them of all hatred, resentment or baseness; You who came into the world to be able to rid us of all evil, we ask you to protect us from every plan and cunning of the enemy, from everything that could affect us and make us suffer, please we ask you to take our concerns and do that we perceive your peace.

Oh Jesus You who always give your support with tenderness increase our faith and also your adorable will, please give us a heart that is capable of being able to love as you love your people in this way we can know how to give it to you without fear and at the same time to open it to your grace, we ask you to have mercy on us who entrust ourselves to You with faith.

My Lord, without You we are truly nothing, with you everything is possible, you are our Good Shepherd and the one who leads us on the right path, for this we ask you never to leave us, confirm us in the certainty that you will always be with us giving us of your eternal love until the end of our days and be granting us the peace that your Gospel promises, I am yours and from this day I want to live only of your love waiting for the moment in which you lead me to Eternity. Amen.

Powerful Prayer For Difficult Cases

Blessed and adored Lord of Great Power, the Supreme Monarch, Son of the Eternal Father. Sweet Jesus, who was loaded with that heavy piece of wood, I give you all my love and all my affections and on this day I ask that your eternal Light be the one that enlightens me and gives me warmth.

Beloved Jesus of the Great Power, by your great mercy give me your blessings, and by your justice and truth deign to become a participant in the merits of your cruel Passion and your Death, so that by living a good life in this world, I can get to see you resurrected and glorious in eternal life, Amen.

Prayer To Jesus Of Great Power For Desperate Cases

Oh my Jesus of the Great Power! I trust with all my soul and heart in You, that is why I come in my despair, on this day that I feel discouraged and abandoned, my beloved Jesus I seek your help and understanding, please help me with your immense power and clemency in this sadness that overwhelms me, in this kind of anguish that causes me so much suffering.

My Jesus, Jesus of my soul, please I ask you to help me in this difficult situation:

(At this time you are going to request with great faith what is needed through the Prayer to the Great Power of God ).

My pleas full of love and hope cannot but reach You, you who are the strong and protective arm, You, my Jesus, who are the one who can do everything and nothing is impossible for you. Oh my Jesus, Jesus of the great Power!, that your divine eyes can contemplate my needs and your sacrosanct ears listen to each one of my pleas is so much what I need from You and so much what I really hope and trust in You, that I I implore with great faith, security and illusion that you do not leave me without help in my affliction, Amen.

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