Holy hour for children and Eucharistic adoration

Holy hour for children and Eucharistic adoration

The holy hour for children is considered the moment in which children are received by God through Baptism, first communion and confirmation, learn more about these beautiful sacraments by reading the following article.

Holy hour for children

Called that way because it represents the moment of reflection next to God, it is done to children in order to enter the kingdom of the creator and get to know him little by little, through a small ceremony of meditation and prayers, children learn to worship God.

A dialogue is established between the child and God, some manage to listen to the word of Jesus who expresses wonderful things to them, which help fill their spirit with faith, although it is not very complicated to encourage minors in the holy hour for children, some little by little they adapt to the process.

It is necessary in these times that young people and children perform the holy hour, where the child finally knows God, through the word of Jesus, the ceremony is very beautiful and seeks to give tranquility and connection to children.

Eucharist with the children

It consists of a small activity during the Eucharist where the children are involved, and it begins by encouraging all those present to remain silent, and close their eyes, the thoughts must be directly connected to Jesus, at that moment some words are said and the child is told where he is.

Then it is explained to him where he is, with whom, and who are those who are by his side, he is asked to relax and feel comfortable, so that the ceremony begins with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Children represent the future of the world, of society and above all of humanity, God has contemplated them as his favorite children, that is why the Church determines the importance of establishing the Holy Hour for children, in order to prepare them for a better world.

Each child must learn to concentrate, prepare, understand and perform the prayers in the Eucharist, attend mass every Sunday, but never without being forced, the child’s relationship with God as well as the spiritual communication that must be strengthened throughout his life is established through the Holy Hour for children.

Baptism, first communion, confirmation, represent the holy hour for children of catechesis, so all sacramental activities must be fully known, in order to develop their spiritual personality full of strength, character and bathed in virtues .

These human virtues are mostly unknown by many people, so that for any Catholic Christian family it is of the utmost importance to teach them to their children, that is why through this article we seek a way to promote and communicate the importance of the holy hour for children.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

We proceed to pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary, then proceed to sing a song, which is chosen by the priest who officiates the mass. Next, the first “Adoration” is performed, where praises are made to God and to Jesus as his son.

Then the second adoration is done by saying the following prayer:

“We want to comfort Jesus! We begin by singing “Vive Jesús, el Señor” or another suitable song, Vive Jesús, el Señor. Live Jesus, the Lord. He lives, He lives, He lives, lives. Live Jesus, the Lord.”

“There are so many who do not love You, Jesus… There are so many who say such ugly things about You… But we do love You, that is why we are here, to console You; That is why we want to tell you many beautiful things that make your heart happy, that is why we tell you:”

At that moment the children intervene where each one reads a phrase from the Bible and the rest of those present answer:

“Jesus, Jesus, come to my abode.”

Then pray the following:

“Many children do not love you but I love you very much. You have given your life for me, now take mine. You said: “Take and eat, this is my Body”, prepare me to receive you. Lord, I will never close the door on you. Jesus, I want to comfort you.”

“Lord, I need you, come to my heart, Jesus, I love you very much, Jesus, You want to enter my heart and I want you to come to me, it looks like bread, but it is your Body. It looks like wine, but it is your Blood. That’s why everyone abandoned you but I don’t want to leave you alone.

“You said: “Let the children come to Me”, and here I am, nobody loves me like You do”

Then there is silence and a few moments of silent meditation are performed.

At the end of the silence, the following prayer is said:

“Jesus, we are so poor, so small, we see so many needs in the world and there is so little we can do. But You who can do everything and love us so much, you can give us what we ask of you, if we ask with faith. Hear us, Lord, and do what your heart tells you. We want, above all, to do your will.

“For all the boys and girls who are here now, so that we never separate from the Lord. Let us pray to the Lord, for those who do not know Jesus, that they discover that the Lord loves them very much. Let us pray to the Lord.”

“For our parents, who have helped us to know God, so that they live in such a way that one day they can go to Heaven. Let us pray to the Lord, for the children who, after having received Jesus, have distanced themselves from Him and no longer love Him, so that they may return. Let us pray to the Lord.”

Then all those present say a prayer to Mary the mother of Jesus, then and finally an operation is carried out, prior notification of the priest or a selected child where it says the following:

“Jesus, we want to make a very special prayer to console you, to tell you that we children want to be yours and that you are our friend, our best friend. That’s why we say all together “

The creed is prayed, at the end the Virgin Mary is asked for her help through a small prayer:

“We ask Mary for help, she is here adoring her Son with us. And we thank her for the gift of her Son. Jesus is present in the Sacred Host, he is our hidden God. He loves us and wants us to love him. He waits for us night and day in the little way. He wants to hear us and we worship him because he is God.”

After this part, one of the children appears in front of the Blessed Sacrament and kneels down, (At that moment those present say):

“Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on us. I know you are here Lord. I know you are here. I know you are here Lord. I know you are here.”

Another child also approaches the Blessed Sacrament and says:

“Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, increase in us faith, hope and charity.”

Those present accompany him singing:

“I know you are here Lord. I know you are here. I know you are here Lord. I know you are here.”

In this way, five Children go out to the Blessed Sacrament and the people say:

“Sometimes, even though we want to be good, we offend God. Now each one of us is going to think about what we may have offended him and we ask his forgiveness in the silence of our hearts. God loves us and forgives us when we are sorry and ask for mercy from him. ”

The ceremony ends when some children thank God for their presence and the priest decides to end the ceremony by thanking God and all those present for the grace of having made this holy hour for Children.

This way of performing the holy hour for children is widely used during the catechesis that allows young people to begin a life of love and faith next to the Creator, it is one of the encounters that each child and after adult will maintain with God, from there its importance.

Holy hour for children with Jesus in the sacrament

This small ceremony is very similar to the previous one, only it is a little shorter, it is also performed during the Eucharist and can be used at the time of making the First Communion.


It usually begins with a beautiful song that can be deduced by the priest but it is important that it is always related to the figure of Jesus Christ, passages from the New Testament can be taken and lyrics can be added.

It is important to receive the children in a gentle and cordial way, they must feel that they are entering the house of God, the heart of God and the glory of God, that their lives will be full of goodness and fulfillment if they accept to enter the grace of God.


The respective prayer is performed, where a child can indifferently intervene or do it, in which a blessing and praise to God is established, we see an example of it:

“My Lord and my God, I believe, I hope, I adore and I love you. I ask your forgiveness for those who do not believe, do not hope, do not adore and do not love you. (It is done three times), Jesus, we want to open our hearts to you today, more than ever, enter into it.”

To finish, pray an Our Father.

Performing worship

As we described in the previous title, worship consists of a beautiful song where God and Jesus are praised, there are many known such as “How long have I waited”, “Nobody loves you like me” among many that can be selected for this part of the little ceremony.

Prayer to Mary

At the end of the prayer, this beautiful prayer is immediately performed: “Dear Jesus, we want to thank you because even at the moment of the cross you remembered us, and with love, you gave us Mary as our Mother. We also want to remember her today and offer her our affection and our love.

Ave Maria

Then the song of the Hail Mary is performed, as well as the Adoration, a vaneería is selected that is related to the Holy hour for children, in it the importance of the presence of Mary as the Queen of the world, the mother of all is established. the men of the planet and the protector of the skies.


It consists of the act of contrition, where children must learn to open their hearts and not hide the things they have done, it is important to know that the acts of contrition, establish the elimination of sin, are prior to confession and are established with the object to commit another similar sin in life. They proceed to say:

“I confess before almighty God and before you brothers, that I have sinned a lot in thought, word, deed and omission. Because of me, because of me, because of my great fault. That is why I ask Holy Mary, ever Virgin, the Angels, the Saints and you, brothers, to intercede for me before God, Our Lord. Amen”

Forgiveness Establishment

This part of the holy hour for children helps them understand that God is very good and forgives all sins as long as there is faith and goodness in their hearts really, the father proceeds to forgive the sins of those present and children, and is accompanied by a beautiful song.

Completion and thanks

Without the words to conclude the Holy Hour for children, the process ends when the priest thanked God for his eternal love, for what he did and does for us, gives thanks for all the good things he gives us daily and ends by requesting his presence before us forever so that it may live in our families and in our hearts.

The blessing is given

Blessings are given to all and especially to children to whom they are told: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Holy hour for young children

The holy hour for young children is organized on special occasions, the Catholic Church considers it one of its most effective pastoral activities and tools that are carried out in almost all countries where Catholicism is followed.

It is aimed at children between 3 and 13 years old, although it can also include young people who wish to enter the house and the glory of God, there are no limitations, and just as Jesus did, children represent the priority for God.

The holy hour for children can be done in various places, participating during the Eucharist on Sundays at mass or on the dates of the Catholic religious calendar, in spiritual retreat houses, chapels and holy places, children can be received so that they know God through of the holy hour for children. Some countries establish to carry it out during Holy Thursday and Good Friday of the Greater Week.

The invitation to children to participate in the holy hour for first  communion children represents an act of faith, which must be carried out from an early age and as they grow, it is important to leave Catholic foundations in the spirit of children. With the implementation of the Holy hour for children, we are trying to emotionally and spiritually develop human beings who are worthy and full of kindness.

Today society is charged with violence, in all aspects, the bombardment that more than 40 years ago represented television, today has been replaced by a more lethal tool in matters of stronger values, we refer to the Internet, the which is now fought even by television itself.

The release of information that has been taking place for more than 20 years through the creation of social networks and access to information without any type of control, has allowed many children to observe the world in a distorted and if you mean raw, which some kids aren’t ready for.

Even the way of facing life situations is completely distorted, hence the importance of promoting Catholic values ​​and virtues in children from an early age, some members of the church consider it titanic, but it is the evangelization that must be given in these times .

We invite you to take your child to church and participate in the Holy Hour for children, where they will be able to meet God, in a real and spiritual way, prevent them from being forced to attend, leaving testimonies from other children helps to encourage and Motivate your presence.

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