Home Depot’s Shoplifting Policy (Criminal Record, Security, & More!)

Large retail chains have implemented several procedures to discourage and stop stealing. You might be interested in knowing more about Home Depot’s shoplifting policy. It’s one of the biggest home improvement businesses in the world.

The norm is for Home Depot employees to confront you after you leave the store if they suspect you of stealing. Security will detain you and keep you in the store until the police arrive.

Read on to find out all about Home Depot’s shoplifting policy….

Home Depot’s Shoplifting Policy

Home Depot has a zero-tolerance policy for shoplifting. Shoplifters will be detained by security personnel at Home Depot until the arrival of police authorities. In accordance with the shoplifting policy of the organization, they will be subject to legal action and prosecution.

Shoplifters can end up with a criminal record which can’t be wiped clean.

The Home Depot has many safeguards in place to avoid theft. It comprises the installation of security cameras and the employment of security personnel.

Is There Loss Prevention at Home Depot?

To protect its store assets, Home Depot employs many loss prevention measures. Asset protection professionals aim to prevent theft. It also addresses shoplifting-related concerns by monitoring the scheme’s loss prevention.

Home Depot is also experimenting with a new loss prevention strategy. This necessitates the use of power tools. This cannot function until enabled at the register.

Because of this point-of-sale activation mechanism, Home Depot can use aggressive methods to prevent inventory loss.

Home Depot put this novel method of loss prevention to the test. They now intend to sell these power tools in every Home Depot location.

Is It Possible for Home Depot to Recognize Facial Expressions?

Home Depot is dedicated to loss prevention, such as using security cameras. Home Depot, on the other hand, does not use facial recognition.

According to Axios, Home Depot is involved in the Fight for the Future. It refuses to use facial recognition to protect people.

Is Home Depot Monitoring Security Cameras?

As part of its loss prevention program, Home Depot frequently checks and monitors the security cameras in its stores.

Home Depot’s cameras are put up to monitor checkouts, retail aisles, parking lots, and other areas of activity.

Home Depot has invested $250 million in store refurbishments to better secure its 300,000 employees. This investment also prevents losses and improves in-store experiences.

Home Depot employs the business Verint. This enables loss prevention supervisors in Home Depot stores to track CCTV footage from within the store or remotely.

Furthermore, using security cameras makes it easy for Home Depot to deliver proof of shoplifting.

Is Home Depot Protected by Security Guards?

Home Depot hires security guards at its shops to safeguard assets.

Home Depot has a team of security agents known as Asset Protection professionals. This security person handles monitoring security cameras. Besides, they collaborate with local law enforcement.

According to Home Depot, these security officers can track shoplifters around the store but cannot arrest them.

Home Depot employees are not permitted to apprehend shoplifters since doing so could endanger their lives.

According to Home Depot’s personnel policy, any employee detected shoplifting is subject to firing.

What Exactly Is A Home Depot Asset Protection Specialist?

Home Depot has an asset security professional on staff who can help you avoid shoplifting. The asset protection professional at Home Depot may identify shoplifting incidents.

These specialists, like other Home Depot employees, are taught not to put themselves in danger to arrest shoplifters.

Asset security professionals must notify their supervisor or manager of hazardous situations. This is Home Depot’s shoplifting policy.

Is Shoplifting Penalized At Home Depot?

Shoplifters who are caught stealing from a Home Depot store will be subject to criminal penalties. Shoplifters will be held by Home Depot security until law enforcement arrives when they are caught stealing from the store.

The kind of criminal accusation that will be brought against you will be determined by the monetary value of the allegedly stolen property from Home Depot.

If the stolen products from Home Depot have a combined value of less than $100, you will be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. A felony charge of grand theft will be brought forward if the items have a value of more than $300.

Can Shoplifting Get You Banned From All Home Depot Stores?

Several sources claim that Home Depot will probably ban you if you are found shoplifting there.

However, unless it’s for a serious crime like armed robbery, you’re unlikely to be blacklisted from the entire Home Depot network.

How Much Does Home Depot Lose to Shoplifting?

Home Depot has not revealed the precise amount it loses to shoplifting every year to safeguard its assets.

But according to CNBC, theft and other retail crime cost Home Depot an average of $81 million annually.

Home Depot may minimize losses, avoiding the need to charge consumers for theft and retail crime.

What Are Home Depot’s Most Frequently Stolen Items?

Power tools appear to be the most frequently stolen merchandise from Home Depot shops, according to online reports. Power tools may interest Home Depot shoplifters due to their portability and lightweight.

Pawn Shops and Home Depot have started collaborating to fight shoplifting. Additionally, it appears that compact and portable items from Home Depot are appealing to shoplifters.

Security tags that are in packaging can be readily thrown away to allow products to be taken. According to some estimates, Home Depot also has a large population of shoplifters who take things from stores and then return them for cash or credit.

What Occurs When Someone Steals From Home Depot?

If you are found stealing from Home Depot, you’ll probably face legal action.

Video evidence from Home Depot and frequent guardian testimony can and will be used against you.

If you steal from Home Depot, you might face prison time and a criminal record.

What Is the Theft Policy at Home Depot?

Home Depot workers frequently wait until you leave before accusing you of stealing. After security has detained you, they will typically take you to the back to wait for the police to show up.

Do The Cameras At Home Depot Get Checked?

Cameras are present at every Home Depot facility. It helps keep an eye on the cash registers, loading docks, aisles in the stores, parking lots, and other operational areas.

Home Depot does check their cameras on a regular basis and normally security is monitoring them consistently.

What Is The Penalty For Theft From Stores?

The normal punishment for shoplifting convictions is a fine and a temporary ban from the store. But, in some states, misdemeanor charges can also result in jail time or probation.

Convictions for felony theft may include harsher prison terms.

Are There Cameras At Home Depot Parking Lots?

Home Depot does have cameras in their parking lots.

They check consumer traffic with cameras and other technologies in their stores. They also track parking lots and other locations to prevent fraud, maintain security, and safeguard assets. They get information from The Home Depot’s affiliates.


Home Depot doesn’t tolerate shoplifting. Thanks to a variety of precautions and shoplifting policies. Home Depot’s shoplifting policy is strong enough to prevent shoplifting.

Home Depot wants to prevent stealing, which may cause financial damage. Shoplifters can face a hefty fine and ban from stores.

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