Mirror Hour 23:23: Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

Mirror Hour 23:23 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

Everyone reacts to the mirror hours, there are those who are indifferent, those who are intrigued, and those who are invaded by a curiosity to discover the meaning they hide. It is this category that is aware that this phenomenon of synchronicity is not trivial. It is a message transmitted by the angels through a double hour, to divulge to you mysteries concerning your life and your future. What does she reserve in the mirror hour 23:23?

Meaning of the time 23:23 with the guardian angels

The guardian angels are talking about a possible project that you care about very much. They reassure you that all energies are in your favor to achieve it. If you plan to take action in your emotional, family or professional life, don’t hesitate! This brings success. The mirror hour 23:23 also represents a trip, which could be a business trip, as it can be a personal trip. Only you who have the ability to set the title of this move. Think, the answer is within yourself.

The angels qualify you as an “all-terrain” person because you have the ability to adapt to any situation. You are endowed with a flexible open-mindedness and extraordinary relaxation. Moreover, not only do you express your ideas in a precise and simple way, but you listen to others. This makes others feel comfortable sharing their concerns with you. Currently, your guardian angels are broadcasting very important protective vibrations to you. Thanks to this, you can move forward in your projects easily, since these energies are driving forces and prevent any blockages that can stop you. Finally, there is a need to clean up your bad habits.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour of 23:23?

Praising personal and professional accomplishments, Haiael helps you assert yourself. It encourages daring which allows you to win victories over your opponents. However, in your daily life, he uses his faculties to relax you and chase away your inner demons. Know that some natural stones can amplify this effect.

Regarding numerology, you are the master of your life. You don’t like having the reigns taken for you. You can’t maintain a stable relationship that makes you think you’re the problem. Full of kindness, you know how to take advantage of the present moment and you speak frankly. Your entourage does not support this hurtful behavior, which is similar to wickedness. To channel it temperament, natural stones can help you control yourself.

Angelic interpretation of the hour 23:23

The angel who responds to the mirror hour 11:23 p.m. is called Haiaiel , he has a period of influence of 20 minutes, from 11:20 p.m. until 11:40 p.m. He symbolizes appeasement and relief . , as well as audacity and boldness . Haiaiel supports you in your rivalries, it arms you with courage to defeat your opponent. Then it sows a serene atmosphere in place of arguments and confusion in your life. It is clear that you have a life project, to which you hold the most, and which can concern your circle of sentimental, professional or family life.

Ange Haiaiel is aware that the accomplishment of this is something very dear to you, therefore he helps you to start it, if you have not done so yet, and finally achieve it. It shows you a perspective of your potentials and deficits so that you can review your behaviors and your relationships with others. It’s good to question yourself once in a while. When you encounter difficult trials, invoke Haiaiel in your prayers, he will help you to overcome everything. Also, it protects you from low blows that emanate from malicious people.

Numerological Meaning of the Hour 23:23

In the field of numerology, the number that coincides with the mirror hour 23:23 is 46, because we add the digits of the hours and minutes as follows 23+23=46. This figure speaks too much of your liberal temperament. You value your independence and autonomy very much. You like to have your own way and express everything you think frankly. Also, you disapprove of any imposition or dominance that someone wants to exercise over you. You are identical to a sovereign referee in his match, this is how you live your life.

In the professional field you will mark an achievement that will be the fruit of your deep focus and your methodical work, arbitrary work has no place in your life. The mirror hour 23:23 shows that your love life is so confused and lacks stability. It affects your mood and makes you feel bad all the time. If you continue to dedicate yourself entirely to your work while neglecting your romantic problems, you risk upsetting both. You have a charitable soul, who likes to help others. Also, you have a healing hand with which you can feel and heal people’s spiritual ailments.

Interpretation of the mirror hour 23:23 with the tarot cards

The tarot card that responds to the mirror hour 23:23 is that of the stick king . She materializes a handsome prince in front of a throne, holding a staff in his hands. It’s a card that reflects the person you are, dynamic and assertive, determined to go after your dreams.

You have the character of a courageous leader will allow you to score successes. The double hour 23:23 shows through the stick king that you are crunching life to the fullest. You are steeped in joie de vivre, and you like to build new relationships.

Arcane Positives

When the Wand King card comes up in your draw, it can indicate good and bad things, it all depends on its position and the cards that go with it. Among the positive points of this blade, the energy to which it refers. You are like a young king armed with courage, audacity and determination to achieve everything he has in mind, nothing stops him. This mystery also speaks of your charity, you feel the pain of others, and you do everything to help them. Kindness and simplicity fill your heart, which makes you a kind person.

Negatives of the arcana

When the blade of the king stick appears negatively in your draw, it is to highlight behaviors related to violence and brutality . Above all, if you hold a position of responsibility, be careful not to abuse your authority through the dominance and humiliation of your colleagues. If you are going through a conflictual situation in your couple, channel your anger so as not to fall into the stupidity of wickedness. You are a frank and direct person and you hurt those around you with your words. Finally, you should practice tolerating other people’s ideas that may be better than your own.

Summary and advice of the arcana

Professionally speaking, you are a person with a sense of challenge, your ambitions have no limits and you are ready to go above and beyond, and even defy headwinds to get where you want to go. Emotionally speaking, your tendency to be free as air does not suit a romantic relationship, which is why you cannot find any form of stability. But once it’s done, your union is lasting. Finally , the arcana of the king of sticks qualifies you as a person who likes action and suspense but know that any strong feeling is threatened with a fall.

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