Prayer to Santa Marta for a Good Job

Prayer to Santa Marta for a Good Job

The Prayer to Santa Marta is one of the most influential people in the history of devout Catholics, which came to play a fundamental role in the Bible. In the following article we will know everything related to the Prayers to Santa Marta and how to do them.

Prayer to Santa Marta

Santa Marta is one of the most important saints in the history of the Catholic religion. There tend to be thousands and thousands of people who usually turn to her every year so that she intercedes for them before God in heaven, and at the same time helps them to achieve all the things they require in life.

It is for this reason that Catholics tend to describe the Prayer to Saint Martha as very important, since she came to play her essential role in the Bible. And today she continues to exercise it through the prayers of her devotees.

Who was Santa Marta?

The name of Marta, in the Aramaic language is written “Martha”, which is a character from the Bible that only appears in the stories of the new testament of the Bible. Marta is born in the city of Betania, and is the sister of María and Lázaro. The role of this woman was very essential in the Bible since it was in her home that she came to stay with Jesus on at least 3 occasions.

For what Catholic Christianity is, it is treated as a true Saint, being in turn the patron saint of:

  • The Housewives
  • Guest House
  • the cooks
  • The hoteliers
  • the laundresses
  • the maids
  • The Dominators
  • From the House or also from the Sisters of Charity.

So, in either case, it tends to be associated with the role it came to play in the Bible. In this character you can see an affectionate, welcoming, welcoming woman who is also willing to serve other people. So it is very common to know that one of the most used prayers is the Prayer to Santa Marta Dominadora.

Why is Saint Martha important?

As this Saint became one of the figures and the patron saint of greatest recognition by a large number of faithful around the entire world and throughout history, the prayers to Saint Martha tend to be recitations of enormous charisma and emotion, which for this reason Even the faithful devotees and also her followers let her be the person who guides them and for this reason they deliver offerings to that saint during the year.

It is in that place where he comes to emphasize the great power he has, since he played a very significant role in the history of the Bible, where he helped Jesus and also all the travelers, as in the same way he finds himself doing it with the believers who tend to believe in his great power.

Why pray to Santa Marta?

Within the group of praised saints in what is the Catholic Church, she tends to be a figure that has a huge number of faithful believers or devotees. For this reason, at present, large amounts of prayers are recited to Santa Marta for all those who, apart from wanting to adore her, seek favor and protection over her lives, since some think and know that with her help it can happen.

What is the Prayer to Santa Marta for Difficult Cases?

At this moment we are going to show you how a Prayer to Santa Marta for Difficult Cases should be , so that you can ask the patron saint what you require, so you can execute it with great faith and devotion:

Oh, Santa Marta, who had the joy of being able to host the Lord Jesus, together with your own family that came to adore your valuable work so much. You came to offer your services and at the same time you put your hands to work, so that he could feel comfortable and also at ease.

That you came to hear the teachings and the doctrine attentively together with your brothers Mary Magdalene and Lazarus, which came to instill in their conversion. I implore you at this time for my whole family and also for my well-being, so that bread will never be lacking in my house, in addition that harmony will never be broken or interrupted and that love will flow like the breeze passes through the windows of my house.

Each one of the members of my family be blessed for you, the actions they carry out are very well seen by the same lord who is sitting on his white throne, and in such a way, only God and nothing else than himself, live and govern in our homes freely and always free us from all evil. Amen.

Prayer to Santa Marta for Tuesdays

If you are a person who wants to have a Tuesday full of many blessings and good luck, you can pray this prayer which can give you the great opportunity to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Santa Marta, I approach before your great protection and also your protection, as a sign of my great affection that I have towards you, and that I also offer you this light (light a candle) which I light in your honor and that I will light during all Tuesdays.

I ask you to console me in all my sorrows and for your great joy that you enjoyed when you came to host the same savior in your home, so I ask you today to intercede for me and also for my whole family so that at all times we can keep our hearts for God and at the same time we can see all our needs resolved.

Today I beg you to have full mercy in a great way with me, and to the favor that I ask you on this day. (At this moment he makes the request that he has). I ask you, oh Santa Marta, to overcome all the difficulties that I have, in such a way as you came to overcome the dragon that is at your feet.

Recommendation: Pray the Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and finally a Glory.

This same prayer must be recited for 9 continuous Tuesdays and it is distributed every Tuesday with the purpose of expanding the devotion to Santa Marta herself.

While you are praying you can light 1 candle, then there is Santa Marta before the 9 Tuesdays are fulfilled, she will grant what is being asked of her.

Prayer to Santa Marta – Prayers for Urgent Requests

The prayers to this Saint of the Catholic Church tend to be made in order to obtain the benefits that she grants to her faithful believers when they prepare to have a delivery to her.

One of the most used prayers is the Novena to Santa Marta, which at the end of this novena on the 9th, the Saint will fulfill your requests or request that is being requested.

These prayers are usually made for various reasons, including the Prayer to Santa Marta for Love , for prosperity, for Health, among many others.

A Space Dedicated to Santa Marta

It can be said that the prayers to Santa Marta are not the only ones that tend to be recited by believers, who tend to cover other spheres on a personal level, such as:

  • in the daily
  • in the sentimental
  • in the emotional
  • In couple relationships
  • At work
  • In the Studies, among others.

Therefore, there is also the Prayer to Santa Marta for Impossible Cases , which can be used to ask for Marta’s favor before God for each of the days of the week, starting from the first day (Monday) to the ninth day (next Tuesday).

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