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Prayer to the divine child Jesus, for a special request

Divine Child Jesus is a Catholic tradition that dates back to the 17th century, it consists of a devotion that has spread throughout all Latin American countries at the beginning of the 20th century, it is one of the most beautiful devotions that the church has, in this article you will know More of this tradition.

divine child jesus

It is a devotion of the traditional culture in the Catholic Church, which has its most important strength in Latin America, it consists of a ceremony where the child Jesus is honored in various ways, granting the title of divine child, which represents the dedication and trust of all those faithful to the figure of the child Jesus.

Various miracles are attributed to this devotion, especially in certain towns in Colombia, where this ceremony is deeply rooted, worldwide they have many devotees who are faithful to tradition and the figure of Jesus in the form of a Child, for many years has allowed to strengthen faith and hope in Jesus Christ.

In Catholic Christian terms, the devotion represents the providentiality of light for the world, specifically directed to those human beings who proclaim, and promote the rejection of human life, such as abortions, abandonment at birth and lack of love. towards the children.

God is glorified through the Divine Child Jesus, who is the image and response of God for human beings, who many times have put aside the essence of love towards children, Devotion seeks a deep conversion in the heart of all men.

history of devotion

According to certain scriptures, this devotion was born on Mount Carmel, Israel, when little Jesus attended with his parents Mary and Joseph, and together with his grandparents San Joaquín and Santa Ana to pray and pray, the other people who also come to perform the I pray they grew fond of the beautiful boy.

After the death of Jesus, those attending Mount Carmel continued to remember the presence of the son of man, thus forming the so-called devoted Carmelites, so called by the place where they met to pray.

The Carmelites spread throughout Europe bringing the truth of the facts and ideas of Jesus but above all encouraging devotion to the Child God. By the year 1200 Saint Anthony of Padua was a great devotee of the Child God, giving receptivity to the Carmelites

By the year 1500 San Cayetano was also a great devotee of the Child Jesus, so that in many paintings you can see the figure of one of these two saints together with the child God. The devotion gained more strength when Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint John of the Cross in the 1500s popularized the devotion to him.

Saint Teresa herself narrates that once she was climbing some stairs that led to a corridor in her house, and suddenly she saw the image of the child God who greeted her with a beautiful smile, from then on the Saint carried the image of the Divine Child Jesus.

She managed to honor the image and take it to all the places she visited, even reaching the city of Prague, where the original image of the Child God is currently located, it is believed that it was placed there by Saint Teresa, on one of her pilgrimages, since Wherever it arrived, it left an image of the Divine Child.

Those who continued the tradition to the devotion of Saint Teresa and Saint John of the Cross were the Carmelite Fathers and the Carrileras Sisters, they dedicated themselves to taking the devotion to any place, managing to promote that it is not only an image of plaster, metal or clay, but a figure to honor the first twelve years of Jesus Christ.

Childhood is seen in a divine way, and it is consolidated in the year 1636 when the Venerable Margarita of the Holy Sacrament appears, which is a very famous promise that reads as follows: “Everything you want to ask, ask me for the merits of my childhood, and your prayer will be heard.”

Since that date ,  the day of the divine child Jesus , many devotees and faithful throughout the world rehearse the request using this phrase of the venerable Margarita, in order to obtain favors and spiritual wishes that change the life of any person.

How to get to Prague

The Infant Jesus of Prague is established when some religious Carmelites residing in Spain, elaborated various images of the Child God, there was a Carmelite who always thought of the words of Saint Teresa: “Look at my eyes, sweet good Jesus. See my eyes. I’ll die later.” And he asked the Lord to be able to observe the face of the Divine Child Jesus that he had learned from the Saint.

Divine inspiration allowed the Carmelite to observe the face of the Divine Child and this allowed him to make a small statue where it reflected the face that had been illuminated, Carmelite died happy knowing that he had made the identical image that had appeared to the Holy .

This figure was donated by the Carmelites to a princess who was on her way to the Czechoslovakia region to marry the Prince of Prague. The story goes that when the image was in that country, various miracles began to happen to those who worshiped it. Before she died, the princess left the statue to the Carmelite Fathers.

She told them to adore and venerate it, since in it she had observed many favors to those who venerated them, and not to forget or let the image get lost or deteriorate, they should take care of it for as long as necessary.

From that moment the Carmelite father named Cirilo who resides in the City of Prague began to make a pilgrimage and perform the devotion in that country, where thousands of people came to obtain the favors of the Divine Child, however many detractors and opponents of this devotion tried to destroy it. .

The Father offered to build a temple for the Divine Child where the image could be venerated in peace, so that after some time the temple was built that is currently located in the vicinity of the city of Prague, today the Czech Republic, where thousands of people attend annually. to venerate the holy Divine Child Jesus.

Cardinal Kaspar, bishop of Czechoslovakia, was a great fighter and promoter of devotion during the 17th century. He told his faithful and students the stories of the Child Jesus, after he had been largely unaware of the stories of the Young Jesus, this enlightened him. to be one of the great promoters of devotion in that country.

He dedicated the rest of his life to carrying forward the richness of the spiritual content of the Child Jesus, he spread the devotion throughout the region and the history of the divine child Jesus , allowing him to establish a path to achieve expansion to other European countries.

devotion in Europe

In Germany, the devotion began in the year 1697, when a great Carmelite missionary toured all the towns of Germany taking the devotion to the most hidden corners of the country, placing the image in various Catholic temples so that the faithful would know and venerate it. The God child was called “Little Great”, who filled many hearts in Germany with joy.

In France

In this country images of the Divine Child are obtained in various places, the venerable Margarita del Santísimo Sacramento who in 1634 was the one who spread the devotion in that country, established the devotion to the “Divino Infante”! and miraculous protection of the Child Jesus, arousing considerable enthusiasm among the faithful.

The devotion spread throughout France, many preachers are close opinions and spoke wonders of the devotion of the “Divine Infant”, which helped to form Saint Therese of the Child Jesus in the year 1879, where the preaching and devotion remain intact until the present date.

In Ireland

In Ireland, Catholicism is deeply rooted in the devotion of the Child Jesus, many faithful perform the novena during the year, while in homes very varied images of the Child Jesus are obtained, the devotion is used by all kinds of people workers, athletes, artists intellectuals, making her one of Ireland’s most popular spiritual figures.

In Italy

In the country where the Holy See is based, the devotion to the Child Jesus does not escape, it began in 1888, in the Arenazo region where the image arrived for the first time and many popes have been amazed by the enormous devotion that exists in those countries. Devotion is great in Italy and many homes have images of the Holy Child of God.

In this region a great Sanctuary of the Miraculous Child Jesus was built, where Father Juan del Rizzo had the inspiration and intelligence to learn everything related to the Devotion of the Divine Child, which he would later take to Latin America a few years later.


In this country there is a great devotion for the Child Jesus, his image is seen in most of the Catholic Churches, the first image was located in a temple of Carmelite sisters more than 200 years ago, the faithful venerate and idolize him and the temples where it is located, people massively attend to request their favors

Some say that in Belgium there are as many temples and images of the Divine Child as hearts and faithful to devotion since you can see the places where my image is, every day full of faithful, to request favors or thank those received.

Arrival in Latin America

It is believed that the devotion came to Latin America through the Carmelite fathers during the year 1907, where the Salesian Community brought with it a series of devotions where the tradition of the Divine Child Jesus was included.

The tradition was accompanied by various favors granted to devotees who thanked for the blessings and favors received in various Spanish cities and other European countries, these arrived in Latin America and little by little it grew, especially due to the hard work of the Salesian Father Juan del Rizzo .

This priest had arrived in the city of Barranquilla in the year 1914, who began to dedicate all his time to strengthening the devotion through the collection of funds for the construction of the temple.

However, it was difficult to achieve his goal and obtaining divine inspiration through the petition to Jesus Christ for his merits in his childhood, he obtained a great success with the preaching of the divine Child Jesus throughout the country, managing to be until today one of the most large in Latin America and especially in Colombia.

One of the situations that gave strength to the devotion was the event narrated by the girl’s own father and reflected the moment in which the divine Child Jesus performed the miracle. The story begins with the situation of an 18-year-old girl who suffered from severe pain in her joints.

They were so strong that the girl could not walk and little by little her quality of life was diminishing, so much so that the day-to-day conditions worsened and there was fear for the life of the young woman, the father observed the conditions and administered to protect her soul extreme unction since there was no life expectancy.

No medicine helped to improve the poor girl’s clinical condition, the services of one of the best doctors in the city was requested, who diagnosed a serious rheumatological condition, however, the young woman’s clinical condition did not improve, her pain was terrible , even having convulsions and fever.

In one of the rheumatological attacks, the girl fainted and her mother decided to bring an image of the Divine Child Jesus, (whom they had adored for a long time), and placing it in front of the young woman, her mother said:

  • “ Daughter, Our Lord made the promise that if we ask for the merits of your childhood, our prayer will be heard. Let us ask him for the merits of the first 12 years of his life, if it suits you for the health of the soul, grant you the health of the body. Give a kiss to the image of the Divine Child and we will then place it next to your feet that hurt so much”.

They both prayed with great faith, and the young woman kissed the image, after about an hour, the young woman shouted very excited: I am healed! And moving her arms and legs without feeling any pain, really verify that she was totally healed! .

The relatives gathered and together they gave thanks to the Miraculous Child Jesus, after a while the girl did not present any symptoms related to rheumatism, and the young woman led a completely normal life carrying out her daily activities in a natural and calm way.

There are many witnesses to this fact that verify the miracle of the Divine Child Jesus, the parish bishop, was present at the event and verified the miracle, later the doctors did not get an answer to this phenomenon.

Father Juan del Rizzo and devotion to the Child Jesus

That same year a record was drawn up, where the fact is verified, signed by the Bishop of Cali himself, Fr. Juan Manuel Sinisterra in 1916, after this event, Father Rizzo moved to the city of Medellín, where he began his work of pilgrimage to the devotion of the Child Jesus.

The devotion consists of highlighting the spiritual value and merits of the figure of the Child Jesus. The father encouraged devotion using at first the image of the Child Jesus of Prague, after a time the devotees to the pilgrimage of the Child Jesus in Medellin opposed that image.

They also alleged that they were the ones who had the exclusivity of that image of Prague, and in order not to create controversy, Father Rizzo looked for another way to carry out the devotion, proposing that the miracles are not done by the images but by the image itself. Spiritual figure of Jesus Christ.

By the year 1935, the father had been transferred to the capital of Colombia, where coincidentally he found an image of the Divine Child, and used it in an uninhabited place in the 20 de Julio neighborhood in Bogotá, there he began his pilgrimage again towards the image of the baby Jesus.

People came looking for some favor or miracle, which began to happen suddenly, between healings, reconciliation of couples, behavior problems, business protection, etc. the presence of devotion became massive.

Father Rizzo’s conviction regarding the devotion of the Child Jesus was so strong that the conviction towards the devotees was total, it showed that the virtues of the child Jesus were real, and that his childhood was full of passion and love towards those around him. 

Regarding the image, the child Jesus is observed with open arms and wearing a small crown, which he accompanies with a beautiful smile, this image is the one that since 1935 is venerated throughout the world, where faith towards Jesus Child It allows things to happen as God intended.

Prayer to the Child Jesus to get rid of danger

History has been gradually filling spaces where the devotees and faithful to the tradition of the Divine Child Jesus have been strengthening, through various ceremonies that are accompanied by various prayers, and even small written prayers, which the faithful take home. through images and that later they place behind the door or in the children’s rooms.

The prayers are generally directed to get rid of some danger or protect people from diseases and various negative emotional situations, among the most used prayers is the one that I will describe below, it consists of a beautiful prayer based on protection against danger, this says so:

“God, Almighty King, your hands are placed in all parts of the planet, no one can resist your will, as creator of heaven and earth, you are the owner of everything that exists, have mercy on us, especially on your people, who are surrounded by the enemies of pure and noble souls”.

“Do not allow your faithful to lose themselves in difficulties, which are very great, you have not left this, saying “Ask and it will be given to you. He who asks receives. But ask in faith.” We ask you to follow our hearts, taking away from us the punishment we deserve and allow our tears to turn into joy, so that we can praise you in your holy name, and thus continue to glorify your eternal greatness in heaven, Amen.

A Plea for difficult times.

As part of reconnecting with Jesus and appreciating his gifts while I was a child, this plea is analyzed to request the grace and light that allows solving complex situations in a person’s life, the prayer to the divine child Jesus kind child of my life well Whether spiritual or material, it says as follows:

“ Divine Child Jesus, I have difficulties and I need your help, save me from the enemies of the soul, enlighten me in my mistakes, comfort me in my sorrows and doubts, accompany me every time I feel alone, strengthen me in my illnesses, comfort me in difficult times, defend me when temptations come, love me with all your heart, protect me and receive me in your arms, Amen”.

Prayer of Father Juan Rizzo, Novena

This extensive novena (prayer that is made for 9 consecutive days), was created by Father Rizzo himself who expressed his devotion through a very emotional prayer, it moves those who perform it with devotion and faith, let’s see:

“ My Jesus, My beautiful Child, I love you very strongly, although you know it, I will never stop doing it, try to make me love you much more, so that I cannot stop myself, even after my death”.

“ Come my beautiful child, climb into my arms, lie down on my chest, listen to my heart and recline in my whole being, intoxicate me with your love, however I do not deserve so much happiness, let me love you equally, let me bend before you when you shepherd all your flock.”

“Little shepherd, look at this little sheep, who struggles to reach you in any way, longing to be by your side, my court must be eternal by your side, enlighten me with your beautiful eyes that adorn the immense beauty of your face, I would like your hands to touch me and never get rid of me, I would like my beautiful little shepherd, my Jesus, to place my lips on the whiteness of your feet”.

“Do not prevent me from loving you, let me cling to your feet, let my tears water them and wash them, die loving you in a passion of faith, die sick of love for you, my light, that illuminates my soul, and fills me with happiness, my whole being is yours, which you formed from nothing, which will be yours again when you decide it”.

“From today I give myself to you, my life is part of you and every moment you give me of life is a gift that I return with the love of my soul. That is why, my Jesus, I want to return, from so many goods in one I have received. You will be my owner today, tomorrow and always, my soul is yours, you are my king, my creator, my redeemer, my sovereign and my God.

“Sweet Jesus, Divine Child of my soul, tell me if you love me and give me the pledge of your eternal love, give me your holy blessing, In the name of the father, the son the holy spirit, amen”. Subsequently, three Our Fathers and a Hail must be prayed, confessions are offered and Communion is offered every day of the novena or at least the last day.

A minute with the Baby Jesus

This short prayer can be prayed before going to sleep and lasts approximately one minute, it is very comforting, it can also be done at any time of the day, if you are looking for some momentary help and tranquility, in case you are involved in a difficult situation. .

“ Baby Jesus and I pray for me without ceasing, bless me, take away any sin today and always, if I stumble, and if I fall a hundred times, pick me up, if I forget you and do not do it, do not forget me, if you leave me sadness invades my soul, assist me in the dangers of the world, I want to die under your command, I want my life to make you smile”.

“Look at me with your eyes of compassion, never leave me beautiful child, receive me and leave my search, take me by your side and may your blessing accompany me forever and ever, amen, Hallelujah, Glory to the Father”.

Prayer to receive peace

This prayer is very good in moments of sadness and anxiety, it consists of a few short paragraphs that can be done in a few minutes, it does not require investing so much time and it is recommended to do it with all the faith and hope possible, especially when the person is Going through moments of anxiety stress and worry.

“Child Jesus, you who are the king of peace, calm and tranquility, help me to receive without bitterness, the things that I cannot change, your holy child you are the strength of Christianity, fill my spirit with courage, to transform that that should improve in me”.

“You are eternal wisdom, give me moments to work and please the Lord and do good to others, I beg you and implore you for the merits of your childhood, to you who live and reign forever and ever, Amen”.

Novena of the three Our Fathers

This series of prayers are performed for nine consecutive days and is focused on devotion and praise towards the divine child Jesus, giving all faith and hope in the figure of the shepherd boy, it is very emotional and has enormous spiritual wealth, let’s see:

Oh Jesus, my little child, I turn to your heart in whom I want to trust (Three people who want to help, or some need are named); I surrender to your power, trusting in your wisdom, he left me dejected at your mercy.

You who are the son of God, help me (An Our Father is prayed); My Redeemer, you know how much I need you (Another Our Father is prayed); I want rest in the tenderness of your love (The Lord’s Prayer is prayed again).

Then a rosary is prayed to the divine child  Jesus , adding later: ” Oh Jesus, your redemption deserves everything, your mediation reaches everything, your love pities me, I trust in you Child God” (this prayer is done five times) then it is prayed:

O Jesus, you said: “If you want to please me, trust me: if you want to please me more, trust me more”. That’s why I tell you if you want to please me, trust me, I ask you to increase your confidence, I want to do it for you, I hope I never let you love, divine Child Jesus deliver us from all evil, amen “ .

Prayer for the Consecration of the home

In order to protect a home, all its members, its assets and everything that makes up this social nucleus, it is recommended to do it from time to time, together with the divine child Jesus prayer to ask for a favor , which serves to increase protection by carrying light . to the hearts of the members:

“ Divine Child Jesus, bless and protect the houses, where your sacred image is exposed, we choose you today and always for being the owner and master of our home, show your powerful help, taking care of it from diseases, fire, lightning, earthquakes , the thieves, the discords, the floods and the dangers of evil”.

“Protect and bless all those who inhabit it, give them peace, faith and love, especially towards their neighbor, grant them patience so that they can face hardship, and grant them hope for eternal life, happiness at work and the grace to avoid the bad examples.

“Your grace allows us to avoid vice, sin, eternal damnation and all the misfortunes and accidents that can destroy the home amen”.

The Conditions Father Juan Rizzo

The main devotee of the Divine Child Jesus, recommended a series of conditions, which can help to obtain special favors, during the application process, described a few years ago, allow us to have a reference on how to establish the form of devotion to the Child Jesus:

The father established several conditions but emphasized four conditions, the first is to offer Mass for nine consecutive Sundays, confession and communion on at least one of them.

The second condition focuses on giving a pound of chocolate or the equivalent in money or food to the poor.

The third condition consists of granting a market to the poorest families, or the equivalent in money, these conditions for people who have sufficient resources, it is not advisable to distribute them in the street to avoid disorder.

The fourth recommendation is to make narrations of the miracles of the divine child Jesus through various brochures, almanacs and folios, where these events are described, also inviting people to participate in the devotion, through requests for needs.

Other recommendations

In order to maintain devotion and avoid deviations in spiritual practices towards the figure of the divine Child Jesus, the father also recommended the following:

  • Do not stop attending mass every Sunday, since according to him, whoever leaves the house of God leaves the father and can stop receiving favors.
  • Avoid living from mortal sin, if like having extramarital relationships, consuming alcohol, allowed to deviant people in the home, these situations attract punishments and curses to the home, and the same father often repeated this phrase of Saint Paul: ” Those who live in impurity , the drunkards the thieves, will not enter the Kingdom of heaven “.
  • That the alms given on Sundays at mass be ostentatious, give the poor a sufficient donation in order to please God, the Bible says that for God the poor should receive 10% of what is earned (Tithe), so It will be received by the work of the Lord, it will be received 100 more than what is given.
  • Carry out social works, through collaboration to heal the sick, attend to those most in need, carrying out operations every two weeks to help minimize the hardships of the poor.
  • Sell ​​bibles and pamphlets referring to the devotion of the divine child Jesus.
  • Give away medicines and remedies in the various fortnightly operations.
  • Pray  to the divine child Jesus for the sick,  at least once a year
  • Teach premarital courses in order to guide couples towards a future where they understand and understand the concept of family.
  • Religious books at the cheapest price in the country in the bookstore next to the temple of the Child Jesus.
  • Keep the statements of Jesus such as: “All the good that you have done to these my brothers, even to the most humble, I consider as done to myself.” This phrase can be found in (Matthew 25,40).

the nine sundays

The indications about whether it is a prayer or a ceremony must be carried out every Sunday that complements the nine Sundays called novena, it allows to organize in a clear way the most spiritual aspects that can fill the whole process with faith, let’s see

first sunday

Considerations are made regarding how Jesus changed the water into wine, the reading of the Holy Gospel according to Saint John is made, to remember the reason and why Jesus performed that miracle. There is also an evocation of how the devotion was established in the region and how to get to the town or country.

They serialize the prayers referring to the first novena and it concludes with small songs and joys, saying the final prayer and praying for peace in the world.

second sunday

The consideration is made based on the healing of Jesus, so that the reading of the Holy Gospel according to Saint Mark (7, 31) is carried out, where it describes the facts of how Jesus healed a person who could not speak or listen .

Then the prayer is made, with some considerations such as “Jesus speaks” “If you honor me, I will honor you. If you are generous with me, I will be generous with you.” Some joys are said and it ends with the final prayer.

third sunday

On this third Sunday Jesus’ desire for the conversion of sins is fulfilled, the respective reading is that of The Gospel according to Saint Luke, where sinners and publicans who approached Jesus to hear him are spoken of.

Like the previous prayers, Jesus speaks, the songs to the divine child Jesus and joys are established, ending with the final Sunday prayer.

Fourth Sunday

Consideration is established on this Sunday to Jesus Christ as the shepherd of all, the reading is that of the Gospel according to Saint John, where the descriptions of Jesus are established while he preached as a shepherd in search of his sheep.

The ceremony culminates with the completion of the final prayer after speaking of Jesus and prays a joy, inviting those present to come next Sunday to the following Novena dedicated to devotion.

fifth sunday

The mass begins with the reading of the Gospel according to Saint Luke, where Jesus heals a blind man, the experience of faith that Jesus invokes in this part is taken, to instruct the faithful in the devotion that belief and hope should not leave never from our mind and heart.

The prayer is said at the end of the mass and is previously instructed on the benefits in which Jesus performed his miracles, the Lord is evoked and ends with the final prayer, as well as the invitation to continue with the novenas next Sunday. .

sixth sunday

On the sixth Sunday of the novena, the consideration of Jesus Transfigured as Glorious is carried out through the reading of the Holy Gospel according to Saint Matthew (17, 1-9), it is the sixth day when Jesus takes Peter to Santiago and his brother John and takes them to the highest mountain to express their ideas.

That moment is related as a transfiguration of Jesus where his face becomes very bright as the sun and his clothing as white as light, the moment of this novena reflects how Jesus tried to indicate to his disciples his truth about permanence on earth.

This novena ends with the final prayer, some prayers of joy and encouraging the faithful to maintain faith in the devotion of the Divine Child.

seventh sunday

The multiplication that Jesus made of the loaves, his presence in Galilee and the sharing that he carries out with his disciples are considered in the act, the moment is interesting since Easter was approaching and the Lord’s farewell was coming.

At the end of the story is said “Word of God” and the faithful must respond “We ask you Lord”, the mass ends with the final prayer and farewell.

eighth sunday

It is established in this penultimate ceremony of the novena, the moment of consideration when Jesus is at the last supper, the Gospel according to Saint John is taken as the main reading (13 1, 15). The washing of the feet, the blessings and everything that happened at the last supper represents a high point in the life and work of Jesus.

At the end, the faithful reflect on the sacred words of the son of God, and the final prayer is performed, as a farewell to this eighth day of the novena.

the ninth sunday

On the last day of the novena, the risen Jesus congratulates those who have faith, and the reading that is taken as a reference is the Holy Gospel according to Saint John (20, 19 31), “peace be with all” represents the first sentence of Jesus before his disciples after the resurrection.

This part is very emotional and deals with the culmination of the physical presence of Jesus on earth, the faithful even cry when they internalize the sequences in the Lord’s life, and evoke him through devotion to the Divine Child Jesus, they the novena ends with the final prayer and dismissal of the faithful.

Prayers to the Divine Child

The prayers that are prepared in each of the novenas are structured in a specific way, during the mass a small schedule of situations raised by the priestly hierarchy must be complied with, in order to comply with the established encyclical forms.

Each novena must comply with a process of situations that allow the mass to develop in a balanced way and that the faithful can understand the reason for its realization. These moments for the realization of the prayer to the Divine Child Jesus in the mass, are structured as follows:

  • It begins with the preparation that is usually done by praying an Our Father.
  • Next comes the act of contrition, where each believer repents of all their sins, and a description of the situations is made praising God and asking for forgiveness.
  • Follow the prayer of the day where you pray for life situations on the planet, each faithful expresses in a low voice their wishes for peace and harmony.
  • The word is realized that are moments in the Bible that are related to the life and work of Jesus Christ. The moment of reflection comes after the reading of the word, where he establishes himself because of the love for Jesus through the figure of the Divine Child.
  • The purpose is carried out, which is a small prayer to express the reason why we want to make the main prayer to the Divine Child Jesus, this is accompanied by a community prayer, which must be expressed by all the faithful of the community.
  • They continue to finish the Joys that are amphonias and songs dedicated to the memory of the Lord.
  • The ceremony ends by praying an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

Confession as a complement to prayer

It is a sacrament performed by the faithful in order to seek absolution from the priest, receiving forgiveness of all sins through repentance, it is taken as a reference in the bible when it says: “Confess your sins to each other so that be saved.”

With confession, each person obtains the return of friendship with God, special forces to avoid sinning again by rejecting temptations and the rejection of everything that offends God. This sacrament helps us to carry out an examination of conscience, repent of sins, approach the Church and fulfill the respective penance.

The confession is a complement to the prayer to the Divine Child Jesus, we are remembering the sins committed after the last confession, it is considered a behavior test that every person must take.

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